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In a day and age where political correctness is the norm, an idiot named, Temba Jennings, born and raised in Toronto gives his unfiltered opinions on what has transpired with him and what’s happening around the city each week. Every Sunday a new episode will be uploaded.

In a day and age where political correctness is the norm, an idiot named, Temba Jennings, born and raised in Toronto gives his unfiltered opinions on what has transpired with him and what’s happening around the city each week. Every Sunday a new episode will be uploaded.
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In a day and age where political correctness is the norm, an idiot named, Temba Jennings, born and raised in Toronto gives his unfiltered opinions on what has transpired with him and what’s happening around the city each week. Every Sunday a new episode will be uploaded.




#37 - Animal rights activists crash TIFF, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh last ditch effort to get elected

Another week, another group feeling entitled to harass people for what they want to do. This past week was the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and Jennifer Lopez was promoting her new movie "Hustlers" when a bunch of crazy people crashed the film festival telling J-Lo not to wear fur, Another group close to the film festival were vegans advocating for animals not to be killed. Temba shakes his head at both situations taking place and rants on why these people are some of the...


#36 - LGBTQ protest against Chick-fil-A, Toronto based MPP responds to Islamophobia comments

To say that this was an eventful week is putting it mild. Ontario MPP responded in the face of a man spewing in what seems to be Islamophobic remarks at NDP politician gurratan singh. Temba had a laugh at this whole ordeal because of this racist man's thinking. Speaking of NDP, leader of the party jasmeet singh was at a labor say parade in Toronto talking about minimum wage being raised to $15 an hour and increasing the next four years. Temba talks about why he does not want that to happen....


#35 - Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders contract extended, Toronto newspaper publisher sentenced for hate speech

A teenager went to court this week after last week he was beaten up by three police officers in a viral video after dealing drugs and resisting arrest., Temba gives his two cents on the situation and on the old saying 'two wrongs don't make a right.' A toronto publisher of a newspaper called Your Ward was sentenced to 1 yr of house arrest just one week apart from his editor in chief partner being sentenced to one yr in prison for anti - Semitic comments on the Jewish community and making...


#34 - Andrew Scheer spoke out against gay marriage, Mother gets one day in jail for starving daughter to death

With a few months left to go until the federal election for Prime Minister of Canada, this week the Liberals used the tactic of bringing up old stuff when they showed a video from 2005 in which Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer spoke out against gay marriage. Temba talks about about his beliefs on the matter and all the outrage from social media. A Toronto businessman is being charged $1.4M by the Employment Standards Act for not paying his employee and penalties, his comments on why...


#33 - Toronto Police going on an 11 week raid receives $4.5M to combat gun violence, Woman goes on viral racist tirade

Toronto Police is going to tackle the increasing gun violence in an 11 week period to try and reduce it. While Temba is most certainly happy about this, he explains why it is also stupid on Toronto police's part. A woman goes on a viral racist tirade while holding a sign advocating for Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer, Temba talks about the grey area of freedom of speech here in Canada. This Week in Toronto History: 1933 August 16 Christie Pits riot occurs 1974 August 15 Toronto...


#32 - Gun control talk ensues after shootings over long weekend, mentally insane person may be able to walk freely

Guns, guns guns! That is the talk of the town not only in the U.S. but as well north of the border, specifically here in Toronto. 14 shootings occurred over the long weekend into as late Monday night. Again, Mayor John Tory is advocating for handgun bans, Temba explains the gun laws and restrictions already in place and why a handgun ban will not work to reduce crime. A man who stabbed three Canadian soldiers at a military center will not face any charges for his crimes and may be able to go...


#31 - Man kills his own family in Markham, Women go topless for Caribbean festival

This week is Caribana weekend and not without an interesting story. Women will be topless this year (by the time this goes up and you read this, caribana will be finished) being led by Toronto photographer Yvonne Stanley. While Temba agrees with this, he found some of Yvonne's comments on encouraging women of colour being represented interesting and confused. Tenants are fighting back against a landlord after being kicked out with no warning or notice. A man from Markham committed one of the...


#30 - Marineland Canada calls police after tweet from Phil Demers, Man almost loses OVO tickets

A heartfelt good story for a change, a toronto chef named sasha simpson was an oprhan until the age of 8 when he was adopted by a woman in Toronto, his story over a few decades is really inspiring. and is the embodiment of the Canadian dream. Subsidized housing units sit empty as city struggles managing the largest waiting list with over 100k people, Temba correlates this story to when he was growing up in subsidized housing. A squirrel attacks a woman at a store after stupidly going up to...


#29 - Largest Mafia bust in Ontario History, Toronto Police trapped tenant behind cement blocks

The famous C.A.F.E .weed shop in downtown Toronto was closed down for a day for being unlicensed, what the police did not know is that they ended up trapping a tenant who lived above the cafe. Toronto police starting October 1st will now be giving tickets who play loud music out of their cars or causing any kind of disturbance with loud noises, Temba talks about why this is so ridiculous. A Toronto special effects crew member was killed on set this past week working on Temba's favorite TV...


#28 - Journalist Hodan Nalayeh killed, Immigration Officers random ID checks people on streets

A Toronto church canceled a Palestinian event after backlash from the jewish communtiy after naming an event after the name of Ghassan Kanafani, a spokesperson and orchestrator of an terrorist attack dubbbed the lod airport massacre in 1972. The Canadian Border Services Agency received backlash this week after immigration officers random ID checking people for un-documentation in Canada, Temba brings up really low numbers for undocumented immigration for people crossing the border. BrayCrest...


#27 - Kawhi Leonard joins LA Clippers, Toronto police issue over 1,600 driving tickets in one week

A bittersweet week indeed, Kawhi Leonard joins the LA Clippers to cap off a crazy free agency with a huge trade for Paul George to team up with him. Toronto police issue more than 1,600 tickets to aggressive drivers in one week, geez! A terminal ill blue jays fan visits Toronto to watch blue jays as he only have months to live, Temba talks about not taking life for granted and mental health. Indigenous drummers from last week return back to the same Toronto park after being harassed by a...


#26 - 600 charges laid to 55 people, Anti-fur "activists" harass store employees

Temba had one happy week from working in the hot sun and his licence expiring and thus not being able to work. A 17 yr old kid was shot and killed after his graduation night, Temba talks and gives advice for anyone for how to avoid any dangerous situations like these. Indigenous drummers were banging drums at a toronto park when a man came up to them and started complaining about them loudly drumming. 600 charges were laid to 55 people involved in gangs and movement of drugs called project...


#25 - Toronto Raptors parade ends in shooting, Doug Ford makes cuts to OSAP

The Toronto Raptors parade was this week and it ended sadly, as Temba was not surprised that it would. With 2 + million people there was bound to be some craziness, with no security checks as it would be impossible, there was a shooting that took place at the parade with people trampling all over each other. Temba talks about why he didn't go and the chances of Kawhi Leonard resigning with the Raptors. Speaking of shootings, the updated list of the gun buyback program has finally been...



**NOTE**: Some audio cuts out a few times during the podcast for a few seconds, nothing major, I don't know what happened. I always check my settings and make sure everything is good before I record, sorry about that, ill make sure it doesn't happen again! The Toronto Raptors are your NBA champions!!! Temba never thought he would hear those words, much less see the day. This special episode is all about talking about the raptors game 6 win, their performance and the craziness of the city...


#23 - Toronto Raptors win game 4, up 3-1, street preacher vs LGBTQ group

The raptors are one win away from the NBA Finals, while Temba is excited he is keeping a level head because history has shown us that a 3-1 lead in any major playoff sport is not safe. Speaking of the Raptors, another historic franchise in Mcdonalds has a sponsorship deal with the team and it made them lose millions of dollars in sponsorship because of a stipulation set by Mcdonalds. An NBA Warriors investor was banned from the league for an entire year and was fined $500K for pushing...


#22 - Toronto Raptors win Game 1, Vegan activists harass customers at butcher shop

Raptors win Game 1 and the city is celebrating like we actually won the NBA Finals, relax people it's one game! Temba talks about why he thinks the Raptors still won't win this series. Speaking of Raptors and the fans wilding, scammers have been abound, one in particular where one woman was scammed out of over $700 because she thought she was getting a good deal, Temba says that he also has been getting emails and calls form scammers and how to avoid it. A woman was charged for a hit and run...


#21 - Toronto Raptors advance to NBA Finals, "gunman" carrying a banana

Oh what is this? An upload on a Sunday, yes the podcast has been moved a day early from Monday. This week is very historic, not just because of the history segment, but the Toronto Raptors have finally reached the NBA Finals for the first time in their history, Temba talks about why he had no faith in them and why he continues to have no faith in them against the warriors. A toronto psychiatrist has her licence suspended for 6 months for scamming her patients into trips overseas and over...


#20 - International student arrested for working too much, prison inmate gets prison guard pregnant

'Tis a funny bizarre week art thou my friends, sorry Temba has been watching too much game of thrones. An international student, Jobandeep Sandhu, that was arrested a year and a half ago has done an interview this past week talking about facing deportation for working more than 20 hrs a week. The gun buyback program has officially ended after a few weeks, and over 2,700 guns have been collected, Temba talks about why this still won't solve any gun violence occurring in the future. A person...


#19 - World War 1 memorial burned down, $17 million in drugs seized

This week is sad, superficial and downright weird. This week Temba talks about a new pop up social media spot called Eye Candy Toronto where you can show off to your followers cool set pieces like blockbuster, gold vault, pizza room, disco ring etc. the only problem Temba has is with the private jet and why so many people have this social media illness to try and seem more happy and to feed their ego and seem more important than they actually are. A huge fire broke out an 90 yr old...


#18 - Man parachutes in city, Suicidal man jumps onto train tracks

**AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILERS** at 53:53 mins Another week, another SOLO show in the last 3 of 4 episodes thus looking for a new co - host. Temba rants for the first 13 mins on why his former co- host is once again not on the show and is looking for a new co host in the city of toronto or the GTA. This week we're back talking about an update made for the gun buypack program (over 500 guns have been bought back) and why it is still a farce and will not work in keeping the city safer. A strike...