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The Eureka Moment I had in poker

Disclaimer: This article discusses gambling and poker in a positive light. If you are someone that does not approve of this type of leisure activity this article will not be for you. That moment when something clicks, when you just understand it, the effect can change you forever in that moment. Everyone has these moments in their life, from studying as a child and understanding a mathematical problem that you were having difficulty with for weeks. To seeing an alternative perspective to...

I Tried To Speedrun

My history with Speed Running Speed running and adding a stipulation to a video game was something I was introduced to in an unorthodox way. Growing up several of my friends and myself all loved playing video games like most teenagers, we enjoyed playing them together or watching one another play. Due to this we would try and play them for as long as we could. At school, we would set up weekends where we would try and play loads of games, get junk food, drink and just play for hours and...