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Episode 21: How Long Can We Talk?

Fuck you. Thanks for listening.


Episode 20 - Wing-Gate: A Tale of Race Hate & Body Shaming

More Upsetting: A wing restaurant tweeting the n-word or calling you fat to your face? Having only a handful of your favorite players showing up to the White House or the POTUS uninviting all of them? Dak n' Zeke buying wiener water pistols or the water wieners only being available in caucasian? Would Giants GM Dave Gettleman's parents really ask him to fake cancer just so they could tour the University of Syracuse's football facilities?


Episode 19: Non-Sports Movie w/ Sports Draft

I'm not sure how to describe what happened today. Why don't you get off your lazy ass and tell us what happened for a change?


Episode 18: Brockmire Foul Calls

We discuss the Santa Fe High School shooting. BFST with bagged-wine. We do our best Jim Brockmire impression. More Upsetting: domestic abuse or 9-1-1 Tom Foolery? Watching the Royal Wedding or glossing over slavery? Police brutality or cough syrup abuse?


Episode 17: Most Disappointing Things About WCF Game One

Broadcasting live from the Trojan Mini-Magnum studios in Houston, Texas - THTHTCTH share what they feel were the most disappointing aspects from Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Barrel Fire Shot Take calls for LeBron to score 100 every night the rest of the way and Mike D'Antoni to regrow his mustache. More Upsetting: Eli Manning escaping justice or playing again this season? Fake Twitter outrage about the white lady calling the cops on the black family BBQ?


Episode 16: How to get Telemarketers to Hang-up on You!

We had an interview lined up, but it fell through. So we trolled a telemarketer instead and she hung up on us. What does Utah Jazz head coach Quin Snyder look like? Johnny Manziel supplying the pharmaceutical companies with a comeback SZN. Cancer kid is dying to be around Syracuse football...or is he?


Episode 15: HowThe NFL Got the Draft Wrong. Shot Takes & More Upsetting

Barrel Fire Shot Takes tells you how to save money on gas and which of the freshly drafted quarterbacks will have the most success. Is there a bigger douchebag than Josh Rosen? Derrius Guise may be immature, but at least he's not Deuce Staley. More Upsetting: Russell Westbrook fighting Mormons or Mitt Romney's sense of style?


Episode 14: NBA Playoffs contd. & NFL Draft Preview. "More Upsetting" Debut.

THTHTCTH catches you up on the NBA Playoffs and gives you their predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft. New segment "More Upsetting" makes it's debut.


Interview with Rockets Fangirl Aria Rich of FGSN

Our first ever interview! Rockets Fangirl Aria Rich of FGSN broke down the opening playoff series between the Houston Rockets and the Minnesota Timberwolves.


Episode 13: NBA Playoffs & Interview with FGSN Rockets Fan Girl Aria Rich

THTHTCTH went and booked their first guest. And it wasn't that bad! Rockets Fangirl Aria Rich from Fan Girl Sports Network joined the show to talk Houston Rockets and their potential for a big playoff run. Don't worry... we weren't on our best behavior the whole time. Stephen A. Smith, Tony Stewart and the Yodel Kid couldn't escape the heat of the of our hot takes


Episode 12: ZDOG Battle Raps, Master's Champ Family Dysfunction and McGregor's Wrestling Promo

The boys challenge ZDOG to a freestyle rap battle. Bob McNair's racism is a clever front. Master's Champion Patrick Reed is a little douchebag and Conor McGregor cut a wrestling promo.


Episode 11: Weird Baseball and the 2018 NCAA MBB Natl. Championship

Sister Jean has been covering up a murder for over five decades. Alice Roth was hit by two different line drive foul balls in the same at bat. Donte DiVincenzo feels confident enough to use the n-word and open up about his butthole on social media.


Episode 10: Now in Studio Quality! Final Four & NFL Elderly Abuse

THTHTCTH is back and more audible than ever! Could be good or bad news depending on how you feel about us. Enjoy the hot takes live/recorded from Barron Studios in HTX. Only the Final Four remain standing in March Madness and Sister Jean has the full might of God Almighty on the side of Loyola Chicago. Does Ndamukong Suh signing with the Rams make them the best defense in football? Is OBJ worth the headache? Is Michael Bennett already guilty in the court of public opinion?


Episode 09: Steve Francis Dramatic Reading & NFL Trade News

Back to school at good ole Lee College. A dramatic reading of Steve Francis' Players' Tribune Article, race for the one seed in the Western Conference, NFL trades and why Shaq Griffin is a ball hawk.


Episode 08: Marcus Peters Traded, NFL Interfering with P.I. and Gun Control

Barrel Fire Shot Takes proved that Saquon Barkely is the worst RB to come out of the NFL Draft in years, the Astros will not have a winning season, Jameis Winston is set to have a bounce back year and McDonald's Szechuan sauce isn't even better than ketchup. We also devolved into an argumentative political discussion regarding gun control. Seriously.


Episode 07: Maverick Misconduct, Kawhi Leonard's Future and Shortening Baseball

After embracing another sloppy "Barrel Fire Shot Take", Juggalo Trey and I give our thoughts on the disturbing situation ripping through the Dallas Mavericks organization. We speculate on Kawhi Leonard's future with the Spurs and gauge what effects fewer mound visits will have on baseball. Wash it all down with Trey's NASCAR in 90.


Episode 06: Segment Idol, Stereotype Olympics and Gronk-omedy

The NFL offseason is officially here and we're tasked with being somewhat creative. Segment Idol puts on the path to find our soon to be hallmark segments. Our favorite? "Barrel Fire Shot Take". Juggalo Trey tries to prank call Hooters. Stereotype Olympics is the offensive, in-depth olympic analysis you get from three guys who haven't watched a second of the 2018 Winter Olympics. We finish off without pulling out with Showtime's "Unsportsmanlike Comedy with Rob Gronkowski". It's exactly...


Episode 05: Super Bowl LII & NBA Trade Deadline

Juggalo Trey was captured as sex slave. We were forced to do the show without him. Selfish prick. We finally give our thoughts on a thrilling Super Bowl. Malcolm Butler smoked weed with Rick Ross. Josh McDaniels jilted the Colts. LeBron James said "Fuck my fake friends. Where my real friends at?"


The Most Insane Radio Commercial I've Ever Heard

Literally the most ridiculous, but potentially brilliant radio commercial I've ever heard. Marketing is competitive. You continuously have to be thinking out of the box. I guess something and as shocking and horrific as this may actually work


Episode 04: XFL Draft & Rule Book. Super Bowl LII Preview, Prank Phone Call

THTHTCTH takes a long hard look in the mirror after getting our first negative review. We prank call a Minneapolis Home Depot to make ourselves feel better. We also pitch offensive XFL team names, devise life threatening rules and draft our own teams of misfits and convicts. A quick Super Bowl LII preview awaits for those who have the balls to stick stick it out till the very end. And of course, our favorite chaser: Trey's NASCAR in 90.