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Episode 013: Do you take this cliche?

Calling all Manic Pixie Dream Girls: this episode is for you as the TTDG trio navigates movie and tv cliches. Mike, Jess, and Mandy get angry about the unrealistic portrayal of NYC real estate, question the anatomy of slender man, and ponder why minstrels originated the idea of love at first sight. Mike reveals the secret to getting him into bed, Jess is not a basic bitch, and Mandy wants to explore a new career opportunity.


Episode 012: Asking For A Friend, Part 2: Is it Prostitution?

Mike, Jess, and Mandy continue to dispense unqualified advice to their listeners on a variety of topics, from easily Google-able questions (what is the GOP?), to drug etiquette and the economic realities of selling out. They hear from their new favorite listener who shows her loyalty in shitty ways, Mike brags about his Uber rating, Jess will not be mistaken for a doctor, and Mandy wants to free the capillaries. Alas, by the end of the episode some burning questions remain unanswered. Do...


Episode 010: Craigslist: 20 for 20, Part 2

Let your freak flag fly in this second episode of a two-part series probing the depths of Craigslist. Mike, Jess, and Mandy carefully craft their own Craigslist ads: Mike looks for a missing fellow chalupa lover, Jess tries to solve her beaver problem through double entendre, and Mandy seeks someone to humiliate. The trio discovers the secret to affordable housing in New York City while wondering about the endless supply of men willing to sleep with anyone. Plus a LIVE email response to a...


Episode 008 What peeves you?

In the words of Louis C.K., ‘don't yuck my yum’ while listening to this episode about pet peeves. The gang advocates for soap dish awareness and the Lift the Damn Seat Coalition while tackling sidewalk rules, driving rules, and - most importantly - buffet line rules. Jess is on fire, Mike facetimes with ‘good people’, and Mandy doesn't want to be touched a certain way.


Episode 006 Gender Specific Products

Tired of ads for dumb gender-specific products popping up on your Facebook feed? Mike, Jess, and Mandy are too. In this episode, the trio dissects these ads while also criticizing those rare products that make the gender crossover (we're looking at you RompHim). Mike gets "inned" while drinking a vagtail, Jess wonders if men have legs, and Mandy proposes a theory about a certain bathtub advertisement. Whether you're a she, he, or xe, listen along and vote #TeamMegging or #TeamMantyhose.


Episode 004 - Judge Jessie! 90's Music Edition

Mike and Mandy make cases for their favorite boy bands and pop princesses while Judge Jessie lays down the law with the help of a special guest. Tune in for the word of the day drinking game and special cocktail recipes, not to mention your daily dose of nostalgia.


Episode 003 "Infomercials"

Mike, Jess, and Mandy go down the infomercial rabbit hole as they explore the appeal of Dump Dinners, debate the merits of Lipozene, and discuss the best way to wipe. Jess refers to herself as genius, brilliant, subconsciously very smart, Sacajawea, and pioneer. Mike is incredulous over a bathroom product.


Episode 001 "The Reckoning ...and Online Dating"

Meet Mike, Jess, and Mandy. In this first episode of Through the Drinking Glass, three friends gather together to discuss the horrors of online dating as they down mimosas. Jess recounts meeting someone who wants her to touch her toes, Mike debuts a provocative political username, and Amanda provides tips on trolling pervs on Plenty of Fish. The trio discusses whether “hi” is an acceptable opener and debates the age-old question of *those* pics: to send or not to send?


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