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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched

A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched
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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched






Episode 91 "Manifest"

Crank it up boys! We have reached the end of Worst of Fall and the final episode of TV the critics will be reviewing this year. This is the final time in 2018 we will be answering the question, does this show belong on some critics lists as the worst new show on TV this fall? Luckily for NBC they get two entries in Worst of Fall as this week we are talking about “Manifest”. In a surprise heel turn, the Uninformed Critics end up siding with the professional critics over the audience. Tune in...


Episode 90 "The Cool Kids"

We are closing in on the end of the Worst of Fall, but first we have to watch FOX’s entry “The Cool Kids”. We once again answer the question, does this belong on critics lists as one of the worst shows of fall? The professionals are mixed, but one professional believes the stars on this show can take it to heights higher than the material or format merits. Tune in to find out what the brothers think about that! Topics of conversation include: how well the brothers really know David Alan...


Episode 89 "I Feel Bad"

The worst of fall continues with I Feel Bad. We are at our best when we are talking about the worst. Spoiler alert there is no debate this week about if this NBC show actually sucks. This critics are correct. It does. Tune in to find out what the brothers hate the most. You won’t want to miss this week! Talking points include: questioning if there has been a main character more hateable than Emet, favorite types of cakes, and why someone who gives other people nicknames is actually a...


Episode 88 "Single Parents"

The worst of fall continues with ABC’s Single Parents. Does it deserve the scorn of being considered ABC’s worst new show this fall by some critics or is it actually pretty good? As always the Uninformed Critics have an opinion. Tune in to find out what it is! Talking points include: Lettuce being poison, wanting to be on the mist list as adults, and a surprising lack of children in a show about raising children. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook:...


Episode 87 "All American"

Kyle’s poor immune system caused us to miss last week's episode, but we are back with a vengeance. Two weeks ago we watched the best show CW had to offer and this week we are watching All American which is supposedly the worst new fall show CW has on tap. This show has everything: a game of anything goes poker, a family caught up in a ponzi scheme, teenage drama, gangs, sex, and a paternity mystery. Keep in mind this is only episode 4 of the show. Critics love this show, but viewers seem to...


Episode 86 "Charmed Reboot"

Freed from our self imposed contract to watch CBS, we are back to an old favorite the CW. This week we are watching the Charmed Reboot. Does it deliver on the classic CW charm the brothers love? Tune in to find out! Talking points include: Idris Elba as James Bond, the alt-right hating reboots, questioning IMDBs irrational hatred of this show, finally somewhat agreeing with IMDBs irrational hatred of this show, and loser virgin podcaster jokes. Follow us everywhere: Twitter:...


Episode 85 "FBI"

We have finally reached the end of CBS month. This week we are talking about the new Dick Wolf procedural FBI. Talking points include: a lack of mind-blowing technology, wondering why the FBI is even involved, endless plot holes, and getting PTSD from workplace security drills. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics Email: uninformedcritics@gmail.com Website: www.uninformedcritics.com


Episode 84 "Happy Together and The Neighborhood"

We are nearing the end of CBS month and this week we have a double header of CBS sitcoms in the form of Living Together and The Neighborhood. Talking points include: not understanding who these shows are targeting, playing a game to figure out how many character names the brothers rememeber, and Kyle speaks for the black community from his ivory tower of white privilege. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics Email:...


Episode 83 "God Friended Me"

Family vacation last week couldn't stop us from bringing you the goods this week. Talking points include, does Sirius really have a podcast channel, Rakesh should be the lead, and what is truly the best ending for this show. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics Email: uninformedcritics@gmail.com Website: www.uninformedcritics.com


Episode 81/82 "Magnum PI Double"

No Episode last week so that means we have a Magnum sized portion of Magnum PI, both the original and the reboot! Talking points include, Kyle making really bad jokes, the boys letting it be known were they stand on female characters, and the writing of the greatest crossover epic of all time. Seriously CBS make this crossover happen.


Pizza Quest #6: It's not delivery and no one thought it was. It's Digiorno.

This week we take a break from chains and head to the frozen aisle to try Digiorno stuffed crust pizza. Spoiler alert: We hate it. The only question is how low can the ratings possibly go? We also question if stuffed crust pizza is ever good. Other topics of discussion include: hatred of US labeling laws, the awful slogan of Digiorno, and we settle the debate of pineapple on pizza. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram:...


Episode 80 "Family Ties"

Well it only took 80 episode, but it finally happened..... just what is it you ask, you'll have to listen to find out. Talking points include, drunk and charming Tom Hanks, being disappointed Urkel didn't show up, and just how much more generic can you get.


Episode 79 "Cheers"

Episode 2 of 80's month and we finally learn everyone's name, well okay one character, but it's a start! Talking points include, just how ugly is Geno, Kyle hating on Boston, and how good Ted Danson looks. Stick around to the end as Thomas fills us in on a question from last week


Episode 78 "M*A*S*H"

Join us as we travel back to the 80's all month and start off with the Army "Comedy" that is M*A*S*H. Talking points include, finding humor that's to dark even for us, Kyle pretends he's a doctor, and how the ending just doesn't hit home.


episode 77 "Dawson's Creek"

We hope you're ready for the horniest episode yet and a great end to 90's month. Talking points this week include, ecstasy induced locker room orgies, the worst punishment of all time, and how one kids detention is 1000 times worse then everyone else!


Episode 76 "Friends"

After technical difficulties last week, we are back and better then ever. Join us as we discuss what may be the most popular show of the 90's in Friends. Talking points include, Thomas' foray into the landlord game, Kyle's expertise of fertility medicine, and just how exactly do you keep a duck and chicken in a NY City apartments. Stay until the end as we recap last week, which mainly means we talk about Kelsey Grammer's Hog Tat.


Pizza Quest #5: Top 10 reasons you are wrong about Little Ceasars

Due to technical difficulties we missed our normal episode this week, but we will never miss a chance to talk pizza. This week we take a bite out of the budget chain Little Caesars. We finally have some disagreement. Which brother enjoys it and which brother hates it? Tune in to find out and then tell us which one of us is right. Topics of discussion include: northeast vs southeast Little Caesars, phrases we hate, and Kyle starting a blood feud with the midwest. Follow us...


Episode 74 "Seinfeld"

This week we are checking out a brand new show called Seinfeld, maybe you've heard of it? In reality we are jumping back this month for 90's nostalgia month and catching up on all the shows we've missed. Talking points include, Kyle's lack of knowledge of Chris Rock, was it really a hooker, and did Krammer's racism come out this episode?


Episode 73 "Home Alone 3"

July is coming to an end so there is only one way to celebrate and that is of course watching another movie in the Home Alone Saga. Talking points include, our script for a Home Alone/Saw Mash-up/Reboot, if the Home Alone 1 and 2 movies exist in this universe, and fake buzz's weird masturbation habits. Stick around to the end as we discuss Americas thoughts on Owen Wilson


Episode 72 "3rd Rock From the Sun"

After a week off we are back with the Christmas spirit following. We dive back into the past to check out 3rd Rock from the Sun. Talking points include, tons and tons of dick jokes, dick getting hit on, and dick loving Christmas, hating Christmas, and then loving it again! Stick around to the end as we check back in on Papa John