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What’s The Mate is a completely improvised podcasts where a rotating cast of improv comedians turn wacky Berlin tales into some long-form hilarity!

What’s The Mate is a completely improvised podcasts where a rotating cast of improv comedians turn wacky Berlin tales into some long-form hilarity!
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What’s The Mate is a completely improvised podcasts where a rotating cast of improv comedians turn wacky Berlin tales into some long-form hilarity!




#32: The Episode with Radical Honesty & Julia's "Big" Story

Amanda King, Kieran Humphries and Carl Clancy come together for the first time on What's The Mate as Two and a Half Micks. They unpack some hilarious stories, including Julia's tattoo experience and Radical Honesty, to a real-time example of why you should do a little research on the man who sent you a letter from prison. From cat funerals and assertiveness class to radical riddles, pen pals and Julia's existential crisis in studio, this episode is not to be missed! This episode is brought...


#31: The Episode with iRats & Eunuch-Cycles

Skip Recap join us for the first time on What's The Mate and it's killer! Jakob Wagner, Kevin Napier and Tyrone Stallone step into studio for this week’s episode and turned our Berlin tales into inspired scenes. From a Python who is adamant that Chernobyl didn't happen to an Apple Genius who hates his job and a group of guys who hate pedestrians, Skip Recap went all in to give you some of the wackiest comedy Berlin has to offer. This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio, with support...


#30: The Episode with Softboys and Zumba Moms

Carl Me Maybe makes their What's The Mate debut with this hilarious and absolutely wacky episode. Marisa Llamas and Carl Clancy take us on a Panda date, inspired by the birth of Ming Ming's twins at the Berlin Zoo. The story of Julia's unhealthy relationship with her Zumba instructor inspires a kink party at Chuck E. Cheese and Marisa's teachings of Bird-Collecting and Softboys takes us to the weirdest house party we've had on the show. This episode was brought to you by Bear Radio with...


#29: The Episode with Naked Blake & Birthday Boyd

Our favourite Skeleton Brains are back! Blake Farha, Daan Henselmans and Henri Parmentier join us in season three for another epic adventure. Together, they took us to 30AD where "Jesus Christos" zoomed around on an e-Scooter and the People for the Unethical Treatment of Animals (PUTA) had sway. The story of a German kid who's drunk friends try and break him out of jail inspires the worst surprise birthday gift of all time, and Blake's nude adventures through France take us to the set of...


#28: The Episode with Buxom Bosoms & the Angry Brewer

Kevin Napier, Emma Aldridge & Lou take the WTM stage as Britwich, a British Sandwich if you will, with Kevin as the single slice of American ham. The true story of beer sabotage inspired a tale of the angry Frenchman, driven to extremes because "who would put Franken in Germany!?" The groups' mutual misadventures in the world of clubbing and flirting took us back in time to "Ye Old Club" with Rosalind the street walker and to wrap things up, Lou's skinny dipping experience introduced us to...


#27: The Episode with 13 Espresso Shots & Timothy the Fluffer

We kick off Season 3 with CUNT HAMMER, our favourite 'girl group' since Destiny's Child and The Bangles! Sara Nere, Caroline Clifford and Janina Rook take us on a beautiful journey of "Double Dom" speed-dating, we take a peak into the bizarre world of Naked Attraction Germany, and CSD 2019 memories introduce us to a poor cop who has a rough first day on the job. This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio. Big thanks to Hindenburg for their ongoing support and to Tom Evans of Particle...


#26: The Episode with EMPIRE & the Prophecy of KitKatClub

Coming to you live from Das Improv Festival 2019, it’s What‘s The Mate! In this episode we bring you talent straight out of New York, as the veteran musical improv troupe EMPIRE join us, LIVE, for some of the raunchiest, funniest and sweatiest improv comedy. Hailing from UCB, Magnet Theatre, Baby Wants Candy and North Coast; Katy Berry, Jon Bander, Patrick Noth and Kiki Mikkelsen recreate Julia‘s wild summer night of cab drivers and fights with middle-aged women, they rap and beatbox...


#25: The Bonus Episode with Game of Thrones and Game of Thrones

Before you hit play on the best GOT retelling you'll ever hear, educate yourself on Season 1 through 8 because SPOILER ALERT! We've heard your cries of frustration and are here, answering your call, with Berlin's finest improvisers, to rework the final season of Game of Thrones and give you the ending that you deserve! Emma Aldridge, Noah Telson, Carl Clancy and Daan Henselmans take us on a seemingly familiar journey of love, sex, war and many faces but all is not as it appears to be. Is...


#24: The Episode with the Trebuchet Salesman & Café Wars

It's the final episode of Season 2 and it's an epic adventure featuring the weirdest stories and wackiest improv, brought to you by Michele Guido, Clementine Satsuma and Andrea Andrésdottir of Legends in Concert! The terrible but true story about a woman who was hit with a medieval cannonball inspired the moat loving Trebuchet salesman. Michele’s run-in with the cops took us to a WG casting where every applicant’s documents were covered in something wet and the awkward interaction between...


#23: The Episode with the Impossibly Persuasive Lawyer & PewDiePie in a Bunker

Skeleton Brains are back and this time Julia joined in on the action, together with Blake Farha and Henri Parmentier! Our host and improvisers take you on a wild ride where a story about the YouTube beef turned Alexanderplatz brawl inspired a war between PewDiePie and his fans, the tale of a 69 year old Tortoise smuggler had Julia doing the world's worst Angela Merkel impression and the AfD´s call for students to denounce their teachers lay the foundation for the weirdest family dynamic...


#22: The Episode with The Tiny Orchestra & a Tender Tenderness

We are joined this week by three of our favourites! Matilde Keizer, Steindór Jónsson and Julieta ran with our stories of the Berlin housing crisis and took us to a place where people fight over space in toilet cisterns. Julia's hatred of public displays of affection inspired some of the most beautifully inappropriate ASMR sounds our podcast has heard and Matilde's SBahn brawl introduces us to a German mayor with no friends but the greatest 'say yes' attitude of them all. As always, this...


#21: The Episode with Pizza Rat & The Voice of Mom

Improvisors Marisa Llamas, Kevin Napier and Julietta join us for another brilliant episode of What's The Mate! Julia's jealousy of a fat rat who was rescued inspired the tale of Pizza Rat who was too famous for his own good, a weird sighting in Wedding, Berlin, lead us to a world where Zoo-Themed Clubs exist and cardigans are a big no-no, and then there was The Voice of Mom with the power to end riots and spark marriages - it's a wild ride! This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio with...


#20: The Episode with Old People in MEC Suits & The Reasonable Expectation of Conversation

We are joined this week by the brilliant Nicole Ratjien, Noah Telson and Josh Telson of GLB! Our three comedians used our Berlin tales to inspire a world where old people are fighting on the frontline in MEC suits, people walk around with patent lawyers for everyday conversation and friends "get tickets" to go to prison together, for the experience. As always, this episode is brought to you by Bear Radio, with support from the kind people of The Venue Berlin and a big thank you must go...


#19: The Episode with a Live Studio Audience & the Anti-Trump Peaceful Vegan Brunch

What's The Mate favourites, CUNT HAMMER, join us for another episode and it's a live one! Sara Nere, Caroline Clifford and Janina Rook took us on a very entertaining bro date inspired by Julia's solo mission to the movies, and a listener's voice note about mansplaining had our three improvisors do a very weird bit with a man hitting on women in ways that no-one ever should. There was also the very true story about an Anti-Trump Peaceful Vegan Brunch that inspired a world where every citizen...


#18: The Episode with Caroline's Owlets & The Singing Shrinks of Berlin

The wonderfully funny Friends With Benefits join us for this week’s episode of What's The Mate! Antonia Bär, Caroline Clifford and Matilde Keizer took us on a wild ride where stories of "manspreading" lead to owl eggs hatching in Caroline's pants, the Singing Shrinks of Berlin inspired the character of a one Dr Kant (lol) and the completely uncool way he guilt trips his patients into watching his Red Hot Chili Peppers covers and then there was the scene with a famous person who can't be...


#17: The Episode with Baby James Dean & Fighter Pilot Christmas Ornaments

This week's episode features the brilliant This Never Happened! Jakob Wagner, Kevin Napier and Emma Aldridge joined us in studio for another episode of What’s The Mate where our true Berlin tales inspired the story of an audacious son who gets his dad to quit Thanksgiving, we discover that Kevin once picked a fight at the cinema and Julia's Kindergarten crush inspired a scene with the James Dean of five year olds. This episode is brought to you by Bear Radio, with support from the kind...


#16: The Episode with Monastic Security Guards and €120 Cat Poop

This week we are joined by the uber talented and brilliantly funny Steindór Jónsson, Andrea Andrésdottir and Carl Clancy aka A North Atlantic Extravaganza! They turned the true story of Germany’s scheme to pay Refugees to return home into a tale of Viking treks and weird Icelandic accents. “The Berlin Effect” inspired the creation of a Startup with rabid dogs & a no-pants policy and, a cat so large he needed two X-Rays introduced us to the fact that apparently Irish folk don’t understand the...


#15: The Episode with Dead Man Heirlooms & All The Hoo-Ha Talk

Another week, another episode! This week we are joined by Marisa Llamas, Amy Jane and Trevor Silverstein, three improvisers who treated us to some dark and hilarious comedy. In this episode, a story about the housing crisis inspires characters who will do anything for an apartment, ANYTHING (like move in before the dead guy is out). A scene involving the last line of The Great Gatsby and pencils gets weirdly sexual and Germany's very real Fossil of The Day Award took us to a rather strange...


#14: The Episode with Techno Painting and Terrible British Accents

The brilliant GRILL TALK joined us for this week’s episode of Berlin inspired funnies. Together, Matilde Kaizer, Nacho Sanguinetti and Trevor Silverstein improvised off of one of the more ridiculous AirBnB Experiences we’ve come across - Techno Painting. They also took us over to Britain where the Brexit vs Breakfast debate materialised, deboning a human foot was akin to deboning a chicken and Nacho casually used the word “parsimonious”- to be honest, we’re still not 100% sure what it...


#13: The Episode with Angela Merkel and Gaston’s Hacked Instagram

We’re back baby and kicking things off with another visit from Skeleton Brains and the main men who helped kick things off in Season 1! Blake Farha, Daan Henselmans and Gaston Stabiszewski took us on a wild ride where true Berlin stories inspired the meeting of Scooby & The Gang and Angela Merkel, a perturbing look into the world of Hacker Start-Ups and an artist who wears five scarves and a cloak, and would like to rebuild the Berlin Wall. Weird. As always, this episode is brought to you...