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Episode 67: Next & Donkey Show (2018/03/29)

You're right David - I really wonder how we got to Episode 67 with this shit show!? - but hey, here we are! A couple going by the moniker, Next & Donkey Show have the guest seat this week. David takes a shot at an intro before we get a Jewish caller on the line. Crosstalk, pubes, vagina fleshlight, suction pumps, cake-farts, crosstalk and some more crosstalk later, Tony comes to the rescue with his penis-puzzle! Oh boy, how does he come up with shite like that at 5:30 in the morning?!!...


Episode 66: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 3 (2018/03/22)

Tracy Nguyen is back on the show for the third time - sober and steady. David kicks things off by addressing her bladder - don't think Tracy saw it coming but she dodges it well. Tracy feels she needs to be socializing more - well if you ask me, spending a Thursday evening on a show about nothing is a pretty decent start! Celeste calls in and Tracy shares some insight on Asian ways - which I thought was kinda true. David reveals his nurturing side and tries to help Celeste learn the ropes...


Episode 65: Marcus Peverill (2018/03/15)

The show about nothing rolls into town again - this time with Marcus Peverill in the guest seat. Marcus travelled south to be part be part of the show and our boy is turning 21 soon, having spent over a year trying to be a comedian while juggling two jobs. Celeste (David's Social Media Intern) happens to be friends with Marcus and she has a bunch of questions for him, which David tackles one by one. Among other things, Marcus reveals that he has no interest in putting it up Hitler's back...


Episode 64: Dan Linley, pt. 5 (2018/03/08)

The comedian Dan Linley is the stand-in guest. The man wastes no time in getting things rolling by narrating the reason why he came in late - who would have guessed? - he got held up with some hazardous poopyactive waste that refused to slide! Just the kind of entree you need to sit back and enjoy the show. Dan is irked further when he is asked about his foot fungals. After David makes a rather pointed comment about his brother, Dan wonders why he always tries to rile people up. At this...


Episode 63: Miranda, pt. 3 (2018/03/01)

The show may be a crap or disgusting to others view. But from my side, it is a nice show with a different idea that a radio show with conversation without topics. David Cooper's chat was so funny with some bad words, but that's not seen as a big issue in this episode. It was great when he mostly accepted to improve the episode which was requested by Indians fan Banu and Svatish. Not only from them, from my side also i request you to run this show with a reasonable topic. As the show has...


Episode 62: Justin Lockwood (2018/02/15)

David has the comedian Justin Lockwood on, as his guest. Not even 10 minutes into the show, guess who's back on air? - it's a Tony coup d'etat all over again - nearly! He reveals that he got to meet up with David's social media intern Celeste and his girlfriend Miranda, while in San Francisco. I breathed a sigh of relief when our man was off after giving us some ginger insights. David gets Miranda to call in and we get the load on David's bottom burps, among other things. David admits to...


Episode 61: Oli (2018/02/08)

David hosts Oli who is visiting from Scotland. David and Oli first met online while playing the role-playing game called Ultima Online. David mentions that he had a rough upbringing in Toronto, Canada and he took to Lego at a very early age. A caller then dials in from a few blocks away - the man happens to work for Mozilla (of Firefox fame). The next caller Tony (visiting from the UK) was hilarious but he probably maxed out his cards paying for roaming. I was glad when he finally got off...


Episode 60: Peter (2018/02/01)

David cooper and Peter a guy who doesn't want his last name to be pronounced. The fish meat ball recipe wasn't a good idea to start about, they tried best to pull out the identity of the first caller who isn't steve or charles nor sells bitcoin or shitcoin. David is so proud to announce himself as a gay and I feel sorry about Miranda. Except he's not really gay i think. It's stupid. The show had a mix of shit stuff like "grabbing microphone from female reporter" and pussy, a bad comedian...


Episode 59: Celeste (2018/01/25)

This week guest Celeste comes to the David Cooper show. Host David begins the show with his very famous line "no one is listening and no one cares". Guest Celeste, 20, who is having a gap from school, feels better working at cafe and for most people she is like Mexican. Suddenly, Josi makes a call and talks David if he is making profit out of the show. David suggests Celeste that Josi is very free spirited. Celeste who believes in pro-abortion tries to make her Mom believes that she loves...


Episode 58: Atish Mehta (2018/01/18)

"The This is going well, I think with David Cooper is a funny, interesting can relate in this type of radio episode I have ever listened his sense of humor he is kind of catching someone's will to share their experiences and he can maintain a good conversation that he can give twists like throwing funny jokes and still keeps on holdign back on the boundaries of getting totally offending compliments to his guests and with the caller's in the episode. There are caller's in the episode that...


Episode 57: Joshua Rosenthal (2018/01/11)

In this podcast, Joshua Rosenthal is the jewish restaurant manager. he talks about his girl friend who does not talk to him and that hurts him. Various callers calling and talk about their relationship. A caller named Alex calls and for david he is he most confusing caller. David and Joshua speak about restaurants. Josh speaks about the positive things he wants to teach people. they also get a caller who is given a fake name as Donaa. she is only laughing. That went well i think it really...


Episode 56: Vahé Hove (2018/01/04)

Nice talk with vahe hove, Vahe is very frank with David. This is an healthy talk with some funny topic with Hove. In this talk there are mostly talk only about david. Hove said that he was in Santiago. Hove talk about his wife I like some topic about this topic. He was said that he is an Armenian and it is friendly place for Christian. In this podcast mostly no caller in this. Caller mairenda is always there. But hole conclusion of this is good, nothing about any porn thing. David talk is...


Episode 55: Marty Cunnie (2017/12/21)

I like this talk with Marty, He is best comedian, He talk with david with very funny things. He talk about his study in the economics. A caller name I guess "shahim" is talking about Saudi Arabia's terror and devid talk to trump foreign policy like embassy in Jerusalem. In mid of this talk David and marty talk a caller Mariya of she's eating habit this part is very funny. Some part of this talk is really boring and interesting like a text massage which is send buy "wik." I guess name is...


Episode 53: Mischa Salmon, pt. 2 (2017/12/07)

"Good talk with mischa Solomon, wick is always here Ha ha ha... Soloman is nice man. he said that he is tired because he traveled in long flight. He said right. Some topic of this talk is not really good, like panics and balls, A caller name robart, talk on some funny topic. In mid of this talk about American embassy in Israel, I enjoyed this topic. David talk with Solomon about his mom's and his relation. He talk that, She was in hospital and he was not there. A caller marinda is talking...


Episode 52: Marcy [sic] (2017/11/30)

David cooper the host brings Marcy to the show. He introduces her as a comedian but throughout the show I could never figure out why she was introduced so. Cooper tried to pull out her age and got it as 32, not all women would say that, they started the show with a scam call discussion which is quite boring, and the first caller Jonathan, 19 made the show even worse. The man high on weed speaking in a rate of less than 5 words per minute just called in to have good time, which no one had....


Episode 51: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 2 (2017/11/16)

David Cooper starts off by describing us a cup of Ritual Coffee, the shows sponsor. Its episode 51 today. Tracy Nguyen is the today's guest on the show, this her second time here. The kick off their banter over Chelsea Handler issue. They start to bash Jews, gays. They move on to the topic of Tracy going to Japan. Its almost halfway through the show but there is no caller yet. I am not surprise honestly, because they are not nice to listen or talk to. Some of their jokes are good but most...


Episode 50: Caliban (2017/11/09)

David Cooper and Caliban started the show. Cooper tried to pull information about Caliban's personal life, he tried to elope from the topic by giving general information. Well later both of them are not happy about their partners. The concept of the first woman telling "Riding bicycle without a shirt" and expecting not getting objectified seems real challenge these days. The ampersand gal was quite not open about being polygamous, still she calls her partners as friends, thats crazy...


Episode 49: Dan Linley, pt. 4 (2017/11/02)

David Cooper starts the show with some very useless information. How can every show be the last episode? How did they even get to episode 49? It's not a funny joke. David introduces the comedian and tennis instructor, Dan Linley. Some insane and profane remarks are thrown around by both of the speakers as if they don't mind who is listening. They speak as though molestation and pedophilia are things that are normal, this show is honestly ungodly. Nothing they talk about is related to...


Episode 48: Emma Tolkin (2017/10/26)

This week host David welcomes guest Emma Tolkin, 26, to the show 'This is going well, I think with David Cooper' and describes her as mean-master, amazing, bizarre, lovely, hilarious, and self-fragulate Emma thanks David. Dana calls the show with her biological question how to gel off because she was reading book for 20 minutes but nothing happened. Emma suggests Dana for finding of material for self- induced orgasm. Emma tells David that she was a terrible lesbian, and depression equals...


Episode 47: Alexandria Love, pt. 3 (2017/10/19)

The show begins with the usual note "This is going well I think, no one is listening and no one cares where every episode is the last episode" and I honestly believe that is true about it. This time Alexandria love was caught by the show makers who said she just got drunk 30 minutes ago in a gay neighbourhood, and I really wonder why David is so proud to announce himself as a gay though I'm pretty sure he is not one. It's just not a good joke. Getting a call form Joseline, Miranda's sister...


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