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The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at

The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at
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The Wizard's Nightshirt is a weekly podcast that reviews episodes of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power." On our show, we talk story, Eternia/Etheria fashions and workout regimens of our MOTU heroes. Visit us at




Episode 71: The Inspector

Corporate culture is alive and well on Etheria. Hordak may be ready to tangle with the most power man and woman in the universe, but he still trembles at the thought of a surprise inspection from his boss! It’s true: Although Hordak recently captured some high-ranking rebels, his boss (Horde Prime) is sending Inspector Darkney... Read More


Episode 70: Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere

This episode is so delightfully insane that it barely fits on the screen. The trouble begins when Skeletor steals Duncan’s duplication machine and decides to clone the most precious item on Eternia: himself! And, yes, the lil’ Skeletors are as wonderful as you’re hoping. They even regale He-Man with their own villain monologues. But we... Read More


Episode 69: Glimmer, Come Home

We often forget that Glimmer – pastel princess of Bright Moon and light magic mage – used to be the leader of the Great Rebellion. That is, until Force Captain Adora took over and recruited that brawny She-Ra woman to execute all her plans. Well, Glimmer’s simmering resentments come bubbling to the surface this week... Read More


Episode 68: Happy Birthday Roboto

“His heart is human, his blood is boiling, his brain is IBM.” We can’t confirm that the theatrical 70s rock powerhouse, Styx, was singing about a new Master of the Universe, but if the servo fits … for we too are meeting a noble robot who faces a great trial. We’re talking about Roboto, who... Read More


Episode 67: Sweet Bee’s Home

You didn’t think we were done with bees, did you? Yep, they’ve got them over in Etheria, too – except, there, our bees are less pincers-and-onesies and more makeup-and-glamor. And, if you’re sensing an introduction to a new princess who’s sweet as honey, you’re on the right track. Sweet Bee, a scout for her colony,... Read More


Episode 66: Teela’s Triumph

OK, here’s my pitch for a new TV show: A woman who runs an empire from her home is MARRIED to her house! We could be talking about the worst sitcom ever created, or the Sorceress in this episode of “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” The Spirit of Grayskull (a floating maroon head)... Read More


Episode 65: Bow’s Magical Gift

Who knew how fickle Bow could be? After capturing Shadow Weaver’s magic wand, our favorite rebel archer decides that the bow and arrow – from which he GOT HIS NAME – is basically garbage. Instead, he builds a new over-confident persona around this powerful wand. He uses it to lead cavalier attacks on the Horde... Read More


Episode 64: The Good Shall Survive

The buzz around town is that ancient ravenous insects are hatching beneath the bee people colony. We don’t know much about these Tycons except that they’re sporting rad outfits (with knee pads), and they “wahnt muwh hah-nee!” With the planet’s ecology in jeopardy – the muscle-bound Eternians will starve! – the bee people enlist our... Read More


Episode 63: The Locket

Oh mah gahhh! Etheria may look different from our world, but even on a planet of unicorns and snake people, teen culture is alive and well. Anywhere you go, teens must love skateboards, concert tickets and going on adventures – even though rebellion leaders and talking dragons are telling them not to do it. That’s... Read More


Episode 62: The Greatest Show on Eternia

For the one-hundredth episode of He-Man, were you expecting Zodak, dragon armies and a manifestation of Horde Prime? Well, how ‘bout a circus episode, in which He-Man engages in some serious discussion with a clown named Crackers? Seriously, He-Man loves this clown and wants his take on personal matters. Meanwhile, Skeletor is fuming because Crackers... Read More


Episode 61: The Perils of Peekablue

By the Ancients, Peekablue! How ‘bout some privacy! Yes, Eternia’s kindest creeper stars in this odd yet entertaining episode of She-Ra. After some unsettling spying with good intentions for Adora, the peacock-themed princess is nabbed by Hordak’s new RC grabber toy for evil purposes. He plans to control Peekablue and channel her powers to find... Read More


Episode 60: Battle Cat

In the fall of 1984, the writers of He-Man agreed to solve an important mystery for us: How did Prince Adam meet a green, 200-pound talking cat – and how did this cat acquire He-Man powers? This is the story of how Cringer became He-Man’s steed, the courageous and terrifying Battle Cat. Our episode begins... Read More


Episode 59: The Caregiver

Did you see the company-wide email? That Shakra lady from the babysitting department is retiring. I hear there’s a going-away party in Conference Room C, and you don’t have to know her or anything to eat all the food. Somebody said they’re bringing Panera! After decades of loyal service to the Horde, Adora’s old nanny... Read More


Episode 58: The Rainbow Warrior

Is this episode, featuring the usually reserved Queen Marlena, the best episode of He-Man? Beast Man and Trap Jaw certainly think so. Skeletor can’t pull them away from the view screen, which is broadcasting the royal jousting tournament. There, we watch Teela blast some guards with Top Gun maneuvers, and enjoy her bad attitude when... Read More


Episode 57: The Time Transformer

Was that deja vu, or did Hordak just change the past by drawing on video footage of historical events? You guessed it: Professor Tempest just created a machine to alter time. It’s called the Time Transformer, and only the most mature Horde members are allowed to hold its history-warping light-pen. After some helpful user instructions,... Read More


Episode 56: Fraidy Cat

Let’s not bury the lede. Cringer finds a ghost in the haunted forrest. Not a Scooby-Doo ghost, or a creature that resembles a ghost, but a bonafide, moaning, Disney-style ghost that threatens him. Confronting the wayward spirit is but one of many trials that Cringer must face to regain his dignity after failing the thwart... Read More


Episode 55: The Pearl

The princess cavalcade continues with the worthy contribution of Mermista. Bienvenue, Mista! Ou est a la picine? It’s in Etheria, where the kingdom of Oceana has remained neutral to protect their people from the Horde. But a potnent combination – of wheedling from Adora and a Hordak submarine attack – is sure to shake things... Read More


Episode 54: Into the Abyss

Even He-Man gets tired sometimes. After bragging to the Sorceress about whooping Beast Man, He-Man must resume his myriad responsibilities as Prince Adam. Basically, he just has to show up for gym class with Teela, but he’s so worn out that he skips his appointment (once again) – and he’s RUDE about it! Teela is... Read More


Episode 53: Out of the Cocoon

This week, we welcome our first A-list princess from the deep pantheon of She-Ra princesses (Frosta almost qualifies, but seems uncommitted to the cause). We’re talking about Flutterina, a butterfly-themed brawling beauty who appeared briefly during the Christmas special. Flutterina’s metamorphosis has not yet begun when our episode begins. We must first hear about the... Read More


Episode 52: The Arena

The concept for this episode – Skeletor and He-Man fight in an epic duel – sounds pretty straightforward. From the title and summary alone, we might expect about 20 minutes of punching, poorly aimed lasers and corny one-liners from He-Man. But what we got instead was the orchestration of a realistic siege on the Royal... Read More