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We are a family of podcasts catering to any and everyone who loves podcasts covering all kinds of topics, discoveries, and ideas.

We are a family of podcasts catering to any and everyone who loves podcasts covering all kinds of topics, discoveries, and ideas.
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We are a family of podcasts catering to any and everyone who loves podcasts covering all kinds of topics, discoveries, and ideas.




Reality Check Episode Four-"Personal Political Divisions"

Sparked by the anger and divisions within families, groups and organizations, Johny Florida tackles the hot-button issue of how divided we have become politically. He explores the causes of our deep divisions and suggests some ways to get along, even if you and dad, mom or anyone in your life disagree on politics. A timely and important episode. Give us your time, it'll be worth it. Support Us On Patreon-www.Patreon.com/wnc www.facebook.com/wncnetwork @TheWNCNetwork Listen, download...


The Transcontinental Project Episode 22-"Live Love Laryngitis"

In this episode of TCP, San discusses the recent weather where she lives. Luke talks about coming down with an illness. The results of the punishment of the Wagers are revealed. taco bell is compared to authentic mexican cuisine and international holidays are reviewed. This and so much more on this week's TCP. For the Live Show on Tuesday's at 10:15pm edt-www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ Listen and Download on These Fine Platforms-YouTube.com. Bitchute.com, Apple Podcasts,...


The Transcontinental Project Episode Twenty One-"We're Legal Now Aclamaciones'"

On this episode of TCP, we both discuss our favorite drinks. Sam lets everyone know about Stormy and her unusual taste from a few nights back. The results and the punishment of our 1st hype wager in preperation is announced before the big one in October and Yuk and Jodie Nassty of GIDC join us. Enjoy that and so much more on this week's TCP. Live every Tuesday Night-Mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ Listen and Download Wherever you Find your Favorite Podcasts-YouTube.com,...


Reality Check 3-"Unemployment"

Sparked by (at the time of this recording) recent events in our Johny Florida's employment life, he decides to go in-depth on the experiences, feelings and realities of being unemployed. A great listen for anyone, working or not. Support us on Patreon-www.Patreon.com/wnc On Social Media-www.fabebook.com/wncnetwork and @thewncnetwork


The Transcontinental Project Ep. Twenty-"We're Back and Better Than Ever"

In this episode of TCP, we discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger being assaulted in S. Africa. A healthy dog being put down by it's owner. And we go in-depth on the origins of the show's name before being joined by the WNC's own Dave Sincere. Enjoy that and soooo much more on this week's TCP. For the Live show-www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project Listen and Download at www.youtube.com, www.bitchute.com. iTunes, Stitcher, Podchaser, Acast, Player.FM, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Spotify and...


The WNC AEW-DoN After After Show w/ Johny Florida & Papa Dave

Our own Johny Florida (Reality Check) and Papa Dave (WNCSP) do clean-up after our friends, @WrestlingSoup do a wrap-up of the AEW Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas last night. Johny gives his impressions on the show and Dave asks if this show encouraged Johny and the live listeners to give AEW a chance. AEW premiers this October on TNT. Give this one a listen Sunshine! Support the WNCN on Patreon-www.Patreon.com/wnc Social Media for the WNCN-facebook.com/wncnetwork and...


The Transcontinental Project Episode Nineteen-"Nibbling Your Earbuds"

On this exciting episode of TCP, Sam discusses the passing of Tim Conway and Luke discusses the passing of Doris Day and how her Wikipedia page was vandalized immediately after her death was announced. We discuss TCP's 1st troll, play a round of 2 Lies/! Truth before being joined by our friend Bobby Anthem. Enjoy that and much more. Catch our Live Show-www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ And for the Edited Show-www.youtube.com or www.bitchute.com and search Transcontinental...


Reality Check w/ Johny Florida-"Chivalry"

Sparked by the diminishing attitudes in courtesy, kindness, friendliness and good-manners, Johny masterfully covers the topic and offers insights and suggestions into being a more "chivalrous" individual. A great listen! Support the WNCN on Patreon: www.patreon.com/wnc On Facebook: www.Facebook.com/wncnetwork Listen and Download on Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, Spotify or wherever you find your favorite podcasts


The Transcontinental Project-"Happy...Wait...What?"

In this episode of the TP, Sam discusses to upcoming decriminalization of magic mushrooms in Denver, CO. A case of bubonic plague in Mongolia and the origins of Cinco de Mayo while Luke reviews "The Curse of La Llorona". Luke also discusses an article he read about a blind dog w/ a guide dog. Listen in for that and so much more! Support the WNC Network on Patreon: www.patreon.com/wnc Listen Live on Tuesday's at www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ On YouTube:...


The Transcontinental Project-"The Only Thing We have To Fear is No Pre-Show Title"

In this episode of The TCP, Sam discusses a woman who left her 5 y/o in a Lyft alone and the USPS theft allegations. Luke discusses his reaction to the draft and how it left him with the worst hangover of his life to date. And we are joined by Yuk Nassty of Get In Da Corner fame and so much more. For the Live show-www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ The edited version-www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXbZstqAyWjDQLO7Kmhca and www.bitcoin.com/channel/OgcNOR8tinh On...


Kayfabe Critique-"Johny vs. Jeff"

Our own Johny Florida and WNC alum Gentleman Jeff offer a spirited, in-depth discussion on how #WWE has effected the pro wrestling industry as a whole. Both past and present are discussed and nothing is off-limits. And WNCSP on-air personality Michael Corvin add special flavor. You'll love it!


The Transcontinental Project: Podcast Crossover

In this episode of the TP we are joined by a friend of Sam's named Everett Anthony from Ill House Comedy where they describe their friendship and Everettt's brief time in Texas.Everett reopens the hatred Luke and Sam have for Conor MacGregor. We have a frank discussion on mental health. We play a game of "Would You Rather', discuss a story out of Georgia ans close withe the weekly lesson. How To Find The TP!- Live: www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ You Tube:...


Reality Check #1-"A Reality Check on Depression"

Sparked by the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Robin Williams, host Johny Florida has a frank discussion on depression, it's causes, and the sometime devastating results. A eye-opening 1st episode. Support the WNC Network on Patreon @ www.patreon.com/wnc Twitter-@ThwWNCNetwork Facebook-www.facebook.com/wncnetwork


The Transcontinental Project-"Press For Your Luck"

In this episode of TCP, we have an emotional call from our friend Scott Greer. We discuss the arrest of Julian Assange. We offer condolences for anyone affected by the Notre Dame fire or the Texas tornados. We review the black hole pics and Luke describes a paranormal experience he had. For the Live Show! www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project/ To access the edited version-www.youtube.com/channel/ucwxbZstgAyWjDQLO7mchA and www.bitchute.com/channel/OqcNOyR8tinh Follow us on...


The Transcontinental Project-"Score One for Preparedness"

In this episode of The Transcontinental Project, Sam responds to recent requests for Taco recipes. She breaks the news of the addition of Storm, Luke discusses his opinion on his recent victory in the WNC Fantasy Booking Tourney. Ol Man Jenkins joins us for a game of 2 Lies and a Truth with some shocking truths revealed! For the Live TTP Experience Tuesday Nights go to: Mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project For our edited version-www.youtube.co,/channel/UCWXbZstgAyWjDQL07KmhcA &...


The Transcontinental Project- (Un)lucky For Some

In this episode of Transcontinental Project, Sam reviews 2 events she recently attended (at different parts of the show) And an old Texas Pharma kingpin facing solitary in jail. We discuss the latest developments with Jussie Smollett case and Tylar drops by to discuss the closing of the AAF. For the live show/ www.mixlr.com/the-transcontinental-project For the edited version go to/ www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXbZstgAyWjDQLO7KmhcA www.bitchute.com/channel/OgcNOyR8tlnh Twitter/...


Papa Dave is 58 Y/O and GLAD HE MADE IT SUNSHINE! And the Misadventures of #WineDrunkJohny.

In this inaugural episode on the new #WNCNetwork, "friends" comment on Dave's age. Dave comments back. And our own Johny Florida explores his tolerance for fine wines. A must-listen episode Sunshine!