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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.

An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.
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An irreverent look at wedding photography and photography in general. This podcast, like aspirin, will help you recover from your wedding hangover.




Ep. #063 - Should You Cede Portrait Time to Other Vendors?

Ceding portrait time, flip flop family photos, waiting 5 years for photos, wedding vendor entitlement, backpacks or roller bags, and the correct f stop. Secret Life of Weddings article: Dan Alan's song Acid Odyssey: Full show notes:...


Ep. #062 - Is It Okay For Videographers to Share Still Frames?

Wheelchairs and wedding photos, Judge Dustin and the raddest photo contest, shooting a destination wedding, drone crashes and other fun stories while shooting in another country, sharing still from videos, and associate photographers. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group:...


Ep. #061 - Breaking Out of a Creative Rut with Jenn Van Elk

Any posing ideas for a couple where the groom is disabled and sometimes in a wheelchair and sometimes on crutches? What do you do if the timeline goes too far in depth? How do you break out of a creative rut? What should you do if there's been a death in the bride or groom's family? A brief call in with thoughts on the Fuji XT series. Why would the family give the photographer a boutonniere? How can you avoid black holes for eyes? It's almost all questions. Full show notes:...


Ep. #060 - What Should You Pack for a Destination Wedding?

Editing services, Mavic 2 Pros, Instagrammers crashing weddings, what to pack when you travel, coaxing couples to do night shots and more. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group: Editing: Become a supporter of this podcast:...


Ep. #059 - How Do You Handle iPad Photographers at Weddings?

New iPhones are new! Dealing with other photographers at weddings. Dealing with iPad Photographers. Keeping it classy with frenemies in the industry. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group: Email us: Dustin:...


Ep. #058 - Canon EOS R, Fuji XT-3, and Mavic 2 Pro Failure

This week we're talking about the Canon EOS R, the Fuji XT-3, and we also talk a little bit about Dustin's new Mavic 2 Pro. It's a gear heavy week and Steve hates it. We also talk about a videographer who asked a photographer for over 400 photos to help complete their wedding video. Questions: What's the bare minimum gear for getting into wedding videography? What can I use to help with follow focus for videos? Can I ask a photog's client if I can shoot a wedding video for them? How do you...


Ep. #057 - How Do You Handle Difficult Clients?

Handling editing requests, paying in advance of service, Instagram hack, turning greens into browns, 150 megapixel medium format camera, new canon mirrorless cameras and an apology from Nikon for selling out of their stock of the Z7 too fast. A few questions too: What helped you learn video? What are your methods for backing up photos? How do you handle difficult clients? Full show notes: Social media:...


Ep. #056 - Fixing the Nikon Z7

DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom, Nikon Z7 and Z6, Carl Zeiss fixed lens camera, Wedding Tax, The Knot dilemma, and Smoke Bombs & Sparklers. Full show notes: Social media: Facebook group: Email us: Dustin: Steven:...


Ep. #055 - How Many Wedding Photographers is too Many?

Season 2 of WPH kicks off with a bang! Follow Up: Dustin's Copyright Issues CZ on a Ring No InstaStory Alcohol Talk: Steve - Redvolution from Bota Box Topics: Fort Wayne Wedding Community How Many Wedding Photographers and Videographers is too many? College or Just Start Shooting Phone Etiquette Nikon Mirrorless Speculation Q&A Do you use polarized filters? How do you keep track of poses? Full show notes:


Season 1 Stinger Supercut

To celebrate the podcast being 1 year old today. Here's a supercut of all of the stingers from Season 1. This is the audio that plays after the closing music. The part that most people skip... So don't worry if you decide to skip this. It's okay. Social media: Facebook group: Email us: Dustin:...


Ep. #054 - Should You Photoshop a CZ off An Engagement Ring?

Opener: Shooting a wedding together! Beer Talk: Steve - Pogue’s Run Porter from Flat 12 Topics: Diamond Ethics - CZ Do we attend rehearsal dinners? Steadify jock strap for your camera on Kickstarter. How many photos should a 2nd shooter deliver? Should they cull their photos? Sexism in photography on the tech side. Q&A: Has anyone tried adding a Photo Booth? How do you structure pricing for associate photographer weddings vs. normal pricing? What should I buy with $600 for my travel...


Ep. #053 - How Much Should You Pay An Associate?

Opener: Dustin forced Steve to work using negative energy. Follow Up: Dustin’s copyright situation Military reunion Movie Pass Beer Talk: Steve - Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout Topics: Horrendous hipster trends Nikon’s lens mount teaser Best Buy photo workshops. Mavic Pro 2 announcement that shouldn’t have existed. Photographing while hungover. Q&A: What about associate photographers? What if you’re sick on a wedding day? On-camera or off-camera flash? Full show notes with links to stories:...


Ep. #052 - What's the Going Rate for Second Shooters?

Opener: Soundcloud -> Anchor Follow Up: Dustin's copyright situation. Beer Talk: Steve - Scarlet Lane Dorian Stout. Topics: Discrimination in the wedding industry. Second shooters delivering their own edited photos? Sony Smartphone Camera Sensor Nikon Mirrorless Canon Mirrorless Q&A: What if the edit looks bad? How much do you pay seconds? Is an 8 hour video too long? Full show notes with links to news/rumors:


Ep. #051 - What Should You Do When Someone Violates Your Copyright?

Opener: Joy of having a week off and going on vacation Follow up Kickstarter stuff Beer Talk: Steve - Olga from Scarlet Lane Dustin - Michelob Ultra Lime and Cactus. Topics: Dustin's copyright is violated Watermarks What if someone crops your watermark out? Rituals the night before a wedding Q&A: Why do clients try to take advantage of you and ask for more time/no pay? What should you do if a client posts they're splitting up before you deliver the photos? What's in your camera bag? Full...


Ep. #050 - How Do You Capture Someone's Personality?

Opener: 50th Episode Beer Talk: Steve - Bourbon Barrel Aged Eirik Bloodaxe from Scarlet Lane Topics: What is a dollar dance? Letting an intern edit photos Kickstarter - Magbox Court case that ruled that a photo wasn't protected by copyright because it was a factual depiction. Q&A: Using the restroom during a wedding? Talking #2. Capturing someone's personality when they don't have any interests? What's a good price for a wedding with unlimited edited photos? What if the bride asks for...


Ep. #049 - From Cedar Point to Six Figure Photography with Ben Hartley

Special Guest: Ben Hartley Topics: Cedar Point Oil painting Ministry Professional longboarding Wedding photography Podcasting. J Ben Hartley (full name) Q&A: How can I get people to move out of my way during the baraat? Laughing when the bride can't hold in a fart? How can I keep myself from getting Little Caeser's as a vendor meal? Is it okay to wear a white shirt to a wedding with black pants? Check out Ben Hartley at:


Ep. #048 - What Gear Do You Need for an Engagement Shoot?

Opener: Case of the crazy edits Flat tire on a wedding day Follow Up: Same venue, take two IGTV one week in Beer Talk: Steve - Vane from Scarlet Lane Topics: Lying to clients Father/daughter reveals Q&A: Embarrassing family members selling services? What rules might a minister might have for the photog? Any musts for an engagement shoot? Full show notes: Social media:


Ep. #047 - How Far Out Are You Willing to Book?

Opener: Surprise kid at a wedding Steve shot 5 weddings in 2 weeks Harry Kane! Beer Talk: Steve - Upland Wheat. Topics: Photo guides on the internet Reddit - photography and comedy Minor Lightroom problems IGTV Vertical video Scam emails Q&A: How far out are you willing to book? What to do when someone "glams" up your photos and posts them online? Where do you bounce flash in a church with a high ceiling? Full Show Notes:...


Ep. #046 - Should You Change Pricing When Re-Branding?

Beer talk: Steve - Founder's All Day IPA Topics: Natural disasters as backdrops? Selfies on Instagram Champagne pour MBMBAM ads Do you mention when a bride's details are the same as another bride? Q&A: Directing high groomsmen? Dealing with exes in the bridal party? Increasing wedding rates after a re-brand? After show: Weekday weddings Family photos not requested by the bride and groom, but other people at the wedding Full show notes with links to the disaster photos:...


Ep. #045 - Should You Split Tips With Your Second Shooter?

Topics: DJs who think they can do your job Hacks pushing educational courses on facebook and instagram Dustin's weird diet Blue shift glasses Secret facebook group Pee colored armpit stains Facebook's new request a quote feature Hanging dresses on trees for dress shots What to do when you get a tip as a primary shooter Q&A: Getting out of primary shooting while getting booked to second? How should male wedding photogs dress? What should you charge to re-edit photos several years later? Full...