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It Takes A Village To Keep You On Your Toes ft. Janita "JJ" Jones Of The Tribe Called Sweat

We are HERE this week with brAND NEW CONTENT featuring our fave, your fave, everyone’s fave, JJ!!!! We are honored to have had this stunning bad ass at every studio VVP has ever recorded in! She’s kickin it with us to give us the rundown on her new ~boutique~ fitness facility in Beaverton, break down GoT, and show y’all just how the EFF IT’S DONE. Go visit right now, book a class, and get your life! Nobody lives #ittakesavillage more than this powerful mama so TUNE IN!


It Takes A Village To Work Through Adversity ft. Jamaal Hale of GOODGREEN

Jamaal Hale the Brilliant Creator behind GOODGREEN stops by to gives us the deets on how he handles it all!


It Takes A Village To Build Or Destroy The Village ft. Adrian Wright Of Black Portland

Adrian Wright of Black Portland stops by to discuss building community, inclusivity, and shares a hidden talent you may not have known about! Enjoy this all encompassing conversation. #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Get Promoted:Change A Nation ft. Bryson The Alien & Jenni Moore

Artist Bryson the Alien and Portland Mercury Music Editor Jenni Moore stop by to drop some real.


It Takes A Village To Stay In Your Lane ft. DJ AMBUSH

LISTEN! YOU ARE NOT READY. DISNEY. BEYONCÈ. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. DJ AMBUSH. This man is literally doing EVERYTHING from community work to gigs to radio shows to BEING A CELEBRITY CHEF. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! You don't! TUNE IN to hear this multi-talented GEM fuck around w us and share his roller-coaster life story, all while smacking us with truth and making us laugh. We had a fucking ball with @skambeezy and we're looking forward to PART II. #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Empower Each Other ft. Tessa May

This week, we're talking about Beyoncé, the complications of being humans, and the impact that Nipsey had, all from our own perspectives, as always. Our beautiful guest is the one and only @tessamay22 who is bringing all of the light and good energy into the studio!! She let us in on some of the secrets behind her hilarious Instagram, the "algorithm", and how she replenishes her spirit. Tune in and catch the VIBESSS #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Be Un-Tethered

This is a special episode because it’s just US... ᴼⁿᶜᵉ ᵘᵖᵒⁿ ᵃ ᵗᶦᵐᵉ, ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᶦʳˡ We’re talking about Jordan Peele and Lupita Nyong’o’s blinding talents, the one downfall to Beyoncé, and PLANET EARTH!!!! Tune in, have a laugh, think a thot, and remember #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Stay Strong And Stay Sane ft. Serita Wesley Of On She Goes

Serita Wesley of On She Goes stops by the Village to give in depth detail on how to make it in this business! We always love fun, real, and enlightening conversations! Thanks for tuning in. #ittakesavillage


It takes A Village To Build A Heart: Be A Panty Droppa ft. Gio of Real Talk PDX

We're keeping it moving this week with a very special guest: @gio_t of Real Talk with PDX_GT podcast! He is dropping allllll the panties in and out of the studio (just listen, you'll understand), all whilst telling and showing the world what real growth looks like. We're also being our usual dumb selves, cracking A LOT of jokes, just to get a laugh during this wild ride of life. MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN because this episode is #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Get A Kid Where They Need To Be ft. Juan Ramirez of Racist Sandwich

Issa crossover y’all! Join our conversation this week as we sit down with producer / editor / overall contributor, @juandr47 (Juan Ramirez) of Racist Sandwich!!!! He’s letting us in on his love of skateboarding and LA, updating us about the podcast, and of course getting into race and food. Tune in and LISTENNNNN because it’s too good not to AND because we fuckin said so! Love y’all! #ittakesavillage


It Takes A Village To Bring Life To People ft. Ronnie a.k.a. BeSpeak

Happy Tuesday Folx! Y’all know what it is.. we have a new episode!! We have a VERY special guest this week. @ronnie_aka_bespeak stopped by the studio and schooled us on how to be a creator in pdx, discussing his music and incredible ability to lift up his community. Take notes y’all! He is a certified crooner and overall GENIUS!! Make sure to check out his new album A.K.A. Bespeak on Apple Music and if you haven’t yet, get tix to his upcoming show at the Mission Theater on March 9th! Stay...


Ep 79. It Takes A Village To Raise A Chanti ft. Chanti Darling

VVP is back and with a VERY SPECIAL guest that will have you seeing ~st*rs~ @chantidarling comes thru to the studio to discuss the pdx music scene and his own career path which led to the boptastic RNB, Vol 1. If you’re living under a rock and haven’t already, buy the album and tune in to catch them third degrees!!!! Big thank you to Chanti for gracing us! #ittakesavillage


Ep 78. It Takes A Village To Organize A TED Talk ft. TEDxPortlandStateUniversity

ICYMI— our very own Bae of Life Brittain will be delivering the talks to end all Tedx Talks! So this week, we had Sasheen, Abi, and Ethan from Portland State come thru the studio to tell us more about the event and #movingforward. Listen for laughs and to hear more information about the TEDxPortlandStateUniversity event!! #ittakesavillage


Ep 77. It Takes A Village To Take Out The Trash

Trash talk at it's finest this week. But uh we threw some gems in there too ya'll! Remember K and B are the best of friends forever! LOL.


Ep 76. It Takes A Village To Keep That Same Energy

You know .... Libations just may be responsible for this episode.


Episode 75. It Takes A Village To Pour Into Yourself ft. PRINCE RUBY

Yeah we got a little behind but we are back with two episodes this week!


Episode 74. It Takes A Village To Receive A Word

On this week's episode of VVP, Brittain and Kayla are flying (high) and making like Drake, tryna stay light on their toes. Maintaining positivity is a helluva challenge but we're making it work the best we can!! Hear what we've got to say about self-care, the upcoming award season, and mostly just enjoy our jumbled mess of a convo! Contribute if you feel it in your heart and soul and slide right into the DMs. We WANT to hear from you because IT DOESN'T HAPPEN WITHOUT A MF VILLAGE!...


Episode 73. It Takes A Village To Cope ft. ALANNA

This week we have a new home, a special co-host, and a fantastic guest and we dive into important and vital conversation! #ittakesavillage This episode is recorded at XRAYFm studios in Portland Oregon. Listen at (radio website) or (podcast website). We will also be broadcast on 107.1 and 91.1 fm. Be sure to rate, share, and subscribe. Check our Sosh Meed @villagevibespodcast and @xrayfm


Episode 72. It Takes A Village To Fix Kids/Cast A Good Storm ft. MARKUS PRIME

Vibers, listen carefully because we have a genius of a guest stopping by the studio this week!!!! graces us with their presence and blows us all the way back with big brains and words of passion (mostly about comics). It’s knee slappers and truths as always so DON’T SLEEP ON IT. Tune in & vibe out! #ittakesavillage


Episode 71. It Takes A Village To Make It About Me ft. IMIA

Vibers- tune in this week to hear Mary Jane and Andrè stop by the studio as K&B engage in ABSOLUTE FOOLERY!! This episode is all shade and all jokes, sprinkled with ~special guests~ @imiamour and background singer/contributor @rastaroo! Imia is sharing her insta secrets and experiences traveling the world while also delivering the intellects. Y'all make sure to tune in, cackle, and share! #ittakesavillage