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Ep. 63: Pixar Movies

In honor of the long-awaited release of Incredibles 2, your highly esteemed, scholarly, G-rated (sarcasm on all counts) hosts JD, Jeff, and Kyle rank their favorite Pixar Movies and put them in a tournament, with the intention of debating until one movie survives and is crowned champion! What's your favorite Pixar movie? Drop us a comment! Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter:...


Ep. 62: Best Movies Since 2000 (Part 3)

The 2nd tournament in the topic of Best Movies Since 2000s (or, rather, our favorites) is here! JD, Jeff, and Kyle debate the hardest bracket to date, with first round match-ups like Whiplash vs. Children of Men, Gladiator vs. The Wrestler, and so, so much more! It's a blast...until it's not...and then it is again! Find us at the links below and drop us a line. Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's...


Ep. 61: Best Movies Since 2000 (Part 2)

After building our 2 16-seeded brackets last week, we three (JD, Jeff, and Kyle) return to the subject of Best Movies Since 2000 to debate the first tournament, with the eventual winner facing the winner of next week's bracket in the finals! This bracket, we got brutal match-ups like The Master (2013) vs. Once (2007), No Country for Old Men (2007) vs. Ex Machina (2015), and Prisoners (2013) vs. La La Land (2016). What comes out on top? Did your favorite crack our bracket? Interact with us at...


EoCPod Reviews - Ep. 6: Solo: A Star Wars Story

Our much anticipated (seriously, by who?!?) review of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" has arrived! It stars That Kid Who Did the "Would That It'Were So Simple" Scene in "Hail, Caesar!" and Khaleesi, and your opinionated geeky hosts JD, Jeff, and Kyle have some opinions on it! What worked and what didn't for us? How about for YOU? What are your thoughts on the latest in the Star Wars franchise? Hit us up below! Twitter: Facebook:


Ep. 60: Best Movies Since 2000 (Part 1)

Bear with us as we experiment for the next 3 episodes, starting with this one. But it's the insane fun type of experiment. In our 60th episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle list out their respective #1 Movies Since the Year 2000 until 2017, ranked (18 movies total), and at the end, they put them in a single-elimination double 16-seed bracket! What are some of your immediate classic films since the year 2000? Chances are it made our tournament, which starts next week! Hit us up at the links below!...


Ep. 5: Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 came, made chimichangas, and left. What did your boys JD, Jeff, and Kyle think of it? What did YOU think of it? Did it recreate the meta-magic of the first Deadpool entry? Also, sorry for calling us "your boys." Comment your thoughts and find us at the links below! Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter:


Ep. 59: Netflix Original Series

Tournament mode is back in full effect! This episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle talk about their favorite Netflix Original Series, put them in a tournament, and debate until one series survives and is declared Champion of Champions! What are some of your favorites? Find us below. Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter:


EoCPod Reviews - Ep. 4: Avengers: Infinity War

Almost 2 weeks is better than never! Here's Kyle, JD, and Jeff reviewing Avengers: Infinity War! Not a whole lot of non-spoilers upfront, but you've all probably seen it by now. We couldn't resist turning this review into a full episode. It is a megamovie, after all. What did you think of Marvel's latest? Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter:


Ep. 58: Top 10 Most Anticipated Summer 2018 Movies

Summer Movie Season is normally a cornucopia of highly anticipated blockbusters. As far as 2018 goes, there are a lot of shaky titles coming out, but that makes room for the smaller indies to shine. In this episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle reveal their respective Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies from the 2018 Summer Movie Season! Now that Avengers: Infinity War is out of the way, what are you most excited for? Any hesitation towards Solo: A Star Wars Story or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom like...


Ep. 57: Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked

Before JD, Jeff, and Kyle catch Avengers: Infinity War in theaters, they list out their individual personal rankings of the 18 Movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe! There are a ton of surprise synchronizations here, and even some underrated entries higher up on lists that will make you go "huh? I mean...OK." Most of all, we're so freaking hyped for Infinity War. Stay tuned for a separate review episode of that! Twitter: Facebook:...


Ep. 56: Stoner Comedy Movies, Man

In celebration of the upcoming Super Troopers 2, and...well...4/20, JD, Jeff, and Kyle put their favorites in the genre of Stoner Comedy Movies in a 16-seeded tournament and debate their super chill hearts out until one is crowned champion! And yeah, some of these aren't great movies. Whatever. They're funny in the right frame of mind. Just...enjoy the trip, maaaaaaan. Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 55: All-Time Pro Wrestlers

Well, let me tell you something, brother! WrestleMania is upon us this Sunday, so yours truly, Jeff, Kyle, and JD, dude, decide to compile their individual top 10 All-Time Favorite Pro Wrestlers, and put them in a bracket until one wrestler comes out on top! Who made our lists? Who ended up our winner? Just when you think you have the answer, we change the question. Now can you dig that, suckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Twitter: Facebook:...


EoCPod Reviews - Ep. 3: Ready Player One

Depending on where you look online, Ready Player One is either the worst thing to happen in film or one of the most exciting, fun blockbusters this year so far. Where do Jeff, Kyle, and JD land? Come listen and find out! What are your thoughts on the film? Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 54: Top 10 Classic Rock Songs

Deviating from our tourney format once again, Jeff, Kyle, and JD list out their individual Top 10 Classic Rock songs (specifically from the 60s/70s timeframe). There are some real obvious choices to discuss, and some real underappreciated gems to highlight. What are some of your favorites from "back in the day?" Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 53: TV Crime Dramas

Just because we felt like it, Jeff, Kyle, and JD put their favorites in the TV genre of Crime Dramas in a 16-seeded tournament against each other. Who wins besides Breaking Bad? Probably no one. Come find out! There are still plenty of our typical shenanigans afoot. Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:


Ep. 52: 2018 Movie Catch-Up, Part 1

Jeff, Kyle, and JD are tired of apologizing for not having seen certain classic films, so we're aiming to rectify that once a year by committing to seeing 10 Classic Movies we need to Catch-Up on. What criminal oversights do you have on your own lists that you've been meaning to see? Time to commit with us! We will be back several months from now with a Part 2 to discuss our thoughts on each of the 10 movies we saw, so stay tuned! We finally created a Twitter for the podcast! Twitter:...


Ep. 51: Top 10 Best Picture "Losers"

What are the best movies to never win Best Picture at the Oscars despite being nominated? Jeff, Kyle, and JD break down their picks in a Top 10 episode. Because why put these incredible films in a tournament when they've already lost on the big stage? What do you feel is the most egregious snub the Academy has made in the Best Picture category? We recorded this before the 90th Oscars aired, so what did everyone feel about that ceremony now that it's behind us? Facebook:...


Ep. 50: 1st Annual Cuckademy Awards

Jeff, Kyle, and JD wanted to do their own Academy Awards while making fun of the word "cuck" in the way trolls use it online nowadays. So we birthed The Cuckademy Awards, or The Cuckies! What do we declare the Best Overall Movie? Best Action Movie? Best Sci-Fi Movie? Best Horror Movie? Best Writing? Best Documentary Feature? So many other categories to cover. It's a ridiculously fun, but obviously very classy time. See all of our categories and their nominees here!...


EoCPod Reviews - Ep. 2: Annihilation

Yeeeeaaaaah, we definitely needed an hour for this one, at the very least. In our 2nd movie review episode, Jeff, Kyle, and JD give their impressions on Annihilation and navigate some spoiler-y waters to try and unpack WTF the movie exactly is. Because it's a complex sci-fi movie that deserves unpacking. What were your thoughts on Annihilation? It's not for everybody so we're genuinely curious to have this conversation with you! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook:...


Ep. 49: 2008 Games Tournament

Recent news of Burnout Paradise Remastered inspired Jeff, Kyle, and JD to rank then put their favorites in 2008 Video Games against each other, tournament style! OK, so we recorded before all that, but we still talk about some truly amazing titles from 10 years ago. What were your favorites then and now? Drop us a line! Twitter: @jeffwiddy Facebook: Letterboxd: