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TO THE TOP's mission is to make you think or laugh, by having a fun conversation with people who are in the TOP of their field. To truly find out what gives them the mindset to NEVER STOP!

TO THE TOP's mission is to make you think or laugh, by having a fun conversation with people who are in the TOP of their field. To truly find out what gives them the mindset to NEVER STOP!
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TO THE TOP's mission is to make you think or laugh, by having a fun conversation with people who are in the TOP of their field. To truly find out what gives them the mindset to NEVER STOP!






To The Top Invites: Coach Rob Keefe - How To Build A Championship Mindset!

Coach Rob Keefe is a good friend & person. But he also happens to be the 2019 Arena Bowl Wining Coach Of The Albany Empire! At the age of 29 he became the youngest head coach in AFL history to win an Arena Football League Championship, when he led the Spokane Shock to an ArenaBowl victory in their first year in Arena Football 1. He is the only person in Arena Football history to win an Arena Cup (AF2) and ArenaBowl (AFL) title as both a player and a coach. He knows how to win. If you want to...


To The Top Invites: Shawn Wasson : The Traumatic Moment That Turned Him Into The News Junkie!

Shawn is a man I have a lot of respect for. He has created a one of a kind show and people are fanatical about it. He has always been a gentleman to me & I enjoy when we get together. But this was the first time I learned about: *How he created the News Junkie *Is Shawn a Democrat or Republican? *The one moment that turned Shawn into the News Junkie! *Shawn reminisces of listening to the monsters when our show was syndicated in West Palm and he remembers a really funny moment! The phone call...


MY TRUTH: Why I Quit Drinking.

I have struggled with drinking most of my life. It brought a lot of heartache and trouble to me and the ones I love. A question I get asked all the time is "Why did you quit drinking and how?" I thought I would share my story in hopes to either help or inspire you or someone who you love who may need a helping hand. This is by no means a "This is how you quit drinking" podcast. That is ultimately up to you. But maybe my story of ups and downs can connect with even just one person who needs...


To The Top Invites: DJ D-Strong! | Voice Of The Orlando Magic | Why He Doesn't Use The N Word.

DJ D-Strong is one of the classiest & coolest guys I know, I truly consider him a great friend. He is the program director of 4 different I heart Radio stations all throughout Florida as well as being the voice and DJ of the Orlando Magic. He has worked with some of the biggest musical stars in the world and we go well into all of this and: *The N word, why he doesn't use it. *The time he was called the N word and what he did to that person ( you got to hear this) *Working with 2 of the...


To The Top Invites: Mike Young - Creative Director of EA Sports Madden Football Franchise

Mike is a well accomplished, artist, photographer, writer and director. He is a multi dimensional talent and has worked on NBA Street, FIFA, Madden and many more games. He is currently the head creative director of EA Sports Madden Football and we had a nice chat about the newly released Madden 20 and all of the amazing things of his past and future in gaming, sports and film making! * How he got his start in Video games from a chance encounter on a random flight * How visualization,...


To The Top Invites: Marc Mero- From Drug dealer to WWE Superstar!

Marc Mero is one of the best people that I know, for so many reasons. When I was down he was there to pick me up several times in my life. His life will be a movie one day (I know, I have read the screen play) but until then this podcast covers it all and is SURE to lift you up if you are in any way feeling down! * His former days of partying, drug dealing and women. * How he changed his life to become a world renowned motivational speaker * How to deal with depression or suicidal tendencies...


To The Top Invites: Lawrence Collins - Former Prosecutor on "To Catch A Predator" Cases

Lawrence Collins is a close friend & longtime trial attorney & former state wide prosecutor. He was the first person I called when I was arrested many years ago. He is also hilarious & has some insane stories about serving the law. * His hilarious way of quickly understanding a longtime offender from a stack of dozens of files. * Being the prosecutor for several cases from "To Catch A Predator" TV show on Dateline * The time he was offered $50,000 as a bribe. * How and why so many DUI cases...


UNCENSORED: To The Top Invites: Cooper Andrews from The Walking Dead & Shazaam !

Cooper Andrews is well known for playing Jerry on one of the biggest TV shows in the world "The Walking Dead" and Victo Vasquez in the hit DC movie "Shazaam" Carlos and Coop are extremely good friends so this podcast was recorded on a late night so it is funny and crazy and UNCENSORED! Here are some of the things they covered: * How Coop and Carlos essentially have pizza party sleepover every time they hang out. * How Coop handles negative comments and reviews. * Carlos and Coop perform a...


To The Top Invites: Real Estate Broker - Tommy Weclew - Smart & Easy Ways To Build Long Term Wealth.

Tommy Weclew is a successful real estate broker & founder of The Realty Medics. In 2018 Tommy & his team were given the award for being in the top 50 fastest growing companies in Central Florida by the Orlando Business Journal. They currently manage 900+ properties valued at over $200,000,000. Carlos is extremely interested in getting into the real estate market so this conversation covered many topics like: * How he survived the real estate crash of 2008 and rebuilt his business to even...


To The Top Invites: Russ Rollins- His Biggest Regrets & His Top 5 Monsters Of All Time!

Russ Rollins is one of the most successful Radio Talk Show Hosts in the nation. His 25 years in the business has seen it's fair shares of ups and downs and he talks about them all in this interview. *He picks his 5 All Time Favorite Monsters * How he got into radio and why he froze 5 minutes into it. *How to get into the Radio business right now? *Why his 4 other marriages didn't work & what makes his 5th work. *What would he do if not in Radio. *A message to the people who don't like him....


Reacting VS Responding - Episode 5: To The Top!

Do you react or respond to most situations? If you react, then you may be finding yourself in a lot of drama filled situation. Carlos and Megan both reacted recently and the outcomes were not good, a response would have worked a lot better! In this podcast they dig deep on why "Responding" is always a better way to go and how and why you should practice responding as much as possible.


Relationship Do's & Don'ts - Episode 4: To The Top!

In this To The Top we dive deep and talk all about the Do's and Don'ts of a relationship and how to have a great relationship with your significant other. To take your relationship To The Top it's important to be on the same page and communication is always key in a relationship. From sex, to phones, and just overall communication we cover it all in this To The Top!


To The Top: Storytime! Meeting Steven Spielberg

Carlos was lucky enough to meet his lifelong idol, Steven Spielberg! But the way he met him was not the most conventional way! Join Carlos as he tells the story in only the way that he can!


To The Top Invites: Charlamagne Tha God - Dealing with his Mental Health Issues

Carlos Navarro sits down and talks to Charlamagne Tha God about his new book Shook and how important mental health is. After the interview Carlos and Megan Navarro discuss how this interview even came to be and how they used manifestation to bring this interview and many other things into their lives.


To The Top Invites: Bob Saget - His early comedy life and old partying ways!

Carlos and Bob talk about Game of Thrones, Bob's crazy partying past & his former depression. Bob tells us about his favorite movies and the nest REALLY big project he has next on deck. They also reminisce on their wild party night years ago at Club Paris and much more!


Finding your Purpose: To The Top! Episode 3

Hey Hey! It's Carlos and I want to thank you for checking out the podcast! What is your purpose? Do you have one? if you do or you don't Megan and I break down how to find yours, how we found ours and how to actually fulfill it! You need one to TRULY be happy and this podcast will help us all get there together! To The Top!


To The Top Invites #1 Savannah: Sex Life, Britney's Gram & tales of when she was homeless!

(UNCENSORED) Hello To The Top Fans! It's Carlos and I want to thank you for checking out the brand new series "To The Top" Invites! I was lucky to have the world renowned Savannah as my first guest! Here is what we chatted about: How she got into the Gator business. Savannah's conspiracy theories on Britney and why she thinks she is being held hostage. Savannah compares herself to Judy Garland. Why Savannah is looking for a "friend with benefit" and not a boyfriend or girlfriend right now....


To The Top! Episode 2 "Win The Morning, Win The day!"

Hey, It's Carlos, Thanks for checking out "To The Top" Episode 2 "Win The Morning, Win The Day!" I wasn't always a morning person, but when I became one it changed my life. Most every successful person you know gets up early in the morning. The top CEO's, Athletes and entrepreneurs live in whats called "The 5AM Club". Megan and I go deep into why you should wake up early, who wakes up early and how to actually become a morning person! YOU can do it and it all starts with your positive...


To The Top with Carlos Navarro: Are you a Thermostat or a Thermometer?

Hey, It's Carlos, Thanks for checking out Monday's "To The Top"! Am I the real sports jinx? Where did I sit for the tickets I randomly won for the Magic playoffs game? You wont believe it! HA! Earth Day is here, you should celebrate it. I use to litter but then Captain Planet taught me not to! We had a vote 5 to 1 & we think Captain Planet could kick Batman's ass. Motivational Minute: Are you a thermostat or thermometer? Do your emotions change in the blink of an eye because of someone...


To The Top! Episode 1 What is "To The Top"?

Carlos & Megan Navarro welcome you to the very 1st "To The Top" podcast! You will find out the inspiration for the show, their mentors, what to expect from "To The Top" and how to begin to achieve the mentality to get "To The Top"!