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This is your one stop to get all the meaningless ramblings of two guys that grew up in the 80's. We discuss comics, movies, toys, and our lives.

This is your one stop to get all the meaningless ramblings of two guys that grew up in the 80's. We discuss comics, movies, toys, and our lives.
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This is your one stop to get all the meaningless ramblings of two guys that grew up in the 80's. We discuss comics, movies, toys, and our lives.




EP 147 SPECIAL GUEST Author And Creator Of Roger Rabbit Gary K Wolf

On this episode we have on special guest, author and creator of Roger Rabbit.....GARY K. WOLF! We talk about his childhood,the current KICKSTARTER for the graphic novel adaptation of his 1975 ultra violent novel "KILLERBOWL" and we also talk about you know who...ROGER RABBIT. Gary was a joy to have on and we hope to have him back soon. BE SURE TO VISIT and PLEDGE to the KICKSTARTER campaign for "KILLERBOWL" at You can...


TCFT80's Presents: Kickouts And KOs Ep#100

On this episode of Kick-Out's and K.O.'s I ramble on about how much a hate Conor McGregor due to some recent actions on his part, I bitch about the WWE and their current product and have a little fun on youtube. Thanks for listening! Enjoy -Dan


EP 146 Alex Banchitta

We have on the writer Alex Banchitta who has a new upcoming comic book titled "HEADLESS" that will be released on Aug. 28th and is available at and comic book stores everywhere! You can also see what Alex is up to by following him on Facebook at ALEX BANCHITTA and be sure to sign up for his mailing list at We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did making it! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and follow us on...


Ep 145 WWE AEW And Tragedy

Hey hey folks!! Jason and I finally recorded a NEW episode and got it UPLOADED! I want to apologize for the audio issues on this episode. I had a problem with my headphone jack and its popping on the episode. We dive into the state of affairs that the world of professional wrestling is in right now. We touch on the recent PPV Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar, the new 24/7 belt and the incoming of the AEW to mainstream and to weekly television. Thank you so much for following and listening to...


Thanos Snap Killed Our Episode

Hey kids! Jason and I recorded and awesome episode chronicling AVENGERS End Game and then out of nowhere.....SNAP! Give it a listen....


Ep 144 Elder Millenials Deadpool 2 spoilers & Denver Hell

In this episode Daniel goes full tilt and loses his shit. We review Deadpool 2 and yes there are SPOILERS!! SO you have been warned. I'm sure I'm forgetting about something but all I can say is this episode is full of snark. ENJOY!


TCFT80's Presents: Kickouts And KOs Promo

This is just a little preview of our new FIGHT FORMAT show "Kick-Outs & K.O.'s" where we will be coving all things wrestling and MMA. Be sure to subscribe and share with friends. The show will debut this JUNE 2018 exact date TBD. Stay tuned!!


Ep 143 Avengers Infinity War SPOILER FILLED REVIEW And Breakdown

This is our review of The Avengers Infinity War! IT IS A SPOILER FILLED REVIEW! You have been warned. Recorded May 2nd, 2018


Ep 142 WrestleMania Ronda Stan Lee And Mitzi Shore

We finally got some time to record another episode and this one was good fun! We go over WrestleMania and break down the matches as well as talk about Ronda Rousey with her in-ring debut. We touch on Stan Lee and the accusations of elderly abuse and also pay tribute to the Godmother of Comedy Mitzi Shore, who the comedy world lost recently at age 87. Thank you Mitzi for what you did for comedy, it has truly shaped and changed our lives. RIP Mitzi Shore


Ep 1 TCFT80's Presents The Conspiracy Corner MANDELA EFFECT And Deviations

This is the VERY FIRST episode of our new show THE CONSPIRACY CORNER! My co-host is our good friend Alex who did a show years back when we just started. He will be a great addition to the group and he brings lots of enthusiasm and heart to everything he does. So Jason and I welcome him wholeheartedly to the fold. on this inaugural episode we talk about the Mandela effect, alternate realities and we deviate some but I promise you its fun for your ears. So please take a listen and subscribe!...


Ep 141 2018 Movies And WWE Elimination Chamber Recap

Ep 141 2018 Movies And WWE Elimination Chamber Recap by Daniel & Jason


Ep 140 Royal Rumble Recap And MORE

On this episode of the podcast, Jason and I recap the WWE Royal Rumble and the debut of ROWDY RONDA ROUSEY!! Take a listen. Be sure to check out our sponsor "Dedman Cometh Creations" at their store and get yourself some cool custom enamel pins. Each purchase helps us to continue to do this little show we do. Thanks again for listening! Daniel & Jason


Ep 139 Justice League SPOILER Review And Imposter Pratt

Okay kiddos, we are back and this time we are talking all things Justice League and Infinity War. We review the JL movie and discuss more in the world of comic book movies. FOr any of you that have listened in the past, you may be surprised at my reaction to the Justice League. ENJOY!


Ep 138 Spooky Empire, Girls hitting Girls and Emergency Rooms

Jason and I touch base and chat about our recent trip to Spooky Empire's annual horror convention in Orlando Florida. We breifly talk about my recent emergency room stay. Thanks for listening!


Ep 137 Catching Up, Tom Petty And Shooting The Shit

We are finally back doing another episode of this fun little podcast that just keeps Jason and I sane. For the most part..... We jabber about movies, comedy, some old pervert that died and losing a rock and roll legend. Sit back, or run or do whatever when you listen to this and just enjoy the sounds of our annoying voices. hopefully we say some funny stuff. Enjoy!


Ep 136 SDCC And MORE

No intro on this one folks! Jason and I chat about the movie news released at this years SDCC. We go over the movies, the rumors and so much more. Give us a listen and a rating on itunes. Thanks


Ep 135 The Money Fight And Movie Talk

This episode we talk about the upcoming fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather! Two sports collide in what has to be the biggest boxing event EVER! We also talk about the power rangers, spider-man homecoming and more! This episode is sponsored by Dedman Cometh Creations, creator of custom enamel pins, stickers and patches. You can follow them on Instagram @dedmancomethcreations also on Facebook by the same name. You can help the show out by purchasing from their page...


Ep 134 Coming To Florida And Adam West Tribute

On this episode we talk about all the changes happening in our lives and THE WORLD! We talk about the confirmed McGregor/Mayweather fight this August and also talk about Adam West who just passed away at the age of 88. This man introduced not only ourselves to Batman but countless others. So please sit back and enjoy the show and PLEASE listen to the touching tribute and eulogy to Adam West from Kevin Smith and Ralph Garmin from their show, Please go subscribe to their channels on YouTube:...


Ep 133 Wrestlemania 33 Review And Daniel Goes Off The Rails AGAIN

We get deep into our take on WrestleMania 33 and Daniel goes off the rails again. this is a fun episode and I apologize for the audio. We didn't realize it was so rough until I was editing it. Hey, it's free so don't complain :)


Ep 131 California And Celebrity Sightings

We do a little rambling about my last trip out to sunny California. And more.....