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65: You Would Never Drink That!- Way Too Broad

Erin has some helpful suggestions for Ben and Hannah. Hannah has never heard of her favorite music sub-genre. Ben now has 3 mugs. Erin is getting back to basics to help expand her musical horizons even further. Ben is stealing Kylie's outstanding obsession yet again, but it's fine because it's a great one. Hannah hasn't been doing a lot of new things but she did find a website you'll probably like! HOMEWORK: - Learn to read music, Erin! - Watch the new She-Ra on Netflix - LISTEN TO...


64: INCOMING: Milk Text- Way Too Broad

Molly loves milk (#milklove). Erin loves Molly. Hannah loves Diamond Dotz and Xena. Ben loves tea. HOMEWORK: - Watch Xena: Warrior Princess on Hulu - Listen to Xena: Warrior Podcast - Watch The Puppy Episode of The Ellen Show on YouTube(?) - Drink tea, replace your tea with coffee - CALL US 774-326-0420 - Follow @ErnBrn, @Nicelyprovedben, @Hanthropology, and @TooBroadPod on Twitter - Follow LesbianMovieReviews and WayTooBroad on IG - Listen to So Dreamy - Email us at...


63: Your Ears Are Welcome Elsewhen (Thanksgiving 2018 Shorty) - Way Too Broad

The gang is all together this week for Thansgiving with their extended family! Also we're all sick and Way Too Busy! But we gotchu boo, we ducked into a quiet room to let you in on some of the fun new Terminologians that we've come up with and catalogued together this week. HOMEWORK (unearned): - Listen to But Yeah's 50th Episode on Nov 29th (and follow them on Twitter @ButYeahPod!) - CALL US AT 774-326-0420 SEND US YOUR FUNNY THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO YOU AT THANKSGIVING - Follow...


62: Sympathy Study Sorrow- Way Too Broad

Hannah and Aunt Brown raise some really important questions. Ben and Erin come up with some pretty noncommittal answers. Ben has been WORKING ON SOLVING ENERGY WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM HIM? Hannah has been trying to bring her VERY TALENTED husband out of his shell. Erin has been preparing for Thanksgiving family time! HOMEWORK: - Read about power electronics if you want? - I don't know, go to grad school, is that good? - Follow @ProfessorLumberjack on Instagram - Follow...


61: Written in 1969 Nice- Way Too Broad

Erin and Ben made a website. Just Erin and Ben. They also wear matching shirts and they both like scooters. Hannah is doing great and not feeling left out at all. Erin has found the Source Code for all of her other beloved lesbian novels. Ben has been consuming a TON of D&D media and he can't wait to start his own adventure! Neither can Hannah, who valiantly swoops in to talk through half of Ben's obsession time so he can eat his dinner. Hannah has been watching just the most interesting...

60: Bears With Us- Way Too Broad

Ben won the World Series of Baseball! Erin interviews an athlete about it. Hannah has a spooky true story from Halloweek. Hannah has been in a MAJOR and creepy YouTube spiral all week. Erin shares her most recent contest-winning 5-minute story. Ben has no obsession, so we talk a little about clowns and dolls and relative creepiness instead. HOMEWORK: - If you are ok with creepy stuff, check out Night Minds or ReignBot on YouTube - Watch one of Erin's previous stories from The Monti...


59: She's There, She Cares, She Caught Ben Unawares- Way Too Broad

Hannah is making potions. Ben went hiking. Erin is an interdimensional being of some kind. THEY ALL WANT YOU TO REMEMBER TO VOTE ON OR BEFORE NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018. Ben is unapologetically still obsessed with baseball, specifically the world series of it. Producer Ian has FINALLY convinced Hannah to bring their favorite Masterpiece Theatre historical drama series as her obsession. Erin was too busy for a new obsession this week, so sue her! HOMEWORK: - Watch the World Series of Baseball on...


58: Pedantic by Nature- Way Too Broad

Erin and Hannah saw Be Steadwell in Boston! Other things they saw in Boston: Two different Holocaust memorials, a creepy doll in a bathroom, and a crystal-clear Dark and Stormy. Erin is writing or finishing or re-mastering and posting an original song EVERY DAY in November! Ben is loving the work and Twitter presence of author Victoria E. Schwab. Hannah has recently finished listening her way through the entirety of a very funny futuristic Shadowrun RPG podcast. HOMEWORK: - Visit...


57: Spider, Don't!- Way Too Broad

Ben has a face for the first time ever! Things are very exciting in post-season baseball right now. Hannah gives everybody the latest Terrace House news as well as some wild misinformation about one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the country. Hannah and Ian have been making a lifestyle change. Erin and Molly have been getting into the Halloween spirit with a tradition they created. Ben and Kylie have been chilling out with some voice actor role-players. HOMEWORK: - Try planning...


56: Their Sturdiness Is Not Confirmed- Way Too Broad

This week Erin is the one who mentions a drink that sounds fake but isn't. California Ben's California classrooms are outdoors. The gang has a disagreement about slugs. Ben has been watching a classic anime show on Netflix. Hannah has been playing a brand new, super-sweet video game! Erin has found her favorite audiobook yet! HOMEWORK: - Watch Death Note (the anime, not the movie) on Netflix (only available until Oct 15) - Don't read anything about Death Note before you watch it -...


55: Regarding Plier Email- Way Too Broad

Everybody's really into singing softly and badly in this ep. We're sorry. The gang got some emails! Hannah got her idea hijacked by her own Aunt Brown (Mom). Ben has a new segment where he explains his baseball tweets! Erin has been enjoying another great audiobook! Ben has found a new tabletop game he loves! Hannah listens to a lot of podcasts. Listen, we can't surprise you EVERY week. We like what we like. HOMEWORK: - Read or listen to The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M....


54: Multi-Hydrational Bachelor Pad- Way Too Broad

Ben solved the case of the misplaced ice. Hannah received some new socks that are very ridiculous. The gang gets schooled on how kombucha works via email, in addition to a bigfoot-style video of a "moose". Hannah saw and loved a film that literally everybody else already knew was great. Erin took a great solo trip to Chicago, learned about intersectional feminism, and saw Shoutouts to Rachel! Ben has been watching one of his favorite shows in a different language. HOMEWORK: - Watch...


53: I'm Gonna Do Everything to the Tea- Way Too Broad

Hannah learned the hard way that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK YOUR MIC. Erin and Hannah are deciding whether or not to try and re-create a treasured trip from their youth. Ben visited 4 different markets to make the perfect bread treat. Hannah has been making friends and enjoying new content on the internet! Erin has been drinking and reading about kombucha while she waits for her own to finish brewing. HOMEWORK: - Bake stuff make stuff - Check out Chetna Makan's cookbooks - Watch GBBO! -...


52: You Know Where Their Beans Get- Way Too Broad

WE HAVE NEW ARTWORK FROM @GEMRYSSS! Ben regales the gang with tales of his move to California! Hannah doesn't believe in moose anymore. Erin's infamous woodchuck voicemail has been obtained. Everybody missed each other a lot because they haven't talked in like 2 weeks. Erin has been obsessed with the latest season of Great British Bake Off! She and Molly have also discovered a really fun new Dominion expansion pack! Ben saw a great new movie, but he didn't bring an avocado into the...


51: Yeah, This is The Keg- ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!- Way Too Broad

It's just Erin, Hannah, and YOU today since Ben has rudely decided to move cross-country. There is a lot of non-traditional anniversary trivia! Erin catches a woodchuck in the act of jogging. You shared your favorite WTB moments with us and we are so grateful! Hannah has been watching a dark Southern mystery miniseries based on a novel. Erin has been re-reading an awesome trilogy of fantasy books! HOMEWORK: - Keep calling and emailing us! 774-326-0420 or waytoobroad@gmail.com - Watch...


50!!!: It's an Airplane Situation- Way Too Broad

All of your co-hosts are recording away from home for this very special episode 50 look back! Hannah prepped several things which she left at home. There is some WTB trivia tossed about! Everybody gets sort of sappy about what doing this show has meant to them! Each co-host talks about their favorite obsessions that other co-hosts have brought to the show and gives an "update" on how it's impacted their life. HOMEWORK: - CALL US!! Next week is all about you so we want to hear from you!...


49: Reviewing Butterfly Wings From a Different Region- Way Too Broad

Hannah and Erin are so excited to get Spooked again this year! Ben is really getting DEEP into baseball. Your co-hosts have other funny cousins to talk about. Erin has been binging a show she didn't like that much the first time she watched it? But she likes it way better this time! Ben creates some content for Hannah's other podcast, So Dreamy. Hannah has found the next great GeeBeeBeeBo substitute! HOMEWORK: - Be yourself, live your life, but Erin is watching Breaking Bad for a second...


48: Sat On a Trout That Was On a Tray- Way Too Broad

Hannah micromanages the heck out of reading listener emails. Ben tells the redemption story of a baseball lifetime. Hannah has found a new nerd company for nerds and she's really excited about it! Erin has been listening to an emotionally harrowing but really good young adult book. Ben has been watching The Leftovers, which is somewhat like Left Behind but nothing like The Departed, and probably a little bit like Lost also. HOMEWORK: - Check out EspionageCosmetics.com- nerd makeup and...


47: GeeBeeBeeBo- Way Too Broad

The gang just gets really hung up on discussing nitro beverages. The perfect dessert/drink combinations for each co-host are defined. Ben has been learning and thinking about baseball fandom from a whole new perspective this week thanks to Rhea Butcher. Hannah has been feeling philosophical about human potential. Erin has found a brand new appreciation for a band that's been around longer than she has existed. HOMEWORK: - Listen to Three Swings podcast - Visit Americanhumanist.org for...


46: I Gave the Young Person the Swears- Way Too Broad

Hannah turned 30 and got a haircut! Kromo had an OUTSTANDING vet visit. Erin has been enjoying her commute audiobook, though it's not quite gay enough for her taste. Ben is getting deep in to baseball statistics through sites like sbnation.com. Hannah is so proud of the good good McElroy boys' latest accomplishment. HOMEWORK: - Listen to or read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - Check out these two videos on SBNation's YouTube channel (or just check them out in general) - Look for...