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Thought Cops: Episode 87

Your two favorite playable-character hosts are back! The Thought Cops are on the beat! Support the show on Patreon We are joined by Deputy Peter who lends us his side of the emotional labor in this year's edition of "Halloween Costumes That Might Be Awkward To Show Up At A Party In". Deputy Niko stops by to chime in as well! Taylor Swift broke her political silence this week. And we've been waiting on pins and needles to offer our opinions on the matter. At last, you can hear them on...


Thought Cops: Episode 86

Hold on tight. That's right. We're back. And we're joined by Mike Mancini of the Black Sheep, once again! Mike talks about the Black Sheep's newest interactive video series "Comment Below". Have a look for yourself and join in on the fun: We reached our first stretch goal on Patreon! Thank you so much to all who donate, and if ya haven't? You're missin' out on the live discord chats, and if this episode is any indication, things can get a little...


Thought Cops: Episode 85

Put on your Super Crowns and strap in for another episode of Thought Cops! This week we're joined by our show's own Stenographer, who is fortunate enough to work in a place where they don't print off memes and stick them on the fridge. Bow before her power and might. This episode, we talk about memes in the wild, THAT being a thing, and the long anticipated rant on the Kiki Challenge. You're gonna be glad we waited for this one. We also talk about sexy Handmaid's Tale Halloween costumes,...


Thought Cops: Episode 84

Dr. Joseph B. Peterman is a clinical memeologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Kekkistan. This is his third time appearing on the Slow Rogan Experience. All Dr. Peterman’s self-improvement writing programs at his online store here. Use coupon code: CHIMP- 0% off for Slow Rogan listeners. You can get all of Slow Rogan's kettlebells, hunting bows, and Chad Brain™ supplements at this link: http://gorrila.balls. Don't forget to leave a five star review for a free...


Thought Cops: Episode 83

We're back. We got it right this time. We really almost couldn't get it together this week. The cousins return! Blake and Justin lend their wise minds to the show, to touch on things such as why good girls always fall for bad guys. Riley from Mighty Morphin Power Hour was in town visiting and joined us on mic as well! This week's all about the heroes in society. Not speaking metaphorically, of course. I'm talking about SUPER heroes! Spider-Man and Superman are both in the news this week....


Thought Cops: Episode 82

Welcome to the swamp- it's Thought Cops, "Episode 82"! This week, we're joined by Deputy Niko! Niko came with us on our pilgrimage to Shrek Fest. So we talk about the disaster that was. You can also commission her to draw normal stuff, Shrek Rule 34 stuff, and more, here. How is this podcast still free? Oh wait, it's better than free if you donate to our Patreon. We talk about that stupid face Elon Musk makes when he smokes weed on Joe Rogen's podcast. You know the one. Fuck everything....


Thought Cops: Episode 81

Wiggity-wiggity-welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we're joined by Andrea and Mackenzie of the Talk of Shame podcast! It's another wacky cartoon crossover, folks! Before we get into the serious bullshit, we have new merch from John Sammis! Stunning. Come get some over at our store to support us! We'd really, really appreciate you! Ahem. So... Louis CK's in the news, huh? Eh... Uh... Hey, Alex Jones, he's in the news, too? Eh... Uh... Ahem. Don't you hate it when people post concerts...


Thought Cops: Episode 80

This, is "Episode 80". And these, are our stories. This week, our bitter rival Allan Foster of the podcast Not For Human Consumption joins us, as does returning friend of the show Deputy Josh! Speaking of the show: we have shirts and hoodies available for sale now! Wow. Incredible. You can get one of these yourself over at our store! Tell your friends about the show without telling them anything at all: say it with a shirt! All profits go towards funding the show. So, if you like...


Thought Cops: Episode 79

Welcome to episode 79 of Thought Cops! This week, we're joined by Antoids, the Reverse Audio Engineer of the Biggest Problem in the Universe Uncucked Episodes. He also has a YouTube channel, Digital Roots, and a brand new podcast called Branching Out. He's also got a Patreon. If you've been following our battle against Not For Human Consumption to get onto the See You Next Tuesday Podcasting Network, we've won! And so did they! When we recorded the episode we didn't know that yet, so make...


Thought Cops: Episode 78

Welcome to Thought Cops- where if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Wow, that rhymes, awesome. It's "Episode 78", and we are joined by the one and only Justin Whang! Justin's YouTube channel just surpassed 150,000 subscribers. If you are a fan of the work we do here on Thought Cops, there is a pretty good chance that you'll enjoy Justin's work as well. So, let's get right to it. Alex Jones got banned from multiple platforms this week. If you didn't...


Thought Cops: Episode 77

Strap in, we're back. It's Thought Cops, "Episode 77", we're calling this one. This week, we are joined by the wonderful Sriracha! She produces plenty of works online, including, but not limited to: Porg Chatter, Waifu Wars, and Asterios Kills A Kid. She also just got back from Brony Con, and has some stories to spill. We face all sorts of unrest this week, including Jordan Peterson's famous Peterson family diet: salt and meat. Keeps you virile,...


Thought Cops: Episode 76

Hey everyone, it's finally time for episode 76 of Thought Cops! Our good friend Brett of Big Time Garbage came to visit us from Neo-Detroit. We meet for the first time IRL and it was 100% normal and fun. He even tried Malört and said he really liked it. I hope you have your straws ready, because this episode is juicy. We talk about irony haters, ice cream havers, and I I I don't even know where else to BEGIN there's just so much on this episode! For as much shit as we talk on teaser...


Thought Cops: Episode 75

Come one, come all (nice), to the show that never ends: Thought Cops, "Episode 75". This week, boyfriend of the show Gumshoe Robbie joins us yet again to impart upon us his trademark wisdom. Make sure to check out his band The Dirty Nines. They rule. Guess what? Yep, you guessed it. We get into it again this week. We get into all sorts of trouble: Star Wars prequel apologists. Unreliable sources of information. Is that pizza I smell? Well, Papa has left the damn building. Apparently you...


Thought Cops: Episode 74

Welcome to another entry in the Thought Cops podcast canon: "Episode 74". This week we are joined by "Steve" AKA @extranapkins. He runs his own podcast Good Smell Flannel. You can check out his screen prints, comics, and more at and Steve's Cards. The train keeps on rollin' this week. We discuss Facebook's take on the declaration of independence, Ron Paul's take on cartoons, and a take so hot, you might not handle it: Nanette could be good?? Even though as John Mulaney...


Thought Cops: Episode 73

Hope you brought your appetite, because it's an all-you-care-to-eat buffet here on Thought Cops, "Episode 73"! The Shrimp Boys (Luke, David, and Wyatt) join us in-studio for an episode so tasty, you'll be coming back for seconds. And maybe thirds, but keep in mind it's an all-you-care-to-eat buffet, and not an all-you-CAN-eat buffet. First of all, major shout-out to the artist who designed our new album art: Inkuusan. You can check out his upcoming game on Kickstarter: Blue Omen...


Thought Cops: Episode 72

Rack em! It's Thought Cops: "Episode 72". This week, we got Allan Foster from Not For Human Consumption! We really care about podcasting, do u? This week, we ask the hard hitting question: can a cartoon be TOO sexy? If you sheepishly said "no", you're a sex pervert. But hey, that's just movie magic at work. Speaking of movie magic, Hollywood made the new Jurassic Park movie less gay. Dinosaurs and gayness go together like chocolate, and... peanut butter, if I had to think of something that...


Thought Cops: Episode 71

Quick, come inside, you're just in time for Thought Cops, "Episode 71"! This week we're joined by Tab, also known as Madcucks. Tab is the co-host of the podcast Here's What I Don't Get, and is our second guest to survive the infamous Lolsuit. This week, we get into all sorts of trouble. Daddy-daughter dances, Albert Einstein's theory of racism, and lots of E3 drama! Has Waluigi become the new Pickle Rick? You'll have to listen to find out! Grant, cue the "Thought Cops Gaming Corner" theme,...


Thought Cops: Episode 70

Welcome to Episode 70 of thoughtcops.butts! This week, we're joined by Jake and Ron of Big Sword Panel, who help us ring in 10,000 DOWNLOADS of Thought Cops with a freshly opened bottle of Jeppson's Malort. Jeppson's Malort: now when people tell you to pick your poison, you can! We have a good amount of voicemails to go through this episode, plus we try and clear the air on the Asterios vomit audio from last episode and the mess that I created when I told him to put it on...


Thought Cops: Episode 69

Nobody fixes anybody's life, and everything gets worse: welcome to Thought Cops. Episode 69, nice. The year is 2019, and this week we're joined once again by Asterios Kokkinos. He just survived the New York court system and is back to tell us all about it. Check out his Patreon,, to see the court transcripts of his ramshackle affair. Can anyone say COUNTERSUIT?!?!? This episode, we talk about truck vloggers, the LeBron vs. Jordan debate, and hot takes about Jordan...


Thought Cops: Episode 68

Kneel (or stand) before your podcast overlords, it's Thought Cops episode 68! This week, Dan Bach joins us to talk about the hard hitting issues of the week, such as cartoons. Speaking of men in their 30s who are angry about cartoons, did you know you can get sued by your parents for not moving out of the house? CNN investigates: Oh yeah, we also get really into furry political discourse. In times like these, it's always easier to turn to...