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67. It Takes A Village To Raise A Kid ft. MissLopezMedia

TUNE IN this week because we’ve got a kickass guest who is on her grind to make this world better for the next! @misslopezmedia is an activist, artist, and will most definitely let you catch these hands if necessary! We’re talking about politics, hometowns, and picking her brain about her creative juices. Remember to subscribe, rate, and tell a friend! Because #ittakesavillage


Episode 66. It Takes A Village To Hold A MotherF*cker Accountable

It's the B-K team, back from a breather and speaking on their own experiences with the wild current events going down. From the jump, cutting into Bae of the Week, we're going in on this trash fire of a country and also keeping it silly with our new hit series "Game of Trailers"! You can catch us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and drop us a line at if you've got a story to share because #ittakesavillage !!!!


Episode 65. It Takes A Village To Do It All ft. Kylie Shea

Kayla and Brittain Reunite after being apart for 2 WHOLE WEEKS! But we are back like we never left! Join us as we welcome PointeChronicles creator Kylie Shea!


Episode 64. It Takes A Village To Hold You Down ft. Janita "JJ" Jones

YO!!!! It's a special episode we're releasing early because their is some time sensitive material up in here! Janita "JJ" Jones returns to the Village to drop some inspiration and to update us on what she has coming up! Listen carefully and support our girl because #ItTakesAVillage


Episode 63. It Takes A Village To Love ft. Lorna Bracken Baxter

Not to be defined by one style, Lorna B’s own personal art of music is a blend of Smooth, Standard, Improvisational Jazz, Soul, Blues and Pop arranged with a Jazz flare. Lorna's training started early at age 3 under the guidance of her father, one of Portland Oregon’s greatest jazz legends, composer & arranger for Billy Eckstine, pianist Warren Bracken . Her father’s contributions in Jazz, Bebop, and Blues as well as exposure to other jazz greats of the time, influenced her to start on her...


Episode 62. It Takes A Village And It's MAARQUII's House!

What happens when MAARQUII takes over as co--host? A whole lotta jokes, vulnerability, and honest talk!


Episode 61. It Takes A Village To Raise An Empowering Generation ft. Masyn Wade

It’s in your best interest to tune in to our newest episode, available on iTunes and Spotify, today to listen to Masyn Wade tell his story and experience the genius he’s become/becoming. Growth is a gift and that’s not something lost on this impactful guest. We’re fucking #blessed to have this young entrepreneur on our show this week! So turn UP your motherfuckin ears this week and LEARN SOMETHING FROM THIS!


Episode 57. It Takes A Village To Know When Ya Gotta Go ft. Carlos The Rollerblader

Hey Vibers! We're hittin' it hard with the guests this time around. We want to make sure that we're staying rooted in the village! Our guest this week is the dopest of the dope, Carlos The Roller Blader! They're one of a kind and have graciously stopped by our village this week to kiki (do you love me?) and tell their story. Make sure to TURN IT UP on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and let us know how we're doing by rating because we're sensitive about our shyit! Thank you again, Carlos, for...


Episode 56. It Takes A Village To Do This Marriage Ish

It's your favorite Podcast back in the full swing of things. This week we update you on where we've been, and what we've been up to which is getting hitched! Brittain and Kayla do some reflecting on the reality of this marriage thing. Get ready for some laughs and some reads. And if you have a moment, head on over to . If you are loving the work we do and want to help us reach some major goals we'd appreciate your support. Because at the end of the...


Episode 55. Live From My People's Market

We're officially off wedding hiatus! VillageVibesPodcast had an incredible opportunity this weekend to hear the stories of some amazing POC vendors at My People's Market. It's a long one but it's worth hearing the beautiful things folks are doing for their communities locally and at large. Please take a listen if you are at all invested in community, unity, or just hearing how someone is changing their corner of the world. Major ups to My People's Market, Y.G.B., The Printory, Travel...



Topics this week are lit! First of all... WHERE IS ADIDON? We get into majorly with a conversation about the NFL, race, and how to prioritize social issues (i.e., should we really care about this beef between Drake and Pusha?). We hope you all listen & enjoy! LIKE/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE and remember that IT TAKES A VILLAGE!


Episode 53. Much Ado About Therapy

Hey friends! VillageVibes is back this week and we're doing our usual thing. Tune in this week for all the laughs and realness and find out why we really should be called VillageTherapy. If you like what you hear, please like/share/subscribe on our social media & on ApplePodcasts! We're trying to build a village and to do that, we need YOU! Why? Because everything we're doing, from creating and contributing to national conversations to sharing our own narratives TAKES A VILLAGE!


Episode 52. Just Give Me A Damn Moment

This week, like most weeks, was a week of pure, unadulterated struggles. Brittain and Kayla were both gettin hit with L after L and then came to the podcast to let out alllll of the feelings. We may be off our game, but we're still funny af. There were possibly even a few gems... we don't know remember what they were, but hopefully something hits your spirit! We're talkin royal wedding, female rap, Kayla's whiteness, and Brittain's big realization about self lovery. Tune in, get those...


Episode 51. All The Stars...Are Missing

What happens when we go to a concert? Listen to find out!


Episode 50. MAD LATE SON!!! ft. JACE JONES

EPISODE 50 IS HERE!!!!!! We truly cannot believe that we've made it this far. As Brittain would say: GET. ON. THE. WINNING. TEAM. HOES!! We have a VERY special guest this week and a few new ~upgrades~ that we can wait to share with y'all. We're talking about everything, but mostly, BEYONCE. Listen, nobody will ever, EVER, EVERRRRRR match up to her performance... at least not at white-ass Coachella. Listen to the episode to hear more of our breakdown of why Bey is so legendary and also to...


Episode 49. The Heaux Phase

Wow! We are at episode 49! We are so happy that you al are still rockin with us as we head to episode 50 and beyond. Thank you all for your support. We are looking forward to some great things in the near future. This week we ask "Have you celebrated your heaux phase?". Tune in to catch how we break down our own experiences with the "Heaux" phase, and share your thoughts and words. #Ittakesavillage


Episode 48. Tyrone Got Yo Loans! ft. Prince Rubinald

Hey all! Tune in to this episode to hear the lovely Ruby White contribute her magical gems and to hear us discuss Beyonce & Sanaa, gentrification in Portland, and the recent *scandal* at Howard University. We know we're not as funny as the Twitter-verse with the Call Tyrone memes and shady draggage, but our contribution is important, damnit! We're excited to announce that we're actually being consistent with Village Thoughts this time and we waNT YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!! Check us out on Insta,...


Episode 47. Doing The Best With What You Have

This week we are hitting our stride again after a very litty kind of weekend. Drinks were flowing, and attitudes were showing, but we managed to bring it all back into focus. We are excited to make an announcement for a very dear and close friend, and know you all will love it! Thanks as always for the love you give, and for making the village vibrant! Look for the Question of the week coming soon, and be ready to engage! #IttakesaVillage


Episode 46. A Real A$$ Week

Hey y’all, we are so excited about this new episode. Yes, we’ve been spotty on our stream but we’re bringing it back this week, and keeping it oh so freshhh. We’re talking about what’s been hitting us hard and how we’re keeping our heads above water in our own personal wading pools. Even though we discussed our downs, we had a gd blast recording the shit! We were really reminded of why we do this. We hope you all ride with us and enjoy listening. Remember to like/share/subscribe & rate on...


Episode 45. All The Blessings

Episode 45. All The Blessings by Brittain Jackson