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The only thing we love more than weddings is talking sh*t about weddings.

The only thing we love more than weddings is talking sh*t about weddings.
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The only thing we love more than weddings is talking sh*t about weddings.






Episode 93: Lost Bridesmaids & Unexpected Expenses (with Amanda Walker - Part 2)

After talking about the Wedding Trends of 2019 in last week's episode, Amanda sticks around to help the gals answer some listeners' submitted confessionals. Topics include: budgets, makeup, strippers, shoes...and the Green Bay Packers? If you like financial advice or midwestern NFL teams, this episode is for you! -- SHOW NOTES: Amanda Walker first appeared on our podcast in Episode 64: Diary Of A Wedding Planner. Brooke did some research, and she thinks the cousin from Confessional...


Episode 92: Wedding Trends of 2019 (with Amanda Walker - Part 1)

Wedding planner, Amanda Walker, joins the gals to talk about all of the new wedding trends of 2019! She teaches us all about on what's in, what's out, and how virtual reality is changing wedding planning! And somehow we also end up taking about the song Baby Shark?!! We chatted so much about trends that we pushed the confessionals until the next episode. If you like wedding trends or songs that get stuck in your head all day, this episode is for you! -- SHOW NOTES: Amanda Walker first...


Episode 91: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And congrats to all you newly engaged brides and grooms! Brooke and Pam are celebrating the beginning of 2019 with a mini episode! Enjoy! -- BRIDAL BREAK: Red Wine Hot Cocoa: A chocolatey yummy drink from (Suggested by Pam) Kennections: Weekly trivia game created by famous Jeopardy contestant Ken Jennings. (Suggested by Brooke) -- WEDDING CONFESSIONALS LINKS: Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest -- Have a story to...


Episode 90: A Merry Mini Episode

It's Christmas Day! Our gift to you is this Mini Episode. Merry Christmas! -- BRIDAL BREAK: It's A Grinch Drink: A festive cocktail from (Suggested by Pam) It’s Britney Bitch: A fun and informative podcast about the life and work of Britney Spears, hosted by fans/journalists T Kyle & Bradley Stern. (Suggested by Brooke) -- WEDDING CONFESSIONALS LINKS: Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest -- Have a story to tell us? Need...


Episode 89: Escalator Proposals & Helpful Hecklers (with Nancy Jordan)

Nancy Jordan, dancer and art department coordinator for film and TV, joins Brooke and Pam to talk about weddings! She tells the gals all about meeting her husband while studying at Juilliard, proposing on a Macy's escalator, and planning her own wedding...though she had never been to one before! Topics also include observant hecklers, wedding receptions in underground clubs, and white suits from the 70s! We also answer listeners' confessionals about choosing the right Maid of Honor, asking...


Episode 88: Chuppahs & Hoopas (with Nancy)

Brooke's neighbor Nancy stops by to tell the gals all about her wedding. Details include: a long distance romance that caused her to upgrade her cell phone's data plan, finding a dress that doesn't make her feel like a cupcake, and an interesting pronunciation of the word "chuppah." We also dive into listeners' submitted confessionals about holding RSVP-related grudges, the rules for late gifting wedding presents, and how to include step-parents into a ceremony without it feeling weird or...


Episode 87: Shadows & Secrets (with Julia Holmberg - Part 2)

Our fun night with Julia Holberg continues! We tackle listeners' Confessionals about a copycat bride, a loudly opinionated mother-in-law and a bridesmaid with a big secret! If you like mouthy moms or confidential information, this episode is for you! -- GUEST INFO: Check out Julia’s dress making journey on Instagram: @juliamakesadress -- SHOW NOTES: Julia first told us all about her DIY wedding projects in Episode 48: Handcrafted, Homemade & Heartfelt -- BRIDAL BREAK: Melted...


Episode 86: DIY Wedding Update! (with Julia Holmberg - Part 1)

Remember that bride Julia Holmberg who was making her own wedding dress, and her bridesmaids dresses, and a ton of other DIY creations?! Well, she got married this summer and is now back to tell Brooke and Pam all about it! She opens up about making bouquets at 2am the night before the wedding, ugly crying down the aisle, and the wedding day traffic jam that was unexpectedly a good thing. In fact, Julia had so many fun stories to share that we broke up this recording into two episode! Stay...


Episode 85: Thanksgiving Mini Episode!

It's Thanksgiving week, so Brooke and Pam are taking a break from recording a traditional episode of the podcast. This week they're focusing on one thing they're very thankful for: Buzzfeed Wedding Quizzes!! If you like shorter podcast episodes or online surveys, this episode is for you! -- SHOW NOTES: The Buzzfeed Quiz that Pam and Brooke took is called Can You Guess How Popular These Wedding Trends Are? -- BRIDAL BREAK: Thanksgiving Cider: A holiday cocktail with pumpkin and apple...


Episode 84: Wedding Confessionals Continued #1

Brooke and Pam have been asking for listeners who sent in Confessionals before to send follow up info about what happened after they were given advice on the podcast. And thankfully they have responded with more details...and drama! Sit back and enjoy an entire episode dedicated to just catching up on Confessionals from the past. If you like sequels or "Where Are They Now?" shows, this episode is for you! -- BRIDAL BREAK: Foxen Winery: SoCal Winery that is a fun place to visit!...


Episode 83: The Amazing Technicolor Dream Wedding Song (with Ben Siemon)

Ben Siemon, writer and actor (and Brooke's favorite person on Twitter!), joins the podcast to tell the gals all about eloping in Australia, just months after same-sex marriage was legalized in the country. Details include a politely confused photographer, feeling kinda like a celebrity...and dead kangaroos?!! They also answer listeners confessionals about reception seating dilemmas, planning wedding details before getting engaged, and monitoring out of control guests. If you like seating...


Episode 82: Groomzillas! (with Dan Gill)

Dan Gill, host of the Groomzillas Podcast, joins Pam and Brooke to talk all about his own wedding, including getting hilarious portraits done with his fiancé at JC Penny. They also dive into some listeners submitted confessionals about annoying family requests, Friday night weddings, and inviting (or not inviting) fringy friends. If you like department store pictures or weeknight celebrations, this episode is for you! -- GUEST INFO: Check out Dan's wedding podcast,...


Episode 81: Belgian Beers & Bridal Bugs (with Julie Fishman)

Julie Fishman, co-host of the First Timers Podcast, joins Pam and Brooke to tell us all about her wedding - including ruining her own proposal (twice!) and injuring herself 3 days before walking down the aisle! We also answer some listeners confessionals about a reception brawl, a Maid of Honor dropping the ball, and a father who REALLY overshared during his wedding speech. If you like brides in band-aids or dads who don't understand what TMI means, this episode is for you! -- GUEST...


Episode 80: No Ring, No Bring (with Korie Steward)

Pam and Brooke are joined by Korie Steward, one of the brides on TLC's I Want THAT Wedding! She shares great stories about planning her wedding, including when she bought a plane ticket for her bridal gown! The gals also answer some listeners submitted confessionals. Topics include movie quotes in wedding vows, a parent who wants her kids to take over a bridal suite, and a DJ who's mix felt like a melancholy hoedown. If you like crazy kids or sad line dancing, this episode is for...


Episode 79: Cut Cake & Fighting Aunts (with Lauren Lillie - Part 2)

Our fun night with Lauren Lillie continues! We tackle some listeners submitted confessionals about a snarky sister, a pushy friend who want to be a bridesmaid, and an overbearing mom who disinvites relatives she's feuding with! If you like aggressive or snarky relatives, this episode is for you! -- SHOW NOTES: Here's the Great British Bake Off Princess Cake Recipe -- BRIDAL BREAK: Maddalena Rosé: Yummy wine from from Paso Robles region of California (Suggested by Pam) To All The...


Episode 78: Disney Princess Wedding (with Lauren Lillie - Part 1)

Lauren Lillie is back and she has updates about her wedding planning! Topics include: how Disney movies shaped her wedding expectations, cross country bridal gown drama, and never watching Say Yes To The Dress...but visiting Kleinfelds anyways! Oh, and we talked about cannibalism and taking dogs to hospitals. If you like princess dresses or puppies, you'll love this episode! Stay tuned for Episode 79 to hear Part 2 of our night with Lauren, including listeners submitted...


Episode 77: Sweaty Brides & Second Wedding Dresses (with Beth Morrell - Part 2)

Our hilarious night with Beth Morrell continues! The gals answer some listeners submitted confessionals from brides in need of serious help with crazy situations! Topics include a mother-of-the-groom threatening to throw an ill timed shower, a bride who's family fell in love with a wedding gown that she hates, and a bride afraid she will sweat through her dress. If you like hideous dresses or pushy future mother-in-laws, this episode is for you! -- GUEST INFO: Check out Beth's podcast...


Episode 76: I'm Wearing Crocs At My Wedding! (with Beth Morrell - Part 1)

Beth Morrell, co-host of the Old Maids Podcast, is back with some big news - she's getting married! She tells Pam and Brooke all about her romantic proposal...which somehow involves a gender reveal party and a strip club!?! Beth also tells the gals all about her wedding planning, ring shopping, and the complications that come with falling in love with a wedding dress quickly. If you like diamonds or pole dancing, this episode is for you! (Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of our night with...


Episode 75: Secret Weddings & Swine Flu (with Tristan)

Brooke's husband, Tristan, returns to tell even more funny stories about their wedding. Somehow this includes Gatorade, an annoyed judge, and the TV show Cheaters. They also tackle listeners submitted confessionals about shady bartenders, friends with benefits, and 100+ people who forgot to RSVP. If you like invitation dilemmas or sports drinks, this episode is for you! -- GUEST INFO: Listen to Tristan's football podcast Worst to First, available on iTunes! Follow Worst to First on...


Episode 74: Money Plans & Marching Bands (with Dan Hinz)

Dan Hinz is a financial coach who helps engaged couples and newlyweds stop money fights before they start. In this episode, he joins Pam and Brooke to chat about his wedding and give out some helpful money-related tips for soon to be married couples! They also somehow talk about Disneyland, marching bands and dolphins. Then they tackle some listeners submitted wedding confessionals about bullying brothers, embarrassed grandmas and grumpy mother-in-laws. If you like budgeting or sea...