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Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.

Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.
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Emily Dean takes some of her friends for a walk with their dogs. They talk about the weird, the wonderful, the funny and the extraordinary.




Andrea McLean - Walking The Dog Episode 35

Emily takes her Shih Tzu Raymond to visit Loose Women presenter Andrea Mclean. They talk about her childhood which took her around the world, becoming a well loved TV face, learning from relationships and finally meeting the one, as well as coping when a beloved pet dies. Andrea also tells Emily about the importance of women talking openly about the menopause, which she writes about in her book Confessions of a Menopausal Woman - soon in live form on her autumn 2019 tour, for more info go to...


Nihal Arthanayake - Walking The Dog Episode 34

Emily goes out for a stroll with radio presenter Nihal Arthanayake and meets his beautiful Staffie, Luna. Nihal talks to Emily about growing up in Essex with Sri Lankan parents, meeting his wife and knowing she was ‘the one’, handling tricky interview subjects on his BBC Radio 5 Live show and encouraging his daughter to play the drums.


Adam Kay - Walking The Dog Episode 33

This week on Walking The Dog Emily goes out for a stroll with comic and author of the acclaimed best selling book This Is Going To Hurt, Adam Kay. Emily brings along Archie a golden lurcher from the Dog’s Trust for her chat with Adam in West London. They talk about Adam’s childhood growing up in a medical family, the moment when he realised a surgeon’s life wasn’t for him, and why he’s so passionate about the NHS. This is Going to Hurt is available now in paperback and if you want to see...


Al Murray - Walking The Dog Episode 32

Emily goes out for a stroll with comic Al Murray and brings along her Shih-Tzu Raymond. Al tells Emily about his childhood labradors, his family and his famous literary ancestor. He discusses his days at boarding school, his hatred of confrontation and his start in comedy. They also chat about his famous alter ego the Pub Landlord and forthcoming tour, Landlord Of Hope and Glory (for tickets go to thepublandlord.com).


Ricky Gervais - Walking The Dog Episode 31

This week Emily goes out for a stroll with legendary comic Ricky Gervais. Ricky brings along beautiful German Shepherd Anti who plays his dog in Afterlife, Ricky’s brand new Netflix series. He talks about his childhood pets, his mum’s brilliantly dark sense of humour and explains why he thinks dogs really are the best. Afterlife is available now to stream on Netflix.


The Tables Are Turned - Live

This week in a very special edition of Walking the Dog, Emily Dean is interviewed by Katherine Ryan, in front of a live audience with their two dogs Meg Ryan and Raymond. They chat about Emily's new memoir Everybody Died So I Got A Dog, and Katherine asks her about her eccentric childhood, how she dealt with loss and the miniature Chewbacca lookalike who turned out to be her saviour.


Walking The Dog - Live Event News!

Emily has news about a very special event for Walking The Dog fans - a live chat with Emily, Katherine Ryan and their two dogs to celebrate the publication of Emily's forthcoming memoir Everybody Died So I Got A Dog. To book tickets for the London event on March 2nd go to leicestersquaretheatre.com


Josh Widdicombe - Walking The Dog - Episode 30

Emily takes her dog Raymond out for a walk in East London’s Victoria Park with comic and Last Leg star Josh Widdicombe. They talk about how fatherhood is a lot less stressful than he imagined, his hatred of confrontation, why he wishes he could bottle some of Rob Beckett’s enthusiasm and his new TV show with James Acaster, Hypothetical.


Mark Kermode - Walking The Dog - Episode 29

This week Emily takes a stroll in the New Forest with legendary film critic Mark Kermode and his Labrador Martha. Mark talks to Emily about the band he started at school with David Baddiel, his love of Richard Curtis movies, why his faith is important to him and his podcast Kermode on film.


Cariad Lloyd - Walking The Dog Episode 28

This week Emily goes out with comic, writer, actress and host of the hugely successful Griefcast podcast - Cariad Lloyd. They go for a stroll in London’s Waterlow Park with Willow, a fabulous poodle. Cariad talks about her love of poodles, losing her dad as a teenager, sharing a flat with Sara Pascoe and the brilliant Griefcast.


Matt Forde - Walking The Dog Episode 27

Emily goes for a stroll with Matt Forde, along with Boost the Staffi and Gem the lurcher - two dogs that found a home with with Josie, the Dog’s Trust resident vet. Emily chats to Matt about his early years in Nottingham, his glass half full approach to life and she also persuades him to give us a burst of his legendary Donald Trump and Tony Blair impressions.


Greg Davies - Walking The Dog Episode 26

Emily goes out for a walk with Greg Davies and introduces him to the fabulous Bruno - a Rottweiler/ German Shepherd cross from The Dog’s Trust. They chat about inheriting the funny gene from his dad, his childhood pet Rex, and the epiphany in a flotation tank which changed his life.


Alun Cochrane - Walking The Dog Episode 25

This week Emily heads up to Manchester to visit her co-host on the Frank Skinner show - comic Alun Cochrane. They go out for a stroll with his beautiful whippet Lucky. He talks about how losing his dad at a young age propelled him into being funny for a living, why he admires Frank’s approach to stand up and why he’s a bit of an eccentric at heart.


Supervet - Walking The Dog Episode 24

In a very special edition of Walking the Dog Emily goes to visit The Supervet, Dr Noel Fitzpatrick at his veterinary centre in Surrey. They brave the rain with Keira his border terrier and Noel gives Emily a little tour of the place where he and his team perform miracles. They chat about his childhood in Ireland with his dog Pirate, his life working with animals and his current tour Welcome to My World - (for further details and to book tickets go to noelfitzpatricklive.com)


Adam Hills - Walking The Dog Episode 23

Emily and her dog Raymond went for a summer walk in Regents Park with comic and Last Leg host Adam Hills. They talked about his childhood in Australia, writing wedding speeches with Ross Noble and his ‘hairy godfather’ figure Billy Connolly. Adam also told Emily all about his brand new book Best Foot Forward.


Rob Beckett - Walking The Dog Episode 22

Emily goes out with comedian Rob Beckett and Goose, a dachshund who was rehomed via the Dog’s Trust. Rob chats about growing up in South East London and takes Emily for a stroll past his childhood home, they also talk about the family atmosphere that sparked his comedy career, and the importance of mindfulness.


Rob Brydon - Walking The Dog Episode 21

This week Emily goes out for a walk with Rob Brydon and Patience, a golden retriever from The Dog’s Trust. They talk about Rob’s childhood in Wales, his friendship with Steve Coogan, his extraordinarily successful career and he gives Emily a burst of his Hugh Grant, his Anthony Hopkins and of course, his Tom Jones. He also tells Emily all about his new movie Swimming with Men!


Sara Pascoe - Walking The Dog Episode 20

Emily takes her Shih-Tzu Raymond out for a stroll with comic Sara Pascoe. They talk about growing up in Essex and dreaming of running away with Take That, her thoughts on love and family and her friendship with Katherine Ryan who named a cat in her honour. She also chats about going on the road for her upcoming 2018 tour LadsLadsLads.


David Gandy - Walking The Dog Episode 19

This week Emily goes out for a walk with model and fashion icon David Gandy and his dog Dora who was adopted from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They chat about shyness, going to number 10 Downing Street in the wrong clothes, and disasters with dog poo bags! David also takes Emily to meet some of the dogs at Battersea and talks about his role as ambassador for the charity battersea.org.uk