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Ep. 87: 2009 Games

We're back in the tournament format and this episode, Jeff, Kyle, and JD compile a 16-seeded bracket in the topic of Best 2009 Games, and debate their nerdy ass hearts out until one game is crowned champion! What game wins? Uncharted 2? Arkham Asylum? Borderlands? inFamous? What? TELL ME! WHAT IS IT?! Anyway, find us below: Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter:


Ep. 86: Top 5 Mid-Year 2019 TV

New theme song and new cover art coming at you for episode 86, for no particular reason other than it was freaking time! Anyway, here's Jeff, Kyle, and JD wrapping up our talk on the Mid-Year Top 5s for 2019 so far, in the almighty unstoppable medium of Television. Seriously, TV has been picking up the slack in a big way where Movies and Games have left a void. New theme by your host Jeff! More of his music can be found at the following link if you're interested:...


Ep. 85: Top 5 Mid-Year 2019 Games

The Mid-Year Top 5 discussion continues between Jeff, JD, and Kyle with the topic of 2019 Video Games! What ended up cracking our list of favorites so far from this year? Also, did JD end up even having 5 games he played? The suspense is riveting. Also hope you dig the new intro/outro music composed and recorded by Jeff! His music can be found on Soundcloud here, if you're interested: FIND US Twitter: Facebook:...


Ep. 84: Top 5 Mid-Year 2019 Movies

It's already the middle of 2019?! Well, OK, then JD, Jeff, and Kyle are gonna give you their Mid-Year Top 5s like usual. This time we're starting with Top 5 Movies from 2019 til this point, just because it's probably been surprisingly the most disappointing medium so far. Next week, we'll cover Top 5 Games and the week after Top 5 TV. Anyway, what have been some of your favorite films of 2019 so far, besides the obvious (Avengers: Endgame)? We're genuinely looking for better movies to watch...


Ep. 83: Top 10 E3 2019

E3 came and went like a hurricane, so JD, Jeff, and Kyle are here to pick up the pieces and rank their individual Top 10 Gaming things they saw from this year's show. And we all collectively agree that you should really settle down about Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics' Avengers game. Anyway, what are your top 10 Games shown and/or announced at E3 2019? FIND US Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's...


Ep. 82: 2009 Movies

JD, Jeff, and Kyle debate their favorite 2009 Movies tournament-style until one movie survives and is crowned Champion of Champions. BTW, Jeff is totally mad he forgot to bring up at all Bronson during this episode. That movie is amazeballs. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways. What are some of your favorite films from 10 years ago? Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter: Jeff's...


EoCPod Reviews - Ep. 7: Avengers: Endgame

Holy crap, Marvel Studios knows how to end a legacy, don't they? We're finally back(ish) from hiatus. JD, Jeff, and Kyle give their non-spoiler thoughts in the first 5 minutes before diving real freaking deep into the nitty gritty of the movie. This definitely includes clarifying moments you may claim to be "plot holes" that are in fact not holes at all. Also there are some surprise The Meg spoilers in here somewhere, so I'm sorry that bad movie was spoiled for you. Jeff hadn't seen it...


Ep. 81: Bromance Movies

What better way for 3 single dudes to spend Valentine's Day than to debate a tournament of their Favorite 16 Bromance Movies and decide on a Champion? JD, Jeff, and Kyle couldn't think of one, so here we all are: broing out and broing up. It's brotastic. Bro. FIND US Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter: Jeff's Instagram: Kyle's...


Ep. 80: 2018 Movie Box Office

On the latest (finally down to) 2-hour episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle put the Top 16 in the 2018 Box Office in a tournament and debate until one film is ruled Champion of Champions. Does Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom take the crown? Lol, no, screw that movie. But for real, this is a fun time doing a tourney again so come listen! Full discloj: we recorded this a couple weeks back when the 2018 Movie Box Office had slightly different placements, so this has different brackets, but they're far...


Ep. 79: Top 10 2018 Movies

OK, I'm pretty much gonna stop making promises that we won't go to 3 hours or more, because this is definitely our most epic episode yet. 3 hours and some change! The quality of Movies from 2018 demanded it, despite what the Oscar nominations would have you believe (but this episode was recorded before those dropped). Here are Jeff, Kyle, and JD revealing their individual Top 10 lists in 2018 Films! FIND US Twitter: Facebook:


Ep. 78: Top 10 2018 TV

OK, so we almost hit 3 hours again, but seriously, 2018 was just so damn good for entertaining things. This week, continuing our 2018 Year in Review, JD, Jeff, and Kyle list out their Top 10 TV Series from last year. And there's a big chance we missed a lot, since there's way too much stuff to choose from, but we definitely had a difference of opinion about No. 1! Check it out! FIND US: Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:...


Ep. 77: Top 10 2018 Games

2018 has come and gone so JD, Jeff, and Kyle are more than ready and thrilled to start revealing their Top 10 lists of all things entertainment from last year - starting with 2018 Games. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you wanted more of us), this is our longest episode to date at almost 3 hours, but trust that it's going to be the exception, not the rule; and that it's still a really fun episode. We just had a lot of rants stored from all the haters of certain big AAA titles from 2018. One...


Ep. 76: Top 10 Most Anticipated 2019 Movies

2019 is pretty much sponsored by Disney. With 3 live action remakes, 3 MCU, and a Star Wars contribution coming up to the plate, along with the Fox merger, they're taking over the world. But what else is coming out? There's much to discuss outside of that, despite what you've heard or read. JD, Jeff, and Kyle are here to break it down. What are you most excited for as far as 2019 movies go? Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:...


Ep. 75: Top 10 Most Anticipated 2019 Games

2019 is yet another unrelenting year for entertainment! We start our traditional end-of-year episodes by looking ahead and presenting our individual Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of next year. JD, Jeff, and Kyle sure all have interesting and different choices. What are some titles you're most stoked for? Find us: Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter: Jeff's...


Ep. 74: 1988 Movies

We're half-back from hiatus! Life has been happening and happening hard for all of us...but mostly for Jeff. This return episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle present their favorite films from the year 1988, then put them in a tournament and debate until one title survives as Champion of Champions! Which 1988 movie tickles your fancy the most? Bruce Willis Bruce Willising in a building overrun with Germans? Tom Hanks Tom Hanksing around as a fully grown man with a 12 year old's brain? Roger Rabbit...


Ep. 73: Top 10 Most Anticipated Fall/Winter Movies

We're kinda late on this, but let's get real: the best Fall 2018 Movies are dropping in October, and not September, this year. And many of our other selections reside in the Winter anyway. Here JD, Jeff, and Kyle discuss their respective Top 10 Movies from this year's Fall & Winter that they absolutely can't wait for! So much Oscar bait to be pumped for. What are you excited for? Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:...


Ep. 72: How I Met Your Mother Episodes (Part 2)

...dary. Life happened so there was a delay in posting this, but it's finally here! The finale of our How I Met Your Mother Best Episodes mega-tournament! Here, we debate the 2nd bracket of episodes, with the winner facing off against the winner of the 1st bracket from our prior episode. Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd: Jeff's Twitter: Jeff's Instagram:...


Ep. 71: How I Met Your Mother Episodes (Part 1)

The three of us at EoCPod have made it abundantly clear that How I Met Your Mother is one of our favorite shows to ever exist. In this episode, JD, Jeff, and Kyle list out their Top 10 favorite episodes from the show, and create a double-bracket! This episode contains the debate of Bracket #1. And man, it is legen-wait for it literally because Part 2 is coming next week... Twitter: Facebook: Letterboxd:...


Ep. 70: Conqueror's Corner - 2018 Inductions

A first for EoC Podcast: our very own Hall of Fame! We'll be doing this once a year, where your 3 hosts (JD, Jeff, and Kyle btw) will each nominate one amazing thing from Gaming, one from Movies, one from Television, and deliberate if all or none of them deserve to be inducted. It's a fun change of pace and gives us a chance to talk about utterly phenomenal things. So, like, have a listen and junk! Hit us up at the links below! Twitter: Facebook:...


Ep. 69: 1998 Movies

Hehehehehehehehehehehe. Episode 69. Anyway, 1998 was 20 years ago. Insanity, right? We're old AF. This week, JD, Jeff, and Kyle divulge their respective Top 10 Movies from 1998, put them in a 16-seeded tournament, and debate, debate, debate until one sole movie survives! Pretty heavy-hitting year, in terms of rewatchability. What are your '98 faves? Find us at the links below and come interact with us! Twitter: Facebook: