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WELCOME TO DIE. This podcast is simply two friends celebrating the wildest and wackiest that comics and graphic novels have to offer. Prepare for analysis and healthy doses of comedy. New episodes biweekly on Mondays. YOUR MOVE, X-CHICKEN.


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WELCOME TO DIE. This podcast is simply two friends celebrating the wildest and wackiest that comics and graphic novels have to offer. Prepare for analysis and healthy doses of comedy. New episodes biweekly on Mondays. YOUR MOVE, X-CHICKEN.




Luke Cage's Day Off (The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #8)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day from This Is Getting Graphic with special guest star Alex Hanbury! Celebrate with us with the only comic we could find about MLK Day! The Vision and the Scarlet Witch, along with their friend Luke Cage, take on a little yellow demon who's just having the WORST day. How can Vizh and Wanda stop his evil machinations? Will Pietro's wife ever stop cheating on him? And freaking ELEVATORS?! How do they work?! Find out on today's episode, and don't let Quicksilver...


The Mesopotamian Ringo Starr (Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #79)

TIGG returns for a brand new year with a series of three insane short stories featuring Superman's infamous pal, Jimmy Olsen! We've got chill ant men! We've got the biblical Beatles! And we've got... fat shaming? How can Jimmy possibly get himself out of these scrapes? Why does he never bring his EpiPen with him? And where the hell is Perry White's helicopter?! Tune in and find out, if only to see the Silver Age at its craziest! Panels Discussed: No link because Imgur wouldn't...


You're a Mean One, Mr. N'Garai (Uncanny X-Men #143)

We're back for another Christmas outing as we join the X-Men for a very spoooooooky holiday! What sort of murderous menace is troubling our merry mutants at this festive time of year? (And no, it's not Nightcrawler hitting on Wolverine's girlfriend.) Will Kitty Pryde find herself hunted by the demonic creature, or will Chris Hansen find them first? Find out on This Is Getting Graphic, and a very merry Christmas to you all! Panels Discussed: Email:...


Superman's Kidnapping Adventure (Superman's Christmas Adventure)

It's the Christmas season here at This Is Getting Graphic as we take a look at a Golden Age Superman one shot! In this tale, two miserly misanthropes threaten all of Christmas... or maybe just one Daily Planet toy drive. How will Superman ever stop them and their ten thousand evil plots? Maybe being a Peeping Tom and kidnapper will save the day! Panels Discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Facebook:...


Charles Xavier of the Caribbean (The X-Men #6)

Namor November concludes with a guest appearance by our dear friend, Alex Hanbury! Namor gets the results of his 23andMe and finds out he is A MUTANT! Who will recruit him to their side, a bald man in a wheelchair obsessed with the sea, or a red helmeted ghost man who can leave his body at will? Find out on this week's episode, but watch out for giant laser blasts. Panels Discussed: Email: Facebook: This Is Getting...


WHAT IS THE HULK?? (Fantastic Four #4)

Time to celebrate the beginning of NAMOR NOVEMBER here on This Is Getting Graphic! In this episode, the Fantastic Four are up to their usual terroristic activities, when they encounter a mysterious homeless fishman who looks suspiciously like Leonard Nimoy. What happens when that strange man receives a shave and a bath? Why is the Thing crashing through buildings? And does that sperm whale have LEGS? Also, we dare to ask the question... WHO IS THE HULK?? Panels Discussed:...


The Horrors of Bad Shrimp (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight: Ghosts)

It's a very scary, very merry Halloween as TIGG takes a look at a spooky Batman tale! What sort of peril will Halloween night bring for the Dark Knight? Will the Penguin at long last achieve his dream of flight? And what do those three spirits and that one guy in chains have to do with anything? Settle in, dear listeners, and listen to this one with the lights off! Happy Halloween! Panels Discussed: Facebook: This Is Getting Graphic TikTok:...


Is the Last Son of Krypton Worthy? (JLA/Avengers #3-4)

The epic conclusion of our two part tribute to artist George Perez, as the combined forces of the Justice League and the Avengers must stop their pissing match long enough to save two universes! Witness the awesome battles! Thrill at the awesome battles! And did we mention the awesome battles? All this, plus a LUAU! Don't miss it! Panels Discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Twitter: @ThisGraphicPod Facebook:...


Goldblum's Game (JLA/Avengers #1-2)

The first of a two part tribute to legendary artist and writer George Perez, TIGG takes a look at his most EPIC series, JLA/Avengers! What cosmic crisis could possibly bring these two legendary teams together? Can they settle their differences long enough to find out? And can Superman and Captain America stop being DICKS to each other long enough to try? Get ready for worlds to collide! Panels Described: Email: Twitter:...


Charles Xavier's House of Pain (The X-Men #1)

This week, it's time for a look at the first story of Marvel's merry mutants themselves, the X-Men! Listen as Charles Xavier actively tries to kill them within the first few pages, the miraculous Magneto plays the government for chumps, and the boys constantly harass the only girl on the team! And did we mention the BOWLING BALL?! Tune in and see what insanity ensues! Panels Discussed: Email: Twitter:...


The Most MAGIC of GIRDLES (All-Star Comics #8)

In today's episode, we look into the origin of one of if not THE greatest female superheroes to ever be created: Wonder Woman! Witness as she falls in love with a poor unconscious sap! Be amazed as her Amazonian sisters learn to build planes! And what is the secret of the MAGIC GIRDLE?!?!?! Listen in and find out! Also, does that bitch have a gun?! Panels discussed: Email: Facebook:...


ASSUMERS, ASSEMBLE! (The Avengers #1)

The very first outing of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers! Though "mightiest" may be a bit of a stretch. Can they foil Loki's Rube Goldberg-esque plan? And what's the deal with this Ronald McDonald-looking circus robot? Find out today! Just make sure you don't piss off Detroit. Panels discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Twitter: @ThisGraphicPod Facebook: Alex...


The Guinea Pig Serial Killer (Detective Comics #27)

Witness the first story of the Dark Knight, the world's greatest detective, the legendary Bat-Man. Watch as he flies on dysfunctional wings and straight up mercs a dude. Not that anyone will incriminate him, what with this Bruce Wayne character messing up all his crime scenes. Panels discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Twitter: @ThisGraphicPod Facebook: Alex...


STAN WANTED TO QUIT! (Fantastic Four #1)

In which the Fantastic Four prove why not everybody should have powers. Witness the destruction, the irresponsibility, the unnecessary bullying! And the water pollution. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER POLLUTION. Panels discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Twitter: @ThisGraphicPod Facebook: Alex Hanbury's Twitter: @AlexEHanbury (SORRY FOR THE MISINFORMATION IN THE AUDIO)


This Is No Time For Horseplay! (Action Comics #1)

Welcome to our inaugural episode! Join us as we delve into the first story of the Man of Steel himself, Superman! What REALLY destroyed the planet Krypton? How involved is Superman in local politics? And what happens on his very first date with Lois Lane? Panels discussed: Email: TikTok: @thisisgettinggraphic Twitter: @ThisGraphicPod Facebook: