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Southwest Flight 1380, Beyonce Headlines Coachella, James Comey Book Review, Starbucks Removes Black Men, UK Windrush Scandal (feat. Dave Bulmer), Michael Cohen, Trump Attacks Syria, 4/20 + FDA Approves Marijuana Drug, Mayochup, Alex Jones

INTRO 0:26 4/20 Blaze It! The Story of 4/20 Stoner Goonies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:52 Starbucks Arrests Black Men Southwest Flight 1380 Beyonce Headlines Coachella UK "WINDRUSH" SCANDAL w/ Dave Bulmer 31:06 POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:03:30 James Comey Book Review Trump Attacks Syria Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:32:03 FDA Approves Marijuana-Derived Drug Alex Jones Sued Over Sandy Hook Mayochup WI-FIVE 1:39:15 OUTRO 1:41:50


The Simpson’s Apu Response, Tony Robbins, MIT’s Mind Reader, Roseanne Redux, Wrestlemania 34 (w/ Open Mike Eagle), Michael Cohen Arrested, Paul Ryan, T.J. Miller, Billy Mitchell, Trump Tower, Auschwitz Poll

INTRO: 0:23 #MaxFunDrive Brent’s Birthday BEYOND THE HEADLINES: 8:49 Tony Robbins and #MeToo MIT’s Mind Reader TV TRENDS 37:06 The Simpson’s Apu Response Roseanne Redux Wrestlemania 34 (w/ Open Mike Eagle) POLITICS STORY OF THE WEEK: 1:16:41 Michael Cohen Arrested TIDBITS: 1:26:14 Paul Ryan TJ MIller Billy Mitchell Trump Tower Auschwitz Poll WI-FIVE OF THE WEEK: 1:42:34 OUTRO: 1:44:29


Condom Challenge, Youtube Shooting, Stranger Things Creators Sued

Intro: 0:24 Same Room Blues MaxFunDrive Done30 Bevs Like These MidBits: 5:32 Condom Challenge Youtube Shooting (Content Warning: Gun Violence) Stranger Things Creators Sued for Plagiarism WiFive of the Week: 30:15 Outro: 31:44


R.I.P. Craigslist Personals, Walmart Patents Robot Bees, Sean Penn’s Ridiculous Book, R Kelly Is Suspicious AGAIN, #MarchForOurLives, Trump Can’t Find A Lawyer, WHO BIT BEYONCE?, Mitch McConnell Wants To Re-Legalize Hemp, Corey Feldman Says He Was Sta

INTRO 0:26 Hello to you, DAVE! Bevs Like These We Don’t Endorse All Our Choices! Disney/Pixar Brackets TLT: The Sing-along Show? BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:43 Craigslist Personals Removed Walmart Patents Robot Bees R Kelly Once Again Suspicious Sean Penn’s Dumb Book POLITICS ROUNDUP 40:29 Stormy Daniels on 60 Minutes Trump Can’t Find A Lawyer #MarchForOurLives TIDBITS 1:11:30 Who Bit Beyonce?! Mitch McConnell To Legalize Hemp Corey Feldman Claims He Was...


Self-driving Uber Kills Pedestrian, John Oliver’s Bunny Book, Male Birth Control Soon?, Cambridge Analytica, Terry Gilliam Steps In It, McMaster Out/Bolton In, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate, Andrew McCabe Fired

TIMECODES INTRO 0:28 That Evening Sass Bevs Like These St. Patrick’s Day Winter Storm Toby BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:38 John Oliver’s Bunny Book Terry Gilliam Steps In It Self-Driving Uber Kills Pedestrian MEGA-SEG! 37:14 Cambridge Analytica McMaster’s Out, Bolton’s In TIDBITS 1:15:19 Andrew McCabe Fire Chris Evans/Jenny Slate Male Birth Control Soon? WI-FIVE 1:22:12 OUTRO 1:24:24


#NationalWalkoutDay, Rex Tillerson’s “Rexit,”RIP Stephen Hawking, OJ Confesses! (Kinda), Betsy Devos’ Interview, Shangela Got Robbed, Can Your Gun Fight Gov’t Tyranny?, Toys R Us Closing, Conor Lamb’s Big Win, Donald J Trump Divorce, Mueller C

INTRO 0:25 Whole30, day 13 Bevs Like These Soda Soulmates Pi Day Headline of the Week Women’s History Month, pt 2 BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:38 3 Big Recalls! OJ Confesses (kinda) RIP Stephen Hawking KIDS AGAINST GUNS 32:10 #NationalWalkoutDay 2nd Amendment vs. Tyranny “Skinhead Lesbian” Barron Trump’s School vs. Trump Florida’s New Gun Law Dylan Roof’s Sister #MarchForOurLives POLITICS ROUNDUP 48:55 Betsy Devos’ Terrible Interview Rex Tillerson Fired! TIDBITS LIGHTNING...


Trump To Meet Kim Jong Un, Alexa’s Creepy Laughter, Man Confused By Self-loving Girlfriend, Violent Video Games, Oscars 2018, Justice Kennedy Retiring, Stormy Daniels Sues Trump, Sam Nunberg’s Wacky Interviews, #PoohSays, Ru Paul, Zinke’s $139,000 O

INTRO 0:25 Brent's on Whole30 Bevs Like These Narcissistic Hosts Like These #PoohSays #InternationalWomensDay Tucker Carlson is a Douche Take My Wife on iTunes! Daylight Saving (Not Savings!) Time BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6:47 Spooky Headlines Is Alexa Haunted? Video Games and Gun Violence Girlfriend's "O" Confuses UK Man OSCARS 2018 32:33 Jimmy Kimmel's Monologue Frances McDormand/Inclusion Riders More Genre-bending Movies Gary Oldman POLITICS ROUNDUP...


Fergie's National Anthem, #WeCallBS, Guest Co-host Rachel Stine, Black Panther Assaults Debunked, Olympics Roundup, Trump's "Listening Session," Farts Cause Emergency Airplane Landing, Trump Affair Scandals, Mueller Indictments

TIMECODES: INTRO 0:27 Rachel's Guest Hosting Timestamp! Lighter Show Rachel's No Good Very Bad Morning Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6:48 Fergie's Weird National Anthem Plane Goes Down Because of Farts Olympics Roundup Black Panther Assaults Debunked PARKLAND SHOOTING: THE AFTERMATH 43:33 Ana Marie Cox's "Stigmatize This" New Poll Results About Guns Trump Responds to School Shooting 30 Studies Show More Guns = More Crime #WeCallBS "Crisis" Actor...


Winter Olympics, The Flu, School Shooting, Uma Thurman Interview, Quentin Tarantino, Shaun White, Police Consent Loophole, Rob Porter, Stormy Daniels Payment, Proposal to Change SNAP

INTRO: 0:25 Biden Correction Black Panther Review Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES: 10:21 Winter Olympics The Flu School Shooting (Content Warning: Gun Violence) TERRIBLE MEN (CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND ASSAULT) 47:37 Uma Thurman Interview Quentin Tarantino Shaun White Police Consent Loophole POLITICS ROUND UP: 1:04:28 Rob Porter (Content Warning: Abuse) Stormy Daniels Payment Proposal to Change SNAP WI-FIVE OF THE WEEK: 1:29:57 OUTRO: 1:32:10


"Lady Doritos," Elon Musk Launches Space Car, Nancy Pelosi's Epic Speech, Super Bowl, Trump Wants Military Parade, Richard Pryor Boinked Marlon Brando (!) Mike Pence Vs. Figure Skater, Trump Vs. His Lawyers, "McDonald's Fries: Baldness Cure?" and the Retu

INTRO 0:26 Courtney Back at it Again Censoring our self-talk Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:29 Non-Crunchy Lady Doritos Elon Musk Launches Space Car Quincy Jones Interview Do McDonald's Fries Cure Baldness? SUPER BOWL 27:07 Basics Game Details Halftime Show Commercials New CTE Study Football Ratings Down Players Refuse White House Visit POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:00:20 Nunes Memo Update Nancy Pelosi's Epic Speech Trump V His Lawyers Trump Wants Military...


Nunes Memo, Amazon Healthcare, #TheHeroExperience, Passion of the Christ 2, Robert Wagner, David Copperfield, Nolan Bushnell, Mark Salling, Steve Wynn, Woody Allen, On My Team, Russia Sanctions, State of the Union

INTRO 0:26 -Groundhog’s Day -Super Blue Blood Moon -Bevs Like These -Mario Movie? HEADLINES 7:50 -Amazon Healthcare -#TheHeroExperience -Passion of the Christ 2 TERRIBLE MEN: 30:18 -Robert Wagner -David Copperfield -Nolan Bushnell -Mark Salling -Steve Wynn -Woody Allen POLITICS ROUND-UP: 1:04:49 -Nunes Memo -On My Team -Russia Sanctions -State of the Union TIDBITS: 1:43:30 -Sean Hannity’s Twitter -Julian Assange -Putin Rival Arrested -Gross...


Erykah Badu's "Hitler" Gaffe, Guest Co-host Courtney Enlow, "Potentially Hazardous" Asteroid, Government Shutdown, Women's March, Oscar Noms, Mueller Closes in on Trump, Hawaii Governor's Twitter Problem, John Kerry 2020?

INTRO 0:26 Podcast Consistency Our Feminist Kimmy Gibbler Moving Is Like Tattoos, Not Babies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:39 Erykah Badu "Potentially Hazardous" Asteroid Doomsday Clock Women's March 2018 Larry Nassar Update AWARDS SEASON/OSCAR NOMS 25:12 SAG Awards Boss Baby Lots of Firsts Wonder Woman James Franco Casey Affleck The Greatest (Worst!) Showman Oscar Predictions POLITICS ROUNDUP 40:25 Hawaii Governor's Twitter Problem Mueller...


Aziz Ansari, Tide Pods, Guest co-host Courtney Enlow, "New California," Trump's Pornstar Affair, Hawaii's False Alarm, Trump's "Fake News Awards," Nintendo Labo, Woody Allen, Larry Nassar, Chris Christie Dissed at Airport

INTRO: 0:26 Brent's Friday Song Sketchfest Post-mort Bevs Like These Brent's Vocal Neuroses BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:34 Hawaii's False Alarm Tide Pods "New California" Nintendo Labo TERRIBLE MEN 37:52 Larry Nassar Woody Allen Aziz Ansari POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:05:28 Stormy Daniels #SH*THOLEGATE Oncoming Government Shutdown? Trump's "Fake News Awards" Trump's Health Status TIDBITS 1:39:14 Tax Bill Raises and Bonuses? Chris Christie Dissed at Airport Steve...


Trump’s “Sh*thole” Comments, Terrible Men With Courtney Enlow, Oprah for President, Stan Lee Allegations, #TimesUp, Diet Coke Rebrand, Golden Globes, James Franco, Walmart Bonuses DEBUNKED, “Fire And Fury” Book Review, #HumanTraffickingDay, Trum

INTRO 0:25 Travis & Brent Reunited Bevs Like These #HumanTraffickingDay BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:12 Spooky Headlines Diet Coke Rebrand Golden Globes with Courtney Enlow #TimesUp Oprah For President? DEBUNK: Walmart Employee Bonuses TERRIBLE MEN with Courtney Enlow 32:06 Stan Lee James Franco Paul Haggis Ben Vereen Harvey Weinstein Slapped “Shitty Media Men” List Pastor Applauded For Assault? TRUMP ROUNDUP 1:10:27 “Fire and Fury” Book Review Trump Forgets...


Logan Paul, Bomb Cyclone, Bill Maher Photo, Dave Chapelle, Matt Lauer, Steve Bannon, Trump’s Big Button, Jeff Sessions Marijuana Policy -- With special guest host Courtney Enlow

INTRO 0:26 Special Guest Host--- Courtney Enlow New Brent, Brent Classic Bevs Like These Coffee BEYOND THE HEADLINES 4:22 Logan Paul (CW: Suicide) Bombogenisis/Bomb Cyclone Bill Maher/Bob Saget Photo (CW: Sexual Assault) Dave Chapelle Matt Lauer POLITICS ROUND UP 32:08 Steve Bannon Trump’s Big Button Jeff Sessions Marijuana Policy WIFIVE OF THE WEEK 57:15 OUTRO 1:01:38


Pentagon UFO Program, Anti-Star Wars Petition, Trump Bans CDC Words, (or Does He?), The Future of TV (with Matt Villanueva) Brexit Update (with Dave Bulmer), Norway Decriminalizes Drugs, TJ Miller, Jerry Richardson, Roy Moore Won't Concede, Tax Bill Passe

INTRO 0:26 Travis is Off Bevs Like These Double Fisting Quitting Caffeine BEYOND THE HEADLINES (with Matt Villanueva) 7:38 Pentagon UFO Program Norway Decriminalizes Drugs HQ: The Future of TV? Anti-Star Wars Petition TERRIBLE MEN 53:05 Mark Schwahn Dustin Hoffman (AGAIN) TJ Miller Panthers owner Jerry Richardson NFL Network 7 3 Mystery House Reps Ryan Lizza TheRottenApples Revisiting Melanie Martinez BREXIT UPDATE (with Dave Bulmer) 59:51 POLITICS...


Alabama Election, Keaton Jones, Easy Threads, Cat Person, Patreon, Bomb Attempt, Disney/Fox, Terrible Men, Net Neutrality, Trump Tweets, TidBits

Intro: 0:23 Brent’s Traveling Bevs Like These Star Wars (SPOILER FREE) Game Awards Headlines: 5:36 Twitter Easy Threads Cat Person Patreon Bomb Attempt Disney Fox Deal Keaton Jones Terrible Men: 44:22 Politics RoundUp: 1:15:37 Alabama Election Net Neutrality Trump Tweets TidBits WiFive of the Week:1:57:23 Outro: 1:59:37


Patreon's Big Mistake, Russia Barred from Olympics, Bryan Singer, Michael Flynn, Terrible Men with Courtney Enlow, Resistbot co-creator Jason Putorti, 2018 Midterm Preview, California Wildfires, Super-Bad Gun Bill Passes in the House, Killer Cop Sentenced

INTRO 0:25 News Just Keeps Going Dilly Dilly The Disaster Artist Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 6:39 Christmas Tree Costume Girl Russia Barred from Olympics Patreon's Big Mistake California Wildfires TERRIBLE MEN 32:45 Time's POTY: "The Silence Breakers" Danny Masterson & House of Cards S6 John Conyers & Al Franken Bryan Singer Trent Franks & Blake Farenthold Roy Moore 19 Allegations Against Trump INTERVIEW: Courtney Enlow RESISTBOT CO-CREATOR JASON...


Matt Lauer, Trump Tweets, #CyberMonday, New York Times Nazi, Creepy White House Decor, Angela Lansbury, North Korea Missile, Garrison Keillor, Republican Tax Bill, Jeffrey Tambor, YouTube Child Exploitation, Al Franken, John Conyers, and more!

INTRO 0:24 Travis' phone call w/Mel Brooks Does Thanksgiving Need an Orgy? Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 7:28 New York Times Neo-Nazi Cyber Monday Trump in re: Time Magazine YouTube Child Exploitation Seth Myers: Best Feminist? Prince Harry/Meghan Markle Creepy White House Decor TERRIBLE MEN 35:11 Jeffrey Tambor Nick Carter Chef John Besh John Lasseter Charlie Rose Matt Lauer Garrison Keillor Russell Simmons Angela Lansbury(?!) Israel Horovitz Access...


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