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Nintendo Kills Luigi, Alex Jones Banned, Academy’s Weird New Oscars Plan, Idaho Mystery Goats, “QAnon” Conspiracy, Trump Admits Collusion (Sort Of), Obama Won’t Endorse Ocasio-Cortez, Jean Luc Picard Returning to TV, FCC Lied About Hacking

*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:28 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:31 Alex Jones Banned Academy's New Weird Oscars Plan Idaho Mystery Goats POLITICS RATATOUILLE 43:22 QAnon Conspiracy Trump Admits Collusion (Sort of) Obama Does NOT Endorse Cortez TIDBITS 1:07:43 Trump Walk Of Fame Star ... in PERIL?! Jean Luc Picard Coming Back To TV! T*mi L*hren Lies About San Francisco FCC Lied About Hacking WI-FIVE 1:18:25 OUTRO 1:19:38


McDonald’s Monopoly Game Was Rigged, Alex Trebek’s “Jeopardy!” Replacement, Jeff Sessions Creates “Religious Freedom Task Force,” Koch Bros Study Accidentally Supports Single Payer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Plans To Stay On SCOTUS, “Guardians of

*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:28 Fancy Brent and Courtney Doubtfire Sleep Deprived and Loopy Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 12:15 The Great McDonalds Monopoly Caper Who Will Replace Alex Trebek? POLITICS ROUNDUP 36:58 Koch Bros Study Accidentally Supports “Medicare For All” Jeff Sessions Forms “Religious Freedom Task Force” Trump Update ITTY BITTY TIDBITS 52:56 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wants To Stick Around Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Supports James Gunn WI-FIVE...


“F*** Batman,” James Gunn Fired Over Old Tweets, Cohen Secretly Taped Trump, Ivanka’s Clothing Line Tanks, Naked Guy at Planet Fitness, Hardwick Coming Back to TV, 3D-Printed Gun Controversy, Frasier Reboot in The Works, R Kelly’s “I Admit” So

TIMECODES: INTRO 0:26 "F*** BATMAN" 8:41 TERRIBLE MEN 24:09 R Kelly Chris Hardwick Naked Planet Fitness Guy James Gunn POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:10:11 Rod Rosenstein (Not) Impeached Trump Threatens to Revoke Security Clearances Ivanka's Clothing Line Goes Down 3D-Printed Gun Controversy TIDBITS 1:30:05 Frasier Reboot Trump’s Hollywood Star Destroyer Trump Tidbit Twofer WI-FIVE 1:38:50 OUTRO 1:40:01


Trump Sides With Putin Over US Intel, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?”, Kylie Jenner “Billionaire GoFundMe,” Scarlett Johansson Drops Trans Role, Halifax Bans Public Vaping, New She-Ra Design Controversy, Johnson & Johnson Forced to Pay $4.

*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:27 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:50 Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” Kylie Jenner’s Billionaire GoFundMe Halifax Bans Public Vaping (Also Smoking) TRUMP’S MISTAKES ABROAD 40:04 TIDBITS 58:49 Scarlett Johannson Drops Trans Role Jury Forces Johnson & Johnson to pay $4.7B New She-Ra Design Controversy Amazon Prime Day Boycott WI-FIVE 1:21:42 OUTRO 1:24:39


Trump Nominates New SCOTUS Justice, Thai Soccer Team Rescued, London Pride w/Laura Kate Dale, Rosey Blair’s Nosy Thread, Johnny Depp, “Paid Off” Game Show, Stormy Daniels Arrested, Husband’s Sex Rejection Spreadsheet, Papa John’s Racist (Former)

INTRO 0:25 How Our Weeks Are Goin’ Fortnite & Far Cry 5 Things That Cheer Us Up Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 8:41 Pirate Leprecauns, Etc. Husband’s Sex Rejection Spreadsheet Rosey Blair’s Nosy Viral Thread Johnny Depp LONDON PRIDE W/LAURA KATE DALE 55:11 POLITICAL STORY OF THE WEEK 1:18:54 TIDBITS (TIDDLYBIDDLIES) 1:33:42 Henry Cavill’s Dumb GQ Quote Thai Soccer Team Rescued From Cave Logan Paul Documentary Papa John’s Racist CEO Stormy Daniels...


Ed Sheeran Sued For $100 Million, La Croix CEO Sued For Misconduct, Michael Cohen May Flip On Trump, NFL’s New Helmet Rule, Scarlett Johansson Cast As Trans Man, Tanacon Followup, Glow: Season 2 Review, Comcast Begins Throttling Data, Reactions to Ocasi

*TIMECODES* INTRO 0:25 Gettin’ Musical Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 11:02 Ed Sheeran Sued for $100M NFL’s New Helmet Rule Scarlett Johansson Cast as Trans Man Tanacon Update POLITICS ROUNDUP 59:32 Michael Cohen May Flip on Trump Scott Pruitt Finally Resigns Reactions to Ocasio-Cortez Communism vs. Socialism vs. Democratic Socialism TIDBITS + MINI-WI-FIVE 1:29:40 Mexico Elects Leftist President Travis’ Mini-Wi-Five Comcast Begins Throttling Data Harvey...


Big D*ck Energy, Supreme Court Crisis, Tanacon vs. Vidcon, Pixar’s Sexist Past, Sarah Huckabee Sanders & Red Hen-gate, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Amazing Win, Anapolis Newspaper Shooting, ABC Renews Roseanne (Kind of), Canada Legalizes Marijuana, Mich

TIMECODES: INTRO 0:27 Travis Is Fired Up Brent’s New Meds Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 10:18 Big D*ck Energy Tanacon vs. Vidcon Pixar’s Sexist Past Anapolis Newspaper Shooting POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:16:37 Sarah Huckabee Sanders/Red Hen-gate Supreme Court Crisis Alexandria Ocasio Cortez TIDBITS 1:54:16 Bill Shine Michael Rosfeld ABC Picks Up “The Conners” Influencers-Only Mural Canada Legalizes Marijuana OUTRO 2:04:47


Chris Hardwick, Trump’s Immigration Disaster, “The Last Jedi” Remake, Melania’s Jacket, California Might Become 3 States, Trump’s “Space Force,” World Cup, “Gaming Disorder” Classified as Disease, Millie Bobby Brown, Are Millennials Bad

TIMECODES: INTRO - 0:26 Melons Salmonella PSA Brent’s Correction Corner Bevs Like These “PREVIOUSLY ON AMERICA” 5:09 World Cup Are Millennials Bad Tippers? Space Force Theresa May’s “Brexit Dividends” Lie Three Californias? Gaming Disorder Officially Classified “The Last Jedi” Remake Millie Bobby Brown Bullied off Twitter CHRIS HARDWICK - 1:08:53 Content Warning: Sexual assault, Abusive Relationships IMMIGRATION DISASTER - 1:29:34 WI-FIVE - 1:53:00 OUTRO - 1:54:30


Trump & North Korea, Internment of Immigrant Children, Anthony Bourdain & Kate Spade, IHOP becomes IHOB, Brie Larson, Skipped Week Recap, Michael Cohen, Net Neutrality Ends(!), E3 News, FBI Agent’s Anti-Trump Text, Supreme Court Upholds Voter Roll Purge

TIMESTAMP: 7:30PM EASTERN TIME; JUNE 15, 2018 CONTENT WARNING: DISCUSSIONS OF SUICIDE *TIMECODES* INTRO - 0:25 Courtney’s Beach Vacation Brent’s Camping Trip Bevs Like These MISSED WEEK RECAP – 9:40 BOURDAIN, SPADE, AND HOW TO TALK ABOUT IT – 21:05 POLITICS ROUNDUP – 43:13 Internment of Immigrant Children DOJ Changes Stance on Abused Aslyum-Seekers Trump’s North Korea Summit Michael Cohen, AGAIN… TIDBLAST! – 1:12:22 Supreme Court Brie Larson IHOP = IHOB Ariana Grande and...


Roseanne Canceled, 1500 Immigrant Children Missing (DEBUNKED!), Anna Delvey, Hurricane Maria Revisited, Trump Meets With Kim Kardashian, “Quitaly” Looming, Ireland Overturns Abortion Ban, Russian Journalist Back From The Dead, “French Spider-man”

TIMECODES 0:28 INTRO Reunited And It Feels So Guuuud No Episode Next Week! PSA: Hormel Recalls Spam Self-Care Tips 9:52 BEYOND THE HEADLINES Roseanne Canceled Anna Delvey Pre-E3 Video Game Announcements 53:37 POLITICS ROUNDUP Senate Passes New Sexual Harassment Rules 1500 Children Missing DEBUNKED Trump Meets With Kim Kardashian 1:13:25 TIDBITS Trump Pardons Dinesh D’souza Russian Journalist Back From The Dead Ireland Overturns Abortion Ban Italy In Chaos Hurricane...


Arrested Development Interview, Royal Wedding, NFL Anthem Policy, School Shootings, Someone Throws Water On Tomi(?), Obama Netflix Deal, North Korea Summit, Ireland Abortion Referendum, Tid Bits, Tid Blasts

INTRO: 0:26 -Tired -Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES: 03:46 -Royal Wedding -NFL Anthem Policy -Arrested Development SCHOOL SHOOTINGS (Content Warning: Gun Violence) 30:23 POLITICS ROUND-UP 46:54 -Someone Throws Water On Tomi(?) -Obama Netflix Deal -North Korea Summit -Ireland Abortion Referendum TID BITS 59:31 TID BLAST 01:04:24 WI FIVE OF THE WEEK: 01:10;04 OUTRO: 1:11:50


Yanny or Laurel?, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Brooklyn 99, Jerusalem Embassy, Donald Jr. Transcript, Net Neutrality Update, Trump Calls People “Animals”, Domestic Gag Rule ReDux

Intro: 0:26 Travis is Back Skin Cancer Awareness Month Bevs Like These Another School Shooting Fridge Sized Refrigerators Beyond The Headlines: 08:56 Brooklyn 99 Cancelled/Saved Yanny or Laurel? Politics Round Up: 32:45 Embassy in Jerusalem Donald Jr. Transcript Net Neutrality Update Trump Calls People “Animals” Domestic Gag Rule Redux Tid Bits: 57:50 Uber Feedback Change Nev Schulman Snail Memory Transfer Aaron Schlossberg Wi Five of the Week:...


Racist Yale Student, DJ Khaled’s Oral Arguments, Incels: A Deep Dive, Clinton v. Lewinsky (Again), Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal, Fox News Host Disses Trump, Senate May Save Net Neutrality, Ryan Reynolds Talks Mental Health

INTRO 0:24 Why Do Some Weeks Feel Longer? PSA: Don't Eat Romaine Lettuce! Is John Oliver's Show Ending? Bill & Ted 3 Is Any Much-Later Sequel Good? Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 10:02 DJ Khaled's Oral Arguments Clinton vs. Lewinsky (Again) Racist Yale Student INCELS: A DEEP DIVE 39:48 POLITICS ROUNDUP 52:37 Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Deal Fox News' Neil Cavuto vs. Trump Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:16:00 2 Maverick Moments for John McCain Ryan Reynolds/Mental Health...


Michelle Wolf’s WHCD Roast, Avengers: Infinity War, Rudy Giuliani’s Big Screwup, 27 More Women Accuse Charlie Rose, Tom Brokaw Sexual Harassment, UK Windrush Update, #MuteRKelly, Zach Levi Steps In It, North & South Korea Making Up, Boy Scouts Change

EPISODE TIMECODES: INTRO 0:25 Seasonal Allergies Bevs Like These Change Your Twitter Password! AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 6:45 *HEAVY SPOILERS FROM 11:40 UNTIL 36:10* TERRIBLE MEN 36:10 Tom Brokaw #MuteRKelly Over 100 Assaults by Uber Drivers Charlie Rose MICHELLE WOLF’S WHCD ROAST 1:07:13 TIDBLAST! 1:43:26 Are North & South Korea Making Up? Three Trump Tidbits Zach Levi: Dumb Again! High School Pooper CAUGHT Boy Scouts Changing Its Name UK Windrush Update TRAVIS DOES...


Bill Cosby Found Guilty, Allison Mack Sex Cult, Autism Rates Climb, Kanye Luvs Trump, Sen. Schumer's Pro-Marijuana Bill, Golden State Killer, Trump’s Lawyer Pleads The 5th, Toronto Attack, Trump’s Doc Pulls Cabinet Nomination, Waffle House Shooting

INTRO 0:44 Glitch in the Matrix One Of Those Weeks Brent & Travis' Video Game Corner Janelle Monáe Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 9:29 World's 1st Penis & Scrotum Transplant "Rising Autism" Headline Debunk Kanye Luvs Trump ALLISON MACK SEX CULT 47:45 POLITICS ROUNDUP 58:44 Trump's Doctor Withdraws VA Nod Chuck Schumer's Marijuana Bill Michael Cohen Pleads The Fifth TIDBITS 1:11:58 Golden State Killer Romney Loses Utah Primary Toronto Vehicle Attack Bill...


Southwest Flight 1380, Beyonce Headlines Coachella, James Comey Book Review, Starbucks Removes Black Men, UK Windrush Scandal (feat. Dave Bulmer), Michael Cohen, Trump Attacks Syria, 4/20 + FDA Approves Marijuana Drug, Mayochup, Alex Jones

INTRO 0:26 4/20 Blaze It! The Story of 4/20 Stoner Goonies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:52 Starbucks Arrests Black Men Southwest Flight 1380 Beyonce Headlines Coachella UK "WINDRUSH" SCANDAL w/ Dave Bulmer 31:06 POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:03:30 James Comey Book Review Trump Attacks Syria Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:32:03 FDA Approves Marijuana-Derived Drug Alex Jones Sued Over Sandy Hook Mayochup WI-FIVE 1:39:15 OUTRO 1:41:50


The Simpson’s Apu Response, Tony Robbins, MIT’s Mind Reader, Roseanne Redux, Wrestlemania 34 (w/ Open Mike Eagle), Michael Cohen Arrested, Paul Ryan, T.J. Miller, Billy Mitchell, Trump Tower, Auschwitz Poll

INTRO: 0:23 #MaxFunDrive Brent’s Birthday BEYOND THE HEADLINES: 8:49 Tony Robbins and #MeToo MIT’s Mind Reader TV TRENDS 37:06 The Simpson’s Apu Response Roseanne Redux Wrestlemania 34 (w/ Open Mike Eagle) POLITICS STORY OF THE WEEK: 1:16:41 Michael Cohen Arrested TIDBITS: 1:26:14 Paul Ryan TJ MIller Billy Mitchell Trump Tower Auschwitz Poll WI-FIVE OF THE WEEK: 1:42:34 OUTRO: 1:44:29


Condom Challenge, Youtube Shooting, Stranger Things Creators Sued

Intro: 0:24 Same Room Blues MaxFunDrive Done30 Bevs Like These MidBits: 5:32 Condom Challenge Youtube Shooting (Content Warning: Gun Violence) Stranger Things Creators Sued for Plagiarism WiFive of the Week: 30:15 Outro: 31:44


R.I.P. Craigslist Personals, Walmart Patents Robot Bees, Sean Penn’s Ridiculous Book, R Kelly Is Suspicious AGAIN, #MarchForOurLives, Trump Can’t Find A Lawyer, WHO BIT BEYONCE?, Mitch McConnell Wants To Re-Legalize Hemp, Corey Feldman Says He Was Sta

INTRO 0:26 Hello to you, DAVE! Bevs Like These We Don’t Endorse All Our Choices! Disney/Pixar Brackets TLT: The Sing-along Show? BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:43 Craigslist Personals Removed Walmart Patents Robot Bees R Kelly Once Again Suspicious Sean Penn’s Dumb Book POLITICS ROUNDUP 40:29 Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes Trump Can’t Find A Lawyer #MarchForOurLives TIDBITS 1:11:30 Who Bit Beyonce?! Mitch McConnell To Legalize Hemp Corey Feldman Claims He Was...