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Unknown. Unplanned. Unscripted. A weekly improvised-comedy podcast that we're making up as we go along! Brought to you by the Dubai Improv Tribe!

Unknown. Unplanned. Unscripted. A weekly improvised-comedy podcast that we're making up as we go along! Brought to you by the Dubai Improv Tribe!


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Unknown. Unplanned. Unscripted. A weekly improvised-comedy podcast that we're making up as we go along! Brought to you by the Dubai Improv Tribe!




Unscripted: Episode 55 - Superheroes can't function in Space!

The big news this week was that billionaires are going to space. Some of them in very interestingly designed rockets that make one wonder what they're trying to overcompensate for. Ever wondered if Richard Branson was a little jealous of Jeff Bezos? If so, we've tried our best to portray how that scene would have played out in real life. We also show what it would look like if you put people from DIT in charge of a space mission. Good thing none of us are astronauts. Have you ever wondered...


Unscripted: Episode 54 - Taking Alcoholic Pets on Picnics

Summer is here. Yay... Honestly, I've no idea what the fuss is all about. I mean, it's really really HOT out there. And yet, more and more people just wanna go on picnics. But beware, being exposed to the heat is only the second worst thing that could happen to you. You could run into some really creepy people, as you will shortly find out. Worse, the people in question might be even creepier.... And while these folks are away, the cats come out to play. And this cat has developed some......


Unscripted: Episode 53 - The Importance of Sturdy Construction and Senior Education

I'll confess that I've never looked forward to building a house - too many details to think about! But the pillars that the roof stands on - those are critical, and if you're not careful, can come crashing down over your heads, as Karthik's greatest fear is reveled. Jathin and Robert try their best to spare Karthik (from Roma and Rashmi). Find out how that goes! Ever since I (Hari) got married, I've been told about a hundred times that communication is key to keeping your marriage smooth. I...


Unscripted: Episode 52 - Improvise everywhere, from Boardrooms to Buses

Ever been in a meeting where you've been blindsided by a seemingly random question from the audience? Where you had no idea what to say next? Watch as we put one of us in exactly that position? If you or someone else you know need an unflappable CEO, drop us an email - we have a whole list! It should come as no surprise to anyone that members of our tribe have pretty fertile imaginations. Listen to how a conversation about never finishing what someone started spirals way out of control,...


Unscripted: Episode 51 - From below the earth to the Stars and Everything in Between

This is our 51st episode! 51 weeks of providing awesome (at least in our opinion) entertainment to all our listeners. This episode, we decided to stretch the tribe by challenging them to educate while entertaining. As always, the tribe rose magnificently to the occasion. We leave no branch of studies untouched. Always wanted to learn about astronomy? Take a stroll around the DIT astronomical laboratory – where you can gaze at stars like LoonaMoona and MoonaSoona through a special eyepiece-...


Unscripted: Episode 50 - A look back on an Amazing Journey - A Retrospective

We've made it to 50 episodes! And as a special episode, we've brought back all the members of the tribe to share their experiences on this amazing journey! This is the story of how this podcast took shape, how its creators spent a good part of the pandemic-induced lockdown, and how we've gotten ourselves to this point. Learn of all the ways that embracing the art of improv has improved our lives, and if you want to find a place to start, please feel free to drop in on one of our open jam...


Unscripted: Episode 49 - The secret of the White Cinnamon Sticks

Has anyone ever told you that secrets destroy lives? And that these new White Cinnamon Sticks ruin 5 million lives? No wonder Karthik likes to keep this one on the down-low. But secrets have a nasty habit of getting discovered... Dating during the pandemic has been tough. Video-calling is probably the most that people could do over the last year. And now, with the first shoots of the post-pandemic spring, finally going back out to meet new people is something everyone is looking forward to....


Unscripted: Episode 48 - Investments Are Subject To Market Risks, a low-budget Hurt Locker, and Archimedean Physics

You might have noticed that Bitcoin, Dogecoin and [insert what-have-you]coin have been all the rage in the news. The bad news is that they sometimes crash, and Robert and Rashmi teach us a valuable skill sure to work when this has happened to you. If you're looking for an internship, (as I, Hari, am), I suppose you could do worse than joining the Summer Trainee program at the Bomb Squad. Real world experience and excitement guaranteed. Continued employment and survival not guaranteed! Sign...


Unscripted: Episode 47 - Medieval Electronics and Scuba Diving Tours at the Beach

I honestly had no idea that 4G was still being implemented in the 1500s. Join us this episode and witness the turn of history as Mughal emperor Akbar and his advisor Suresh make a decision on the most pressing issue of our times - establishing the 32-bit microprocessor as the standard. Who knows where the internet would be without such brave souls? Who doesn't love a good beach? Our bunch of kids sneaks out of home on a weekend, to clean the beach up! What a bunch of nerds! But a ton of...


Unscripted: Episode 46 - Excuse me for these Architectural Delays, please

Whoever said, “Excuses are the easy way out!” has never had a dedicated Professor like Hari who is determined that his student Prateek does not miss out on the submission deadline. But Prateek is equally resolute and tenacious and invents more and more excuses! Who wins finally? Listen and let us know what you think! Sound recording and reproduction is a great industry – and there are some wonderful professionals out there who can recreate any sound effortlessly. Our tribe members are not...


Unscripted: Episode 45 - The Undertaker Drives a Manual in Reverse

I'm not sure why everyone was so obsessed about driving today. Maybe it comes of being cooped up and working remotely all the time. Whatever it is, we decided the best idea would be to start off driving lessons at 180 km/hour. Sometimes, things go so fast that they seem to stand still [or insert your favorite quasi-philosophical analogy here]. The driving lessons continue, with Aarti and Jathin demonstrating you can go both forwards, and backwards - repeatedly. Careful, rapidly changing...


Unscripted: Episode 44 - Baking Goods Under The Influence and other minor crimes

Ever tried reading a book backwards? No? What do you mean, it's not fun?! Listen as our two resident scientists decide to peer review some cutting-edge muffin research and come to some exciting conclusions! On the other hand, baked goods do seem to go well with stiff drinks as Karthik and Prateek ponder the meaning of solitude over a stiff drink. There's also a bit of confusion as to the role of brownies in our diets, and their commercial possibilities. And after all this, we deal with the...


Unscripted: Episode 43 - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely and other lessons in Customer Service

Sometimes, dictators do strange things. Some of those things include ordering two random people having a conversation to do outlandish things. It all goes to show that, some people (cough Prateek cough cough) should never become dictators. However, such people are also the best when it comes to delivering service with a smile, or a lack thereof with excuses. Watch as the tribe gives a masterclass in how to handle irate passengers in an airline without actually doing anything that addresses...


Unscripted: Episode 42 - Thirty is the New Fifteen and other Secrets Rhonda Byrne didn't write about

Have you ever read a book? And did it ever reveal a deep dark life-altering secret? For that, you need to be a member of the DIT tribe. The books our members read change their lives for ever! Words of wisdom from our teenage adult -Prateek – thirty is the new fifteen! That’s why he has still not moved out from his loving mother’s coddling! If you were ever searching for teachers in anatomy or sarcasm – your search ends here! A war of words between two best-selling authors (one can always...


Unscripted: Episode 41 - The Press Conference of Legendary Animal Lovers

It wouldn't be entirely inaccurate to say that some people love animals. Some even love them too much. And when two of these people, who also happen to be exes... well, expect some fur to fly! Some legends like to give press conferences. Some of them even know why. Others are more like Karthik in this episode - no idea why they're there, but media-savvy enough to make it out unscathed. There's also some amazing Carnatic music going on, with an audition for the newest reality show on TV!...


Unscripted: Episode 40 - Of Cookbooks, Cricket stadiums and Critical thinking in Art Schools

Managing a crisis is one of the hardest jobs in the world, regardless of whether you're President or Principal at the local art school. And sometimes, the inescapable fact is that you might have to play a Xylophone on Your Zoom Call. Stranger things have happened, (not very often, admittedly). The sport of cricket raises many questions, but perhaps none as astute as "Why on Earth are they wearing white while standing around in the sun all day?" And finally, how can an elementally-stylish...


Unscripted: Episode 39 - The Poetry of Viral Epidemiology

Ever wondered how difficult contact-tracing is? Here's the answer: quite. It appears that, thanks to the efforts of one fearless ice-cream entrepreneur, everyone has a certain disease. Thank you, Pratheek and Karthik! And mint-chocolate ice cream sucks! We also get a short history lessons, in which we learn that one Robert Clive was responsible for bringing Chicken Tikka Masala to South India. Oh, The tales we have to tell! Wishing you all a Happy Easter that's Unplanned, Unknown and...


Unscripted: Episode 38 - Revisiting School with a hot cup of tea

Sometimes, we get nostalgic. Remember when you could see what peoples' noses and mouths used to look like? Or how much mean people liked to throw the nerds under the (sometimes metaphorical) bus? And how we used to trek uphill both ways to get a cup of tea? What do you mean, you don't? Join us as we take you (forcibly) down memory lane, and get a few unnecessary kicks in at Hari in the process. All this and more on our show that's Unplanned, Unknown and Unscripted. Go on, leave us a...


Unscripted: Episode 37 - Revenge of the Left wing Nobel-winning Astrophysicists

On your favorite improv show this week, debates get political as Rashmi and Robert pick apart whether the left wing or the right wing is more important... on a plane. We also get an exclusive look up-close into what possibly-Nobel-winning astrophysicists do at conferences. And finally, a look at Gen Z and their strange new wedding rituals. How the world evolves! All this and more on our show that's Unplanned, Unknown and Unscripted. Go on, leave us a review:...


Unscripted: Episode 36 - How to avoid mistakes while buying horses

People make mistakes. Such is life, c'est la vie, and all that. Sometimes people buy horses by mistake, or push the big red button on a strange vacuum cleaner. Mistakes are often the best things that happen to anyone. The consequences are a different story, however... Join us as we navigate an ever-changing world, exploring the horse trade, taking in the sights at a pickpocket school, and driving home the maxim "Sometimes, more is less", especially if you can avoid hearing too much. Oh, and...