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EP 10 - The United Airlines Fiasco and Caitlyn Jenner's Sex Reassignment Surgery - 4/17/17

On this episode, Shane and Jason introduce special guest: "Sunshine" to the show. They discuss the United Airlines passenger that was forcefully removed from the plane and the impending lawsuit that the airline will most likely face. Later, they shift gears and discuss Caitlyn Jenner's sex reassignment surgery and why certain people feel the need to make the "big switch". This show was a roller coaster ride of hilarity and laughter. Check it out!! Check us out on social media: Twitter:...

EP 9 - Racism and the Infamous "N" Word - 4/10/17

On this episode, Shane and Jason tackle a controversial topic: Racism. They also ask some difficult questions regarding our history that will really make you think. Like, what's the deal with the "N" word that we hear being said all of the time? No, we're not talking about the word "Nutrition". Check us out on social media: Twitter: @VerbalSmash Facebook: Website: Click here to listen!

EP 8 - "Seinfeld" Actor Michael Richards, Brad's Wife, and The Cash Me Ousside Teen - 4/3/17

On this episode, Shane and Jason spoke about the implications of people's words and the meanings behind them. It gets serious. They also spoke about "Seinfeld" actor Michael Richards and the backlash he received years ago when he used a racial slur in his comedy bit, the Cracker Barrel controversy involving the husband of a terminated employee, and Danielle Bregoli- The "Cash Me Outside" teen who has been making headlines lately. Check it out. It's worth the listen if you really want to be...

EP 7 - Fleshlights And The Unfortunate Bullfighter Incident - 3/27/17

On this episode, Shane and Jason talked about their Fleshlight stories. If you don't know what a Fleshlight is before this episode, you will know TOO MUCH after it! Also, they talked about an unfortunate bullfighter that was gored in a pretty important body part. It's disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Link: Check us out on social media: Twitter: @VerbalSmash Facebook:...

EP 6 - Heroin, Prostate Issues, Netflix, and Classy Anal Sex - 3/20/17

More On this episode, Shane and Jason talked about heroin, urine and Netflix streams, and how anal sex could actually be classy. Jason puts on a skit for you guys. Don't judge until you listen. Check it out!

EP 5 - Wonder Woman's Hairless Armpits, A New Member of The X-Men, and Reincarnation - 3/16/17

More On this episode, Shane and Jason spoke about the recent Wonder Woman trailer with Gal Gadot's hairless armpits, a man who claims he should be considered another member of the X-Men, and if Reincarnation holds any intellectual weight. Enjoy!

EP 4 - Donald Trump's Handshake Snub And The Current Spoiled Generation - 3/6/17

More On this episode, Shane and Jason talked about Donald Trump's recent handshake snub, weird customer requests from restaurants, and the current spoiled generation of today. Things got interesting. Check it out!

EP 3 - Who In The Hell Are These Guys?! - 2/27/17

More This episode, Shane and Jason lay it all out there. They let the you, the listeners, into their personal lives and let you know what they're all about. For added measure, they spoke about ghosts, spirits, and Ryan Gosling. We know, we know....great combinations. Enjoy!

EP 2 - Casey Affleck and The Beauty and the Beast Controversy - 2/20/17

More On this episode, Shane and Jason discussed their views on The Oscars, Casey Affleck, the Beauty and the Beast controversy, and statutory rape. Check it out!


EP 1 - Crushing the Norm - 2/13/17

More This is the first official episode of The Verbal Smash podcast!