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Podcast featuring three U.S. Navy veterans weighing in on growing older, life and the changes it brings, and current events.

Podcast featuring three U.S. Navy veterans weighing in on growing older, life and the changes it brings, and current events.
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Podcast featuring three U.S. Navy veterans weighing in on growing older, life and the changes it brings, and current events.




S2E23 (Dr. Seuss and Gun Powder)

This time everything seems oddly calm, relaxed, mellow as the guys optimistically tell stories of growing up and making IEDs for recreation in the 70s. Sit back, break out your copy of the anarchists cookbook and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E22 (Mike Needs A Friend)

Sickness, audio quality issues and bad moods kept the squids from posting for more than a month. Here is the latest episode, for what it is worth. Sit back, count your buddies and remember to reach out to Mike if you know him. Support the show


S2E21 (Why Don't You Shut The F#uck Up!)

Well, the guys fucked up. They let Mike drink before and during the episode and the alcohol took over. Brian Campbell stops by for a chat, but even Brian's engaging stories couldn't stop the onslaught of Mikeisms. We were thinking of splitting this episode into two parts, but why prolong the torture? Sit back, accept our sincerest apologies and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E20(The Proper Attire for Pooping)

This time we learn the proper attire for pooping, we find out which of the guys wears what went its time to evac. Mike tells us (again) about why he got rid of Netflix, etc (hint, he got tired of their tricks). We learn the dangers of going to cookouts with Jeff and his fam. Sit back, carefully fold your pants and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E19(Mike In Boxer Shorts)

An episode that will make you happy we are not doing video....yet. Mike in his boxers, with a description no less. Enjoy. Support the show



This time the squids take a look in the mirror with other eyes. They try to see themselves as other see them, with varying results. It seems the mirror has many for that 2 faces. Sit back, pack one and listen to delusions and truths of growing older. Support the show


S2E17 (Tales of Vegas)

Shooting the breeze, tales of trips to Vegas now and in years gone by. Support the show


S2E16 (I’m not going to argue with you while I’m arguing with you)

This time we get more adventures of working on cars and how now does not compare with the 70s. We learn of the fellas’ unused skills like writing backwards and upside down. Ed Gasaway’s head was suitable for a tic-tac-toe board and the guys give us tips on drinking on the cheap in Japan. Suffice to say, the shit was shot, laughs were had and Mike even provided a few moments of silence. Grab your Asai Super Dry, a fresh pack of Seven Stars, and as many mustard covered corn dogs as you can...


S2E15 (The Dangers of Prenatal LSD)

This time we learn the potential cause for Mike. In a surprising twist, Jeff shares a disturbing idea for a serial killer. The guys cop to pulling away from politics in order to become less boring and divisive. Mike gives instruction on how to download memes from the internet...for 10 minutes, or maybe it just seemed like 10 minutes. Personifying the dangers of prenatal LSD use, Mike takes several odd turns. Speaking of turns, Jeff and Glen talk about driving in today’s world. Anyway, let...


S2E14 (Pool Tables or Hotel Rooms)

This time, the fellas shoot the breeze, no rhyme, no reason, no coherent flow or transitions...I dunno but I think ~whisper~ marijuana ~/whisper~ might have been a factor. Anyway, sit back, get ready to laugh, and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E13 (The 4/20 Episode)

The 4/20 Episode...sit back, spark one and enjoy the show Support the show


S2E12 (There's One In Every Group)

Brian Campbell the second part. More memories, more laughter, and for what it’s worth, more Mike. Sit back and enjoy the show one of the absolute best episodes we’ve ever done. Support the show


S2E11(If He Talks; We're All Going Down)

Brian Campbell...the stories, the memories, what a fucking blast. Sit back, crack and San Miguel and try not to think about part two. Support the show


S2E10(Mike Wanted to Record Last Week Dammit)

Taco bell and street names, Mike shows himself as a savant when it comes to bar, restaurants, and street names. They discuss a trip, shortcuts and this whole mess of a week. And Mike wanted to record last week. Sit back, watch out for Donkeys and enjoy the show! Support the show


S2E9( The Literal Meaning of Innocuous)

This time the guys just shoot the breeze, they skipped the script and went rogue. They did, however, address the troll that had been stalking their facebook page, (Glen thanks you, by the way), and even showed kindness by explaining what innocuous means for him. So, thanks, Michael Peet for making Glen smile and providing fodder for the show...we do it all for you, so sit back, revel in your manliness for not taking shit on the internet for 25 consecutive years (consecutive means in a row,...


S2E8 (Who did that to the bathroom?)

Peta...oh peta, the love of animals is not supposed to be literal. This time we take another look south and fine Florida does not disappoint, amputees shooting things up from scooters, cinder blocks through car windows and machete-wielding fast food workers. The guys talk about the impact of social media and bad dining experiences, and take a short walk down memory lane. Sit back, don’t go throwing egg mcmuffins, and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E7 (By Request for Mike Hufford)

This time Mike is away and the other 2 squids play….just playin’, in an attempt to appease Squid fan Mike Hufford, the guys tried to knock out a quick episode at the drop of a hat, Glen’s technical issues limited the time and Mike couldn’t make it. Glen and Jeff talk talk about morning tv, Jussie and some weird lady breastfeeding her four-year-old. Sit back, think about the girl in the Bugaloos and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E6(Mike Luebker)

This time the squids sit down with another shipmate, Mike Luebker from the Kirk. The guys follow his path from the bay area to japan and beyond. This is one you won’t wanna miss. Sit back, crack a Tiger, and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E4 (Eddie Roasts His Own Coffee)

This time the squids welcome Glen’s friend Eddie Dixon, who teaches the squids about roasting his own coffee, starting a bee colony and participation awards. The guys talk State of the Union, the shutdown and Mike gives his honest feelings on the Covington students. They visit flordia and we learn the line of flight attendants to keep the skies friendly. Sit back, roast up some coffee and enjoy the show. Support the show


S2E3 (We’ve outlived our time)

Turns out the Navy of the squids is not the navy of today, it is infested with rats and snowflakes. It’s is a sad day in Naval history indeed. In other news, people are offended by a toy egg, while a real egg sets a record. If you ever wondered why two outta three old squids are optimistically vaccinated, look no futher. Oh, and something about Mike ranting. Sit back, spark one, and enjoy the show. Support the show