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130 - Pandemic Panic

Shuffle time! This week we discuss... surprise... some pandemic panic, too much or not enough. We also getting into some other very petty bs from this past weekend. There is more shuffling as we talk about other topics, but for the purpose of this short description, let's stay on the short side this week. You might be asking by now "but aren't you still typing"... yes very true but maybe we shuffle this description? Talk about something less description? Nah... we'll just leave it where it's...


129 - But... Wait a Minute

Tuesday huh... Guess it's that time again. Someone reading this? Sometimes you got to wonder, right. Anyyyy...wayssss, this week we discuss things and stuff with a sprinkle of pendejadas (as is our style). Is it interesting? We hope so. Is it entertaining? Probably. Will there be a squeaky wheel? For sure. If you must know, we have a discourse about Covid 19 (aka the Corona Virus), get into male jealousy, and talk about the new Netflix show "Gentefied". Again... plus pendejadas... always...


128 - Guest Tania Estrada

This week we are joined by stand up comedian, actress, and musician Tania Estrada! We discuss... well... where to start, we discuss a lot. No joke. It shuffles around from her new parody song to her career and to growing up. There is quite a bit in between and plenty of pendejadas to tie it all together. It was a good time, so good that this one went a little longer than usual. Again, the discussion was good! We could lay it all out for you but, why not just listen to it instead. Thanks for...


127 - What If...

“You unlock this door with the key of imagination..." This Tuesday we get into some what if scenarios and yeah it might be a bit random... welcome to the shuffle. We also have a long discussion on the realities (or our reality) of podcasting, the cons and some benefits. Then a little something here and a little something there, followed by a Valentine's Day recap. Thanks for listening.


126 - The Muddy Waters

This week we getting to some muddy waters and kind of find ourselves back... kind of. Besides that... who knows really. Thanks for listening.


125 - Los Angeles de Luto

Guess who's back! We hear about the cosmetic surgery, jet lag, and the tacos from the motherland. Plenty of stories and chisme. Somehow we jump into a discussion about the gentleman sag that comes with age... interesting times. We also go over the controversy surrounding the book "American Dirt". And of course we discuss, for a good bit of the episode, the tragic passing of the 9 souls that included the legendary Kobe Bryant... May they all rest in peace. Thanks for listening.


124 - Something About Pipe

Just when the crew came back together... it get's broken up again. This week on the shuffle... forget it, it's over... nothing will be the same... the shuffle will never recover... unless it does... in possibly a week's time... maybe there is hope... maybe. *Warning* There is quite a bit of discussion about pipe. We do converse about other things, serious and otherwise... but lots of pipe. Or maybe not enough. You'll have to listen to find out. Thanks for listening.


123 - Small Change for New Me

The three of us are back. Missed a week but not a beat. As usual, we bring you discussions on random news and topics plus the occasional pendejadas (or depending how you see it, all pendejadas). This week we chat it up about the baseball cheating scandal, this year's rock and roll hall of famous inductees, and getting back into video games. That's all in the first half! We also have a discourse on a small change that could lead to a big change. Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


122 - Resolutions and Aliens

You came for the new episode... he it is! We ramble on about this or that and the usual pendejadas with our sitting in guest Noelia. Is it anything interesting? Is it informative? Is it funny? You tell us. By the way, welcome to the new year... 2020! Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


121 - The End of a Decade

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." - A.E. It's the end of a decade and the the start of new year in a few hours. Have a chingon New Year! On this shuffle episode we do, of course, get into the New Year resolutions... or actually... goals. Or no goals. It's that time, it's kind of a must. Not to worry as we get into a lot more with our guest, and "landlord", Mario Lopez. We touch on art, the homeless, and quite a few other chingaderas. Thanks for the chingon year, to...


120 - Feliz Navidad 2019

Christmas has come back around again and we do our typical thing in this episode. We ramble on about pendejadas and about more serious topics, then shuffle again. Solid episode... at least we hope. More importantly... thank you so much for all the time, thought, and energy you've put into listening to us. Esta chingon…and so are you! We wish you peace, joy, and all the best this wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas... Feliz Navidad raza!


119 - Guest Stephen Martinez

Tuesday... shuffle time! This week we are joined by Stephen Martinez from the Mega Man Podcast. He tells us a little bit about his life's journey and how that lead him into the world of podcasting. That steers us into a discussion of said world and we compare notes. Some quick celebrity chat and a discourse on awkward situations where you come off as the villain. Once we are warmed up, it's shuffle time and we bounce around a bit. Thanks for listening and stay tuned… Guest: Stephen Martinez,...


118 - Little Bit of Respect

Going to owe you this one but we discuss a few things related to respect. Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


117 - Smart Lap Toaster

A toaster is an electric small appliance designed to expose various types of sliced bread to radiant heat, browning the bread so it becomes toast. The first electric bread toaster was invented in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1893. Fast forward to the present, 2019, and the smart lap toaster. Who invented it and where? What the hell is it? And why is any of this relevant to our episode? Yes, that is definitely the question. Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


116 - Something is Not the Same

The crew is back together this week... yes everyone is back! So, we discuss plenty but the one distinguishing feature today is that something this week is not the same as the last 115. What do we talk about... the usual chingaderas, that is to say, random chingaderas. Shuffle, shuffle, random... shuffle. To really know, you'll have to listen to the episode. Thanks for listening and stay tuned… Links (Actually, a big shout out to the homie) Mario Lopez Art Instagram Facebook


115 - From the Streets to the Set Event

This week we are coming at you from East Los... recorded at the Meet & Greet Fundraiser presented by URA Casting (aka From the Streets to the Set). We met a lot of cool raza and had chingon time, even if we were missing a little something. Events like this are great because, at least to us, we can see first hand how the raza is out there hustling and in this case, getting us into film/tv. We definitely ended up talking to more people off the mic than on but the people we do have on mic estan...


114 - For the Clout

Someone is missing this week... if you've seen him out in the wild... please let him know not to eat the tamales without unwrapping them first. This week we discuss quite a few things... like growing up, credit, parenting, and veterans. Also, it's a long one this week... the old doblado episodes are put to shame. Grab a strong coffee and let's get to it. Thanks for listening and stay tuned…


113 - Read the Room

Episode after Halloween... and it's already November... esta cabron. We kick things off with a quick recap of our Halloween. Then things get a little judgmental... yup he's back... someone is set on his bands. Somehow we end up talking about old school fashion including JNCO jeans. There is quite a bit of shuffling in the first quarter. The flow leads us to a latino drinking card game... which in some way leads to a long discourse on "reading the room" and whatever that entails. Esta cabron....


112 - Jalame-el-weenie III

It's that time of the year again... Happy Jalame-el-weenie! On this special episode we read some fan submitted stories de miedo. Scary?... creepy?... You tell us. Good times ahead either way. Along the way, we have the usual shuffle pendejedas that are included to help you sleep after the miedo. We also discuss items left with bad energy and the classic "indian burial ground". Things after miedo time do take a turn to a more serious topic regarding trans athletes. It's a delicate one....


111 - Me Vale

This week we take a couple listener calls! Good times. After that we go on to discuss the craziness going on in Mexico including the shooting and gueros taking over iowaska experiences. We have a pretty personal discourse on the verbal/physical parental abuse from our childhood and it's impact. Yeah, gets a little serious. Thanks for listening and stay tuned…