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Guy meets person drunk on a couch and knocked out. What does he do? Starts a podcast with him. Storytelling and discussions of everyday interests every week.

Guy meets person drunk on a couch and knocked out. What does he do? Starts a podcast with him. Storytelling and discussions of everyday interests every week.
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Guy meets person drunk on a couch and knocked out. What does he do? Starts a podcast with him. Storytelling and discussions of everyday interests every week.








Episode 23: Gay 2Pac (feat. @JarrettAbello)

OUT ON BAIL, FRESH OUTTA JAIL JUSSIE SMOLLETT SCHEMIN’… Yo, it’s the return of 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted, and we back like Jordan for our 23rd episode here and this time we have special guest @JarrettAbello, a dear friend of the podcast (and lyricist extraordinaire) who recently had his Jussie Smollett / Gay 2Pac meme (see episode artwork) re-posted on Instagram / Twitter by the one and only @50cent!! He joins us this week to lend his thoughts, expert opinion and humorous outlook on the...


Episode 22: Temptation Island

So... Apparently 21 Savage is British? What part of the game is this? This episode we're talking about Sir 21 Savage of Newham, Kev and Ross' obsession with the new (old) USA show "Temptation Island," Superbowl XLIII and it's many failures (including that Maroon 5 performance), we review the Netflix series "You" and lastly, we talk about Liam Neeson suddenly being racist all of a sudden... (Wait, no, we actually don't discuss that last one. Maybe next week we'll do a podcast on all our...


Episode 21: DeAndre Cortez

DRRAAAKEEE?!?! Sorry. That's all on our minds this week. Of course this episode we're talking about the AMAZING return of Soulja Boy! We put some respek on his name and legacy, discuss his controversial decision to sell video game consoles and argue over whether he did in fact have the best comeback of 2018 as he claimed in interviews last week. We also talk about how an Apple Watch saved a man's life, Kev & Ross share their uniquely horrifying experiences visiting a doctor's office, the...


Episode 20: Into the Mind of Kevin

Enter the Mind of Kevin, past the bolted doors where impossible things happen that the world's never seen before... Wait. No. That's the theme to Dexter's Laboratory. My bad. Anywhoo.. This episode we're answering questions #12 - #15 covering topics such as R. Kelly, the #10yearchallenge, ghosting someone while texting, the Mandela Effect...and Prohibition? Yep. Enter at your own peril.


Episode 19: #BirdBox

What's up 2019! How you doin'? We're back and so excited for the year ahead for Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight Podcast. We open up this year with questions regarding everyone's obsession with Netflix's new film "Bird Box" (SPOILER WARNING!!), comedian Louis C.K. extremely controversial recent stand-up appearance, and talk about a very interesting YouTube series we watched by Pleasant Green where he decides to take on Nigerian Scammers and embarks on a quest to help one scammer turn his life around...


Episode 18: Hanukkah 2.0

Just because the calendar says Hanukkah is over, doesn't mean that it's over for everyone. Here at Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight Podcast, we celebrate Hanukkah all the way till December 24th, a.k.a Kevin's birthday! Happy Birthday to our co-host Kevin who celebrates his 27th birthday! If it wasn't for him, this podcast would be anti-comedy for sure. "With that being said," we present to you Episode 18, a.k.a the "official" re-brand episode. From this point forward, Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight will...


Episode 17: High Times and Kangol Hats

Hey what's up guys? This week we're talking about DATING. Yeah that's right, the "D" word. We take a deep dive into a first date that Kevin had recently and try to answer some questions like: How do you spit game and land a date? What's a good ice breaker? Oh, and have you ever been on a first date with someone who was high? Lastly, Ross entertains us with his worst first date experience on Tinder and unknowingly shows us how he might've single handedly killed the kangol hat style. This...


Episode 16: Oh man, The Grape-ist Strikes Again!

What a show today! This episode we discuss our symbiotic relationship with Netflix and reminisce on the first things we watched on Watch Instantly before it changed the world as we know it. We also answer r/AskReddit questions regarding serial killers: What would you have the media dub your serial killer name? Also, what are the best occupations for a serial killer to have? Lastly we discuss Disney and how they're going to fuck up The Lion King remake, because you know they will. Disagree?...


Episode 15: Indian Giver

Ho-ho---wait! That's early. Thanksgiving literally just ended. Hope you've awoken from your tryptophan coma and that your Back Friday shopping experience wasn't apocalyptic. Episode 15 is out and we talkin' about the (negative) spirit of gift giving, some cool Black Friday deals and why Red Lobster sucks ass. Also, we discuss what it would be like if you held the whole entire world's attention for 30 seconds on some God-level mode. Peep this for the holidays.


Episode 14: Sheets & Blood

What's up guys? We are back for Episode 14! First off we want to say rest in peace to Stan Lee (1922-2018). May we never forget the man, the myth, the legend and the father of modern day comic books as we know it! Topics in this episode include: the Detective Pikachu movie starring Ryan Reynolds, our favorite TV shows, Ice-T's infamous claim to have never eaten a bagel or drink coffee (whaa? how?) and Apple's unicorn device, the AirPower! We also poke fun at Ross' inability to whistle and...


Episode 13: Chicken Wing

Hey guys, we're back for Episode 13! The gang will be heading to Atlantic City for the weekend so because of this we decided to recount some of our drunken misadventures. We also received a topic of discussion from one of our faithful listeners: What would you do if you saw a stranger harassing a young person on a subway train? Would you intervene? Lastly, we decide to answer some r/AskReddit questions: "What television show or movie would be the most entertaining if you flipped the gender...


Episode 12: Jerry Loves Jeopardy

Recording live on Halloween! This week we have a Halloween themed episode of course! Kev...err Jerry (you'll get it) is sick and decides to make amends with one of his old friends...because he's dying. We also source r/AskReddit for some Halloween themed topics. What would you give as a humorous gift to a person who has to have a foot amputated? We talk about the viral video of the woman in St. Louis who decides to try and prevent a black man from entering his own apartment--wait, what??...


Episode 11: "Zaddy"

Oh-BOY. Guyyys, we have our first listener suggestion!! You get a topic! You get a topic! Everyone gets a topic! Today's main topic is whether we feel that it's cool for a woman to call her man "daddy." Other topics include Kev's visit to a Jimmy Kimmel taping, Drake's Interview with LeBron James, Pusha-T on the Joe Budden Podcast, Vic Mensa's XXXtentacion freestyle at the Bet Awards Cypher and Ariana Grande's split with Pete Davidson leading to the the loss of his BDE (rip). This episode...


Episode 10: H-TOWN.

Feelings. So deep in our feelings. H-Town. We are finally at episode 10! Celebrations and drinks for all! Today we talk about how much of a hypocrite Ross is, we cover Kanye at his most Kanye, Carter V impressions, reddit questions and we quell over the debate between Jacquees' remix of Ella Mai's "Trip." This is a good one folks. And we back!


Episode 9: Coffee-a-Nun - The Lost Episode 4

Hey guys. We're taking a break this week on the count of Jesse and Kev being such vacation whores. (Yeah, I said it... Lol) That doesn't mean we don't have something for our lovely listeners to tide them over. Now, some backstory: This was the original recording for "Episode 4," however, due to a couple of embarrassing moments that happened during the recording of this episode, we ended up re-doing the episode altogether and buried this original recording somewhere deep underground... until...


Episode 8: Lil Push, PhD

Yes, we're back! Goin' up.... on a Tuesday. You know what they say. The early bird gets the worm, right? Well, we want all you worm--err...listeners to enjoy our newest episode earlier! In today's episode we have special guest "Drake." Yes, that's right! (No it's not...) We also talk about Kanye West's spiritual smoke from IG Live, Katt Williams' feud with other comedians, the glorious release of Lil Wayne's "The Carter V" (not) and Tough Mudder? As always, you can expect hilarity with this...


Episode 7: Living the Stream

Kevin and Ross this week talk about quite a few different topics, starting with: 3:00 - Kevin had an interesting text sent to him 8:43 - Ross' 30th birthday 11:07 - Is Ross wiser now? 13:02 - Drake and Josh 13:32 - Josh Peck is now a father! 16:43 - Ninja is on the cover of ESPN! 21:40 - New iPhones! 31:38 - The Tinder Trap! 36:19 - Kevin's Instant Karma


Episode 6: Are We Still Recording?

RIP rapper Mac Miller (1992-2018). In today's episode we discuss the news of his untimely passing and the effects of the drug culture in today's music (1:08) as well as: 14:25 - The Carter V finally gets a release date! 21:36 - The ongoing feud between Cardi B & Nicki Minaj 30:24 - The state of Hip-Hop culture 34:47 - Eminem vs. MGK, Part II 48:55 - DC's failed attempts at making good comic book movies a la Marvel 1:02:33 - WWWTTTFF?????? Recording fail. 1:05:20 - Drake and Meek Mill...


Episode 5: Icelandic Sh!t

Episode 5: Icelandic Sh!t by Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight: The Podcast


Episode 4: My Hips Don't Lie

Episode 4: My Hips Don't Lie by Thirty-Eight Forty-Eight: The Podcast