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The podcast that makes sitting in your cubicle entertaining. Hosted by Will deFries, David Ruff, and Dillon Chevere.

The podcast that makes sitting in your cubicle entertaining. Hosted by Will deFries, David Ruff, and Dillon Chevere.
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The podcast that makes sitting in your cubicle entertaining. Hosted by Will deFries, David Ruff, and Dillon Chevere.




Most Annoying Office Phrases, High School Regrets, & Is Chili A Soup?

A bunch of things from high school we don't want our kids to partake in, a list of the most annoying phrases you hear around the office, whether or not chili is a soup, and the origins of the name "Touching Base," and an explanation for why Dave and Dillon have never seen 'Hardball.' (5:25) Why Dillon & Dave Have Never Seen 'Hardball' (15:16) Shitty Things We Did In High School (39:23) Apartment Weirdness (47:30) Is Chili A Soup? (57:18) Most Annoying Office Phrases and Origins of the...


Secondhand Anxiety & Nostalgic Movie Remakes

Micah is rattled because his Monday started with a series of peculiar events, a 'Worst Weekend' story that highlights the dangers of partying with college girls, and a bunch of movies we want to see remade (including Braveheart, The Sandlot, and Mighty Ducks). (2:15) Micah is RATTLED (11:20) Worst Weekend Story: Secondhand Anxiety (37:20) Nostalgic Movies We Want Remade (Braveheart, The Sandlot, and more) Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter:...


Listener Voicemails: Dating Apps, Underrated Instagrams, and The Best Beer We've Ever Had

Listener Voicemails ranging from graduating from dating apps to dating websites, Mike Tyson fighting gorillas, the best beer we've ever had, why taking photos with your significant other sucks, underrated Instagram follows, and an F/Marry/Kill (you know, for old time's sake). Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter:


No Nut November

An explanation and dissection of the 'No Nut November' internet phenomenon, the proper way to cook your eggs in the morning, an airing of NFL and Thanksgiving football grievances, and People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive in 2018, Idris Elba. (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (15:01) No Nut November (29:50) Sexiest Man Alive Announcement (36:20) The Proper Way To Cook Eggs (49:20) Unhinged Dave: Cowboys & Thanksgiving Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter:...


Celebrating Christmas Too Early, Alma Mater Worst Weekend, and Hot J-Bone

An impromptu Gas Station, Dillon explains his injury, a 'Worst Weekend' story where a listener found himself falling apart at his alma mater, how early is too early to start celebrating Christmas, Dave's mom is inexplicably a Golden State Warriors fan, and Jared joins us to talk his hot Instagram doppelgänger and disc golf. (2:15) The Gas Station (7:45) Dillon's Injury (20:33) Jared Borislow on 'Hot Jared' & Disc Golf (44:40) Worst Weekend Story — The Alma Mater (53:18) Celebrating...


Unhinged Duda, Undercooked Steaks, and Twitter's Terrible Update

John Duda joins us to talk about the fallout from his NCIS column, bottled water, and more. We troubleshoot Will undercooking his steak, Dave had Trick-or-Treaters, 'The Shop,' Twitter's terrible new app update, and This Weekend in Fun. (1:55) Troubleshooting Undercooked Steaks (10:34) Trick-or-Treating with Dave (23:35) The Shop (35:30) Twitter's New Update Stinks (44:13) Unhinged @dudaronomy (1:08:18) This Weekend In Fun Follow on Instagram: Follow on...


#BlockedGate, Mo Bamba T-Man, and Ghost Story Finale

Micah returns from New York to confront a letter he received from a #blocked follower, T-Man joins us to talk 'Mo Bamba,' and Dave wraps up "Are You Afraid of the Dave?" with the remainder of his listener-submitted ghost stories. (0:00) It Micah (13:16) #BlockedGate (25:55) Dave's Ghost Stories — The Finale (41:10) T-Man LOVES "Mo Bamba" Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter:


Worst Weekends & Listener-Submitted Ghost Stories

Spooky Season continues. After a Worst Weekend Story that takes place in Tokyo, Japan, Dave reads a series of listener-submitted ghost stories with Producer Dan behind the switchboard. (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (5:25) Most/Least Favorite Cheap Beer (18:22) Worst Weekend Story: Drunk and Phoneless in Tokyo (33:54) Listener-Submitted Ghost Stories Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter:


Dave's Ghost Story, Big Feedback Thursday, and The Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge

Dave tells a hometown real-life ghost story, we answer the listener feedback we received through Instagram (, and we dissect the 'Flaunt Your Wealth' Challenge that's big in Russia and China. We also dabble in This Weekend in Fun with Producer Dan. (0:00) Fun & Easy Banter (11:48) Listener Feedback Thursday (33:25) The Flaunt Your Wealth Challenge (49:20) Dave Tells Us A Real-Life Ghost Story (1:18:58) This Weekend In Fun


Winning The Lottery, Finstagrams, and Holiday Weekend Weddings

Micah has a strategy for when he wins the $1.6 billion Mega Millions lottery, voicemails about Finstagrams and holiday weekend weddings, Dave's unsolicited recommendation about "The Haunting of Hill House," and an early "This Weekend in Fun." (12:22) A Strategy For Winning The Lottery and How We’d Spend Our Winnings (34:05) Unsolicited Netflix Recommendation — “The Haunting of Hill House” (42:22) Secret Finstagram Accounts (52:07) Is Having A December 23rd Wedding Trash?


The Hunt Worst Weekend, Vice Headlines, and Designer Dogs

A Worst Weekend Story from The Far Hills Race (aka The Hunt) in New Jersey, Dave and Will's dogs finally meet, and some "Real or Fake?" Vice Headlines with Phil from Club Cool. (0:00) The Water Has Gone Bad (6:15) Dave and Will’s Dogs Finally Met; Designer Dogs (18:30) A Worst Weekend Story from The Hunt (35:28) It’s National Nut Day (38:00) Real or Fake Vice Headlines


Kangaroos, Calves, and Mustaches

We talk Dave's new mustache, Dillon's calves, and for some reason, a lot about kangaroos. Plus, This Weekend In Fun. (9:15) There Has Been An Attack on Randy (17:25) Dillon's A Leg Guy (29:01) Bully Appreciation Week (31:55) Jacked Kangaroos and Our Bid To Buy One (49:48) Dave's Mustache (1:03:58) Dillon's Birth Week


Listener Voicemails, Will’s Mistake, and Dillon’s Heritage

It's time for another round of listener voicemails and we've got some great questions about famous people, Touching Base-themed beers, and scotch. Plus, Will explains his tardiness and we talk about Elizabeth Warren and Dillon's Native American heritage.


Micah's Airing Of Grievances

After a big weekend for the squad, we're back in the stu to chop it up. Micah comes in hot with a list of attacks levied against him by the hosts of Touching Base. We also talk about the crazy things we do for out dogs and Conor McGreggor's passing skills.


Chicken on Pizza, Over-Hashtagging, and Cutting The Cord

We answer a few hotline calls abut chicken on pizza, Instagram hashtags, and the math and burden of cutting the cord. Plus, it's a big day for Will, as he's finally able to change his twitter avi. You know that if it's Thursday, it's time for This Weekend In Fun.


Spooky SZN

Fall is here and we're all over the map. We're talking pumpkin spice hummus smoothies, Dillon's hat game, cold-weather brunch drinks, and Kodak Black.


Bloodies vs. Mimosas, This Weekend in Twitter, and Our First PGA Tour Victory

We debate an age-old question, Bloodies vs. Mimosas, talk about the newest memes on the internet, and rep our man KTway. (0:45) Dillon Made Some New Style Choices (11:07) Bloody Marys vs. Mimosas (27:31) This Weekend in Twitter — Vice, Matty B, and ICP vs. Limp Bizkit (43:07) Touch Nation Won A PGA TOUR Tournament


Toucher City Limits: Obscure Band Reviews, Festival Fits, & A Big Cat Sighting

There's been a Big Cat sighting in Dave's backyard. Plus, ACL Fest is here and we're casting a spotlight on some little known acts. We also talk about appropriate fits, and our plans for This Weekend In Fun.


Ryder Cup Fights, Fall Food, & Grindboy Moves

Things got heated at the Ryder Cup, and they got heated on Touching Base. What's your favorite fall food? Is staying late a grindboy move? Touching Base and all Grandex Media podcasts are now available on Spotify. (1:10) It’s Gourd SZN (8:30) Someone Keeps Fixing Truck Nuts to Micah’s Car (18:55) Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka Threw Hands (34:39) Our Favorite Fall Foods (45:40) How Do We Describe What Touching Base Is About? (53:47) Office Moves That Make You Look Like A Hard Worker


Will & Dave Do Dallas & Moth Twitter

Dave and Will talk about their Cowboys-Lions experience at Jerryworld. Dillon shares his favorite new twitter trend, and we all celebrate the newest banger we haven't heard yet. We're back with more tomorrow.