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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched

A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched
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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched






Episode 105 "Bosch Season 5 Premiere Extravaganza"

After a two week hiatus, we are back and breaking the format as we discuss the season 5 premiere of one of our favorite shows “Bosch”. Will we love season 5 as much as the previous seasons or will it fail to post bail? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: how CIU is the new IA, the season starting with a plot device we both hate, and the absurdity of semi-boneless ham. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Email: uninformedcritics@gmail.com Website:...


Episode 104 "What We Do in the Shadows"

March Madness is over and with it our “One Tree Hill” anti-fancast. We move on to a new FX shows based on a movie of the same name “What We do in the Shadows”. It's a documentary style look at the nightly lives of vampires in the real world. Will we invite this show into our lives or keep it out in the cold? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: our combined hatred of April fools, why comedy is hard to talk about, and what is annoying us these days. Follow us...


Episode 103 "March Madness: One Tree Hill Rewatch"

In the middle of last week’s episode we learned that basketball was removed from “One Tree Hill” after season 1 because it made the show too masculine. So we end March Madness by testing that theory and rewatching an episode from season 1. How much more masculine is this show? Will it stay a worst show nominee? Will Kyle be forced to issue an apology in the first few minutes of the show? Tune in as we answer all of these questions and more! Topics of conversation include: Minkus, Dan being...


Episode 102"March Madness: One Tree Hill"

After missing week 2 of March Madness, we are back with “One Tree Hill” a show about basketball or at least it was about basketball in season 1. We didn’t know that beforehand and watched an episode from season 3 where there are really no sports to be found. So it fails as a sports show, but is it any good otherwise? Also no, but it is fun to talk about and you’ll want to tune it! Topics of conversation include: how apparently anything goes in this town, the one kid who actually looks like...


Episode 101 "March Madness: Friday Night Lights"

There is no better way to celebrate March Madness than an entire month devoted to sports based TV and movies. The festivities get kicked off with NBC’s “Friday Night Lights” a show about football in small town Texas. Both of us hated the movie of the same name, is the TV show any better? More importantly, how much does this show actually have to do with football? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: ending friendships over bad toilet paper, the greatest speech in sports...


Episode 100: "The Golden Girls"

Somehow we have made it to 100 episodes. What better way to celebrate how old our podcast is than watching a show about a bunch of old women? Do the Critics think “The Golden Girls” has something to offer viewers today or is it a show that belongs in the past? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: why we didn’t watch Angels in the Outfield, a visit by Gozer from the Ghostbusters universe, and we end the episode with the debut of our Survivor fancast. Follow us...


Episode 99 "The Rookie"

Last week, as we reviewed a medical drama, we questioned if there are more medical dramas or cop shows on TV. So you know this week we have to do a cop show. We will once again ask, is there anything that sets ABC’s “The Rookie” apart from any other cop show? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: another nonsensical timeline, cops breaking the law, and we put our impressive knowledge of electricity on display. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook:...


Episode 98 "New Amsterdam"

Is there anything that sets NBC’s “New Amsterdam” apart from other similar shows on TV or are the professional critics correct that this just a corpse of pre-existing shows? Tune in to hear the Critics set the record straight! Topics of conversation include: how much of this could possibly be based on a real memoir, proper hospital hierarchy, and weird comedy interludes in serious shows. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram:...


Episode 97 "Riverdale"

We are watching the CW show “Riverdale” this week which is supposedly a new take on the Archie comics, which we also know nothing about. This is a wild ride filled with a lot of murder. Was it a fun ride though? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: murder. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics Email: uninformedcritics@gmail.com Website: www.uninformedcritics.com


Episode 96 "Masked Passage"

After missing a week, we are back with a double dose of the Critics as we take a few minutes to discuss the hit show sweeping the nation “The Masked Singer” before diving into “The Passage”. Will we vote that The Passage be unmasked this week or will it sing on into next week? Tune in to find out! Topics of conversation include: how the Masked singer could be a better show, why the bad guys didn’t just murder everyone, and why advertisers should be angry about the way some shows use their...


Episode 95 "The Blacklist"

This week we break our format as both of us have seen part of the first season of “The Blacklist” and at least somewhat enjoyed it, but the show is now 6 seasons deep and we are wondering is it worth our time? This is a rare episode where we have some disagreement. Tune in, this is a good one! Topics of conversation include: DNA RESULTS, henchman always being incompetent, and the show deciding women are useless. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook:...


Episode 94 "Second Chance Showdown: Disjointed"

We finished 2018 by saying we would never watch any of the worst shows ever again, but here we are starting 2019 off with a lie. We decided the prize for being named the worst show of the year would be to get a second chance in the new year. So here we are watching Netflix’s “Disjointed” once again all so we can answer the question “Were we correct to name this the worst show of 2018?” Topics of conversation include: the problem with Netflix making so many new shows, professional reviewers...


Episode 93 "First Annual Year End Ratings Extravaganza"

It’s the final day of 2018 so why don’t you finish the year on a high note with your favorite pair of uninformed brothers as we break down the best and worst shows we watched this year. We start with a list of 10 of the shows we loved the most and 10 of the shows we loved to hate and whittle them down until we can rank the 5 best and worst shows we watched this year. Tune in to find out who brings home the title for the worst thing we watched in 2018! Topics of conversation include: what...


Episode 92 "Home Alone 4"

It's Christmas Eve so you know what that means. We review another Home Alone! Unfortunately, this one is not a cause for celebration as “Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House” was a made for TV movie and boy does it show. The McCallisters and Marv are back, but replaced with an entirely new cast. We discuss if this is really a sequel to the Home Alones we knew and love or if this is an alternate universe. Thomas has three theories as to what could be going on that you will want to hear. Tune...


Episode 91 "Manifest"

Crank it up boys! We have reached the end of Worst of Fall and the final episode of TV the critics will be reviewing this year. This is the final time in 2018 we will be answering the question, does this show belong on some critics lists as the worst new show on TV this fall? Luckily for NBC they get two entries in Worst of Fall as this week we are talking about “Manifest”. In a surprise heel turn, the Uninformed Critics end up siding with the professional critics over the audience. Tune...


Episode 90 "The Cool Kids"

We are closing in on the end of the Worst of Fall, but first we have to watch FOX’s entry “The Cool Kids”. We once again answer the question, does this belong on critics lists as one of the worst shows of fall? The professionals are mixed, but one professional believes the stars on this show can take it to heights higher than the material or format merits. Tune in to find out what the brothers think about that! Topics of conversation include: how well the brothers really know David Alan...


Episode 89 "I Feel Bad"

The worst of fall continues with I Feel Bad. We are at our best when we are talking about the worst. Spoiler alert there is no debate this week about if this NBC show actually sucks. This critics are correct. It does. Tune in to find out what the brothers hate the most. You won’t want to miss this week! Talking points include: questioning if there has been a main character more hateable than Emet, favorite types of cakes, and why someone who gives other people nicknames is actually a...


Episode 88 "Single Parents"

The worst of fall continues with ABC’s Single Parents. Does it deserve the scorn of being considered ABC’s worst new show this fall by some critics or is it actually pretty good? As always the Uninformed Critics have an opinion. Tune in to find out what it is! Talking points include: Lettuce being poison, wanting to be on the mist list as adults, and a surprising lack of children in a show about raising children. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook:...


Episode 87 "All American"

Kyle’s poor immune system caused us to miss last week's episode, but we are back with a vengeance. Two weeks ago we watched the best show CW had to offer and this week we are watching All American which is supposedly the worst new fall show CW has on tap. This show has everything: a game of anything goes poker, a family caught up in a ponzi scheme, teenage drama, gangs, sex, and a paternity mystery. Keep in mind this is only episode 4 of the show. Critics love this show, but viewers seem to...


Episode 86 "Charmed Reboot"

Freed from our self imposed contract to watch CBS, we are back to an old favorite the CW. This week we are watching the Charmed Reboot. Does it deliver on the classic CW charm the brothers love? Tune in to find out! Talking points include: Idris Elba as James Bond, the alt-right hating reboots, questioning IMDBs irrational hatred of this show, finally somewhat agreeing with IMDBs irrational hatred of this show, and loser virgin podcaster jokes. Follow us everywhere: Twitter:...