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57: Spider, Don't!- Way Too Broad

Ben has a face for the first time ever! Things are very exciting in post-season baseball right now. Hannah gives everybody the latest Terrace House news as well as some wild misinformation about one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the country. Hannah and Ian have been making a lifestyle change. Erin and Molly have been getting into the Halloween spirit with a tradition they created. Ben and Kylie have been chilling out with some voice actor role-players. HOMEWORK: - Try planning...


56: Their Sturdiness Is Not Confirmed- Way Too Broad

This week Erin is the one who mentions a drink that sounds fake but isn't. California Ben's California classrooms are outdoors. The gang has a disagreement about slugs. Ben has been watching a classic anime show on Netflix. Hannah has been playing a brand new, super-sweet video game! Erin has found her favorite audiobook yet! HOMEWORK: - Watch Death Note (the anime, not the movie) on Netflix (only available until Oct 15) - Don't read anything about Death Note before you watch it -...


55: Regarding Plier Email- Way Too Broad

Everybody's really into singing softly and badly in this ep. We're sorry. The gang got some emails! Hannah got her idea hijacked by her own Aunt Brown (Mom). Ben has a new segment where he explains his baseball tweets! Erin has been enjoying another great audiobook! Ben has found a new tabletop game he loves! Hannah listens to a lot of podcasts. Listen, we can't surprise you EVERY week. We like what we like. HOMEWORK: - Read or listen to The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M....


54: Multi-Hydrational Bachelor Pad- Way Too Broad

Ben solved the case of the misplaced ice. Hannah received some new socks that are very ridiculous. The gang gets schooled on how kombucha works via email, in addition to a bigfoot-style video of a "moose". Hannah saw and loved a film that literally everybody else already knew was great. Erin took a great solo trip to Chicago, learned about intersectional feminism, and saw Shoutouts to Rachel! Ben has been watching one of his favorite shows in a different language. HOMEWORK: - Watch...


53: I'm Gonna Do Everything to the Tea- Way Too Broad

Hannah learned the hard way that YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK YOUR MIC. Erin and Hannah are deciding whether or not to try and re-create a treasured trip from their youth. Ben visited 4 different markets to make the perfect bread treat. Hannah has been making friends and enjoying new content on the internet! Erin has been drinking and reading about kombucha while she waits for her own to finish brewing. HOMEWORK: - Bake stuff make stuff - Check out Chetna Makan's cookbooks - Watch GBBO! -...


52: You Know Where Their Beans Get- Way Too Broad

WE HAVE NEW ARTWORK FROM @GEMRYSSS! Ben regales the gang with tales of his move to California! Hannah doesn't believe in moose anymore. Erin's infamous woodchuck voicemail has been obtained. Everybody missed each other a lot because they haven't talked in like 2 weeks. Erin has been obsessed with the latest season of Great British Bake Off! She and Molly have also discovered a really fun new Dominion expansion pack! Ben saw a great new movie, but he didn't bring an avocado into the...


51: Yeah, This is The Keg- ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL!- Way Too Broad

It's just Erin, Hannah, and YOU today since Ben has rudely decided to move cross-country. There is a lot of non-traditional anniversary trivia! Erin catches a woodchuck in the act of jogging. You shared your favorite WTB moments with us and we are so grateful! Hannah has been watching a dark Southern mystery miniseries based on a novel. Erin has been re-reading an awesome trilogy of fantasy books! HOMEWORK: - Keep calling and emailing us! 774-326-0420 or waytoobroad@gmail.com - Watch...


50!!!: It's an Airplane Situation- Way Too Broad

All of your co-hosts are recording away from home for this very special episode 50 look back! Hannah prepped several things which she left at home. There is some WTB trivia tossed about! Everybody gets sort of sappy about what doing this show has meant to them! Each co-host talks about their favorite obsessions that other co-hosts have brought to the show and gives an "update" on how it's impacted their life. HOMEWORK: - CALL US!! Next week is all about you so we want to hear from you!...


49: Reviewing Butterfly Wings From a Different Region- Way Too Broad

Hannah and Erin are so excited to get Spooked again this year! Ben is really getting DEEP into baseball. Your co-hosts have other funny cousins to talk about. Erin has been binging a show she didn't like that much the first time she watched it? But she likes it way better this time! Ben creates some content for Hannah's other podcast, So Dreamy. Hannah has found the next great GeeBeeBeeBo substitute! HOMEWORK: - Be yourself, live your life, but Erin is watching Breaking Bad for a second...


48: Sat On a Trout That Was On a Tray- Way Too Broad

Hannah micromanages the heck out of reading listener emails. Ben tells the redemption story of a baseball lifetime. Hannah has found a new nerd company for nerds and she's really excited about it! Erin has been listening to an emotionally harrowing but really good young adult book. Ben has been watching The Leftovers, which is somewhat like Left Behind but nothing like The Departed, and probably a little bit like Lost also. HOMEWORK: - Check out EspionageCosmetics.com- nerd makeup and...


47: GeeBeeBeeBo- Way Too Broad

The gang just gets really hung up on discussing nitro beverages. The perfect dessert/drink combinations for each co-host are defined. Ben has been learning and thinking about baseball fandom from a whole new perspective this week thanks to Rhea Butcher. Hannah has been feeling philosophical about human potential. Erin has found a brand new appreciation for a band that's been around longer than she has existed. HOMEWORK: - Listen to Three Swings podcast - Visit Americanhumanist.org for...


46: I Gave the Young Person the Swears- Way Too Broad

Hannah turned 30 and got a haircut! Kromo had an OUTSTANDING vet visit. Erin has been enjoying her commute audiobook, though it's not quite gay enough for her taste. Ben is getting deep in to baseball statistics through sites like sbnation.com. Hannah is so proud of the good good McElroy boys' latest accomplishment. HOMEWORK: - Listen to or read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng - Check out these two videos on SBNation's YouTube channel (or just check them out in general) - Look...


45: A Book I Would Love to Read- Way Too Broad

We have two co-hosts and a bo-host (bonus co-host) this week! Lucas, brother to 2/3s of your usual hosts, joins the gang to share in the fun and the obsessions! Lucas has been reading ABOUT a book that has only been written in Russian. Erin has been enjoying another amazing queer artist! Ben has been documenting an odd event occurring in his own household. HOMEWORK: - Watch Don't Be a Sucker on youtube - Read about The Foundations of Geopolitics on Wikipedia - Eat plants - Check out...


44: How Big is a Barony?- Way Too Broad

There is truly a surprising amount of discussion about different types of feudal landownership. Erin receives a new title. Ben is cheating on his topic AGAIN this week by revisiting last week's topic. Hannah is also cheating this week by revisiting another host's obsession from last week, but seriously it was SUCH A GOOD OBSESSION!! Erin brings yet another great artist to everybody's attention- a poet this time. HOMEWORK: - Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (same homework as last...


43: Just Tenacious Persevering- Way Too Broad

Everybody had a weird work week with July 4th falling on a Wednesday this year. Erin built a website for Way Too Broad (WayTooBroad.com)! Hannah listened to an upsetting essay by Jon Ronson on Audible. Erin recently discovered an incredibly talented queer woman of color musician/filmmaker. Ben has been watching and loving on some shonun animes like One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist. Hannah has been falling in love with the staff at Bon Appetit through their YouTube channel. HOMEWORK: -...


42: Some Kind of UNK UNK- Way Too Broad

The gang catches up on what they've been watching. Ben and Hannah finally reveal their opinions on The Staircase case. Erin had a confusing interaction with a chatbot. Hannah brought a game for the gang to play together! Erin leads a discussion about an extremely unique new Netflix special. Ben and Kylie have been watching a new anime on Netflix. Just basically don't listen to this if you don't have a Netflix subscription, there's almost nothing for you here. HOMEWORK: - Check out...


41: THIS. WORD. IS. FRUIT! - Way Too Broad

Erin and Hannah drank a lot of scotch at Hannah's wedding. Ben and Hannah do some short-form theatre. Erin now has a podcast commute! Ben saw a very powerful but funny coming-of-age movie. Hannah has been watching a highly biased documentary about a suspicious death in Erin's hometown. Erin has been enjoying the summer! HOMEWORK: - Watch Love, Simon for rent on Amazon - Watch The Staircase on Netflix and also some other specials about this case - Watch Westworld, grill, go swimming,...


40: Thanks for the Follow and the Presidency- Way Too Broad

Erin learns she has a very special follower on Twitter! There are many shoutouts! Erin talks about her latest favorite comedy special with a purpose. Ben talks about the video game that made him and Kylie stay up until 5AM this week. Hannah has FINALLY, after much cajoling, started watching the best modern sci-fi series. HOMEWORK: - Go to cameronesposito.com and watch Rape Jokes - Make a donation to RAINN if you are able - Tweet @TooBroadPod with suggestions of what to DM President...


39: The Last Time I Went to the Rollercoasters- Way Too Broad

Ben went to the most magical place on Earth! Erin has a big announcement! Hannah DEMANDS a miniseries of her favorite childhood book. Erin is just a total dad in her cooking preferences. Ben has been enjoying a couple of different cooking shows! HOMEWORK: - Read or listen to Ella Enchanted, then watch the movie if you want to feel bad and betrayed. And SOMEBODY MAKE IT INTO A MINISERIES! - Grill! buy a Weber grill and a charcoal chimney, don't get self-light charcoal, watch a youtube...


38: Take Me Or Leave Me, As I Am Or As I'm Not- Way Too Broad

The gang talks lots of upfront stuff including corrections, Kit Kats, and bodily functions. Ben watched Tig Notaro's new Netflix special! Hannah has been basically nonstop thinking about, watching shows about, or doing gardening. Erin is eagerly awaiting the first crop of the season from her own garden. HOMEWORK: - Watch Happy to be Here on Netflix - Watch Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix, or just start your own gardening project! - Find some shishito peppers to try, eat everything...