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Episode 4: Consistency

I am joined once again by my girl E D’vil to discuss Cardi B, the new iPhones, Samsung’s comeback attempt, Heresy, Kneeling, Ni$$er lists, fight or flight syndrome and why nachos may be our secret weapon in race relations.


Episode 3: Fantasy

In this episode, I sit down with a good friend of mine to discuss among other things: Fanny Packs & Bibs, WNBNothAnks, Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, AZ Sports Teams, Red Light Brokeback, Coconuts & Sharpies, Mormans & Soda, FB & Bdays, OCDisms, Vegans & PETA, Man Splits, YOLO Holidays, Strip Club DJs, Eggplant photographers, Cher Clap Back, Self-Imposed Cosby and Fireball & Jaegermeister.


Episode 2: Competition

The Theme for today’s episode is competition. My co-host Danny Freskko & I will discuss if there’s such a thing as professional courtesy when it comes to catchphrases, why I’m not interested in the new season of Game of Thrones, If we will look back at this time period as the Golden Age of Streaming, We reminisce about our experiences competing in the Blockbuster Video Game Tournament, VHS tapes, giant Video Rental boxes, our Warcraft Phase, 444, golf course music and why G-Unit has...


Episode 1: Boundaries

This is Episode 1: Boundaries, where we discuss the limits we place on ourselves as well as others, both literal and hypothetical, in an attempt to identify what we consider reasonable behavior, as well as reasonable responses when those limits are crossed. Music, Movies, Sports, Culture, Politics & more.