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Re-Visited Episode 83: Kabir Sing -Smile A Fear

This week we Re-Visit episode #83 with Kabir Singh Plug in your ear buds and Live Uncontained. Voice Actor, Poet, and Philosopher, Kabir Singh is my guest this week on Uncontained If you recognize Kabir's Voice it may be because his voice is just about everywhere, including Advertisements for Under Armour, Samuel Adams, The Memphis Grizzlies and even T-Mobile. Kabir Singh's voice is in many places and now he is on Uncontained. Kabir shares some great advice and out looks on life and the...


Episode 177: Joe Clarke - Be Headstrong

Filmmaker Joe Clarke returns to Uncontained. To talk about his new film Alta Vista, his first film made in Hollywood. Ironically about a first-time filmmaker in Hollywood. True to Joe Clarke form the film is full of twists and subplots. We also get some behind the scenes stories from his documentary Headstrong, on WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam. Including how the documentary evolved from the original concept, and how he had fight tooth and nail with RVD to make what he believed was the best film...


Episode 176: Alton Pete - Life Is So Precious

This week I talk with, Alton Pete, a decorated retired US Army, Iraqi war combat veteran, and author of Life Is So Precious. Alton served in the Army for 26 years and its from his experiences in Army life and post Army life readjusting to life as a civilian, he was inspired to write Life is So Precious. Alton is full of inspiration, passing on the message you can achieve what ever you want to, and working together brings everybody up instead of tearing people down. I know it sounds like a...


Episode 175: Gus - Stories of a Bodyguard

This week I talk to my friend Gus. He shares some great stories working as personal security for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood, including Sharon Stone, Ryan Seacrest, and Joe Rogan back in the Fear Factor days. He has also kept many rock stars protected from crazy fans, and shares some behind-the-scenes moments working as head of security for Vinnie Paul from Pantera and HELLYEAH. I have been trying to encourage Gus to write a book because he has so many more stories that we were...


Episode 174: Trust The Process - Solo

I go solo on Uncontained this week. The phrase "trust in the process" is everywhere from motivational memes, YouTube videos, and podcasts on the business, and entertainment industries. In this episode I talk about a few people who inspire me and look at how they use the "the process" I take a look at Lewis Howes from The School of Greatness, Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia, stand-up comedian and host of ID10T Chris Hardwick, and Jordan Harbinger the host of The Jordan Harbinger Show, along...


Episode 173: My Guest Spot on Instagram Stories

Back in January I was a guest on Instagram Stories, hosted by Daniel Hill to talk about Instagram. talking about using Instagram to promote Uncontained I also get some advice from Daniel on how to use Instagram more effectively. Original show description Aaron Static Render hosts a podcast called “Uncontained” where he interviews people in the entertainment industry – actors, musicians, comedians – about their roots, what advice they’d give, how they promote themselves, and what’s kept...


Re-Visited Episode 001: Tom Garland

I hope everybody had a great 4th of July to our neighbors to the North Happy 1st of July. I am re-releasing My first ever episode of Uncontained honor of the birth of our country I look back at the birth of the show. After all they say you can't know where you are going unless you know where you started. So please enjoy this look back at the beginning of Uncontained as we continue to move to the future. Plug in those ear buds this and enjoy re-visiting episode 001 with Comedian Tom...


Episode 172: Jarrell Hall - I Burnt Down The Iron Throne

What do the Night King, Arya Stark, 2 dragons have in common, besides being on Game of Thrones that is. They all get their motion or moves in Arya's case from my guest this week, MoCap actor, and stuntman, Jarrell Hall returns to Uncontained this week. Jarrell was first on the show back on episode 58, and has been busy since. If you watched HBO's Game Of Thrones you have seen his work. He did MoCap for 2 of the 3 dragons including the one that melted the Iron Throne, a number of white...


Episode 171: Sean Dustin - Stacking Successes

This week on Uncontained I talk to Sean Dustin, the host of the Podcast "Nowhere to go but Up." Sean features stories from people that have hit rock bottom and are on their way back up, rotating every other week with lighter shows with people and stories that the only requirement is that Sean Finds them interesting. Having to start over from rock bottom 3 times himself, Sean talks about how he turned the corner and started stacking small successes to stay out of prison and kick a drug...


Episode 170: Dylan Barrows - Hearing Your Voice

This week I find myself back at Voice One studios for a second week in a row. This week I talk to up and coming voice actor Dylan Barrows. One of the things I love about Uncontained is that one week you could be talking to some one who been doing their craft successfully for years, and the next week have a guest that is early on in their quest to master their craft. The beauty of that is, depending on where you are in your journey one of their advice might resonate more. Listen in an pick up...


Episode 169: Elaine Clarke -Founder of Voice One

This week I join my guest Elaine Clark, in her Voice One studio in San Francisco, CA. I met Elaine just over a month ago when recording the voices for a video game. (Not for an up coming game, or was just for fun and the experience.) If you recall a few week I posted the audio the,check it out if you would like. For those of you that need an introduction to Elaine Clark, She is the founder of Voice One in San Francisco, CA., a SAG and AFTRA actor and voice actor. Elaine is also an award...


Episode 168: Ray Phunk - Activate!!!

Don't miss this episode of Uncontained with podcast host, popper, DJ Ray Phunk! Ray and his crew do their show live on YouTube Fridays 9:00 PM to Midnight PST. Which you should all check out...After you listen subscribe, and share this episode. Ray an early adapter to podcasting starting back in 2008, but before podcasting he was part of a poppin crew called Distinguished Gentlemen, evolving to DJing and now Podcasting. Ray and the Activate LA crew are always looking to help people out from...


Re-Visited Episode 114 Sean Martin - The Quarantined

This week in honor of Memorial Day, I invite you to revisit episode 114 with guitarist and Vocalist of the band "The Quarantined" and member of the Airborne Infinity Sean Martin. Thank you to all the men and women that have served and sacrificed for us civilian type people. Sean Martin joins me on Uncontained this week. Sean is the singer/guitarist of the 3 piece band, The Quarantined. Sean has been singing since he was 4 years old and has lived a life filled with music. He graduated from...


Episode 167: Sean Conner - It's All About The Fitz

This week on Uncontained I talk with Sean Conner a stand-up comedian and creator of "Fitz" an animated series portraying human archetypes as clothes. Sean is currently pitching his series to networks, and is working on completing his pilot episode. We discuss the pitching process and how streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu has made it easier to get your content in front of the right people. We also talk about stand-up comedy and how talking about your truth is important. A special...


Episode 166: Jose-Pepe Adriazola - Do What You Love

This week I meet up with Jose-Pepe Adriazola, a Global Business and Brand Strategist and Socialpreneur, specializing in Media Art and the Entertainment Industries. Jose is also an instructor at SAE Expressions Creative Media College, teaching Music/Entertainment Business and Management. This episode of Uncontained is full of great of great advice for the artist that is sick of starving. After all no artist wants to be a cliche especially not that of a starving artist. We talk about what...


Episode 165: Jacob's Star - Solo Episode

This week on Uncontained it is a rare back to back solo episode. Ok it is a first ever back to back. This won't happen all the time. I still will be bring you great interviews! I just had a few cool things I wanted to share, last week it was my return to stand-up this week it was recording the audio for a video characters at Voice One in SF with owner and voice actor Elaine Clark. Lake a listen to to the finished product. Plug in your earbuds for this solo episode of Uncontained.


Episode 164: Uncontained Solo - Returning to the Stage

This week I talk about my return to the stage on my birthday. I figured what better day to get my dive back in to stand up comedy than on my birthday, right? I thought it was a great present to myself. Past Uncontained Guest Ace Boon gave me some stage time on his 2 year anniversary of his show F'larious Friday. If you are in Oakland on the last Friday of every month you should check it out at La Estrellita! I talk about getting up on stage, how it went, and how I plan to make the jokes land...


Episode 163: Garin Wilson - Shooting For Oscar

This week on Uncontained I talk with 19 year old filmmaker for North Carolina, Garin Willson. Garin has his goals set high shooting for an Oscar on his upcoming short film "The Machine" a film about a guy who win the Lottery over and over again but there is a catch, which we talk about in this episode. He has his hands in a few different projects including a feature film titled Jed, an LGBT horror film. You can check out the Jed trailer on Youtube. Garin may only be 19 but he has a lot of...


Episode 162: Anson Goode Jr. - Don't Always "Yes And"

Filmmaker, rapper "Wes G Poet", and video game designer, Anson Goode Jr. joins me on Uncontained this week. Join our conversation as we talk about his production company Black Rose and the videos you can check out on his YouTube channel. Anson also talks about attending the GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco the week before we recorded this episode, and debuts the title of the game he is currently working on. That's right an Uncontained exclusive! Anson admits to breaking...


Episode 161: Chris Adams Returns - How a Car Crash Led To Success

This week Chris Adams returns to Uncontained! He's had a lot happen since the last time we talked. It all started with a fiery car crash, a DUI, and advice from a meth head when in the drunk tank; along with saying yes to the right opportunities. Chris has been doing stand up and film work for years, and recently had some doors open by not being afraid to work for free. After editing Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft's podcast for a while, it led to the job he has now editing video for comedians...