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A podcast no one asked for, about movies nobody likes! We watch bad, awful movies and talk about them in detail for some reason.

A podcast no one asked for, about movies nobody likes! We watch bad, awful movies and talk about them in detail for some reason.
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A podcast no one asked for, about movies nobody likes! We watch bad, awful movies and talk about them in detail for some reason.






Diary of the Dead

Part 2 of our series documenting the worst Horror sequels: Once in a generation, a film comes along and teaches us all that it's okay to be weird. Diary of the Dead is not that film. You might say the unwanted epilogue "found" some footage of a "zombie apocalypse" if you were being generous. If you were not being generous, the gang gathered around the PS4 and tried to watch George A. Romero's first-person youtube video he forgot to upload before he died (it was a year ago so we can say...


Scream 3

Part 1 of our series of horror movie sequels that make us wish john carpenter would turn all of us into head crabs: You scream, I scream, we all scream for Scream 3. This movie was basically like getting CTE in one night without spending a decade getting your skull caved in playing professional football or getting kicked in the soft part of your head by horses. There are actors in it. There's a killer. Who killed the people? Why would he or she do that? Also, who cares? I guess there's...


Cruel Intentions 2 & 3

Sometimes, the cruelest intentions are the ones we have for ourselves and the ones we love. Other times, you just want to have sex with your teacher to get out of gym class. These movies were mostly the latter, although there was a lot of internal family love (incest) and internalized (and externalized) feelings of sociopathy. Strap in and strap on, because the Cruel Intentions trilogy is here to teach your children how to get away with everything, up to and including murder (but in a sexy...


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Valerian and the title I'm tired of typing was a movie. There were some actors in it. I guess we watched it awhile ago and recorded about it. I don't remember actually seeing it or talking about it, but there does seem to be evidence here that it happened. If you see the person that edits these things, kick him in the shins because that guy is lazy. Seriously though, fuck that guy. Instead of watching the movie, just watch the opening scene on youtube and then play with some ninja turtle...


Deep Blue Sea 2

2018's surprise sleeper hit (in the nads), Deep Blue Sea 2: Deeper, Bluer Sea, arrived on the scene in April and the Unwanted Epilogue crew was forced into action. The first possibly relevant, somewhat timely podcast they've ever released, this foray under the sea was fraught with danger. Mostly the mental kind--the sort that leaves lasting psychic damage. Nevertheless, they persisted and watched the sequel nearly twenty years in the making that belongs in a landfill.



Netflix spent 90 million dollars to take cinema to the next level for Bright, the 2017 smash hit that proved once and for all Will Smith still owes Xenu a hell of a lot more money. This episode asks the tough questions: Centaur cops--what? If Shrek exists in the world of Bright, wouldn't it have been a completely different movie? Why is LA exactly the same as it would be in our present time except with Ork graffiti? All this and more on the 15th episode of whatever this podcast is called....


In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

Auteur German filmmaker Uwe Boll released perhaps his finest work with In the Name of the King: A Very Long Title; A Dungeon Siege Movie, starring Jason Statesman as "farmer", Raytheon Liottatron as "a wizard", Matthew Lil'yard as "prince fail son" and Bort Raynolds as "the King". Their party forgot to bring a healer so it doesn't go well for them. You will need to give yourself a concussion before you watch this movie. And probably another one before you listen to us talk about it.



Back after a flu-induced hiatus, the Unwanted Epilogue crew comes out firing on all cylinders with an episode that definitely should have been behind some kind of paywall. Not because it's good, but because it's so incredibly not safe for work that there should be some monetary barrier to entry before you can listen. Trigger warning: absolutely everything. This is definitely the most offensive episode so far, with the crew tackling the seminal 2003 smash hit starring True Detective, the...


Justice League

The crew dropped real money to see a movie in that dying institution known as Ye Olde Movie Theatre, where $20 IMAX tickets took them on a magic carpet ride unlike any other. Oh wait, that was the trailers. They were supposed to stay and see a movie after that I guess but based on listening to them talk about it, I don't think any of them were actually present for that part. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License


Wing Commander

The crew opted for yet another space movie from the 90s and this time, their suffering paid off with Wing Commander (1999)! Giant cat people that live in fart ships want to eliminate humanity and for good reason--we gave birth to Freddie PRINZE Jr & Matthew Lillard, who headline this classic full motion video that Chris Roberts used to launder money offshore in preparation for stealing 100$ million via his alleged kickstarter. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License


The Karate Dog

The crew went back to the dog-movie mines and came out with this rancid treasure: The Karate Dog, not to be confused with the Karate Kid (although they were hoping you would be confused when you saw Mr. Miyagi), stars Jon Voight (!), Jaime Pressly (!!), Andy Sandburg's sort of cousin, Randy Sandburg, & featuring Chevy Chase (!!!) as the voice of a dog so that he could afford the taxes on his underground parking garage where he imprisons budding actors and forces them to do bad improv for...


Vampire Dog

Instead of writing a summary for this episode, we've opted to copy and paste the description from Vampire Dog's (2012) IMDB page: Ace is just like any other new kid at school, until his grandfather from Transylvania dies at age 96 and sends him his dog Fang. Ace soon discovers that Fang is a vampire dog - and he speaks English! Mad scientist Dr. Warhol and her bumbling assistant Frank try to capture Fang and steal his DNA in hopes of developing the latest anti-aging technology, but lucky...


Lost In Space

*Crew is online. 2.5 hours into mission, destroy the Unwanted Epilogue. Destroy all movies. DESTROY!! DESTROY!! * It's the year 2058 and Earth is running out of everything, including money. Joey LeBlanc is drafted for a daring mission to pilot a ship to help find mankind a new home, beat the terrorists, and get laid. Unfortunately, he'll have to go across space and time to prove he's not the Chad that Heather Graham thinks he is (he's a total Chad, she was right to worry). There's also a...


Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

A star-studded cast headlines this Titanic flop from 1979, a sequel to the beloved disaster film the Poseidon Adventure, from 1972 (the one where Gene Hackman falls into a pool of fire whilst shouting angrily at a God who has clearly forsaken him). The crew ate their vegetables this time, viewing both so-called films back to back, one rapidly succeeding the other, and found themselves regretting every choice in life that led them to this point. opening song credit: © borborygmus music,...


Judgement Night

The crew found themselves in a night full of harsh judgements, where one wrong move could end in death, dismemberment, and bad puns shouted at you by Tommy Gavin. Judgement Night (allegedly) came out in 1993, though we were unable to find evidence that anyone actually saw it in a theater. Editor's Note: The audio in this one is rough due to unforeseen problems and foreseen problems (alcohol). About halfway through recording, the audio became unusable. Rather than scrap the entire episode,...


The Arrival (1996)

Charlie Sheen's moistest performance, possibly ever! Not to be confused with the 2016 science fiction film that was probably pretty okay to amazing when compared to this similarly titled "film", The Arrival (1996) features scientist Zane Ziminski on his quest to prove that aliens took all his money and forced him to admit in open court that he (allegedly) has sex with hookers.


Disaster Zone: Volcano in New York

The crew wades into lava to take on a tv-movie for the 4th and likely final episode of Unwanted Epilogue, to discuss a film that features geothermal research gone awry, Michael Ironsides as the Phantom of the Opera, and so, so much more. Editor's Note: The crew was not aware prior to recording that the 147 Sandhogs are real (and real american heroes) and as such would like to apologize for assuming that was made up for this terrible, awful (but technically correct which is the worst kind...


The Mummy (2017)

The crew tackles the inferior mummy movie from 2017 that set the world on fire with news that it kicks off of an entire universe of bland monster movies with fish people, vampires, and russell crowe.


Osmosis Jones

The crew waded hip deep into poop for episode 2, taking on the 2001 Farrelly Brothers comedy they'd likely prefer you not mention over dinner. Everyone needs a shower.


3 Musketeers

In this inaugural episode, our intrepid crew embarks on a journey into 2011's 3 Musketeers film. Why did they do this? Why is anything anything? Will there even be another one of these? The movie was really bad so probably not.