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Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.58

Live from Dago Bish, Cali-forn-eye-A the W(S)P is back with some new heat rocks for that ass. We got plenty of fight talk on deck, 50 Cent and Floyd get into a Neighborhood App dispute, Teriyaki 69 and Weeski duke it out in the Thunder Dome, and Teriyaki posted the pic to prove it, Sasha Baron Cohen flim-flams some politicians, a new entry for the Stole Weeski’s Whole Entire Style person of the day, and a woman hires a hitman on Craigslist with a twist. The W(S)P Est.2017: “If we don’t got...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.57

I’m back homies, and today I’m sign-of-the-cross blessing ya’ll with the first ever W(S)P World Cup Emmy Awards. Yes, I’m handing out awards and aknowledging some of the finest acting performances we’ve ever seen during the World Cup. I’m also coming at ya’ll with some fight talk, Cormier and Brock participate in their own World Cup theatrics, some lion poachers get duffed out by instant karma, I got the second installment of “Stole Weeski’s Whole Entire Style,” The CIA hires a man with no...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.56

The Independence Day episode of the W(S)P is now live homies. I’m back pawtnas, and I’m kicking that ish once again. On today’s show I catch up on some fight talk and the upcoming UFC 226 card, I talk the World Cup, Neymar gets the Oscar treatment, I withdraw my Adelitas swing shift application, I find a specialty restaurant in Japan, a meth addict takes his drugs to the Sheriff’s office, I talk NBA free agency, and I call out all the youngsters that started the XXXtentacion challenge. While...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.55

The newest addition to the W(S)P Hall Of Fame resume is now live. Today I make a HUGE announcement about your boy Moody Hank, I talk the World Cup and I make a bet that could have me working south of the border, I talk the latest news about mumble singer Xxxtentacion, we’re still setting up the main card in the Thunder Dome and Ivanito gets an opponent, Uncle Rico wishes Kellen Winslow Sr. a happy Father’s Day, I got some Hip Hop talk, I come across some nerds reacting to a character...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.54

The W(S)P is back and I’m slappin’ you all about your face with heat rocks. On this episode I get into some long over due Fight Talk. I recap Romero vs Whitaker 2, The P4P dueche bag of the Universe, Colby Covington, wins a second title, CM Punk gets his ass cracked by a Barnes and Noble stockroom employee, Weeski calls someone out for a scrap in the Thunder Dome, I ask Oscar De La Hoya to be the ring card boy for the Weeski scrap, I introduce the Stole Weeski’s Whole Style Story of the...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Throwback Ep.3 (The Lost First Episode)

We’re finally dropping Infamous W(S)P Episode 1. This was the previously unreleased debut episode that was shelved due to some minor technical difficulties. Episode 1 was recorded on March 27, 2017, and it features the most unoriginal and often duplicated muhfucker in the world, Weeski. We’re all over the map on this episode, discussing all sorts of wild ass topics. We talk about everything form our rookie year in the wank-off game, matador’s getting the booty hole gored, people shitting...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.53

The Memorial Day episode of the W(S)P is now live. I’m back homies, and I promise not to leave you again. We are providing all the heat rocks you need for your holiday bbq’s. I’m DJ’ing on this episode, playing cuts from the official W(S)P playlist on Spotify, and I’m also gum flappin’, yip yappin’, and jaw jackin’ as usual homies. I put Dak Prescott on notice as the Starbuck’s poop thrower threatens to take his job, a racist NYC lawyer gets flaim broiled, a 30 year old (aka Gabby) gets...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.52

What’s up hawmies? On this episode of the W(S)P I’m recapping last night’s fight night. We had UFC 224 and Lomachenko vs Linares. Vitor Beltfort is currently filming Gravity 2 with Alistair Overeem, Raquel Pennington’s coach gets the Seth Geko treatment, there was another Oscar sighting, a couple fake’s thier son’s cancer, a man is arrested for mowing his neighbors lawn, you can make $35k for one of ur biddies, a nurse injects her patients with her own Hep C infected needles, and a whole lot...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.51

The official one year anniversary of the W(S)P homies. We have officially been rockin’ with ya for a year now…and we ain’t stopping any time soon. On today’s show I got a UFC 224 breakdown, Edmond Targaryen aka Ronda’s coach leads another fighter to their death—this time against GGG, Kevin Hart and Meek Mill fake the funk, I have a Drake intervention, Kanye West Part 2, Hawaii hits the button again—this time for real, and much more on the ONE YEAR ANNIVERARY of the World Infamous W(S)P.


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.50

Welcome to epic W(S)P episode 50 aka the Redemption Episode. I talk about my recent visit to the doctor’s office for another physical, I’m taking ASMR to the next level, Bill…Bill…Bill, Cosby is going to jail, I wade in the shallow end with Kanye West, I show love to the Pedophile Avenger, Kawhi Leonard transitions to the WNBA, and in sticking with the theme 50, a man gets 50 years in prison for slanging fajitas like a knock-off Walter White. The W(S)P, you already know if we don’t got it,...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.49

Brace yourself for another nuclear episode of the W(S)P. On today’s show we’re celebrating the NOLA Pelicans and firing all 22 ESPN analyst who picked them to lose to the blazers. I’m recapping last night’s UFC Fight Night, Keving Lee breaks both ankles and cripple C-Walks in the middle of the fight, a boxer wearing Trump shorts takes a victory lap on the first lap, a female Pimp of all Pimps opens up the first Sex Doll Brothel in Germany, and of course…Oscar Oscar Oscar, Oscar De La Hoya...

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.48

Coming at you live from Dago Bitch, CA, it’s the World Infamous W(S)P. You already know we got the fight talk on deck including tonight’s Fight Night Card. I also propose a Nick Diaz vs. Nate Diaz superfight, Ronda Rousey gets another Toys R Us going out of business clearance belt, Floyd and Oscar hit the catwalk in the battle of Spring lingerie lineups, Geko training and giving Floyd that 0-1 record, Tristan Thompson gets a standing oviation from the W(S)P, Im back on my Jersey Shore...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.46

Awww sh!t homies, all hell breaks loose! UFC 223 is in shambles. On this Episode I detail the latest breaking news surrounding the Infamous UFC 223 card, Conor McGregor turns into the Tekashi 6-9 of MMA, Tony Ferguson take your Stunna Shades off!!!!, Khabib catches a murder one case for the premeditated murder of Anthony Pettis, I predict Conor McGregor turns into the Aaron Hernandez off MMA, Zlatan makes his MLS debut and makes it rain painties, Conor McGregor wilds the fuck out, the...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.42

S’up Hawmies!? Moody Hank is back, and I’m sign of the cross blessing ya’ll once again. Today I catch up on my fight talk as I preview UFC 222, I kick flames at Mike Perry, I tell Renan Barao to “Come at me Bro,” I sh@t in my hand and slap the NCAA with it, and I put ya’ll on to a threesome App called 3rder. I’m just kicking more of what you’ve come to expect from the W(S)P, flaaames! ShittingAtWork.wordpress.com sethgeko.com W(S)P Spotify Playlist: That Ol’ Dope Shit


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.41

Weeski and Geko are just partying and bullsh!tin’ on this episode of the W(S)P. It’s fight night, we’re grubbin’ on some edibles, we’re sippin’ on some brews, we got plenty of fight talk, we also talk combat jiu-jitsu, we touch on the unfortunate events in Florida, I shit on Lonzo Ball’s rap record, and I finally started my blog on wordpress.com called “ShittingAtWork.” 41 epidsodes in and we’re still rocking homies. Check out Seth Geko’s Blog:...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.40

Welcome to the “Shaming” episode of the W(S)P. Geko is shaming everyone and everything in sight on this 40th edition of the infamous podcast. I’m shaming the Eagles, Kevin Hart, Tom Brady, Gronk, the Philly horse shit eater, more Kevin Hart, Nick Foles, UFC 221, the chick that got her ass cracked by Valentina Shevchenko, Donald Trump, the Olympics…you name it; it’s getting shamed on this episode. Strap on your gasoline boots cuz you’re about to walk through some flames homies. The W(S)P if...

Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.39

The W(S)P is back to bless ya’ll with some heat rocks. On the eve of the wackest Super Bowl of all time, we got some Grammys roasting, Ronda Rousey pretend fighting, a UFC Fight Night preview, Floyd and Oscar playing dress up together, and I discuss the newest trend to hit today’s moron juice sippin youth. W(S)P giving it to you rough, rugged, and raw. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko New Seth Geko Music: https://soundcloud.com/chris-guy-5/have-it-all W(S)P Spotify Playlist:...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.38

The W(S)P is dropping more heat homies. On today’s show I’m dropping some new music with a track called “Have It All.” Next up, I’ll be covering the wack ass Super Bowl, I got some fight talk including some kind words for Mr. Ngannou and Aaron Pico, I go deep into the sudden advancement in technology for sex dolls, and I give Tide Pods eaters something new to chew on. W(S)P, you already know if we don’t got it, you don’t want. Download “Have It All” on the link below for...


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.37

Weeski Is Coming…Matter of fact…Weeski is BACK! W(S)P is back and firing on all cylinders. Weeski and Moody Hank are entering the ASMR universe…we’re forming a ASMR Hip Hop Duo. We also give H&M damage control advice, we discuss the moron who hit the nuke button in Hawaii, we got some fight talk on deck, and if we don’t got it, you just dont want that ish!! W(S)P tell ya muhf!@king homies, Hawmie. sethgeko.com Instagram: @therealsethgeko W(S)P Spotify Playlist: That Ol’ Dope Shit


Whiskey (S)ick Podcast Ep.36

Welcome to the Highlight Reel Episode of the W(S)P. The first “Best Of” compilation from episodes 2-18 from 2017. We’re starting from the beginning and immortalizing all of the early classis W(S)P moments. Rock with me and Weeski as we roast Oscar and Paulie, order chocolate butthole molds, award an Elite Security guard the greatest San Diego Chargers moment of all time, we discussed a man in New Mexico who farts on people in comas, we tribute the God MC Prodigy and much much more. Catch...