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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.

An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.
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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.




Ep. #079 - Don't Cross the Line with Jimi Ferrara of Wedding Photographer's Unite!

This week Jimi Ferrara, super-host on the Wedding Photographer's Unite! podcast, joins us! We talk to Jimi about his switch from being a Camera Assistant for Saturday Night Live to being a full time photographer. Jimi talks about why he stopped working as a Camera Assistant for independent films. We also talk about Sony mirrorless cameras, Jimi's move away from Nikon, and how his wife Natalie started shooting with him. Read more in depth about the con-queen of Hollywood: Hollywood...


Ep. #078 - Finding Your Style with Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer of the Secret Life of Weddings Podcast

We were joined this week by Lisa Mark and Rebecca Lozer of the Secret Life of Weddings Podcast. Settle in to hear about how Lisa and Rebecca got started doing photography and how they discovered their styles. Also, Lisa and Rebecca share the impetus behind why they started the Secret Life of Weddings. There’s a lot more in the episode so hit download and get ready to have a good time. Questions this week include: Is it ok to message a past client who got divorced and then engaged again...


Ep. #077 - CD We Go

Steve and Dustin are still sick. Which means they're talking mattresses! What fun! Beer Talk: Steve - BrewDog Clockwork Tangerine Dustin - Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Topics: Off season business goals and bridal shows. Metal vs. Canvas vs. Glass Q&A: What should I do if a client adds Instagram Filters to my images? Should I get paid before the wedding or after? Social...


Ep. #076 - Pi Times Salary (New Year Special)

Our very special New Year episode brings resolutions from Dustin and Steve to get their lives in order and stop screwing around. Beer Talk: Dustin's still sipping on that Christmas Ale Steve's drinking a Cold Toddy (Old Fashioned) Topics: New Year's Resolutions Clients that don't book till midnight on New Year's Eve Nvidia's crazy CGI humans Q&A: How do you tell a client you don't get paid enough to deal with them? What should you do if the wedding planner tries to get you to...


Ep. #075 - The Cinnamon Roll Ornament (Christmas Special)

The episode art is a two year old Christmas photo, but I couldn't find anything more recent that I liked (Steve). Opener: Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Follow Up: TPOV, Inside Man, and Love Buddies Beer Talk: Dustin - Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale Steve - Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Topics: Dustin's Intern's Wedding Client Gifts $10k Santa Pic Day...


Ep. #074 - Getting All the Hugs with Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast

This week on the podcast Steve’s joined by Ulices Del Toro of the Wedding Photo Podcast. Steve and Ulices talk about a wide variety of things. In follow up: Steve’s wife is dunking on him in the facebook group. Beer Talk: Steve - Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale and Scarlet Lane Barrel Aged Olga Russian Imperial Ulices - El Segundo Brewing and Claremont Craft Ale Collaboration Beach to Baldi and Barrel House Brewing Juicy IPA Topics: How to handle disrespectful clients Ulices’s decision to...


Ep. #073 - Targeting your Ideal Client with Heidi Thompson

We're joined this week by Heidi Thompson! A special guest so nice that she's been on the podcast twice! This week we're talking about formulating marketing plans for you business so you can minimize the amount of time you're spending on marketing while maximizing the effect your marketing has on potential clients. It's a good, good conversation even if we do get on some random tangents about potential businesses and insta-stories. Q&A: What can I do to combat a new photographer's guerrilla...


Ep. #072 - Extraneous Photoshop Requests

Opener: The Marvel Avengers Infinity War 2 title reveal and trailer discussion Follow Up: Capture One Deals That Weren’t Risky Business Photos for Dustin’s Real Estate Company Beer Talk: Steve - Dragon’s Milk by New Holland Brewing Co. Dustin - Christmas Ale by Great Lakes Brewing Co. Topics: Sony, new sensors coming, including 8k video Sony, claims they could make fast lenses, but it’d be a waste of...


Ep. #071 - Cinematic Sunset Shots with Vanessa Joy

This week we’re talking to Vanessa Joy about sunset shots, wide angle shots, profoto, melting pocket wizards, fashion for photographers and footwear for photographers, speed posing and that something that happens at every wedding. Q&A: What do you do for albums? How can a short person capture tall people without breaking their back lugging a step ladder around? What should a natural light photographer with no intention of using flash do on a rainy day? Find Vanessa Joy at:...


Ep. #070 - Second Annual Thanksgiving Special

It's our second annual Thanksgiving Special! And once again, I couldn't find a picture either one of us has taken of a turkey for the episode image, so here's a cake! Dustin and Steve talk about all the things they're thankful for this year. They talk about the origins of Thanksgiving as well. Then Dustin talks about Black Friday and deals, deals, deals. But we wouldn't leave ya'll high and dry, not even in a holiday special, so we do transition to some Q&A. Question this week: How much do...


Ep. #069 - Photographers Under Fire

Opener: Dustin thinks we just became national wedding photographers. Beer Talk: Steve - Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout Dustin - Apple Cider with Crown Royal Topics: Adobe Bug Deletes $250,000 Worth of Video Clips. Should you put a gun in a baby photo? Should you replicate a very bad movie in a photo? Which is the bigger issue?...


Ep. #068 - How To Get Your Lens On

This week the podcast was edited by Dustin. Please, direct all your comments about the editing directly to him. This week we cover all things lenses. From start to finish, how wide is too wide, how shallow is (steve) too shallow. You get it. Q/A How many images is too many to deliver? Comfy Shoes to wear on a wedding day? What to do when you're picked 2nd? We also geek out about the new Netflix show Sabrina & Riverdale's cinematography Sponsored by: Use code HANGOVER20 for 20%...


Ep. #067 - Photographers From the Future with Thom Stewart and Greg Campbell of The Snappening

This week we're using some quantum entanglement to record an episode with Thom Stewart and Greg Campbell, who just so happen to live in the future. Well, I mean, like 15 - 17 hours ahead of us. We're talking about Photoshop for the iPad, Yongnuo's Mirrorless Camera, Yongnuo Flashes, Godox Flashes, Shooting with Sony, and also expressing milk while shooting a wedding (something none of us are really qualified to talk about, but whatever). Q&A: Does anyone have tips for setting up a vendor...


Ep. #066 - Shadow Crankers (Halloween Special)

In this very special Halloween Episode we're sharing ghost stories from our listeners and from kind people we found in other wedding related Facebook groups who had their own stories to share. We have stories about the Banff Hotel, the Sealbach, a school in California, a venue that was once a temporary hospital/morgue in times of trouble and some more heartwarming tales of departed family members who showed up at their relatives weddings. Q&A: What should I do if my camera is possessed? From...


Ep. #065 - Cell Phone Photos of an Unedited Lightroom Catalogue with Joe Fischer of Greetabl

Follow Up: Dustin and Corynn, wedding planners/coordinators. Dustin's Left Eye, it ain't ever open Crediting our Phantom Producer The story of a wedding photographer who didn't get their wedding photos Beer Talk: Dustin - Clear Liquid Steven - Night Owl Pumpkin Ale from Elysian Topics: Dustin's mad. Realtor Woes Cell phone photos of an unedited Lightroom catalogue Special Guest Interview: Joe Fischer of Greetabl Q&A: A venue stole my photos and posted on their instagram without crediting me,...


Ep. #064 - Shooting Eyes Wide Open with Corynn McKibben

In this episode, Steve is kicked to the curb, and by curb we mean DISNEY! But have no fear, Corynn McKibben, Dustin's better half, joins us for some light-hearted tails of a recent family member's wedding they did together. Topics: -Dustin's Sister's Wedding -Client Meetings -What do you do with your eyes? Q/A -Divorced Couple's Galleries? -Your Name Branding? Pros & Cons -Memory? Love the podcast? You can support us on Anchor for as little as $.99 a month!...


Ep. #063 - Should You Cede Portrait Time to Other Vendors?

Ceding portrait time, flip flop family photos, waiting 5 years for photos, wedding vendor entitlement, backpacks or roller bags, and the correct f stop. Secret Life of Weddings article: Dan Alan's song Acid Odyssey: Full show notes:...


Ep. #062 - Is It Okay For Videographers to Share Still Frames?

Wheelchairs and wedding photos, Judge Dustin and the raddest photo contest, shooting a destination wedding, drone crashes and other fun stories while shooting in another country, sharing still from videos, and associate photographers. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group:...


Ep. #061 - Breaking Out of a Creative Rut with Jennifer Van Elk

Any posing ideas for a couple where the groom is disabled and sometimes in a wheelchair and sometimes on crutches? What do you do if the timeline goes too far in depth? How do you break out of a creative rut? What should you do if there's been a death in the bride or groom's family? A brief call in with thoughts on the Fuji XT series. Why would the family give the photographer a boutonniere? How can you avoid black holes for eyes? It's almost all questions. Full show notes:...


Ep. #060 - What Should You Pack for a Destination Wedding?

Editing services, Mavic 2 Pros, Instagrammers crashing weddings, what to pack when you travel, coaxing couples to do night shots and more. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group: Editing: Become a supporter of this podcast:...