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40: Thanks for the Follow and the Presidency- Way Too Broad

Erin learns she has a very special follower on Twitter! There are many shoutouts! Erin talks about her latest favorite comedy special with a purpose. Ben talks about the video game that made him and Kylie stay up until 5AM this week. Hannah has FINALLY, after much cajoling, started watching the best modern sci-fi series. HOMEWORK: - Go to cameronesposito.com and watch Rape Jokes - Make a donation to RAINN if you are able - Tweet @TooBroadPod with suggestions of what to DM President...


39: The Last Time I Went to the Rollercoasters- Way Too Broad

Ben went to the most magical place on Earth! Erin has a big announcement! Hannah DEMANDS a miniseries of her favorite childhood book. Erin is just a total dad in her cooking preferences. Ben has been enjoying a couple of different cooking shows! HOMEWORK: - Read or listen to Ella Enchanted, then watch the movie if you want to feel bad and betrayed. And SOMEBODY MAKE IT INTO A MINISERIES! - Grill! buy a Weber grill and a charcoal chimney, don't get self-light charcoal, watch a youtube...


38: Take Me Or Leave Me, As I Am Or As I'm Not- Way Too Broad

The gang talks lots of upfront stuff including corrections, Kit Kats, and bodily functions. Ben watched Tig Notaro's new Netflix special! Hannah has been basically nonstop thinking about, watching shows about, or doing gardening. Erin is eagerly awaiting the first crop of the season from her own garden. HOMEWORK: - Watch Happy to be Here on Netflix - Watch Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix, or just start your own gardening project! - Find some shishito peppers to try, eat everything...


37: Wile E. Kylie- Way Too Broad

EVERYBODY CONGRATULATE BABY BEN ON BEING THE VALEDICTORIAN OF THE BU SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING FOR 2018!! Erin lives her dream by drinking a refreshing seltzer with a hint of The Dr. Flavor, brought to you by Kroger. Erin has been watching a show about sexual predators being brought to justice without ever learning the host's name. Ben has been playing a very beautiful new remaster of an older game! Hannah has been listening to a podcast about Watergate and pondering what it can teach us...


36: Cutoff Jeans and a Pegleg- Way Too Broad

This week, our hosts' obsessions have exactly nothing to do with each other! Would you expect any different from them? Hannah has been buying up a great tool for fidgety stress relief! Erin loves her new CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Ben has been watching his lovely girlfriend play the new God of Wars game! HOMEWORK: - Next time you see Crazy Aaron's in store, buy it up! - Check out Transplanting Traditions if you live in the Triangle area, or check out your own local CSA -...


35: Congrats on Coming Correct With Regards to Your Backyard- Way Too Broad

Everybody's pets made themselves known this week while we were recording! The gang discusses survivalists and Lena Waithe's amazing Met Gala outfit. Ben has rediscovered a great love/pastime from his youth. Hannah has finally given in and paid somebody to clean up her messy backyard. Erin has been reading two different books by Naomi Alderman. HOMEWORK: - Watch some goddamn baseball - Do that project you've been putting off! Or pay someone else to do it. - Read/Download The Power or...


34: This Timeline Has No Dates or Times- Way Too Broad

We missed a week! It was only two weeks since we last spoke but it felt like A MONTH. This week the gang catches up on all of the things that happened while we were apart, including several developments on past obsessions! HOMEWORK: - Listen to Dirty Computer - Watch the Dirty Computer Emotion Picture - Read or listen to I'll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara - Watch Westworld - Somebody make that timeline Hannah needs - Follow @ErnBrn, @NEDiscoGreg, @Hanthropology, and...


Someone / Everyone is in China

Hiiiii! We can't be talky talky in your ear this week because someone / everyone is in China (ok actually just Hannah). But we wanted to pop up in your feed to tell you that we will be back next week once Hannah gets back from the complete other side of the globe. K thnx love you bye!


33: American Doctors Without Borders of America - Way Too Broad

This week the gang has "GREAT ENERGY". Despite all being collectively tired, they all rally to throw shade at mumble rappers. Erin continues to struggle with saying names. Erin struggles with saying just about everything. They have lots of shout outs and up front stuff. Erin talks about her obsession with Jamila Woods. Ben is obsessed / transfixed with the YouTube channel Jun's Kitchen. Hannah tunes most of Ben's segment out because she's watching Jun's Kitchen while he's talking. Hannah...


32: This is a Janelle Monáe Podcast Now- Way Too Broad

Ok so we're not really changing our format permanently, but we are seriously obsessed with Queen Monáe this week. When she's not listening to PYNK over and over again, Hannah has been listening to an extremely dark but compelling audiobook. Erin has managed to find time to listen to a whole podcast musical when she's not watching and re-watching the PYNK video. Ben has been watching a Japanese pop group sing songs on Youtube! But are they a pop group or a reality show? Or something else...


31: Smelly Buttons- Way Too Broad

The gang catches up with a terminologIan, some talk about the weather, and a discussion of sushi preferences. Ben has been listening to a new podcast from Earwolf. Hannah has been watching a show about upcycled products on Netflix! Erin has been so into several things we've already talked about on the podcast that she didn't have any new obsession this week. But honestly she's been obsessed with Janelle Monae. HOMEWORK: - Listen to the first episode of Threedom on the feed of either...


30: You're a Great Busy Boy- Way Too Broad

Your hosts all had very busy weeks! Hannah is afraid of being a cold podcaster. Erin is the only co-host who likes vodka. Sincere shoutouts to yellow rice and pierogis occur. Erin shares her long-standing #1 Youtube jam. Ben explains a Japanese card game wrong like 4 times but still manages to make the anime he and Kylie have been watching sound compelling. Hannah spotlights her new favorite hilariously absurd weekly stream on Polygon. HOMEWORK: - Check out NPR Tiny Desk Concerts on...


29: What Was Like Secret Hitler to Whom?- Way Too Broad

Erin and Hannah recount tales of this year's annual Savannah pilgrimage to Ben. Lots and lots of tales. Erin has been watching Queer Eye and loving it despite her best efforts. Ben has been listening obsessively to the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Erin is Lawful Good and Ben and Hannah are Chaotic Good. HOMEWORK: - Visit Savannah! St. Patrick's Day is a good time. - Watch the new Queer Eye on Netflix - Read the synopsis of Dear Evan Hansen on Wikipedia and then listen to it on...


28: The First Time This Time Right Now Once- Way Too Broad

News of an unwelcome guest on their St. Patty's day vacation has really pissed off Erin and Hannah. Somehow the video game Spore comes up. Ben has been getting BIG details from a SHORT daily podcast. Hannah has been listening to an extremely talented musician nonstop thanks to a tip from SHOUTOUTS TO KYLIE! Erin has been learning French, again, for about the third time... but this time it's going to stick thanks to Duolingo and continuing ed and Paris! HOMEWORK: - Listen to The Daily-...


27: Vocables- Way Too Broad

The gang catches up after missing a week to some unfortunate circumstances. Hannah is still watching Polygon, Ben is watching Harry Potter, Erin is watching Parks and Recreation! Erin has discovered a new artist and music collective! Ben has been very busy and missing Obama. Hannah has a long and relaxing relationship with puzzles. Homework: - Listen to Dessa and Doomtree on Spotify- start with 5 out of 6, Shrimp, and Fire Drills - Remember Obama - Get a puzzle! - Follow @ErnBrn,...


26: Go to Bed and Smell the Coffee- Way Too Broad

Hannah watched It at 10AM on a Saturday! Erin shares a less-than-inspiring story from the Winter Olympics. Ben's grad school adventures are continuing with a trip to VA! And that's just the upfront stuff! Hannah shares a new Netflix sci-fi obsession. Erin has been teaching classes in her spare time! Ben has been thinking a lot about a topic addressed in many works of Isaac Asimov. HOMEWORK: - Watch Altered Carbon on Netflix - Check out Railsbridge and Girl Develop It! if you're...


25: Hitting Rocks with Other Rocks- Way Too Broad

The gang discusses 21st birthdays and Valentines Day! Ben shares his favorite predictive text from this week. Ben shares his appreciation for music that has been helping him focus during this VERY busy week. Hannah has been on an adventure of musical creativity during her commutes. Erin and Molly have been on an emotional rollercoaster of online Olympics streaming dreams and realities. Also Ben and Hannah explain curling to Erin. HOMEWORK: - Read the Foundation Series and watch The West...


24: Wonderful Gibberish Nonsense- Way Too Broad

We have a special guest this week! Hannah beat all 4 divine beasts in BOTW. Erin has some misconceptions about Groundhog Day. Hannah gives Fiona Apple a shoutout. Erin has been getting back into songwriting! Ben wants another cat! Hannah and Ian LOVE computer- and AI-generated silliness of all kinds. HOMEWORK: - Watch May It Last on HBO - Write a song if you want to! - Get a cat - Get a second cat - Watch The Lion in Your Living Room on Netflix - Watch Ben's pinned tweet!!!!! -...


23: That Analogy Was Very Labored and Incorrect- Way Too Broad

Ben got into grad school!!! Erin shares an absolute Bake-Off outrage. Hannah gets very worked up and then talks about her family's love of one particular trivia host. Erin has been reading like a Ben and greatly enjoying the music of a local bartender-who-gave-her-a-knife-once turned popular musician. Ben has been escaping the real political world with The West Wing! HOMEWORK: - If you're in the RI/Eastern MA area check out McCaughey Standard Trivia on Facebook! If you're not, just try...


22: My Apologies to the Chef- Way Too Broad

Erin has an incredible story about a mishap on her morning commute. Ben has been watching a classic TV comedy that he ignored when it was on the air. Hannah has been appreciating a certain chain of clothing stores. Erin has almost finished watching all of the Harry Potter movies again and she wants you to know what you didn't hear about them last week! HOMEWORK: - Watch Modern Family - Shop at Torrid or torrid.com if you are a curvy person in need of flattering clothing - Watch the...