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Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.

Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.
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Creators of the upcoming humor and advice book, Laura Lane and Angela Spera candidly breakdown real-life dating disasters with a new "reason why you're single" every week.




How Much Is TMI

We dive deep into oversharing: when to relay information while keeping mystery and boundaries and still being open and comfortable with a new date or your significant other. Angela shares a story about the time she mistook her boyfriend for an intruder and Laura shares one TMI-benefit to being pregnant. In dating news we talk about how women feel about using a condom on their period and how many hours it takes to make a friend. Then we dive into the mailbox where we read a poetic OkCupid...


Staying Friendly with Exes ft. podcasters Keith and the Girl

We welcome podcast pioneers Keith Malley and Chemda from the hit podcast Keith and The Girl. They are a former couple who wrote a relationship book (called "What Do We Do Now?: Keith and The Girl's Smart Answers to Your Stupid Relationship Questions") while dating and broke up before it's release. They know everything when it comes to staying friendly with your ex. We discuss dating after a divorce, Chemda's experience being married to a trans man during his transition and what it was like...


Surviving Divorce ft. Bravo divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler

We welcome renowned divorce attorney and former host of Bravo’s Untying the Knot, Vikki Ziegler, to get into the nitty gritty of divorce. She answers every question you've been secretly curious about when it comes to divorce and what you need to know at every stage – from engagement to married to ending things. She talks prenups, finances, child custody – and what to talk about before you get married. In dating news we discuss things science says predicts divorce and what not to post on...


Laura Is Pregnant! ft. Baby Daddy Nic Rad

This week we welcome Laura's husband, Nic, on the podcast to talk about the emotional highs and lows of expecting a baby, trying to enjoy the joys of pregnancy despite being high risk and their heartbreaking miscarriage last year. Then, Angela grills Laura on all of the questions she's secretly curious about when it comes to pregnancy: sex drive, having sex and weird body stuff – we talk about it all! In dating news, we discuss the best sex positions when you’re trying to conceive & what a...


Celebrating the Small Stuff

This week we talk about how celebrating all the little milestones in your relationship and in life will help make you happier. In dating news we discuss how to make a marriage last if you rushed to the altar and how your parents influence who you’re attracted to. Then we dive into the mailbox to answer your listener questions, including a listener who hates that her boyfriend smokes and another who must choose between two loves. This episode is sponsored by: MVMT Watches, Adam and Eve and...


Casual Hookups & Debunking Sex Myths ft. sex researcher Dr. Zhana

We welcome sex researcher Dr. Zhana to talk blowjobs, sexual fluidity, sex parties, sex myths and more. In dating news we discuss what goes into a divorce party and how acting like you're single might make you better in a marriage. Then we answer a listener question from a woman confused by a hookup who can’t get it up. This episode is sponsored by: Blue Apron, Brooklinen, True Religion and LOLA


Mastering First Dates

We give you a ton of tips and tricks to prepare and master going on a first date. We talk about what’s new in dating news: an app that claims to be the “HQ Trivia” of dating apps and why you shouldn’t go hungry on a first date. Then we’re diving into the mailbox to answer your listener questions including a listener whose best friend hates everyone she dates and a divorcee struggling with a new guy. This episode is sponsored by: RXBAR, Warby Parker and Care/of.


Ripping the Dating Bandaid Off

When you're newly single it can be hard to get back out there so we're talking all about how to rip off the Bandaid. In dating news, we're talking about a new Tinder feature that sounds a lot like Bumble and a student who accidentally swiped left on a girl named "Claudia" and decided to email every girl named "Claudia" on his campus hoping to find her. Then we’re diving into the mailbox to check out a bizarre Tinder profile submission and to answer a listener question about what to do when...


Make A Big Change

If things are not working, you gotta make a change and switch things up – we give you some suggestions of how to do that. In dating news, we're talking about Tinder in the Olympic Village & the pressure to consume your partners social content when you're dating. Then we’re diving into the mailbox to answer a listener who wants to know whether or not to tell a gym crush with a girlfriend that she’s into him and another who wants to know if blocking her ex who broke her heart was too...


The Engagement Game ft. Author Joi-Marie Mckenzie

Author Joi-Marie McKenzie talks about what happened when she tried to get her boyfriend of 5 years to propose. We discuss why worrying might not be a bad thing and what happened when a man proposed with a sword instead of an engagement ring. Then we help a listener decide whether to continue seeing a guy who got a DUI and another listener who has an obstacle preventing him from life with his "soulmate" (spoiler alert: she's married). This week's episode is brought to you by Zola, MVMT,...


Upping Your Erotic Intelligence ft. sexologist Mal Harrison

We welcome Mal Harrison, certified clinical sexologist, relationship coach, eroticism philosopher, TEDx speaker, and founder of the Center for Erotic Intelligence. We talk about orgasm research and two new dating apps: one that requires you to send in your spit so they can tap into your DNA and another called Sweet Pea that hopes to help the awkward conversations get easier. We also help a listener who wants to figure out how to talk dirty in bed, a married lady with a wandering eye & a...


Getting Your V-Day Onnn

Valentine's Day is one week away and we are talking about tips and tricks to have the best V-Day whether you're singled or coupled or somewhere in between. In dating news, we discuss the most expensive Valentine’s Day package courtesy of Dubai and the most popular V-Day candy by state. Then we answer two listener questions: what to do when you find out that cute guy your co-worker set you up with is actually her ex and a morality question: how much should a person you just started dating...


When to DTR ft. Vanderpump Rules star/comedian Rachael O'Brien

This week we welcome stand up comedian and Vanderpump Rules star Rachael O'Brien to talk all about defining relationships- when to go from "just dating" to "exclusive." She also tells us how she ended up on a reality show and what it's like to date in Hollywood. In dating news we tell you about a DIY dildo kit and how Instagram is being used as a dating platform (trust us – you'll want these tips). Then we dive into the mailbox to help a listener who always ends up as a "side chick" and...


I Don't Owe You

This week we talk about the Aziz Ansari allegations, consent, expectations on dates, sexual coercion and what this all means in the #MeToo age. This week’s reason of the week is all about why people think you "owe" them anything after a date: sex, a second date, a text (whatever it is!) and how to feel empowered to say no. We also talk about what’s new in dating news: why compliments make us so uncomfortable & why a dating app's ads were recently banned from subways. Then we answer two...


Surviving LDRs (Long-Distance Relationships)

We talk all things long distance this week – tips for getting through the rough patches and how to use LDRs to your advantage. Then we talk about "cuffing season" for friendships and how to know if you're dating a high conflict person. We help a listener who is struggling with fighting over all the little things with his long distance bae and another listener who is nervous about moving to another country with her boyfriend. This podcast is sponsored by Daily Harvest, RXBAR and Fabletics.


Dating App Down Low ft. Coffee Meets Bagel co-founder Dawoon Kang

We welcome co-founder of Coffee Meets Bagel Dawoon Kang to talk all things dating apps: recent innovations, the best opening lines, the most popular time to join and more. Then we talk about the most common ways newlyweds met in 2017 and find out how a woman is turning catcalling into sidewalk art. We help a listener figure out how to have that tough question with her significant other: "what are we?" and help another listener decide whether on not to give a ghoster a second chance. This...


Why Ghosting Is Still a Thing ft. Ghosting Expert & Single Mom Cassandra Dice

Author of the e-book guide "Disappearing Acts in Dating: What to Do When You've Been Ghosted" Cassandra Dice joins the podcast to talk about how to respond and avoid ghosters, dating after divorce as a single mom and when to introduce your kids to your significant other. We discuss why you shouldn't call your baby a flirt and why adding "guacamole" to your profile might get you more messages. This episode is sponsored by Adam & Eve, Le Tote, and Lola!


Dating Without Booze ft. comedian Jonathan Braylock

We bring actor/comedian and Black Men Can't Jump in Hollywood podcaster Jonathan Braylock to talk about dating when you don't drink: Do you put "sober" on your dating profile? Where do you go on dates? What do you say when people get weird? We also talk about how sex and relationships are portrayed in film. Then we read news stories about how cat calling might become a crime in France and whether your spouse should be your best friend. Then we help a listener figure out how to address her...


Owning The Holidays

This week we teach you how to own the holidays and give tips on what to bring to your holiday bae's house, how to throw a killer holiday party, gift ideas and dressing the part this season. We also discuss what you should and should not eat on a date, how to have a romantic vacation and we debate the most extra marriage proposals of 2017. Then we help a listener who is struggling with dating a guy who is shorter than her and another who isn't sure whether or not she has to stop following...


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