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James Nokise

Priding himself on being a "Social Justice Warrior" Kiwi comedian Jame Nokise shares how he gets his point of view across to people who think they don't want to hear about politics. The half Welsh, half Samoan comedian discusses how his mixed background and growing up in working class New Zealand means he knows how to talk about touchy issues like race with a cheeky smile. We also talk how he delt with his best mate being a Brexiteer and how arguments through social media all relates back...


Alice Fraser

Alice Fraser is a comedian who wears her intelligence on her sleeve with openness and honesty. She has written several hugely successful solo shows and her dense joke-writing abilities have let to her providing bards for several topical comedies, most famously The Bugle. Here we talk about Alice at the start of the run of a new show at Adelaide Fringe we talk about her hating it at the beginning, capitalism through advertising and the weirdest follower she has on Twitter. This was...


Eric Davies (Red Bastard) Part 2

Part 2 of my chat with Eric Davies most famously known for his trickster Red Bastard, believed by many to be one of the most distinctive acts to the fringe scene. We go further in depth in this episode about audiences who have missed the point of his work, relationships, his background and future projects. This is part two part with Eric Davies recorded at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018. Eric's details can be found here: http://redbastard.com/ and Struan's details here:...


Eric Davies (Red Bastard) Part 1

Eric Davies is an actor, director and bouffon famously known for his seductive comedy monster Red Bastard. When he first brought his beast to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe the show was garnered with an unprecedented 15 five star reviews with one of the most distinctive shows of the decade. The world touring bouffon talks about the amount of work that goes into creating such a distinctive character, getting away from the beige and how he wants to project the "trickster" of Red Bastard in...


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