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Thought Cops: Case File 100

Thanks everybody! Support the show on Patreon Officer Kevin and Officer Grant take a "look back" at their "legacy" thus far over, at some of the "greatest hits" of the past 100 episodes. My memory may be a bit foggy on these, but they sound familiar? This episode isn't just about the Thought Cops, though. This is a celebration of YOU- the listeners! Lots of friends of the show chime in with some congratulatory voicemails, as well as cameo appearances from Justin Whang, Davepretendo,...


Thought Cops: Case File 99 with Charlotte Sartre aka Goth Charlotte

Strap on and strap in, the Thought Cops are joined by adult performer Charlotte Sartre this week, AKA Goth Charlotte! Show her some love by supporting her on And you can always support us by: Support the show on Patreon Charlotte tells us about all of the "C-words" in her line of work, and how it's just best in general not to be a total C-word. We agree. We also talk about how "Top ___ Of The Year" lists give us fleeting purpose in this crazy world. After all, we haven't...


Thought Cops: Case File 98 with Asterios Kokkinos

Welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we're joined by three-peat champion Asterios Kokkinos! Asterios is a comedian from New York, and the host of 48,000 podcasts you can all find in the Asterios Kokkinos Podcast Factory. Support the show on Patreon It's the start of a new year, which means we've brought all of last year's problems over the threshold to ruin everyone's internet experience one obnoxious post at a time. This week, we go apprehend people over too much AOC spam, the social media...


Thought Cops: Case File 97 with Larry Bleidner

iTunes: Listen, subscribe, leave a review Welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we're joined by Larry Bleidner of That Larry Show! Support the show on Patreon Larry helps us attack the issues of the week, such as the Patreon debacle, all the lawsuits against Fortnite, Sweden's "man-free" music festival found guilty of discrimination, and a gender neutral Santa debate that doesn't really exist. We also spend two minutes of hate hating on "internet safety," Ted Cruz Beard Apologists, and...


Thought Cops: Case File 96 with Dave Pretendo aka SephirothSword57

Konnichiwa, Coplings. Welcome to Case File 96 of Thought Cops, featuring Davepretendo, otherwise known by his alter ego Sephirothsword57. Support the show on Patreon We walk back our comments on celebrity deaths by sticking it the the "celebrity death trolls" this week. How many times am I going to have to google "Adam Sandler dead", my fingers shaking on each key press, before I learn my lesson? Until you stop trolling me! A Sonic the Hedgehog...


Thought Cops: Case File 95 with Aaron Klopfer and Brianna Murphy

Climb aboard, it's another episode of Thought Cops! This week we are joined by Chicago comedians Aaron Klopfer and Brianna Murphy, and we try very hard to stay on task. Results may vary, but you won't complain now, will you? Support the show on Patreon This week, we tackle celebrity deaths. The ones that matter, at least. We (Grant) get mad at our phones for not doing what we tell them to do. Darn those things. A CALL TO ARMS: The war on porn has begun. Tumblr has started censoring all...


Thought Cops: Case File 94 with Garrett Hunter of Mega64

Garrett Hunter from Mega64 touches down this week to help us do what we do best every week- dish out divine justice to those who mildly irritate us. Support the show on Patreon In this episode, dedicated to Gamer-Americans everywhere, we discuss the disappointment that is the PlayStation Classic. However, we also reminisce on the good times. Lego Island, anyone? You guys play that one? An absolute gem. So. They did surgery on a grape. Ahem. Well, not exactly. But, we go to excruciating...


Thought Cops: Case File 93 with Lakembra of Hard Men Working Hard

We're expecting! A new episode, that is. Get your sex pumpkins ready everyone because Lakembra of Hard Men Working Hard joins us from down under this week! Support the show on Patreon The Proud Boys need a new leader, but will Augustus Gloop be the boy to lead them to victory against lesbian Thanksgiving parades? Tune in to find out! We also discuss the hilarious cut content of W*nnie the P*oh from the Chinese release of Kingdom Hearts 3. It's like he was never really there, seriously...


Thought Cops: Case File 92

Wee-oo wee-oo! It's a classic-flavored episode, with Grant and Kevin kicking asses, taking names, and recording a podcast! Support the show on Patreon Kevin returns again from California to talk about Mega64 GameDays, and a live vieiwng of the Rubin Report. LA, baby, you never know what you're gonna get. We've also got a special message from good boy Rocco Botte of Mega64 that you'll want to hear. You know, some people have said that listening to Thought Cops is as addicting as cocaine....


Thought Cops: Case File 91 with Steven Russell Butch of Everything Must Go

Welcome to episode 91 of Thought Cops! Support the show on Patreon This week, we're joined by fellow Chicago podcast host Steven Russell Butch from the show Everything Must Go! You can find him on Twitter and Instagram. Steven helps us fight internet crime such as peoples' inability to understand basic statistics, Youtube comment section sob stories, and No-Nut November. We also nab this week's biggest internet outrage perps, Pete Davidson, Matt Christman from Chapo Trap House, Mr. Game...


Thought Cops: Case File 90 with Alex Prevolos

Ahoy, and welcome aboard S.S. Thought Cops. Support the show on Patreon This week, we are joined by Chicago comedian Alex Prevolos of the comedy group The Storefront! They're always doing lots of cool things, so be sure to check them out! Here's our Shrek Fest video we mentioned in the episode if you haven't seen it already: If you are a subscriber on Patreon, a new episode of our other show Fire Bros released this week! You're not gonna wanna...


Thought Cops: Case File 89 with Producer Zwick and Gumshoe Niko

Happy Hangover-ween, everyone! Ugh. Support the show on Patreon Alcohol- is it good or bad? You listen to this episode and be the judge. We partied a little too hard on pre-Halloween weekend, and look at what's become of us. Thank you Zwick and GUMSHOE Niko for coming along for the ride. This week, Justin Bieber eats a burrito the wrong way, and the internet loses it's mind! Who gives a fuck. Apu is set to leave The Simpsons and Springfield behind, and Elon Musk is forced to face his...


Thought Cops: Case File 88 with Lowtax of Something Awful

Internet legend Lowtax joins us this week! The creator of Something Awful, Gaming Garbage, and Murder the Internet lends us his many years of online outrage expertise to help dish out divine justice to those who mildly annoy us. Support the show on Patreon It's Halloween time. So get ready for an influx of skeleton gifs and "2 spoopy" culture that's almost too cute to step all over, but fuck it, that's why we're here. To take a page out of Kleenex's book: this episode is...


Thought Cops: Case File 87 with Deputy Peter and Deputy Niko

Your two favorite playable-character hosts are back! The Thought Cops are on the beat! Support the show on Patreon We are joined by Deputy Peter who lends us his side of the emotional labor in this year's edition of "Halloween Costumes That Might Be Awkward To Show Up At A Party In". Deputy Niko stops by to chime in as well! Taylor Swift broke her political silence this week. And we've been waiting on pins and needles to offer our opinions on the matter. At last, you can hear them on...


Thought Cops: Case File 86 with Mike Mancini

Hold on tight. That's right. We're back. And we're joined by Mike Mancini of the Black Sheep, once again! Mike talks about the Black Sheep's newest interactive video series "Comment Below". Have a look for yourself and join in on the fun: We reached our first stretch goal on Patreon! Thank you so much to all who donate, and if ya haven't? You're missin' out on the live discord chats, and if this episode is any indication, things can get a little...


Thought Cops: Case File 85 with The Stenographer

Put on your Super Crowns and strap in for another episode of Thought Cops! This week we're joined by our show's own Stenographer, who is fortunate enough to work in a place where they don't print off memes and stick them on the fridge. Bow before her power and might. This episode, we talk about memes in the wild, THAT being a thing, and the long anticipated rant on the Kiki Challenge. You're gonna be glad we waited for this one. We also talk about sexy Handmaid's Tale Halloween costumes,...


The Slow Rogan Experience: Episode 84

Dr. Joseph B. Peterman is a clinical memeologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Kekkistan. This is his third time appearing on the Slow Rogan Experience. All Dr. Peterman’s self-improvement writing programs at his online store here. Use coupon code: CHIMP- 0% off for Slow Rogan listeners. You can get all of Slow Rogan's kettlebells, hunting bows, and Chad Brain™ supplements at this link: http://gorrila.balls. Don't forget to leave a five star review for a free...


Thought Cops: Case File 83 with Gumshoe Blake, Deputy Justin, and Riley from Mighty Morphin Power Hour

We're back. We got it right this time. We really almost couldn't get it together this week. The cousins return! Blake and Justin lend their wise minds to the show, to touch on things such as why good girls always fall for bad guys. Riley from Mighty Morphin Power Hour was in town visiting and joined us on mic as well! This week's all about the heroes in society. Not speaking metaphorically, of course. I'm talking about SUPER heroes! Spider-Man and Superman are both in the news this week....


Thought Cops: Case File 82 with Deputy Niko

Welcome to the swamp- it's Thought Cops, "Episode 82"! This week, we're joined by Deputy Niko! Niko came with us on our pilgrimage to Shrek Fest. So we talk about the disaster that was. You can also commission her to draw normal stuff, Shrek Rule 34 stuff, and more, here. How is this podcast still free? Oh wait, it's better than free if you donate to our Patreon. We talk about that stupid face Elon Musk makes when he smokes weed on Joe Rogen's podcast. You know the one. Fuck everything....


Thought Cops: Case File 81 with Andrea and Mackenzie of Talk of Shame

Wiggity-wiggity-welcome to Thought Cops! This week, we're joined by Andrea and Mackenzie of the Talk of Shame podcast! It's another wacky cartoon crossover, folks! Before we get into the serious bullshit, we have new merch from John Sammis! Stunning. Come get some over at our store to support us! We'd really, really appreciate you! Ahem. So... Louis CK's in the news, huh? Eh... Uh... Hey, Alex Jones, he's in the news, too? Eh... Uh... Ahem. Don't you hate it when people post concerts...