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Longtime friends Tina Calvano, Chris Herre, and Dan Wanner get together weekly to participate in their favorite activity: arguing about dumb stuff.

Longtime friends Tina Calvano, Chris Herre, and Dan Wanner get together weekly to participate in their favorite activity: arguing about dumb stuff.


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Longtime friends Tina Calvano, Chris Herre, and Dan Wanner get together weekly to participate in their favorite activity: arguing about dumb stuff.




Last Calls & Season Finales

After a few weeks off, the Trypod gang is back for one last episode in Season 2! Tina, Chris, Becca, and Dan decide to switch things up and answer a whole episode's worth of Last Call questions.


Cheaters & Velveeta

The Trypod gang is back!! Well, three out of four. Tina, Chris, and Dan are joined by their bestie Sam to debate a topic near and dear to Chris's heart: mac n cheese. Then, they discuss whether or not they would take back a significant other who cheated and take a trip down memory lane during the Last Call.


TTKU JR: Time Travel & Genital Nicknames

It's a TTKU Takeover! After the Trypod Gang went a little too hard on Cinco De Mayo, they decided to hand off recording duties to Chris's younger brother, Kyle, and his homies Kylie, Steve, and Jaywags. The new TTKU Jr. gang discuss what time period they would most like to live in and debate the best and worst names for genitalia (NSFP!). But don't worry, Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca will be back next week!


Seven Sins & Sexy Polar Bears

In the spirit of roasting each other, Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca discuss which of the 7 Deadly Sins each person displays the most. Then, the Trypod argues whether they would rather sleep with an animal or have everyone think they did and we all learn way too much about Tan Dan. Finally, loyalties are tested during the Last Call.


Friendly Hookups & Carnival Food

As Hot Girl Summer approaches, the Trypod irons out some important ground rules as they debate whether or not its okay to hook up with your friends. Then, they dive back into their childhood to discuss their favorite and least favorite Fair Foods. Extra time means a couple Last Call questions and the topics range from dogs in muzzles to legal drinking age.


Gold Diggers & TV Shows

Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca ask the question we've all been thinking about since Kanye dropped his hit in middle school: is it okay to be a gold digger? Then the Trypod decides what three TV shows they would watch for the rest of their lives, and answer enough Last Call questions until this episode becomes NSFP (not safe for parents).


Android vs. IPhone & Spooky Encounters

Special guest Heather joins Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca for the argument Dan's been preparing for since we launched: Android vs. IPhone! Then, the Trypod debates whether they are more likely to meet a ghost or an alien and finishes with a Last Call that's all about getting a little too close with your BFF's family.


Animal Fights & Pizza Palooza

The Trypod debates which animals they could each take in a fight before arguing about all things pizza related! During the Last Call, Tina takes on Chris, Dan, and Becca in the battle between public school and private school.


Books vs. Movies & Petty Curses

Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca are back to argue about some more dumb stuff! First, they jump into the classic debate about whether movies or books are the superior storytelling tool. Then, the Trypod gang reveals which petty curse they would love to inflict on their worst enemy and finish off the episode with a record-breaking number of Last Call questons.


Career Changes & Dragon Birthdays

Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca argue about whether they want to be a pirate, vampire, or cowboy. Then, they tackle the question that's been on everyone's mind: can a dragon blow out their own birthday candles? Then the Trypod finishes off with a Last Call where they debate if WaWa or Dunkin' has the better coffee.


Lightning McQueen and Ketchup Smoothies

Tina, Chris, Becca, and Dan get heated about Cars and then argue about whether ketchup can be considered a smoothie. Then, the Trypod ranks some of their favorite desserts in the last call. Could this be our first SFP (safe for parents) episode?


Body Swaps & Living Alone

Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca are back to argue the benefits of being rich and alone. Then, they answer the most uncomfortable question on the podcast so far and end with a Last Call that attempts to clarify what it really means to be "talking."


Sex Tapes & Wings

Tina, Chris, Dan, and Becca (newly demoted) kick off season 2 with a classic argument: drums or flats. Then, the gang debates the pros and cons of filming and releasing your own sex tape. Finally, we learn how many kids the Trypod thinks they can take in a fight during the Last Call.


Bikini Bottom & Season Reflections

The Trypod is joined by Becca Orner once again and starts off their season 1 finale with a game featuring some of their favorite animated characters. Then, they reflect on their favorite TTKU moments and finish up with a last call that has them arguing which channel had the better kids shows, Disney or Nickelodeon.


Christmas Special: Movies, Music, & Cookies

It's the Trypod Christmas special! Tina, Chris, and Dan are joined by their favorite snack coordinator Becca to debate all things Christmas.


Socks In Bed & How To Get Away With Murder

Tina, Chris, and Dan are back to discuss all things socks: who wears them to sleep, who wears them during sex, and who puts them on before pants. Then, the Trypod discuss how they would successfully get away with murder. Finally, a plethora of Last Call questions that range from best holidays to sleeping with your best friend's ex!


Psychics & Soupy Cereal

Our first virtually recorded episode is brought to you by Covid-19 and Tina's bad internet connection! The Trypod discusses if psychics exist (including Tina's secret talent) and argue over whether cereal can be classified as a soup. Then, figure out what Tina, Chris, and Dan would bring with them to a deserted island!


Thanksgiving Treats & Calling Him Daddy

Tina, Chris, and Dan share their favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving food before debating the merits of saying "Daddy" and "Mommy" in the bedroom. Finally, the Trypod goes into way too much detail about their shower habits during the Last Call.


Killing A Killer & The Five Senses

Special guest host Dave Demers stops by to argue the morality of murdering a murderer. Then, the Trypod debates which of the five senses they are willing to give up and discuss their bathroom habits in The Last Call.


Fast Food Showdown & Chocolate vs. Vanilla

We finally have our first ever guest host! Chris's brother Kyle stops by to debate which fast food place is a cut above the rest and to settle the battle between chocolate and vanilla. The Last Call takes a surprising turn this week when our manager freestyles her own question.