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27 Going Rogue for the Sake of Joy

It’s big, it’s round, it sure is a fatty and the beautiful part is it’s in front of their mouth… Get yo mind outta the gutter people! Heidi and Rheena aka the Pandas started their rogue recording with their new Yeti mics. Get ready to go on a new journey with them as they take their podcast out of the studio and go rogue. And yes, there are live bong hits and whiskey moments that are happening during their talks. In this episode the Pandas talk about Tidying Up your life and getting rid of...


26 The Money Game - We’re all Losing

Inspired by a clip of Steve Harvey yelling over comedian/actress Monique on his show about how she should have released her integrity in favor of money - admitting that he plays “The Money Game” (and he’s winning at it because he will sacrifice anything, including his integrity, to win). It was a tough video to watch…not gonna lie. Especially after recently watching a documentary called Generation Wealth (created by a bad ass female visual anthropologist, Lauren Greenfield), which shows how...


25 Melissa Yamaguchi - What to Expect for the Chinese New Year, 2019, Year of the Pig

This Episode features a return guest, Melissa Yamaguchi, Energy Therapist and Feng Shui Speaker & Teacher: http://melissayamaguchi.com Melissa's blog on Huffington Post is called “Own Your Energy, Own Your Life” Melissa gives Heidi & Rheena insight into the Feng Shui energies and vibrations of this upcoming Chinese New Year, starting on February 5th, 2019, which is going to be the Feminine Earth year of a Water Pig It’s the End of the 12-year Chinese Cycle, so it will be a year of...


24 Raising Boys in the Age of She-Ra

Rheena Mae & Heidi Bach reflect on the experiences and answers they got after asking the questions their last guest Vika Viktoria gave them. They share how applying the new language of “Being” and “Doing” vs. Masculine and Feminine impacted their paradigms and helped create more connection. We’re reflecting on how we as women can do better in supporting the emotional health of both boys and girls, and how parents and kids are already adjusting to the #metoo movement. They’ll reference an...


23 Vika Victoria - Shifting the conversation between men & women through curiosity and storytelling

Note: Please sing the below line with a ginormous smile on your face Vika Vika Bo Bika Banana Fanna Fo Fika, Mi My Mo Mika… VIKA!!! Dear Amazing Bright Light, Straight up, you’re DOPE! You bring a light, energy and perspective into the world that is so damn refreshing. In 44 minutes you managed to shift our ideas of what masculine & feminine energy mean and distill it down into such simple terms that make it completely gender neutral. You have this beautiful understanding that while we...


22 The Spirit Of Christmas is Feminine

Dear Trojan, Why do you not have a multi-size pack of condoms at Target??? Like seriously, I’m dating and I’m not sure I want to commit to a whole box of 12 “regular” sized condoms. Instead of giving us different flavors, give us different sizes. Like 1 small, 1 med, 6 large, 5 xlarge… Do better, Panda Tune in to hear us talk this all out, promise it’s kinda hilarious And We promise this story has a purpose, haaaaa… We were actually Psychically/Spiritually groped at Target the other...


21 Gold Standard Dick and the Art of Allowing

Dear Jill Scott, You are as real as they come… No seriously, we are so happy that they posted your beautiful concert rendition of you giving head to a microphone acting like a gold standard dick. It’s real, it’s raw and frankly you know everyone secretly LOVED it!!! We want to thank you for being a real one and constantly putting your audience in a trance… musically, sensually and wistfully into a world that empowers us to be our most divine feminine selves. Dreaming in gold...


20 Slappin’ the Fear Bitch

Head’s Up - There’s a lot of learning in this episode, so get your notebooks out….You’ll be taking notes like we were. Dear Melanie, It's no wonder you do what you do... Your love is EXTRAORDINARY. No really, it truly is. It not only touches, it teaches, it listens, it learns, it gives, it receives and it honors the love in everything. We are blessed to know you and share in this extraordinary magic. Reasons we love Melanie: You have this bold command that is inviting. You peek our...


19 Rocking Our Birthday Suits

Look you guys... Heidi and Rheena Mae just “turned their birthdays” last month... They are the age they are (obviously we’re being vague….listen to the podcast and you'll gain a much better understanding) and they’re pondering lots of questions about life, relationships, their values...Oh, and they’re officially obsessed with being naked. Go on the journey and see how these “Pandas” reframe what it feels like to be free of the pressures to be who the world thinks you should be at any and...


18 #RelationshipGoals with Special Guests Quddus and Carmina

#RelationshipGoals with Special Guests Quddus and Carmina If you want all the feels definitely tune in to this episode. We talk EVA'REETHANG... from friendship to sex, to Carmina knowing that Quddus was her husband (and proclaiming it 3 years before they ever got together - NBD!!!), to making love work in this ever changing world (it's not all roses, people!!!). These two are not only building a love story for the ages, they're building a purpose-driven business together. Now, that's...


17 We're All a Bunch of Liars

Get yo microphone checked!!! Little did you know Heidi and Rheena are secretly aspiring to be rap artists and producer Timmy T will be the opening act....Say what?!??! Ok, we won't hit you with a rap album, but for real, this is our new obsession....Bloody honest truth!!! Exposing our insecurities and being vulnerable so much more of the time with everyone in our life, especially ourselves... This topic was inspired by the movie The Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Garner,...


16 Where Do I Belong?

This episode is Sheer Magic. We were honored to have Radha Agrawal on as our guest, and decided instead of Show Notes, we’d just write her a love letter. Dear Radha, So much fuckin’ YES to all and everything that you do… Come on, because thanx wasn’t next level enough. You changed the game yet again with Daybreak??!!! It’s so inspiring to hear how you created your business from a place of purpose, integrity and self-awareness, so that it is a real-life expression of the community you...


15 Sex and Intimacy in the Modern Age

Heidi Bach and Rheena Mae dig into the collective triggers many women are rumbling with in the wake of the #metoo movement, Cosby’s sentencing, the Kavanaugh Confirmation and Dr. Blasey Ford’s moving account of being sexually assaulted during a high school party. Exploring why and how so many women identify with this experience - whether they were personally assaulted or not - they discuss the circumstances and temperment of our society as it relates to date rape, drinking and party...


14 Happy Thoughts

In the first episode of Season 2, Rheena Mae and Heidi Bach open up with plenty of laughs and songs, before diving into their current obsessions. First, a conversation about the movie Finding Neverland (starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet - about the how the playwright James Matthew Barrie, was inspired to create Peter Pan), unfolds into a deep dive about the Power of Perspective, Happy Thoughts and Belief. Rheena and Heidi also discuss Dr. Ellen Langer’s studies - inspired by this...


13 Vulnerability and Healing

Its the season finale thanks for joining Heidi and Rheena on this wild ride getting their thoughts out to the world! On this episode, Rheena gets raw and deep as she shares a letter she wrote to her ex-husband. That brings up the conversation of vulnerability and healing. How much vulnerability does it take to achieve healing? WEBSITE: https://www.wethinkcollective.com EMAIL: grow@wethinkcollective.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wethinkcollective FACEBOOK:...


12 Has the Me Too Movement Gone Too Far?

Heidi and Rheena ask the big question, Has the Me Too movement gone too far? They also bring up topics that collective members have shared, healing the sister wound and understanding that we can use our feminine power to diffuse toxic masculinity. WEBSITE: https://www.wethinkcollective.com EMAIL: grow@wethinkcollective.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wethinkcollective FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wethinkcollective YOUTUBE: bit.ly/WeThinkCollective_YouTube The We Think...


11 Dangers of an Overly Masculine Workplace with World-Renowned Barman, Dushan Zaric

Heidi and Rheena talk to guest Dushan Zaric, bartending owner and mentor, he explains the controversy that sparked from an ad post that came off as sexist. Moreover, he shares his perspective on how important it is to hone in on intuition for emotional and professional partnerships and life situations. http://www.employeesonlynyc.com/people/owners/dushan WEBSITE: https://www.wethinkcollective.com EMAIL: grow@wethinkcollective.com INSTAGRAM:...


10 The Power of Letting Go

Rheena and Heidi touch on the subject of letting go. From break-ups to leaving jobs, how do we know when it is time to move on? The ladies discuss taking responsibility to remove any blocks that keep us from letting go. 528 Hz Love Frequency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiT3lCydEFQ WEBSITE: https://www.wethinkcollective.com EMAIL: grow@wethinkcollective.com INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wethinkcollective FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wethinkcollective YOUTUBE:...


09 Feminine Leadership in the Bedroom

Heidi and Rheena explore the role of feminine leadership in sex and intimacy. What does it mean to be a leader in the bedroom and how is it different than male counterparts? Tune in to hear how the masculine and feminine energy intertwine when it comes to getting it on. Esther Perel- Therapist, Author, Speaker - https://www.estherperel.com Show Notes WEBSITE: https://www.wethinkcollective.com EMAIL: grow@wethinkcollective.com INSTAGRAM: ...


08 Love & Accept Your Genius

Heidi and Rheena focus on how energy plays a role in business and success and how focusing on your strengths can help identify your purpose and gift to the world. Gallup Strengths Finder https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/store/en-us/all-products The 5 Love Languages Garry Chapman - Get the audiobook download for FREE and 30-day membership trial at www.audibletrial.com/InBound and search for The 5 Love Languages Garry Chapman The Go-Giver Bob Burg and John David Mann. Get the...