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I identify as gay and would love to be included in your collections that highlight diverse voices. My show covers many issues that pertain to the queer community. :)

I identify as gay and would love to be included in your collections that highlight diverse voices. My show covers many issues that pertain to the queer community. :)
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I identify as gay and would love to be included in your collections that highlight diverse voices. My show covers many issues that pertain to the queer community. :)








Trev - Episode 37 (Defeating Amy Schumer! Michelle Obama for President? & Harry Potter Dating Sites)

michelle obama book, quotes, tour, school, education, lizzo, truth, hurts, tour, juice, lyrics, tickets, tiny, desk, setlist, tempo, pete, buttigieg, husband, chasten, glezman, fox, news, polls, 2020, age, height, book, languages, elizabeth, warren, age, policies, game, of, thrones, twitter, debt, beer, wiki, finale, season, 8, books, spin, off, cast, prequel, ending, season 1, recap, memes, white, castle, menu, app, nutrition, breakfast | Key Terms ________________________________ Trev...


Trev - Episode 36 (Abortcalypse 2019, James Charles Scandal & Quitting Lexapro)

abortion laws 2019, alabama, missouri, news, james charles subscriber count, twitter, tati westbrook, scandal, lexapro side effects, dosage, weight gain, withdrawal, generic - Key Terms ____________________________________ Trev returns in another podcast-exclusive episode to discuss the future of the show, the new abortion laws being passed, the James Charles scandal and apology video as well as developments in the world of mental health.


Trev - Episode 35 (Masturbation Fails! Facebook BANS NAZIS! & Michael Jackson the Pedo?) [NSFW]

Michael Jackson kids, documentary, sons, movie, college admission scandal update, list, news, facebook mumford and sons, bans white nationalism, joe rogan podcast, alex jones, youtube | Key Terms ______________________________________________ This episode of TREV was recorded as a podcast-only version as Trev tackles technical difficulties at UIC Radio, which is totally not a thing that happens infuriatingly often, not at all, nope. The depression lifestyle, jizzing stories, how to deal with...


Trev - Episode 34 (Interview with a Ghost Hunter! YouTube Bans & Dating a Terrorist)

Interview questions, ghost stories, alien gear, youtube ban videos, dating stories, terrorist groups, prostitution in the us, meth side effects, drugs effects | Key Terms ____________________________________ Trev conducts his latest fascinating interview, this time with 'Marc the Artist' whose preferred profession is paranormal investigating (not to be referred to as ghost hunting) in the RV he calls home. Listen to the conversation as Marc details how he accidentally drank his friend's...


Trev - Episode 33 (Bernie 2020?? MAGA Kids Update & Chris Brown is A Real Jerk!)

Bernie Sanders 2020, MAGA country hat kids, Chris Brown age net worth rape arrest | key terms _______________________________ On this episode, Trev offers his thoughts on the Democratic primary and whether Bernie will/should run for president once more. Also, the MAGA kids controversy gets an update with a pointless and unwarranted interview and Chris Brown is up to shenanigans once more. This is TREV: 'Gay doesn't mean happy.'


Trev - Episode 32 (The R in R. Kelly Stands for Rape, Christians Hate Gays & Facebook Meltdowns)

R. Kelly documentary, Christianity today and more. ____________________________________ Trev explains his latest Facebook meltdown, modern isolation and his issues with irony. Also, we finally get to the R. Kelly accusations & documentary as well as the scandal involving the anti-gay pastor who publicly wished God finished the job of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. This is TREV: 'Gay doesn't mean happy.'


Trev - Episode 31 (Kevin Hart-less Towards Gays?! Harry Potter Poop & Border Wall Commentary)

Kevin Hart Oscars hosting, Harry Potter new movie material, Border Wall news. ______________________________ Gay Joe Rogan is back! This time, Trev gives his thoughts on Kevin Hart's Oscars controversy as well as praise for Don Lemon's monologue on the subject. Then, he continues to weigh in on the important stuff with J.K. Rowling's latest revelation regarding wizard defecation. The show wraps up with another Facebook live broadcast to give people the facts about the border wall issue. This...


Trev - Episode 30 (Kylie Jenner Net Worth, Aladdin 2019 Cast & Merry Depression!)

Kylie Jenner net worth age. Aladdin 2019 cast genie jafar poster. Depression test definition symptoms. Mental illness health awareness disorders. _____________________________ This week, Trev shits his pants! Also, he talks how Kylie Jenner is becoming the world's youngest billionaire, the new live-action Aladdin movie, why he doesn't smoke weed and more. In the final segment of the show, Trev shares a very important message regarding mental health this holiday season. Love yourself. <3


Trev - Episode 29 (What Type of Gay Are You? Whataburger vs. In-N-Out! & Facebook is Toxic)

What type of gay am I. What do bear twink mean gay. Whataburger better than In-N-Out. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg racism. Donald Trump Michael Cohen prison sentence. Mueller Investigation. ___________________________________ On this episode of TREV, the always-prescient question of what type of gay one is gets addressed with the clarity and eloquence that only a bear like Trev can provide. Then, a reluctantly twinkish caller from Texas chimes in on the gay types as well as one of the most...


Trev - Episode 28 (Why People REALLY Hate Kanye, the Worst Kind of Vegan & Why You're Still Fat!)

Why liberals and conservatives really hate Kanye West? The REAL reason no one talks about. The worst kind of vegan causes her own demise. The reason you're still fat. ___________________________________ On this episode, Trev takes to the studio solo to discuss whether or not he's a self-righteous douche (he is), the racism and ignorance of his home town, why white America hates Kanye West so much and his philosophy on fatness.


Trev - Episode 27 (Breaking Bad the Movie! No-Nut-November & Updates on the American Apocalypse)

New info on the Breaking Bad movie! What is No Nut November? And what does Democrats controlling the House mean? ________________________________ TREV returns to cover all of the most pertinent issues currently facing our country. He's joined by the lovely Sunil who impresses Trev with his research abilities and dedication to actual facts. Then, Trev reads from user-submitted topics that are the true grit of our society (Why DOESN'T Tarzan have a beard?). All that and more!


Trev - Episode 26 (Rick and Morty Proves Science is FAKE! Xanax Stories & Roseanne is NOT racist?!)

A scientists publishes a journal using Rick and Morty to prove that scientific journals are full of fake information and have a terrible vetting process. The Connors premiers on ABC without Roseanne Barr. ____________________________________________ On this episode of TREV, local Chicago comedian Nick Mayer co-hosts (most) of the show and dives into his bisexuality, his lack of attraction to Trev, his experience with drugs and much more. Additionally, Trev welcomes a new DJ to UIC Radio on...


Trev - Episode 25 (The Beatles Were Gay?! & Is Taco Bell the Best Mexican Restaurant?)

Were Paul McCartney and John Lennon gay together? Taco Bell was voted the best national Mexican restaurant, why?? | TREV is back! After a few weeks off following a prolific summer, Trev Richards returns to the luxurious UIC Radio studio along with new personality Tara Bolar and the show's first ever Super Fan, Riley! Join this dynamic trio as they discuss the above headlines and more! This is TREV: Gay doesn't mean happy.


Trev - Episode 24 (Grindr Horror Story #2!! & How to Be a Christian Woman in 2018)

How to be a Christian woman in the modern era, Christian dating advice, Dating advice for gay men and Grindr bad hookup stories!! On this episode of TREV, Trev and Mikey explore Trev's extremely failed first attempt at a threesome using Grindr. Then, friend of the show and voice actress for the popular MIDNIGHT RADIO podcast, Courtney Dietz, provides a dramatic reading from the female Christian blog GIRL DEFINED. Then, Trev and Mikey further explore the world of modern Christian women as...


Trev - Episode 23 (Katy Perry's Secret, Unreleased Album Leak!! & How to Defeat Alex Jones)

Listen to Katy Perry's new, secret, unreleased, leaked album, "The Matrix!!!" On this episode, Trev and Mikey discuss how they successfully defeated Alex Jones (except for Twitter) using drag queens as bait. Then, returning guest Angel the Comedian calls in from the car that she lives in to update Trev on her life as a high-profile, lesbian comedian. Finally, the moment everyone has waited for, Trev and Mikey listen to some of Katy Perry's unreleased album that Trev managed to find a...


Trev - Episode 22 (Interview with a Mermaid! Leaving Mormonism & Demisexuality)

How to officially leave the Mormon church & become a Mermaid instead! On this episode Trev welcomes another very "special" guest, Joshua Myers, a self-described merman, wiccan, ex-mormon, dolphin translator/whisperer and much more! Listen as Joshua speaks in dolphin live on the air, talks about his beliefs that mermaids are real and his identity as one. Afterwards Trev and Mikey reflect on their... skepticism of Joshua's views. This is TREV: Gay doesn't mean happy.


An Explanation (Transmissions from A Broken Heart)

Dealing with heartbreak, loneliness and depression as a gay person: Trev offers an explanation on why the show was cancelled this week and why it is different from the (many) others.


Trev - Episode 21 (RuPaul Season Ten TRUTH, Perverted Rugrats & Chicago Pride 2018)

Trev and Mikey discuss the latest breaking gay news, disappointment and nudity at Chicago Pride 2018, Trev's inappropriate Rugrats dream and more! Also, the very first installment of #TrumpDump puts Trev to the test as he attempts to purge all the latest headlines in 40 seconds. This is TREV: Gay doesn't mean happy.


Trev - Episode 20 (Donald Trump's Nazi Camps & Alex Jones Is A Gay Bottom?!)

Join Trev Richards and Mikey Amaya in the (semi) re-premiere of TREV! This episode is a slow launch in preparation for the official return next week! Why did Trev get blocked from Facebook for a week and now considers it a racist website? Is Alex Jones secretly a gay bottom? What's the latest update of Donald Trumps Concentration Camps? All that and more on this episode of TREV: Gay doesn't mean happy.


Trev - Episode 19 (Canada's Gay Agenda, Returning to Grindr & Pixar's 'COCO' Review)

Trev discusses the one time Canada apologizing is actually news-worthy, his official return to the sexual abyss of Grindr, the Frozen/COCO controversy, an extremely homoerotic encounter with a doctor, Trev's blunt new psychiatrist and more! This is Trev: Gay doesn't mean happy.