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NERDlanta 2 |Ep. 21| Urban Nerd Weekly

There was so many obstacles to posting the last episode i had to talk about it in this one, not to mention the adventure i had in Atlanta last weekend. Speaking of "Atlanta", its been a few episode since we had our recap of the FX original series. So were gonna take time this episode to get all caught up. Tune in and nerd out about Atlanta... again! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------check out the theme song right here>>>...


HERBan Nerd Week |Ep. 20| Urban Nerd Weekly

420 a.k.a National Smoke out day is celebrated nation wide by new and veteran smokers alike. This weeks episode is all about cannabis, and its affect on people, on an individual and cultural basis. Tune in and nerd out about weed! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------check out the theme song right here>>> https://soundcloud.com/spaycewuzhere/crank-dat-urban-nerd-crank-dat-parody Join the email list at http://SpayceWuzHere.com...


iNerdOS |Ep. 19| Urban Nerd Weekly

Apple recently announced that in 2020 they will be switching from using computer processing chips made by Intel to ones designed in house. Find out what that means for the two companies, then, check out the newest update with Mark Zuckerberg and his congressional testimony over the Facebook data scandal. And in this weeks "Atlanta" recap and its all about Darrius this time around. Tune In And Nerd Out....


NERDtendo |Ep.18| Urban Nerd Weekly

The history of the company that has brought us the Nintendo switch is a rich and interesting one. They started up peddling flowers cards and became one of the biggest video game companies in the world, even spawning legendary series' as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon just to name a few. In this episode feast your ears on part one of Nintendo's history presented by "Urban Nerd Weekly". Stay tuned for your weekly recap of Fx's "Atlanta", as well as news on the new Avengers movie, and...


Social NERDia |Ep. 17| Urban Nerd Weekly

Black Panther movie is officially the best selling super hero movie of all time in American history! Last weeks episode of Fx's Atlanta was hilarious and as usual i'll be needing out about it in this weeks recap. The main focus of today's episode, however, is the rapidly changing landscape of social media tune in for all the laughs and plenty of info. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------check out the theme song right here>>>...


Mark ZuckerNERD |Ep. 16| Urban Nerd Weekly

Rappers Drake and Travis Scott joined high profile game streamer "Ninja" and NFL rookie Juju Smith-Schuster for a record breaking game of Fortnite last week. That makes it Twitch.tv's most viewed stream of all time, and Ninja's channel now holds that record. Mark Zuckerberg has some 'splaining to do! Recently news surfaced of a possible misuse of Facebook data to sway elections, and the public it i bit perturbed to say the least. Make sure to stay tuned for this weeks recap of last weeks...


#NerdMoney 2 [Pi Edition] |Ep. 15| Urban Nerd Weekly

Happy Pi Day Nerdlings! How did you celebrate? Drop a comment in this weeks episode to let us know! In the 2nd edition of the #NerdMoney series from Urban Nerd Weekly we talk a lot about the creator of the most popular form of cryptocurrency "Bitcoin". As well as the opinions of the grand overlord of the computernets Bill Gates, in regards to the current fade of cryptocurrency exchanges. Last weeks episode of FX's "atlanta was a real rib tickler, and did you know that post-pubescent rapper...


Dragon Nerd Z |Ep. 14| Urban Nerd Weekly

Rick Ross was hospitalized this week, or was he? Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino has announced a new tour with powerhouse duo Rae Sremmurd right on the heels of the season 2 premier of his show "Atlanta". Speaking of which $pay¢e (Spayce) gives his recap of last weeks episode of the FX critically acclaimed series, and also geeks out over the popular t.v. series "Dragon Ball Z"....


Super Blue Blood Nerd Eclipse |Ep. 9| Urban Nerd Weekly

On Jan. 31 there was a once in a life time(every 150 years) lunar event so special that most can't even get the name out correctly.The longest standing gaming record is 35 years long, and as of last year the (former)holder of that title had it stripped from him by Gaming record keepers Twin Galaxies and its users. And later in the episode find out why host, $pay¢e (Spayce), is so angry about Tidepods, and what comedianne and Original Queen of Comedy Monique's beef with video giant Netflix...


Happy NERD Year |Ep. 5| Urban Nerd Weekly

$pay¢e (Spayce) Starts #NerdNews with the full story about Apple slowing down its older model iPhones, and also youtube changing rules to prevent artist from cheating the Billboard charts. Check out the product review of the Amazon Echo Dot and accompanying assistant Alexa, as well as reviews on DJ Drama's holiday mixtapes w/ Young Dro and Lil Wayne. Then stay tuned fro the #NerdMoney Update, and be sure to drop your New Years resolutions in the comments