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Analyzing Weird Al's movie UHF one minute at a time. Sort of.

Analyzing Weird Al's movie UHF one minute at a time. Sort of.


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Analyzing Weird Al's movie UHF one minute at a time. Sort of.






TMMMCI/MIMT - Ep 003: Salty Wicket

Have you ever seen Star Wars?! What about the third one? No not THAT third one, I mean the sixth one. The one that came out four movies before the seventh one. The first trilogy, third movie, Episode VI. Revenge of th---, no, Rise of Sithwalker, no,......Return of the Jedi. Well there's food in it. The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | StarWarsMinute.com Town Talk | MySpace | Twitter | Instagram | Email | TeePublic


Minute 020: Janitor Gets Canned Laughter

When stuff gets lost, the janitorial staff gets stiffed, while the senior staff gets the last laugh. UHF Time Stamp 0:19:38-0:20:40 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Minute 019: Rage Pooping

Sometimes an episode speaks for itself, This may have been one of those times but we weren’t listening. Cue David Bowe’s Fashion as Jonathan and David talk about tie clips, Iggy and the Stoogies, angular office geometry and…..upper deckers…. UHF Time Stamp 0:18:36-0:19:38 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | fashion Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Minute 018: Crack The Code

This is episode #2 for our guest, Sean German! He really gets the lead out and tests our knowledge of the office life. UHF Time Stamp 0:17:34-0:18:36 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | catandsean.org Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email | TeePublic


Minute 017: Lattice Forte

I’ve heard of a put-upon German professor having to teach English to an American class. But what if you put Sean German (podcaster) having to fake French with American sass? Whether friend or faux, he’s here to show no merci, and maybe help Crazy Ernie get some phoques into those cars. UHF Time Stamp 0:16:32-0:17:34 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | catandsean.org Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Minute 016: A Very Important Lesson on Electricity

Electricity is no joke! Jonathan gushes about safely handling the juice while David pretends to care. Also notable: we are introduced to Pamela and we discuss the measure of a man, and that measurement has a name.

Bonus Blowout Rambling Interociter Episode 2

When a bad movie is referenced by a good movie, does that make it better? If a good movie is referenced by a bad movie, does that make it worse? Now if two movies reference a third movie, is that the best thing ever?! We don’t know, but it gave us an excuse to talk about MST3K The Movie! The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | mst3k.com Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Minute 015: A Rankle in Digression

We welcome you into our laboratory where we are up to our elbows in pecans, Cinematic Titanic, and Mr. Ed!


Minute 014.1: The Rhythm of the Dishes

Tom Fahey (of the futuristic Grease Minute) and your hosts David and Jonathan just flew this alternate time line version of minute 14 into your ears and boy are they’re arms tired!


Minute 014: Viva la Brioche!

Returning guest Tom Lahey brings the groaners, David talks about the toys (which we know you don’t like) but luckily Jonathan centers us with door knob talk and his bum love!

Minute 013: Full Body Fart Workout

David and Jonathan bring Tim Fahey of Grease Minute (A movies by minute podcast not coming any time soon) on board to sort out our ideas on Punch and work out videos, meanwhile, there is a movie we should probably be addressing…


Minute 012: Punch-Stained Fur

It’s party time! We’ve got casual conversation, smoke filled poker rooms, and a dog in the punch bowl. So come on down to Rodeo Drive as we give Rudi Thornburg another chance to recommend other good/bad movies. UHF Time Stamp 0:11:22-0:12:24 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | openthepodcastdoorshal.libsyn.com Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Bonus Blowout Rambling Digression Episode 1

Are you ready for French encounters of the small kind!? David and Jonathan do a medium dive on something that means something.


Minute 011: Deliberately Teri

Rudi Thornburg is making that imagination work for him as he joins us for some pretty important potatoes. He promised us 2001 recipes. UHF Time Stamp 0:10:20-0:11:22 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | openthepodcastdoorshal.libsyn.com Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


Minute 010: Mad Trash

Exclusive in this issue: Tony Consiglio tell all about Jeff Bezos! Also! Awkward celebrity run ins! Garbage Bags! Cheese Hats! Head Trauma! You throw us the one star reviews and we’ll toss you the episode! Exclamation.

Minute 009: Finger Experiment

This is a big one folks! We bring in Tony Consiglio of Star Wars Minute fame to help us sort through our feelings on Twinkie Wiener Sandwiches, flour, canned goods and tape worms!

Minute 008: His name is Robert Steckler

We answer the age old question: “What’s the best way to get fired?” Or was it “where is the best place to keep your crowbar?” Or maybe it was “How does Don Quixote relate to UHF?” Very special guest Robert Soulliere Jr. joins us to explain the circumstance! UHF Time Stamp: 0:07:14-0:08:16 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com Town Talk |MySpace |Twitter |Instagram | Email |TeePublic


TMMMCI/MIMT - Ep 002: Big Edna's Burger

We’re bringing the foodcasts together to give you a taste like you’ve never heard before! “The Movie Made Me Chew It” partners with “Movies I Masticate To” for this in-depth study of the hamburger. You won’t want to miss a single 2nd! The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | MadMaxMinute.com Town Talk | MySpace | Twitter | Instagram | Email | TeePublic


Minute 007: Flotsam and Philstrum

The reality of our situation is setting in as Brett Bontrager returns to help us transition from boulder rolled to Burger World. We've been through a handful of minutes in the last month, and we can see the writing on the wall. And that writing is a little maddening. I just hope we don't get caught with mustard on our face. UHF Time Stamp: 0:06:12-0:07:14 The Links: Moviesbyminutes.com | UHF62nd.com | beardbrand.com | artofmanliness.com Town Talk | MySpace | Twitter | Instagram | Email |...


Minute 006: Doctored Teeth and the Kinetic Mayhem

There’s an old saying that goes something like “You can pick your friends, and you can pick your hosts, but you shouldn’t let your friends host” or something like that. Either way, nobody knows our hosts like good friend BJ Bontrager, who is here to….I’m pretty sure he just came here to talk about Muppet Babies. So pull up your striped socks, gather all your friends in the nursery, and make your dreams come true. And then listen to this if you have time. UHF Time Stamp: 0:05:10-0:06:12 The...