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WHATEVER TREVOR is the brainchild of TREVOR MUXWORTHY, the stand up comedian interviews friends, and features 100% Canadian music.

WHATEVER TREVOR is the brainchild of TREVOR MUXWORTHY, the stand up comedian interviews friends, and features 100% Canadian music.
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WHATEVER TREVOR is the brainchild of TREVOR MUXWORTHY, the stand up comedian interviews friends, and features 100% Canadian music.








Within Earshot #10 Jon Forward feat. Kendrick

#WHATEVERTREVOR has reached the double digits. Woohoo. A slight change in format. Jon Forward came over to the kitchen studio kitchen. Episode features Kendrick almost throughout. Jon has his own weekly Saint Jon Forward Radio. His two local shows No Jokes Barred, and Uptown Comedy Deluxe. Trevor and Jon had a cool relaxed chat. Enjoy. Episode 10 features music from: yoo doo right - Whilst You Save Your Skins (EP2 / 2017 / Montreal)The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer - Do Watcha (A Real Fine...


Within Earshot #9 Sabrina Harnish

#WHATEVERTREVOR is back with an episode with everybody's favourite stand-up mum Sabrina Harnish. This interview gets REAL folks. Passion, laughter, and maybe even some tears. Trevor and Sabrina talk about a little about everything. Buckle up, because this one is lengthy... but it is oh so worth it! Sabrina runs a bi-weekly open mic at The Abbey Café & Gallery the event can be found here: Live Comedy Night at The Cider House / Abbey Café. You can follow her on twitter @sammysunshine, IG...


Within Earshot #8 Anthony Bryan

#WHATEVERTREVOR is back with another episode. With none other than Anthony Bryan. Trevor and Anthony talk about the Wilser's Room open mic, his move to Fredericton from Trinidad and Tobago. A great conversation with some great music that was popular when Anthony went to university. Episode 8 features music from: Yukon Blonde - Jezebel (On Blonde / Vancouver / 2015)Crystal Castles - Teach Her How to Hunt (Amnesty (I) / Toronto / 2016)Michael Rault - I'll Be There (It's A New Day Tonight /...


Within Earshot #7 Trevor Muxworthy feat. Kendrick

Heres a little solo podcast. Trevor felt bad not getting anything out last Wednesday. Don't worry Episode 8 will be out shortly with a special guest! Trevor talks about where he wants to take the podcast, a bit about the NHL playoffs, local MMA, and plays some great tunes. Episode 7 features music from: The Electric Cows - (Theme from) The Biff Harooba Show 1:49 (Wheatfield Fuzz / 2019 / Winnipeg)Royal Canoe - Spin Cycle 3:59 (Waver / 2019 / Winnipeg)Shad - Intro: Sniper 2:35 (A Short...


Within Earshot #6 Colin Fowlie

This weeks episode features local musician Colin Fowlie. Trevor puts the spotlight on Colin's new album Party Music. The two talk a lot about his latest album, touring, the move to being a full time musician, gaming, and much much more. Heads up!!! Colin has an album release party at Grimross, April 20th at 8pm. Episode #6 features 100% music from Colin Fowlie's latest album Party Music released April 4th: Colin on Instagram Colin on Facebook Enjoy a free 3.5g of weed through...


Within Earshot #5 Dan McCarthy

Welcome back to the pod baby. Trevor has a real nice treat for you today. Dan McCarthy is Trevor's guest this week, they got together before Dan featured for Francois Weber. Dan is from Saint John and is in the joke telling and tire business. They chat about Dan's upcoming show (it went well), his start in stand up comedy, weed, and mental illness. Episode 5 features music from: Cuff The Duke - By Winter's End (Sidelines Of The City / 2007 / Toronto)Only A Visitor - Only As We Talked...


Within Earshot #4 Fractal Code

The sounds on this episode are super trippy! Trevor and Cody have a great chat about Cody's start DJing in his apartment, and his love for electronic music. This great conversation is broken up by tracks from Cody's latest project Psychotrophic. Trevor has a show to announce. He will be hosting an awesome show at Wilser's Room on 4/20/19. Tickets go on sale soon. Mark Splude is headlining! Episode 4 features music that is 100% off of Psychotrophic. FractalCode - Psychotrophic - 01...


Within Earshot #3 Courtney Steeves

For Episode #3 Trevor's guest is Courtney Steeves and Trevor gets brought up to speed on what is going on at The Charlotte Street Arts Centre (CSAC). Spoiler alert: There is tons of stuff going on! Friday, April 5, 2019 8:00pm — Silent Disco: Battle of the Decades Saturday, April 6, 2019 7:30pm — Art Battle Friday, April 12, 2019 8:00pm — Comedy at CSAC (Round 3) Saturday, April 13, 2019 9:00am-4:00pm — CHSR 97.9FM Presents: Record/Gear Swap Tuesday, April 23, 2019 7:30pm— Comedy night...


Within Earshot #2 Jason McIntyre feat. Kendrick

#WHATEVERTREVOR is back with another episode of 'Within Earshot' your guest for the week is Jason McIntyre, Jason is a local actor, new comedian, student, and philanthropist. They sat down in the kitchen studio with Kendrick not far away. Kendrick was WITHIN EARSHOT and wanted to join the podcast so you can him during the first little bit. Jason and Trevor talk about their recent trip to hells basement, tv shows, acting, Jason's upcoming role in a local play and his future...


Within Earshot #1 Mark Splude

Thank you for tuning into WHATEVER TREVOR. A series of podcasts, the first being WITHIN EARSHOT. Where Trevor blends a casual conversation around 9 music tracks. Did we mention the music is 100% Canadian content. Trevor's first guest is none other than Mark Splude. After appearing on both pilot episodes of THE SPLUDECAST and THE SCRAPCAST, Trevor thought it would be fitting for Mark to be his first guest. They talk about unhealthy habits, Trevor's water strike and a bunch of other...