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'The Genius' Lanny Poffo

Dylan Gott and John Hastings run down the entire career and life of one of the strangest and best characters in pro wrestling history, Lanny Poffo! The brother of 'The Macho Man' and son of 'The Miser' (gross) had a long and weird career that ended in him retiring at 36 with money and his body still in tact. Finally a happy episode? Nope don't believe us? Just pay twenty bucks and he'll call you himself Listen now for fuck's sake! Twitter & Instagram;...


`Macho Man` Randy Savage - Part 4

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present part four of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage! Take a goddamn listen as Dylan and John talk about Randy's WCW, TNA and rap career in this long lovely dive into the life of another sad sad man. Ooohhhhh baby take a listen it'll be a fun fun time. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


'Macho Man' Randy Savage - Part 3

Dylan Gott and John Hastings do part 3 of there Randy Savage quadrilogy thingy. Snap into a divorce and leaving a company you made your name with and maybe having sex with the teenage bosses daughter in this episode. Ooooo yeeeeaaaahhh hhhheeeee`sssss ssssaaaaddddd!!!! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerrreview Patreon;


'Macho Man' Randy Savage - Part 2

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present part two in their four part series about 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage! In this episode we cover The Mega Powers, the Dusty Rhodes storyline and of course his first retirement match against The Ultimate Warrior. Snap into a cool podcast? Yes please! Listen already you jerk! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


'Macho Man' Randy Savage - Part 1

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present part one of a four part series on the life and career of 'The Macho Man' Randy Savage! Part one will cover his time in professional baseball, becoming 'The Macho Man' and everything else leading up to his legendary match with Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3. Listen! Now! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Larry Zbyszko

Dylan Gott and John Hastings talk about a good man but a boring wrestler it's Larry Zbyszko! From his humble upbringings stalking Bruno Sammartino to being the last AWA champion we talk about his very very long wrestling career AND his time being a colour commentator on WCW that lead to a weird match with Scott Hall. Cool right? No? Fuck you then. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Andre The Giant Part 2.5 feat. Mike Lawrence

Dylan Gott interviews very good comedian and very good wrestling fan Mike Lawrence about one of the most legendary professional wrestlers ever, Andre The Giant. They talk about if Andre was racist, where he would fit in WWE now and much much more in this totally yolo interview Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Andre The Giant - Part 2

Dylan Gott and John Hastings complete their two part series on one of the most influential wrestlers of all time, Andre The Giant. We talk about his life and career from Wrestlemania 2 until his death in 1993. From the highs of 93 000 people (sorta) in Detroit to The Princess Bride to taking a literal dump on Bad News Brown. Just listen to the fucking episode already. Please. I`m sorry I swore I didn`t mean it please just listen. Twitter & Instagram; wrestlerreview Donate;...


Andre The Giant - Part 1

Dylan Gott and John Hastings are profling Andre The Giant this week on the show! This is all about his career until Wrestlemania 1! What a time to be alive! Just click and listen then rub our backs til we say stop daddy that's enough. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Christy Hemme

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography on the wrestling career of Christy Hemme! This lady entered through one of the worst angles in wrestling history in the Diva Search and left with the respect of her peers in Impact Wrestling. In between Billy Gunn called her a slut and so did a ton of other characters, fun stuff! Dive into this fun and depressing episode right fucking now! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Fred Ottman (Tugboat, The Shockmaster)

Dylan Gott and John Hastings finally talk about the man who was the centre of the greatest blunder in pro wrestling history, Fred Ottman! He was Tugboat and Typhoon during a great run in the WWF, then he fell through a wall and even Sid Justice thought he was better than him. Listen to us mock him, defend The Shockmaster and of course go on weird sexy rants. Listen, Rate and Subscribe! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE WE DON'T HAVE BACKUP PLANS! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;...


Dick Murdoch

Dylan Gott and John Hastings take on a big ol' racist this week, it's Dick Murdoch! He was the wrestlers wrestler and the racists racist. One of the more divisive characters in wrestling history gets to dumb biography treatment this week on the show. Please listen as we mock this piece of shit human being. Yolo. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


Mabel/Viscera/Big Daddy V

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography of the 1995 King of The Ring winner and not much else really, Mabel! He's also known as Viscera and Big Daddy V but when we were 10 he scared the shit out of us so he'll always be our Mabel. We talk about everything from why his initial push was lessened to his finishing move in 2006 pretty much being assault of the horrifying kind. LISTEN AND FOLLOW AND PLEASE LOVE US Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;...


Bam Bam Bigelow - Part 2

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present part two of our two part series on Bam Bam Bigelow! This episode profiles his post WWF career in ECW and WCW then of course dying early because he's a wrestler and everything has to be sad. Also his one MMA match that was supposedly staged but also looks like a bloodletting so that's pretty sick right boys? Read this far and not listening? We've talked about that, that's real weird just listen, enjoy and give us all of your money. Twitter & Instagram;...


Bam Bam Bigelow - Part 1

PATREON PICK! Dylan Gott and John Hastings talk about the first part of one of the great careers in pro wrestling history, Bam Bam Bigelow! First he was a biker then he was a slightly older biker in a flame onesie. In between that he wrestled in Japan, Memphis and ended up wrestling Lawrence Taylor in one of the weirdest Wrestlemania's of all time. This episode discusses Bam Bam's career from 1986 until 1995. Part 2 is next week and will have loads of stuff on how he hated Taz. Str8...



Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a run down of one of the worst programs to ever grace television, The XFL! We did a damn poll and you guys wanted it so we’re running down what exactly happened in the winter of 2001 that made Vince McMahon go yet another level of insane. Cheerleader cam, blowing up a Honda Civic, almost punching Bob Costas, this football league had it all over than of course good football. I write this pretty much every week now but if you’re reading this and haven’t...


Miss Elizabeth

Dylan Gott and John Hastings bring you a not so detailed account of the life and career of Miss Elizabeth! Does anybody really read this part? Well if you do we talk about how she got into wrestling, how she met Randy Savage, how she started dating Lex Luger and every major storyline she was ever in! Exciting right? RIGHT? If you've read this far and you aren't listening then that's straight up weird so just goddamn listen! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;...


Harvey Wippleman

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about a true survivor in professional wrestling, Harvey Wippleman! He managed everyone from Sid Vicious to Well Dunn and boinked Bertha Faye! He's been in wrestling since he was fifteen and worked in Memphis during the 80s so you know this episode is all that babies. Please just goddamn listen for christs sake! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;


Dawn Marie

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present a short biography about one of the best managers of the late 90s and early 2000s, Dawn Marie! She managed The Impact Players in ECW, She fucked an old man to death in WWE and then she retired creating a charity that some people thought was a scam. Pretty much standard wrestling stuff right? Listen then subscribe then after that fight the first person you see upon completion of the episode. Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Patreon;...


The Rock 'n' Roll Express

Dylan Gott and John Hastings present the long awaited, by them, look into the life and career of two weird looking carnies, The Rock 'n' Roll express! Ricky! Robert! Tonnes of sex with weird looking people in the south! Two of the best nicknames of all time! Plus they pretty much invented tag team wrestling as we know it. Crazy stuff and this is a crazy episode! What a great day! Twitter & Instagram; @wrestlerreview Donate;


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