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8- Hedwig and the Angry Inch Part 2 AKA Salad Bars Don't Stop Us

Welcome back to the second installment of our first ever, certified fresh Brie Pick, Hedwig and the Angry Inch! Join the team again as they delve into this witty and wild rock opera with Hedwig, our transwoman protagonist as she strives for stardom in the midst of her fuck boi ex's tour. In this episode, Brie is lovin' on Rosie O'Donnell and Martha freakin' Stewart's collages. Sista is making Mean Girl comparisons. And Megan is ranting about the "other half"/soulmate trope because she...


7- Hedwig and the Angry Inch Part 1 AKA 90's F*ck Boy Look

Time for our first Brie Pick! Certified fresh, join the team as Sista and Megan are the rookies when it comes to Hedwig and the Angry Inch! This cult classic rock opera kept the team on their toes talking about the trans community, Plato's Symposium, and all the bouffant hair stylings of the late 80's/early 90's. Megan gets into the possible diagnoses of Hedwig's personality disorders. Sista tackles the unpacking of Hedwig's glittery layers. And Brie is convinced Hedwig is a Slytherin...


6- Return of the Jedi Part 2 AKA Star Wars Adjacent for LYFE

For the final installment of the OG Star Wars Trilogy, the team is again joined by local Star Wars guru, Sarah Valentino! We again dive into the team's thoughts on Return of the Jedi. Sarah better explains the mechanisms of the force. Sista loves the Vadar redemption arc that reminds her of Draco Malfoy. Brie wants the emperor to look out for those non-existent railings like Mario Kart's Rainbow Road. And Megan can't get over Williams junior's Toto-esque Ewok Song! Alternative episode titles...


5- Return of the Jedi Part 1 AKA The Dark Side, A Drag Queen Party

In this episode, the team is joined by resident Star Wars expert, Sarah Valentino on Return of the Jedi! This is the last installment of the original three Star Wars films and buckle your seat belts for some awesome final reveals. Brie is HORRIFIED when her throuple of dreams becomes incenstuous. Sarah schools all of us on the Star Wars verse. Sista talks about having to creatively adapt from one movie to three. And Megan gets hung up on that damn metal bikini. Alternative episode titles...


4- Empire Strikes Back Part 2 AKA Boba Fett's Barbie Braid

The team finishes up Empire Strikes Back as we jump back in with episode 4. Brie FINALLY experiences the biggest cinematic reveal (and then immediately doubts its validity), and fixates on Boba Fett's braid. Sista begrudgingly confirms that yes, THIS IS THE REVEAL. Come on! Megan isn't convinced you should say, "I love you," even if you are being carbon froze. She has feelings, but is stoically Ravenclawing the situation, as always. Quotes from the episode include: "Pragmatic Vadar." "Lando...


3- Empire Strikes Back Part 1 AKA Taming the F*ck Boi

Welcome back to our next dive into the original Star Wars trilogy--Empire Strikes Back! Join Sista, Megan, and Brie on another epic space adventure as we follow Han, Luke and Leia (the whole Scooby gang) on their trek through space. Megan discusses the emotional implications of the force (what a Ravenclaw buzzkill), Brie is convinced Han/Luke/Leia are the throuple of dreams, and Sista teaches a college course on taming the fuck boi. Quotes from the episode include: "Welcome Jehovah...


2- A New Hope Part 2 AKA Emotive Cape Work

Buckle up for the second installment of Wait, You Haven't Seen That?! as we continue our conversation about Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope! Join Sista, Megan, and Brie as they explore the music of John Williams, Storm Trooper tropes, and Vadar's impressive emotive cape work. Quotes from our reaction video this episode include: "John Williams is a Ravenclaw." "White dudes in space!" "Emotive cape work." "All the eye f*cking."


Ep. 1 WYHST A New Hope AKA Are Jawas Never Nudes?

Welcome to Wait, You Haven't Seen That?! the podcast! Join our three intrepid hosts: Sista Luna, Megan Wykhuis, and Brie Kole as they journey through uncharted territory of films at least one of the crew hasn't seen. In this first episode, we begin the exhilarating journey through the original Star Wars trilogy. That's right! It's trilogy time y'all! And Brie has NEVER seen them. Buckle up for poppin' movie cherries, endless HP references, and comical social commentary. Fun reaction video...