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Episode 91: Trish Pandya & Watson (2018/10/18)

Episode 91 of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Trish Pandya who had bailed out the last time. And the second guest is a Watson. They are on the show for a date, cant think of a worst place for a date, but hey who am i to judge. The show has a boring start. The first caller is Gay Gallow, who goes on to talk about his date/break up. They all go on to discuss polyamory relations. Then next boring discussion is on Martinis. The discussion was so...


Episode 90, Tracy Nguyen, pt. 4 (2018/10/11)

It sure feels like ages - am I glad to be listening to Cooper again or what!? Sounds like the show has even moved up the ladder with a new station picking up the feed - way to go! David gets things rolling with his usual drill and introduces his guest Tracy Nguyen. However, the episode gets off the blocks with a whimper. Tracy brings up something that I've often wondered too - why does David get worked up when someone refers to the show as a podcast?! Miranda then makes an early call in...


Episode 89: Dan Linley, pt. 6 (2018/10/04)

Episode 89 (not 69) of "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is Dan Linley after Trish Pandey rescheduled to sometime in November. Quite early in the show there is a call who hangs up. Dan has a list of things to be discussed on the show. They go on to discuss Davids butthole, not the best part of the show. The first call on the show is from Clint, who works for San Francisco parks alliance, a non-profit. and they discuss a bunch of parks. The next...


Episode 88: Alexandria Love, pt. 4 (2018/09/20)

Episode eighty eight of the show and today's guest on the show is a repeat from the last year Alexandria Love. They kick off the discussing Bitcoins later it gets a bit emotional when David mentions his ex-girlfriend. Its one of David's least swearing show, well atleast for first thirty minutes. Then they go on to discuss some TV shows. The second caller is Ray Connelly, who is a fellow comedian and had visited Alex's show last night. The next caller is Tony, a regular on the show and...


Episode 87: Munette, Anally, pt. 2 (2018/09/06)

This is the 87th episode of the show called "This Is Going Well, I Think with David Cooper" and today's guest on the show is is Munette, Anally. [Editor's Note: a pseudonym] Munette is podcast host herself and also does editing for it. She is self-proclaimed smelly person and baths only 4 times a week which is more than David. They go on to discuss an episode which they had shot together and David uploads its only for her mom to find it. There the show kicks off its dick, masturbate jokes....


Episode 51: Tracy Nguyen, pt. 2 (2017/11/16)

David Cooper starts off by describing us a cup of Ritual Coffee, the shows sponsor. Its episode 51 today. Tracy Nguyen is the today's guest on the show, this her second time here. The kick off their banter over Chelsea Handler issue. They start to bash Jews, gays. They move on to the topic of Tracy going to Japan. Its almost halfway through the show but there is no caller yet. I am not surprise honestly, because they are not nice to listen or talk to. Some of their jokes are good but most...


Episode 50: Caliban (2017/11/09)

David Cooper and Caliban started the show. Cooper tried to pull information about Caliban's personal life, he tried to elope from the topic by giving general information. Well later both of them are not happy about their partners. The concept of the first woman telling "Riding bicycle without a shirt" and expecting not getting objectified seems real challenge these days. The ampersand gal was quite not open about being polygamous, still she calls her partners as friends, thats crazy...


Episode 49: Dan Linley, pt. 4 (2017/11/02)

David Cooper starts the show with some very useless information. How can every show be the last episode? How did they even get to episode 49? It's not a funny joke. David introduces the comedian and tennis instructor, Dan Linley. Some insane and profane remarks are thrown around by both of the speakers as if they don't mind who is listening. They speak as though molestation and pedophilia are things that are normal, this show is honestly ungodly. Nothing they talk about is related to...


Episode 48: Emma Tolkin (2017/10/26)

This week host David welcomes guest Emma Tolkin, 26, to the show 'This is going well, I think with David Cooper' and describes her as mean-master, amazing, bizarre, lovely, hilarious, and self-fragulate Emma thanks David. Dana calls the show with her biological question how to gel off because she was reading book for 20 minutes but nothing happened. Emma suggests Dana for finding of material for self- induced orgasm. Emma tells David that she was a terrible lesbian, and depression equals...


Episode 47: Alexandria Love, pt. 3 (2017/10/19)

The show begins with the usual note "This is going well I think, no one is listening and no one cares where every episode is the last episode" and I honestly believe that is true about it. This time Alexandria love was caught by the show makers who said she just got drunk 30 minutes ago in a gay neighbourhood, and I really wonder why David is so proud to announce himself as a gay though I'm pretty sure he is not one. It's just not a good joke. Getting a call form Joseline, Miranda's sister...


Episode 46: Jeff Dean (2017/10/12)

This is one year anniversary of the show and the guest Jeff Dean was invited who previously cancelled once, a year ago. Both being comedians, throughout the show they making jokes on each other and at times using many sarcasm. There was a caller, Michael, a fellow comedian asking about Jeff new shows and Jeff mentions about show, Overly Sensitive with Jeff and Justin and Michael booked Jeff for his show while on the call. David says he has his mom on his show to Jeff's pleasant surprise....


Episode 45: Hannah Marianetti (2017/10/05)

Well, it is all about just porn and sex. In this talk, david talk with his guest Hannah about that, "she is use vibrator or not" and sex life of Hannah. But man I don't understand what is mean by four dollar vibrator. I mean what kind of this talk make seance. How can you talk about this kind of thing? This talk where david talk with caller nick about his bike, I love this topic. So, that well I think, this talk is mix seance avoid this type of talk in publically. Hannah is talking very...


Episode 44: Dan Linley, pt. 3 (2017/08/10)

The special guest of this week is Dan Linley. They proceed to talk about the sense of chaos the show generates which is a main appeal for the audience. Dan gives a shout out to his friend that manipulated him into getting a pedicure with them. Then they call one of Chrissy and Kyle and talk about how to make inappropriate jokes. Later they talk about the last time Dan was on the show which resulted in a fight between them but now they are cool. That went well, I think until David insult's...


Episode 43: David A., The Owner (2017/08/08)

Well, David A. is talking about his store "digital fix" but he did not say more about his store. Why come of that? David A. said that there is 40% off on everything, but what kind of product, he was not clear this. Went well that think the first caller name is Wally if I right, is talking about hole cost, david ask about best thing about this. A other caller Miranda is talking very openly with David. David ask about his sex thing. Confusing thing that, There are problem with caller, voice...


Episode 42, Mischa Salmon (2017/08/03)

This week guest Mischa Salmon comes to "This is going well, I think with David Cooper show" and talks about his Paris and Barcelona life. Mischa likes guys but doesn't like penis. Mischa becomes nervous when David tells about the topic is Holocaust but that doesn't stop him to entertain people. Although French men are homosexual and dirty as Mischa says but he is completely heterosexual who has a well-defined list of girls that he already slept with. Suddenly a surprising call from Sean,...


Episode 41: Neptune (2017/08/01)

This week guest Neptune comes to the David Cooper show and talks about his teenage life at Naperville. Neptune talks how the Naperville people are so openly racist. David's girlfriend Maranda calls and complains David that he does not want to hear from her. Then David talks about Indian foods and Jewish culture and festival. Then, a surprising call from Jonathan makes the show bit more interesting. Jonathan talks David that he quit smoking 5 - 6 weeks ago and he is boring with Neptune and...


Episode 40: Ray Connolly & Dan Linley (2017/07/27)

David this time has on show Ray Connolly and Dan Linley.. Dan has been third time in the show. they have big arguments about being defensive. Topic on the podcast is anti semitism. There is a lot of discussion about birthday celebrations giving cash instead of gifts. Overall lot of laughter and fun. later Vick calls in and talk about Marielle who is a musician. Personally found it very wierd not really used my time well. That did not go well, i think. Conversations get boring and off topic...


Episode 39: Muriel MacDonald (2017/07/25)

At the start itself David tells he has been on date with the guest Muriel. Okay. They talked about harassment of women and David asks about Muriel's birth and parent. They discussed Jew culture as both are Jew. David spoke about other opportunities as the show is ending because organizers are closing down. David's Brother Jonathan calls and discuss about his homosexual engagement. Muriel says she writes comedic songs. Then Muriel's Brother Isaac calls and discuss his childhood and them...


Episode 38: Omar Doe, pt. 2 (2017/07/20)

David cooper starts the conversion telling the famous "This is going well going good". Its episode number 38, Omar doe episode, Here he is telling hulk hogan is his favourite racist. His family also liked it very much and used to watched it along with his all other family members. Stern Tatoo is a art and its is not a trouble tatoo. Then the lady come into conversation and she told that she had a Threesome sex. Its was very good and special and makes me happy laughter. They also talked...


Episode 37: Celeste & Dale, pt. 2 (2017/07/18)

David Cooper is having a talk with Dale and celeste. They both are seeing each other and enjoy same TV shows.David,Dale and Celeste talk anything which does not really sounds great to me. Talking about their relationship ,about TV shows like new girl, incidences in San Francisco ,talks about liberalism and so on. All this does not really make me feel good to even listen . If you are free with ample time go ahead.It is quite annoying to listen to their talks. Why would I even want to know...