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Episode 033 - California Snow

Rachel and guest host Sue Anne jump right into Weezer news! Brian’s in a cult? No!! But Scott did play for a charity show raising money for mental health. Awe! Next the ladies talk about the dude’s fav food spots in LA. Then it’s on to this week’s song, California Snow; from the motion picture SPELL. Directed by Brendan Walter, & distributed by Crush Pictures; the film is composed by Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and produced by David Andrew Sitek. Sitek was on NME Magazine’s list of the...


Mini Episode 004 - Electric Lady Studios

Episode 32’s Holiday was recorded by Weezer alongside Ric Ocasek back in the day at Electric Lady Studios. This iconic, trend setting, one of a kind recording studio is full of history. Did you know it was owned by legendary musician Jimi Hendrix? Rachel shares some cool details as well as a fun story from Karl. Check it out. =W= Host & Content: Rachel Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker Graphic Designer: Sue Anne K We Are Weezer. Com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MERCH! Email:...


Episode 032 - Holiday

We're back! Rachel & Juliet kick off SEASON 2 with SO MUCH WEEZER NEWS! Including: Africa video featuring Weird Al, Chill Remix of Africa by RAC, Africa vinyl on Record Store Day, Concerts, solo shows, two new songs, & A LOT MORE! Followed by all you've ever wanted to know about Holiday; facts, song discussion, & ratings. Listen to next week's mini episode #004 for more information on Electric Lady Studios! Keep on Weezin' on! Hosts & Content: Rachel & Juliet Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan...


Episode 019 - QB Blitz

TGIW! We Are Weezer's Rachel & Juliet catch up, discuss Rivers Cuomo's first solo acoustic performance in Colorado's Agave, and fill you in on Weezer Day (AKA Valentine's Day!) Just a couple weeks late! Whatevs. Song discussion includes: football, the internet, overall sound & feeling, lyrics, paper lanterns, and Rivers' eternal internal battle of his creative instincts vs. everyone else's. They wrap it up with ratings and another round of Weezer confessional. A very special episode is...


Episode 018 - If You're Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day! We Are Weezer has a big announcement in this episode! Amy & Rachel catch up after a break... Weezer released multiple remixes of Happy Hour, Rachel listened to Jillian Lauren's book, Some Girls: My Life In A Harem, Black Album date announced! Song discussion, ratings, the women of Weezer, three break songs, Weezer confessional. XOXO Episode 018 Q & A Hosts & Content: Rachel & Amy Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker Graphic Designer: Ali Schrubba We Are...


Episode 031 - Tired of Sex

Rachel is joined by Weezer Tribute Band, Weezerton, to talk about Pinkerton’s opening track, Tired of Sex. They start off with an introduction & interview before moving on to song discussion. Weezerton is: Dominic Antonelli, Ian Reed, Hector Badilla, & Doug Feasel. Does anything about this song remind you of the Scorpions? How do you feel about Songs from the Black Hole? What do the bands Lit and Local H have to do with anything? You will have to listen to find out! Blast off and have some...


Episode 30 - A Very Special We Are Weezer Edition of We Are Weezer!

Welcome to A Very Special We Are Weezer! Episode 30! Rachel, Amy, Juliet, & Ali join together to give you: the backstory/ history of the show, listener stories, their own personal stories, and of course, random tangents. This episode is not only about Weezer, it’s about all of us!! How did we get our name? And why do we owe it all to a man named Karl Koch? Merch, Merch, Merch! Shout outs, things Weezer has done for the fans, AFRICA, & New Found Glory.A phone call with Jen! Emails from:...


Episode 029 - Susanne

Amy & Rachel discuss We Are Weezer current events, merch, Scott's birthday, Amy's time at the latest show, shout outs, other podcast news, and upcoming cover band interviews. Susanne song discussion includes the song's origin, original lyrics, and ties to Kevin Smith's Mallrats soundtrack. You won't want to miss this episode on one of the fans' most beloved songs. Weez on Weezerinos! Hosts & Content: Amy & Rachel Audio Editing/ Mixing: Bryan Becker Graphic Designer: Ali Schrubba We Are...


Episode 028 - I Love the USA

Juliet, Rachel, and Weezer get patriotic on your ears in this special 4th of July episode. The White Album deluxe single notably features the, "F-word" for the first time in Weezer history. Juliet shares her experience seeing Rivers and Jason Cropper share the stage for the first time (ever?) at Bottom of the Hill in SF. Scantron, No. 2 Pencil, Sam Hollander, Patton Oswalt, flags, murder, and a crazy Genius.com annotation are discussed. Weezer for life YO! Listen to I Love the USA We Are...


Episode 027 - Island In the Sun

Amy and Rachel catch up and talk about Rachel's experience watching Weezer perform Toto's Africa on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Happy Birthday Rivers and Amy! No Black Album? Next song discussion and ratings for Amy's favorite song of all time, Island In The Sun. This song has two music videos; one of which features Mikey Welsh. Mikey was only in two Weezer videos ever. Island In The Sun, Mexican Wedding version, and Hash Pipe. B-Sides; Sugar Booger, Starlight, Teenage Victory Song, & more. Marcos...


Weesode 002 - We Are Weezer - Beach Boys & Weekend Woman Round Table

Amy, Juliet, Rachel, & Rick have a round table discussion on Beach Boys and Weekend Woman. Singles (?) 3 & 4 off of Weezer's highly anticipated new album, Pacific Daydream.


Episode 026 - Memories

Rachel & We Are Weezer's talented Graphic Designer, Ali, take you down memory lane and give you all the details on Hurley's opening song, Memories. This single, also featured in Jackass 3D, has a lot of interesting history you may not know! Discussion, review, Rachel & Ali's fav Weezer memories, Toto's Africa, Rosanna, & much more! Weezer Nerds Untie! ;) Weezerpedia Wikipedia: Jeff Tremaine , Jackass 3D Videos: Official Video , Red Bull , Weezer Cruise Way Back Machine: Cool Old...


Episode 025 - Don't Let Go

It's May! Happy Anniversary! It's our 1st year and we're 25 episodes in. It's Green Album's 17th, Blue Album's 24th, Maladroit's 16th, Make Believe's 13th, and White's 2nd. As Joey from Blossom would say, "Woah!" Take a dive with Rachel and Amy into the Green Album's opening track, Don't Let Go. News, Black Album in 2 days (?), song discussion, ratings, and last but not least, Happy Birthday Amy! We love you! Thanks for listening!! Weez Out!


Episode 021 - Pork And Beans

Rachel & Juliet discuss Weezer's first guitar solo-less single from 2008's self titled Red album. Rivers Cuomo recently put out a new single, Medicine For Melancholy produced (allegedly) by AJR, and the Black Album might not come out 5/25/18 as expected. Song Discussion, review, & ratings, followed by a quick Weezer Confession. Thank you for listening & keep it Weezy.


Episode 020 - A Very Special Matt Sharp Episode

A woo hoo hoo! We made it to the big 2-0! Each tenth anniversary WAW will do something special; and this time they decided to talk about Weezer's first bassist, Matt Sharp. Before jumping into Matt's life and music, Amy & Rachel catch up on Rivers Cuomo's second live acoustic show which Rachel attended at the Hi Hat in LA. SO GOOD! Next, they chit chat about movies etc. Then the good stuff. Join them on a quick journey through time as they give a few highlights of Matt's life, music, and...


Episode 024 - El Scorcho

El Scorcho! We knew this was a special song, but didn't know it would turn out to be such a special episode. Amy, Juliet, & Rachel fill you in on all of the details of this iconic (& controversial?) song beloved by Weezer fans. Song discussion, ratings, and last but certainly not least, an interview with lead singer Braxton of the Weezer cover band, El Scorcho. We hope you'll fall in love all over again with this awesome song... =W=


Episode 023 - Long Time Sunshine

This Wednesday Rachel is joined by a guest co-host Adam, there is a fun El Scorcho announcement, and Scott gives us breaking news on the upcoming Black Album from an interview at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony where the Cars were finally inducted and Scott performed with them. This is our first Weezer Demo/ Rivers solo song. It is jam packed. Weez on Weezers!


Episode 022 - Endless Bummer

Juliet & Rachel fill you in on Weezer's White Album closing track, Endless Bummer. Song discussion, ratings, & ramblings included! With its Beach Boys-esque sound, topped by a classic Rivers guitar solo, and co-writers Brian Bell & Beatles super-fan Luther Russell, this song is definitely NOT a bummer! Thanks for listening! =W=


Episode 018 - (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day! We Are Weezer has a big announcement in this episode! Amy & Rachel catch up after a break... Weezer released multiple remixes of Happy Hour, Rachel listened to Jillian Lauren's book Some Girls: My Life In A Harem, Black Album date announced! Song discussion, ratings, the Women of Weezer, three break songs, Weezer confessional. XOXO


Episode 017 - Christmas Celebration - In The Garage with Juliet

HO HO HO! Merry Weezmas! The WAW Crew wish everyone a happy holiday and a super awesome new year! R & R kick off the show with a little current events discussion and their three fav Christmas songs. They discuss Weeezer's Christmas Celebration and check out Juliet's blinding garage. Juliet spotlights Weezer's generous contributions to charities over the years. Be sure to check the website for more info! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support so far. See you next year! =W=