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Episode 013: Do you take this cliche?

Calling all Manic Pixie Dream Girls: this episode is for you as the TTDG trio navigates movie and tv cliches. Mike, Jess, and Mandy get angry about the unrealistic portrayal of NYC real estate, question the anatomy of slender man, and ponder why minstrels originated the idea of love at first sight. Mike reveals the secret to getting him into bed, Jess is not a basic bitch, and Mandy wants to explore a new career opportunity.


Episode 012: Asking For A Friend, Part 2: Is it Prostitution?

Mike, Jess, and Mandy continue to dispense unqualified advice to their listeners on a variety of topics, from easily Google-able questions (what is the GOP?), to drug etiquette and the economic realities of selling out. They hear from their new favorite listener who shows her loyalty in shitty ways, Mike brags about his Uber rating, Jess will not be mistaken for a doctor, and Mandy wants to free the capillaries. Alas, by the end of the episode some burning questions remain unanswered. Do...


Episode 011: Asking For A Friend, Part 1

The Through the Drinking Glass crew attempts to help their listeners by offering solid advice on an array of hypothetical situations, such as attraction to cartoon characters and how to handle nude models with leaking bits. To deal with heartbreak, Mike, Jess, and Mandy recommend playing a game of “going on a picnic” with a jug of Carlo Rossi, Chinese food, pizza, and Japanese hentai porn. Mike knows someone with scale issues, Jess has a new idea for an anatomical storage product, and Mandy...