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S03 E10: Feat. Dinkar Dwivedi

On this episode, Aakash and Navin are joined by Dinkar Dwivedi, a musician, creative video director and host of Geek Fruit podcast. They talk about various fun topics like: You can follow Dinkar at @dinkardv You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha You can reach out to us on social media. We're @ivmpodcasts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android:...


S03 E09 : Feat. Global E Sports

This week on 'Varta Lab', Aakash and Navin are joined by Mohit Israney, CCO & Co-Founder and Rushindra Sinha, CEO and Founder of Global eSports. They talk about one of the largest and emerging sectors in the market, eSports. They give out facts, stats, stories and so much more such as: What is Esports? You can follow Mohit Israney @mohitisraney You can follow Rushindra Sinha @rushindrasinha You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha Check out the...


S03 E08 : Feat. Raj Kaushal

In this episode, Aakash and Navin are joined by the one and only Raj Kaushal! Raj is a writer, director, and producer based out of India who has been making Hindi feature films and advertising films for over 22 years. The conversation starts off with DOPs and escalates to things that you could never imagine, such as: The Jim Jam biscuit nostalgia The trip down to the biscuit lane Navin being the Jesus of his group Shalimar biscuit in the Irani joint Living in the era of 'kismi' Kite...


S03 E07: Feat. Chirayu Mistry

In this episode, Aakash and Navin are joined by Chirayu Mistry. He is a stand-up comedian, writer, YouTuber, Egg eater, and not egg maker, They dive deep into their wedding show stories and a lot more such as: Aakash and Chirayu meeting story Chirayu's engineering story 'Bache marne wala joke' in a baby shower Border and Baghban video on YouTube Reliable ways of making money on YouTube Navin's compering in engineering days You can follow Chirayu Mistry @chirayu_m You can follow...


S03 E06: Feat. Shashwat Bulusu

"Stories, we've got stories. They're a little bit of funny and a little bit of this and that!" On this episode, Aakash and Navin are joined by Shashwat Bulusu, the man behind the opening track of Varta Lab. Shashwat who also goes by the name BULLU is a singer-songwriter Telugu boy who grew up in Baroda, Gujarat. He is someone who wanted to be on the show as a guest on the first two seasons but unfortunately, it didn't happen. He finally made it through and on this episode, they talk...


S03 E05: Feat. TejInder Singh

Aakash and Navin have someone very peaceful and ethical as their guest on this episode. They both are joined by an independent freelance photographer, who works independently with people he selects to work with. The one and only TejInder Singh, who also goes by the name of 'Khamkha Photoartist'. They talk about some hilarious anecdotes and also some other topics such as: You can follow TejInder Singh @khamkhaphotoartist You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at...


S03 E04: Feat. Anupam Gupta

Navin and Aakash are joined by the host of Paisa Vaisa, Anupam Gupta. The well-meaning investment person who needs a good time and the two comics talk about: Navin and his fixed deposit account Fund Managers and Comic's timing "Paisa Vaisa" converting Non-Investors to Investors Navin's buying a new house and Aakash's moving from home story Who is Harshad Mehta? Do you have Life Insurance? What should you buy on EMI? Jains are the coolest people Anupam knows Anupam's hate for The...


S03 E03: Feat. Yeda Anna

Aakash (MC Kachua) and Navin (MC Hitler) are joined by the rapper Onkar Pujari who goes by the name Yeda Anna. This journey of two comics and a rapper is hilarious. They talk about: Yeda Anna Tripping Navin getting locked out his home and waking up with a jerk Yeda trying out cricket and boxing The shift from poetry to rap The story behind the name Yeda Anna The worst song of Gully Boy is by Ace? Navin looking like 'Ace Mumbai's Finest' The Gully Movement Rapper names of Aakash...


S03 E02: Feat. Ahsaas Channa

"O My Friend Ganesha Tu Rehna Saath Hamesha!" Aakash and Navin have one of the youngest guest of the show so far, the kid who might have gone through a sex change operation at the age of 6, who knows? They talk to the famous Ahsaas Channa of 'My Friend Ganesha' and 'Kota Factory' fame about various things like: You can follow Ahsaas Channa @ahsaassy_ You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha You can reach out to us on social media. We're...


S03 E01: Feat. Atul Khatri

Edit Varta Lab is back! Navin Noronha and Aakash Mehta are back with new guests and hilarious anecdotes. On this episode they speak to the father of two daughters and India's one of the most well known comic: Atul Khatri. One would think twice before cracking 'Mom Jokes' infront of him because you know, for obvious reasons! The three of them talk about: You can follow Atul Khatri @one_by_two You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha You can...


S02 E13: Feat. Tejas Menon

BRING OUT THE TISSUES. Navin and Aakash speak to their most-wanted guest Tejas Menon on their season finale... and things get a little bit of funny and a little bit of this and that. Navin and Aakash deduce who out of the two is the bigger Tejas fangurl They talk about Tejas and gang meeting Anil Kapoor Tejas's "snobbish" school in Dubai The conversation takes a turn and meanders into some existential questions Also, Tejas performs his first stand-up bit for an audience of two Tell...


S02 E12: Feat. Aadar Malik

Navin and Aakash are in the studio with fellow podcaster and fellow comedian Aadar Malik. They talk about everything but podcast and comedy, listen in: Aadar Malik's relationship with his uncle Anu Malik Aadar's background in Law and shit that happens in the court Navin talks about a facebook group that's solid GOLD (link below) What our mothers really think of our comedy careers Parting ways with his comedy collective SNG and more. Checkout:...


S02 E11: Feat. Dhruv Deshpande

The sweetest guy Aakash and Navin know is in the studio this time. They talk about the good ol' days of comedy with the really funny Dhruv Deshpande and more: The backstory of all the major comedy collectives The most heartfelt social media posts they have ever written Dhruv taking a break from stand up The good, bad and the ugly of comedy writing How to identify a Versova boy during an audition and the weirdest meat they have ever consumed (How did we get here, again?) You can...


S02 E10: Feat. Niveditha Prakasam

Navin shows up late to the recording leaving a gaping void in the studio and Akash's heart. They talk to the hilarious Niveditha Prakasam about: Her childhood in Kenya and Coimbatore Her job as a Vehicle Test Engineer and the Volkswagen conspiracy Navin shows up halfway and talks about how he first met Niveditha The different stand-up scene all over India They reminisce their favourite heckling stories and how to handle hecklers What was it like winning a reality show? You can...


S02 E09: Feat. Adrita Das and Karan Wohra

Navin and Akash are back after their self-imposed break. They talk to Adrita Das and Karan Wohra, the creators of the card game #CardsAgainstSanskaar about: The Holy Trifecta of Dating Apps : Tinder, Bumble and Hinge Shit students do in art schools Starting their design studio All the things that happen on a Sleeper Bus How did the card game #CardsAgainstSanskaar come about? Pranks that went a little too far They also play the card-game LIVE. Listen in! You can follow Aakash at...


S02 E08: Feat. Nikhil Udupa & Himanshu Vaswani

Meet cool, hardworking guys Nikhil Udupa and Himanshu Vaswani. They're the brains behind Four by Four Experiences, the company that puts together the popular festival Control ALT Delete. They talk to Aakash and Navin about: Landing random jobs and absconding from them Coming up with the idea for Control ALT Delete while getting drunk at a cheap bar The part about Control ALT Delete very few people know Putting up a 5-stage festival without fabricating a single stage The essence of a...


S02 E07: Feat. Jeeya Sethi

Jeeya Sethi is a comic, improv artist and a comic producer with a dislocated arm at the time of this recording. Akash and Navin talk to her about: How Jeeya started comedy and how did Navin and her become friends All the embarrassing evidence Jeeya has to blackmail Navin in the future Her passion for producing comedy She revisits an old grudge and they all philosophize over a broken friendship together Making the comedy scene safer and more welcoming for newer comics Follow Jeeya on...


S02 E06: Feat. Ankur and Aranya Johar

Akash and Navin sit down with the first set of siblings on the podcast - Ankur and Aranya Johar! They talk about: What's it like to be famous siblings? Akash reminisces the time when he joked about horse porn for 20 minutes straight Ankur talks about how he started rapping at the age of 16. How often has Aranya cried at poetry open mics? Taking first dates to comedy shows Follow Aranya on Twitter @aranyajohar You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at...


S02 E05: Feat. Pavitra Shetty

Pavitra Shetty is a hilarious comedian, everybody's friend and an overall awesome person. She talks about: Her family members' cleverly picked professions Landing an IT job after studying medicine Being the best gifter ever Her OCD and a lot more! Follow Pavitra on Instagram @pavie_shetty You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcast App on Android: https://goo.gl/tGYdU1 or iOS:...


S02 E04: Feat. Muskan Sethi

Muskan Sethi is India's first female professional poker player and also a national award winner. She talks about: Discovering her love for poker and when she decided to make a career out of it The sexism she's faced in her journey as a poker player The tricks of winning at poker and the power of the mind The constant support she's had from her family Follow Muskan on Instagram @muskansethi5 You can follow Aakash at @kuchbhimehta You can follow Navin at @houseofnoronha You can listen...