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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched

A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched
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A Weekly Podcast where two brothers watch a TV show they know nothing about and try to figure out what in the world they just watched






Pizza Quest #4: What do Colonel Sanders and Papa John have in common? Doubling down on racism.

Kyle is off on a workation this week so we interrupt your regularly scheduled Christmas in July spectacular with a timely episode of Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice. This week we dive into the Papa John’s story. Will racism sour our pizza experience? Tune into to find out. Topics of discussion include: changing cultures, being annoyed by constant sales, and pizza chains proving libertarians correct. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook:...


Episode 71 "Buffy"

Nothing says Christmas quite like slaying vampires am I right? Talking points include, creepy old dudes, why exactly did no one get slayed, and why in the world was this show so popular. Stick around as always to get some knowledge from last week.


Episode 70 "Monk"

It's that festive time of the year again, our 2nd annual Christmas in July Spectacular!! Join us this week as we go way back in time to the year 2006 to one very OCD detective Monk. Talking points include, finally remembering 90% of the casts names, flawless murder plans, and if it can really snow in San Fran (spoiler it can't).


Episode 69 "Hung"

Join us for the horniest episode of all, number 69! To celebrate such a big milestone we checked out Hung on HBO. Talking points include, total lack of dong on TV, disappointment in lack of on screen sex, and just how horny did this on get us. Stay to the end as we get a mini review of some TV shows from Thomas.


Episode 68 "The Resident"

Well we've done it, we hit the jackpot, the most buckwild show we have possibly ever watched on the podcast. Talking points include, crazy blackmail murder plots, broken penis, and just how much of a jerk was Dr. Austin. Stick around to the end for a follow up geography lesson from last week.


PIzza Quest #3: WWLE? Blaze Pizza

Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice returns and this time we are eating Lebron James's favorite Pizza: Blaze Pizza. Blaze is one of the many recent chains popping up allowing you to fully customize your own pizza. This is a concept both of the brothers love, but is the pizza any good? Tune in to find out. Other topics of conversation include: correcting a major omission from the Pizza Hut episode, a slice count scandal, and questioning why would anyone trust teenagers to correctly...


Episode 66 & 67 " The Terror and Cobra Kai"

Join us for this weeks double episode, that sends us through a whirlwind of emotions. Talking points include, doctors carrying poison, our complete lack of knowledge of the Karate Kid, and the fact that the polar bear is really a Kraken. Stick around to the very end as we touch back onto Peaky Blinders for some unanswered questions.


Episode 65 "Peaky Blinders"

So for the second week in a row (if you skip the week in the middle) we talk about a show and now we are reviewing said show. Talking points include, how many mistress' is too many, who was the real target, and what does Winston Churchill have to do with street gangs. Stick around to the end as we solve one of last weeks big questions.


Episode 64 "Sneaky Pete"

Join us as we take part in the greatest heist of all, buffacon. Talking points include, Native america wisdom, why is everyone cool with crime, and why isn't pete very sneaky. Stick around for some answers to last weeks toughest questions.


Episode 63 "Bosch"

This might be a first, an off handed comment last week turns into this weeks episode. Beware this one gets pretty wild, discussions include, why police shows always make IA out to be the bad guys, Kyle's horrible attempt to classify a character not by race, and will ass shots kill? For at least the 2nd week in a row stick around to the end as we answer some questions from last week.


Pizza Quest #2: Two men eat Pizza Hut, you won’t believe what happened next

Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice returns and this time we are testing out Pizza Hut. Is it possible we hate it even more than Domino’s? Doubtful, but tune in to find out. Other topics of conversation include: pizza measurements, ruining brownies, and elevators make a return. Follow us everywhere: Twitter: @unincritics Facebook: UninformedCritics Instagram: UninformedCritics (Maybe we will post something someday) Email: uninformedcritics@gmail.com Website:...


Episode 62 "The Americans"

Take a ride with us back to the early 80's as we discuss the cold war drama The Americans. Talking points include, Americans being the bad guys in Russian movies, just where in the world is Tuan, and how horrible spy code is. In a unprecedented move we pull back the curtain and discuss our plans for a special episode about Bosch. Stay tuned to the end as Thomas drops some knowledge on us all.


Episode 61 "MindHunter"

Finally a good one, #spoileralert. Listen in as we discuss our 2nd highest rated rotten tomatoes show, and even get a math lesson along the way. Talking points include very naughty language, a massive heel turn, and how creepy hallways can be.


Episode 60 "Grey's Anatomy"

We finally got around to tackling the giant that is Grey's Anatomy one of the longest running shows still on TV! Talking points include, classic TV cliches', lack of romance drama, and just what are these doctors really allowed to do! Stick around to the end as always to hear our wrap up to last week.


Episode 59 "Siren"

Well 59 episode's in and some how internet ratings are still baffling to us. Talking points include, where mermaids fit in the fantasy realm (spoiler: We have no idea), why this town is obsessed with said mermaids, and what exactly this government organization is doing!


Pizza Quest #1: The tragedy of Domino's

In this ground breaking new series, Pizza Quest: In Pursuit of the Perfect Slice, the Uniformed Critics step away from TV and Movies and into the world of fine dining as they attempt to find the greatest pizza on the planet. We begin the quest on a low note starting with the formerly bad (and if you ask us still terrible) popular nationwide chain Domino's. Topics of conversation include: Police Quest, all you can barf buffets, and elevators.


Episode 58 "The Alienist"

This week we travel back in time to discover aliens, oh wait no there are no aliens in this one. Talking points include, super creepy doctors, the fact there are no aliens, and most importantly why pedophile seems to be okay.


Episode 57 "Game Over Man"

This week we stepped away from the world of TV and into the big screen, well sort of this one was on Netflix. Talking points include, lots of dicks, eating ass, and Thomas' most amazing experience with a real life Juggalo.


Episode 56 "A.P. Bio"

Join us this week as we trash both this show and Toledo. Talking points include long bus rides, bad acting, and why not even people from Toledo want to date people from Toledo. Listen as we dive back to last week to answer an unanswered question.


Episode 55 "Deception"

It comes once in a generation that the TV God's bless us with something as great as this show. Talking points include how many illusion crimes are there, pushover bosses, and being a hidden twin. Last week sucked so bad we have no answers but listen to the end anyway....