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This week The boys have a special guest to Drink Nikka from the Barrel with. Chris from North Innsbruck. A local Synthwave artist drops by and talks about his project. The boys dig in deep and have Chris talk about his writing process, Equipment he uses and musical influences. We also dig into Digital VS. Analog and the different types of Synthwave. Chris also talks about his up coming projects and where to find him. To finish the episode off they talk about the global appeal of Synthwave...



After The holiday the boys are back with Special Guest @miss_vampira666. They talk about the events over last couple of weeks and review season 3 of Daredevil, Season 8 of American Horror Story. Kiel and Eric talk about the Pale Waves and Kailee Morgue show they went to. Also Eric and Missy discuss the whiskey tasting at the historic Casanova liquor store. Things quickly process to go off the deep end as the three of them drink an entire bottle of Russell's Reserve 10 year through the course...



In this weeks episode the boys taste Bernheim Wheat Whiskey Marvel Bar Barrel pick. Once again bring up Berserk as usual and Eric proposes who could play Guts in a live action show or movie. Eric briefly recaps The chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Kiel and Eric discuss the difference between a wizard and a warlock. Eric talks about the weird sex shaming aspect of Hocus Pocus. They review the Overlord in a spoilery way. Also the rise of netflix and the proper use of 3D movies.



This week they Boys review Aberlour 18 year completing their journey throw the Aberlour offerings. Kiel and Eric review season 2 of the Netflix series Castlevania. Kiel goes way deep into the mythology of the series and how it directly ties to the games and some of the changes they made. Kiel gets way to excited for 18 year old sherry butts. Eric asks if this is a Berserk reference and finally they talk about the Speed Racer movie that came out with little praise.



This week they boys go over their experience at this years Crypticon. Talk about the mini cast reunion of Starship troopers/ Ash vs the evil dead. They discuss how they would run a panel at a convention. Also as usual talk about Berserk and the Berserk panel they went to. Kiel reviews the new Halloween movie. while doing a taste off between regular Buffalo Trace and the Ace Spirits barrel pick. Finally Jake Busey and Casper Van Dien are very funny in real life.



In this episode the boys cover a lot of territory. They start out by cracking into Kiels stash of Weller's Special Reserve. They talk about the 1985 classic fantasy movie Legend and talk about all of Tim Curry's glory. Eric Talks about his experience seeing She Wants Revenge at The Varsity Theater. They Spend a lot of time talking about the Haunting of Hill House where Kiel compares it to the Matrix and Eric thinks its very similar to American Horror Story's first season. They also talk...



This week the boys talk about the impact both personally and culturally of #MortalKombat. They walk through the history and making of the first game. The huge impact it had on American culture, Video Games and the discussion of the impact on violence on youth. Eric Reviews the new @venom Movie while they drink John J. Bowmans single barrel whiskey. He also talks about his visit to the Historic Casanova Liquor Store. Also Kiel wonders what if Wes Anderson had directed the Mortal Kombat movie...



This week the boys have a special guest Missy @miss_vampira666 on to discuss The Neon Demon. First they dig into what Kiel considers a 10 out of 10 whisk Sazerac. They discuss a little history of the company and drink. Then they talk about the Daniel Deluxe and Dance With the Dead show they went to at the 7th ST Entry. They also get into the finer details of Dark wave and Synth wave. Then for the main topic they have a group discussion of Nicholas Winding Refns 2016 film The Neon Demon. We...



This week the boys have some local garbage called Roknar Rye Whiskey, A quote " the more i smell this the more offensive it becomes." "tastes like licking a Popsicle stick and wet grass." " Straight balsa wood ejaculation, splinters and all." on the positive side they talk about Dan Terminus of Blood Music and the show he put on and the main, main topic is the Nick Cage movie Mandy. They talk about the mind fuckery of the movie and have different takes on the fever dream that is the movie.



This week the boys break down a lot of the news they have missed over the last couple of weeks. Eric talks about Money Shoulder and they boys give their review of the scotch. Then Eric goes into the remaster craze that's been happening with obscure and cult movies. Kiel gives his review of the new Predator movie. Hint it's not good. Kiel goes and a tangent about how he hates Sara Paulsons face. Also mentioned Arrow Video Shout Factory Labyrinth the godfather Prince of darkness TV series...



This weeks episode the boys have a special guest Eric S. who's an expert on PC's and PC gaming culture, that's personal computer folks. He walks the boys through their ignorant questions on the topic as they drink Orphan Barrels 22 year Rhetoric. They explore the current trends of PC gaming such as Fortnite and PUBG, Topics related as what the hell is Reddit and talk about the current technological trends of PC's and where they're going.



In the last of the Apocalypse Trilogy retrospective the boys review Prince of Darkness. They talk about how this movie is ejaculation horror at its finest. They also talk about the effects and overall themes of the movie in their usual smart ass way.



In this episode the boys break down the first of the Apocalypse Trilogy from John Carpenter. 1982's The Thing Staring Kurt Russel and Keith David. They explore the themes of the movie, John Carpenters influence on the genre synth wave and artists such as Com Truise and Gost. They talk about the decline of 70's filmakers, Sountracks, Depeche Mode, How shitty EDM is, both Blade Runners, George Michael and more.



in this 3 part series the boys take a look into John Carpenters In the Mouth of Madness. Carpenters lovecraftian horror movie staring Sam Neill. The boys break down what works and what doesn't in their usual self deprecating and vulgar way.



This weeks episode Kiel and Eric drink shelf turd Ancient Age. They give their assessment of this very bottom shelf Bourbon from Buffalo Trace. Eric Digs into one of his biggest passions which is the Fallout series to which Kiel has never played and has had minimum exposure too. Join the boys this week as Eric tries to explain what fallout is to Kiel who hates American RPG's



This week we dig deep into one of Kiels obsessions. Vinyl culture. He take us into how got into the culture. What drives his obsession. Boutique pressing and a lot more. The boys also talk about Marc Maron and how his show hits ways to close to home for them. They also talk about Mondo Deathwaltz records video game soundtracks bootleg video game soundtracks synthwave and john carpenters contribution to the genre jack whites third man records as always while getting drunk off the whiskey of...



On this weeks episode, John from the internet joins the boys to discuss the 2005 movie Kiss kiss bang bang from Shane Black. They break down what makes the movie so great and discuss Shane Blacks movies as a whole. The boys try some small batch knob creek rye. Actually they finish off the bottle. Then they wonder off on a myriad of tops that last for almost 2 hours. Things such as M. Night Shyamalan, and why he sucks Mortal Kombat, the best video game movie One Punch man Season 2 Alien 4k...



On this weeks episode we switch it up a little. We have long time friend Jam on the show. She brings us some Angels Envy so we double fist the bourbon on this episode. We also drink Eagle Rare and do a very terrible job describing how it tastes, " It tastes like Eagle Rare" Jam breaks down history of Angels Envy while Eric and Kiel talk about Eagle Rare. Eric talks about the Movie Annihilation and why he doesn't like Natalie Portman but gives her a pass on this movie. He also covers The new...



Apologies in advance, Eric wants to wants to say sorry for getting drunk in the back half of the episode and rambling. Anyways this week the boys get into some fine Colonel E. H. Taylor barrel proof bourbon. They dig into the history of the man and brand and his contribution to the modern buffalo trace company. They also discuss the bottled in bond act. Kiel breaks down his trip to California Extreme this year and all the pin ball arcade mania. He talks about aka to blue, how the french are...


Episode 9

In this weeks weeks episodes the bois break down Hibiki Japanese Harmony and how much they love it. Kiel talks about his upcoming trip to California Extreme. Then they finally get to their review of Critters. They have some serious questions for the filmmakers. Like that little kid might be a domestic terrorist. who the hell would leave their kid supervised by the down drunk who may be mentally disabled. Also the kids older sister is a little rapey towards Billy Zane but then again who...