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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.

An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.
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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.




Season 1 Stinger Supercut

To celebrate the podcast being 1 year old today. Here's a supercut of all of the stingers from Season 1. This is the audio that plays after the closing music. The part that most people skip... So don't worry if you decide to skip this. It's okay. Become a supporter of this podcast:


Ep. #054 - Should You Photoshop a CZ off An Engagement Ring?

We’re shooting a wedding together! Beer Talk: Steve's drinking a Flat 12 Pogue’s Run Porter Topics: Diamond Ethics - CZ Do we attend rehearsal dinners? Steadify jock strap for your camera on Kickstarter. How many photos should a 2nd shooter deliver? Should they cull their photos? Sexism in photography on the tech side. Q&A: Has anyone tried adding a Photo Booth? How do you structure pricing for associate photographer weddings vs. normal...


Ep. #053 - How Much Should You Pay An Associate?

Dustin forced Steve to shoot a wedding using negative energy. Follow Up: Dustin’s copyright situation. What happened at the military reunion? Movie Pass Beer Talk: Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout Topics: Horrendous hipster trends: Nikon’s lens mount teaser: Best Buy photo workshops. Mavic Pro 2 announcement that shouldn’t have existed....


Ep. #052 - What's the Going Rate for Second Shooters?

Updates: Soundcloud -> Anchor. Dustin's copyright situation. Beer: Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout. Topics: Discrimination in the wedding industry. Should second shooters deliver their own edited photos? Lastly, gear talk. Sony: Nikon: Canon:...


Ep. #051 - What Should You Do When Someone Violates Your Copyright?

We start talking about the joy of having a week off and going on vacation, then do some follow up on some of the kickstarter stuff Dustin has "bought." Steve's drinking an Olga from Scarlet Lane while Dustin's drinking a Michelob Ultra Lime and Cactus. Then it's on to the main topics. Dustin finds out someone violated his copyright. We talk about watermarks and what to do if someone crops your watermark out of a photo. Then we talk about our night before a wedding rituals. Finally it's on...


Ep. #050 - How Do You Capture Someone's Personality?

It's our 50th Episode! This week Steve's drinking a Bourbon Barrel Aged Eirik Bloodaxe from Scarlet Lane and we're talking photo stuff. We answer the question what is a dollar dance? We talk about letting an intern edit your photos. We talk about the Kickstarter for Magbox (one of us bought/invested/threw money away at this). We talk about the court case that ruled that a photo wasn't protected by copyright because it was a factual depiction. Then it's on to Q&A! What do you do if you need...


Ep. #049 - From Cedar Point to Six Figure Photography with Ben Hartley

Ben Hartley of the Six Figure Photography podcast and owner of Style and Story joins us to talk about his journey from Cedar Point to oil painting to ministry to professional longboarding to wedding photography to podcasting. There's a lot of ground to cover, but we cover it quickly. So pull up a seat and listen to Steve and Dusty talk about life and work and photography with J. Questions this week include: How can I get people to move out of my way during the baraat? How can I hold a...


Ep. #048 - What Gear Do You Need for an Engagement Shoot?

The case of the crazy edits, the flat tire on the way to a wedding, what to do at the same venue, take two, and thoughts on IGTV one week in. It's a strong way to start the show. Steve's drinking a Vane from Scarlet Lane. Then we're on to the show! Steve's angry that some people told a photographer to lie to her clients when a card corrupted and she lost photos. What parts of the wedding day do we feel like it's pointless to capture. Do we do father/daughter reveals? Then we're on to Q&A!...


Ep. #047 - How Far Out Are You Willing to Book?

First up we're talking about a surprise kid at a wedding. Dustin share's a story about shooting a wedding and finding out after family formals are over that there was a family member left out. Then Dustin asks how Steve shot 5 weddings in 2 weeks. Then we're on to follow up where Steve talks vociferously about his love of the boy who lived, Harry Kane! two goals in his first game in the World Cup and a hat trick in today's game (but we recored the podcast on Wednesday so there's no talk of...


Ep. # 046 - Should You Change Pricing When Re-Branding?

Steve's drinking a Founder's All Day IPA and drinking a Coke that says Futbol Fan on it because we are talking about the World Cup. Then it's on to topics: Is it okay to take photos using natural disasters as a backdrop? Does that romanticize the horrific disaster? Or is that considered profiting off someone else's pain and devastation? Should you be taking more photos of yourself to post to Instagram? What could go wrong with a champagne pour? David Troth Wright bought an ad on MBMBAM for...


Ep. #045 - Should You Split Tips With Your Second Shooter?

This week we're talking about a lot of stuff that makes one of us very frustrated, from DJs that brag about teaching photographers how to shoot to hacks who try to push their educational courses on you through billions of facebook and instagram ads. Dustin's on a weird diet, so he can't drink, but Steve's drinking another great Indiana beer for a great Indiana man. Other topics include blue shift glasses, our secret facebook group, pee colored armpit stains, Facebook's new request a quote...


Ep. #044 - The First Rule Of Photog Club

First up this week Dustin and Steve discuss the Royal Wedding, only two weeks late! Then we follow up on Dustin's hotel room drama. After that it's on to the main show. First up, we're talking digital file delivery again. Who do you allow to download those photos? Next up we're talking about the Skydio drone. The Skydio drone had a software update giving it the ability to track cars, which is pretty cool. After that we talk a lot about copyright issues and your rights with your photos....


Ep. #043 - Ya Boy Sample Size Doza (David Mendoza III)

This week we interview wedding photographer David Mendoza III, or you might know him better as Doza. Doza talks to us about his favorite taco shop, going full time with his wedding photography, his motorcycle accidents, losing drones in Bali, shooting twilights, working with young models, Instagram's Instaprom and getting pressured into getting Swarovski Crystals painted on one of his finger nails. Doza is going to be speaking at Showit United this year and he talks a little bit about what...


Ep. #042 - How Much Are 1.2 Million Followers Worth?

Steve commits to drinking 4 Strongbow Hard Ciders in the episode as a goof while Dustin is straight sipping a clear liquid. Then we’re on to follow up. We confront the inherent sexism in a question from the last episode of our podcast. Then we talk about one of our oldest bits of follow up on this podcast. That’s right, we talk about Steve flying his drone finally. Then we push into the good stuff. Steve talks about a guy who was trying to sell his twitter account, which had 1.2 million...


Ep. #041 - The Wedding Photographers Unite Crossover Extravaganza

This week we teamed up with Andy Buscemi and Neal Urban from the Wedding Photographers Unite podcast to do a crossover episode. I know, it's crazy. You'd never expect to see the cast of Brooklyn 9/9 popping up in an episode of New Girl, but that's basically what this episode is. We'll let you decide which show is Brooklyn 9/9 and which is New Girl. Hold on to your butts. This is a good episode. After some brief introductions, Neal starts us off with a conundrum (trademark Wedding...


Ep. #040 - Should You Post Your Prices on Social Media?

Guess who's back?! Back Again! Stevie's Back! Tell your friends. We do have fun, don't we? This week on the podcast Steve's drinking a Flat 12 Bierworks Milk Stout and Dustin's back on that clear beverage he claims is water. Then there's a ton of follow up. Steve tells an embarrassing story about himself that he thought Dustin was referencing in the last episode. Steve gets to the bottom of whether or not Dustin really feels responsible when his couples divorce. Dustin gives some terrible...


Ep. #039 - Double Wide Lenses with Jennifer Van Elk

Steve's sick, so he asked his wife Jenn to step in for him this week on the podcast. But it's okay, because he grabbed her a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA before he went to bed for the night. First Jenn and Dustin are following up on some topics from past episodes. Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast wrote in to update us on Style Me Pretty. It's not dead yet. Phantom Producer Louie Novak didn't end up having strep throat... but he did have the flu. You'll have to listen to the...


Ep. #038 - Are Styled Shoots Killing The Wedding Industry?

Steve and Dustin were together again, face to face and making the magic happen. First up, they're discussing an event they shot together just moments before they started recording. Then they're talking follow up, and they're talking about Oath, Yahoo, AOL, Flickr, and Style Me Pretty. Then they're talking fashion photography and whether or not fashion photographers make better wedding photographers than wedding photographers. Then they're moving on to talking about newborn baby photography...


Ep. #037 - Wedding Photo Faux Pas

It's Dustin's Birthday! Well, not today, but on the day we were recording. He's another year older, but none the wiser, hence still making this podcast! Tonight Steve's drinking some Espresso Whiskey from XXX Distillery which he picked up on his vacation... but don't worry, he cut out the 15 minute talk about Dustin's Birthday and his vacation from this episode. Anyway, today we're talking about Style Me Pretty shutting down. Then after the 30 seconds we could spare for that, we go through...


Ep. #036 - Rube Goldberg Photo Delivery & Social Media Sleuthing

Steve and Dustin are talking about social media, a lot, and specifically about something super douchey that Steve did... Also, Steve does some social media sleuthing as he tries to get to the bottom of the biggest mystery he's ever uncovered on Twitter. We talk a little about new Twitter policy changes and Dustin's sudden growth on Instagram too. Then we talk about how you can set yourself apart from every other person at the wedding with a DSLR, especially the videographers. Then it's time...