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ADTS Episode 33

Another Damn Talk show... With Anita, Bijan, Chrys, and Corinna. Drinks, Jokes, Stories, and More!


WBR #301- The Royal Sons

A Great show with some GREAT people! Whiskey and The Hammer were joined by a friend of the show, Casey and two members of The Royal Sons (Singer Blake and Bassist Marcus). We talk about the band and get ready to celebrate their amazing album release, coming up at a CRAZY cool even on the 26th! Check out our PP of the week - Beef Sticks Podcast! We have Music talk, Jokes, News, Animal Sex Facts, Offensive Crayons, Octoberfest, and Kindy Haunted Houses. We play The Royal Sons new single, "Let...


WBR #300 - I Like Beer!

Voicemails... Voicemails... and more Voicemails. WhiskeyBoy, Hammer, and WhiskeyDee are back for the Big 300 at our home studio! We had a great time recording the 300th episode of our podcast!! We continue the fun that has been rolling on the last few episodes. So much fun with memories, jokes, news, calls, games, and more... I Like Beer! We some interesting calls, with some really bad impressions, and also some Chrys Starr calls, they are something! We also have some updates and we discuss...


ADTS Episode 32

A week late, it's a pre-benefit week show!


WBR #299 - Live From Pittsburgh, with Poopsie and Schmoopsie.

It's a cross-over Another Damn Talk show / WhiskeyBoy Radio show!!! We are in Pittsburgh, all having a blast in the ADTS studios talking about the wonderful weekend we've had together. We cover the benefit show, the time machine, games, news, roller coasters, new friends (Schmoopsie and Poopsie), and lots of ridiculous stuff! Enjoy the show! Link to view the Africa Lip Sync Video - https://youtu.be/aw2olZjAMMo Donate to the Cause -...


WBR 298 - Tan Hands? That's What She Said!

Find out who used tanning lotion on their junk, who humped a teddy bear, and who said "That's What She Said" on this crossover episode of WhiskeyBoy Radio!! It's a GREAT show tonight, folks! We are joined by two outstanding podcast hosts from here in the DFW area... Krista from Dark Divide and Brandon from The Nature of the Beast... and they also host the Big Convo Pod together! We had a riot as they joined WhiskeyBoy, The Hammer, and WhiskeyDee for an episode! We talk about all kinds of...


ADTS Episode 31

Another Damn Talk show, Starring Chrys Star, Anita, and Bijan! Live from Pittsburgh, PA!


WBR #297 - Hot Mess and a Drunk Wife!

It's the second half of the hot mess that started last week on the show. We've got WhiskeyBoy, Hammer, and WhiskeyDee in the studio... WhiskeyBoy's Busted Rib and the Whiskey we were drinking on the last show have taken its hold on us... and Sexy News Girl Dani, as she keeps interrupting the show. We also called someone to see if WhiskeyDee would cut his hair! OH, we also have Chupacabra Sexual Assault and Anaconda Sex (Nothing to do with Sir Mix A Lot) We talk about some updates, News,...


WBR #296 - Substi-Teet After the PodAcalypse!

It's a pretty wild return of the show, friends. We've got WhiskeyBoy, The Hammer, and WhiskeyDee in the studio! We cover some updates and discuss a few things, in more detail than we wanted: Washington DC in full Circus mode. Nike... what are they really thinking? TEXAS PODACALYPSE - AUSTIN... and the Fallout! Then we have news, we play some music, and we have some ridiculous fun! We talk about things that lead to demonic possession, Listeners Dreams, Jokes, Animal Sex Fact, and GIANT RHINO...


ADTS Episode 30

Bijans Mic Problems. CFTC 6 UPDATE-Tickets, Shirts, and VIP Wristbands. Bijan Camping Adventure. Chrys and Cori Go On A Road Trip. The Penis Jello Mold. Come See Our Cabin. Drink Of The Show. Sex Doll Brothel. Strip Club Fun. The Suicide Prevention Walk. Video Problems. Closing Comments.


WBR #295 - Hammer Concert on Sharknado Day!

We have a great show for Sharknado Day!! Lots of jokes, news, a Top 10, audio from a VERY young Hammer, unpopular opinion about "body Positive" movement, and some WhiskeyBoy Life Tips! ShoutOuts: HAPPY SHARKNADO DAY!!! Austin Chronicle for the piece on WhiskeyBoy Radio, True Crime Fan Club, and our Texas Podacalypse. MUSIC From Bronze Whaler and Done Deal! Updates: SHARKNADO WEEK! - The best part are the Cameos. Two Headed, Three Headed, Five Headed, Six Headed Shark Attack! Instagram Spoof...


ADTS Episode 29

Drink Of The Show Chrys Was A Bartender? Crazy News Drinking Cycle Accident Anita's Rant Chrys Can't Drink Shoutout To Viewers, and Bijan? Question Of The Week Cori's Bartending Skills Bijan Is A Short White Man Vintage Shirt and Design Regret Bijan Pisses Off Matt Reviewing WhiskeyBoy Radio


WBR #294 - The Emotional Support Podcast

Welcome back to the show! This week it's a marathon, 2-hour, long show to catch you up! Tonight we talk about all kinds of stuff... and it gets a little gay, See the show art for proof! We have a range of topics, Birthday updates, a top 10, LOTS of jokes, and LOTS of news! Updates: SHARKNADO WEEK! Birthday Party: Whiskey At Work, Metal Shop, Shitty Shots, Saki Bomb, Sharknado Bobble Head FOOTBALL Family Photos New Dog - Bear Sea of Thieves, Bastards Topics: Emotional Support Animals What Old...


ADTS Episode 28

Gone For Two Weeks Introducing Cori Two Concerts Two Weeks Cooking With Walden Drink Of The Show Question Of The Week Concert For The Cause VI


WBR #293 - Oversized Half-wit

We had another rip-roaring good time on the podcast! Lots of debates, jokes, and Josh forgot what time we Podcast! Josh keeps us rolling with some news, Music from Miser, a game about movie titles, and a Top 10! WhiskeyBoy takes you to the Church of WhiskeyBoy over people who don't do something! Then we have a lively debate about Trump, the media, and politicians in general. This one is almost as funny as last week... enjoy. Updates: Darius Blake Josh has FOUND the place, but he’s wrong on...


ADTS Episode 27

Another episode of Another Damn Talk Show. See who's missing this week!


WBR 292 - Needles or Baseballs?

SO, a monkey is sitting in a tree smoking a joint... then a podcast happened! The show starts off fun... and by the last 30-40 minutes, it's BALLS OUT funny. Seriously, we hope you enjoy this show as much as we enjoyed recording it! We introduce our new show mascot... Needle Dick the Monkey! We have an interview with Big Al Staggs from The Moaning Lisas, we also play two songs from them. We have news stories, we play Would You Rather, We have a top 10 (Sex Toys), and Jokes... OH the jokes!!...


ADTS Episode 26

​Drink Of The Show Real ID Anita Is Coming To The Benefit President Snubs Queen Trip To Disney Question Of The Week Bijans Practice Speech Outtakes Copenhagen Girl by Buzz Poets


WBR #291 - Don't Be Silly, Protect Your Willie!

Great show tonight, friends... We hope you enjoy the show, the news, the jokes, the music, and the discussion!! We have lots of stuff for you! We have: A recap of Saturday night at KungFu Saloon, Drunk Audio from the night, 90s music trivia, amazing beer facts, a summary of the Trinity River Distillery Tour, Jokes, Music from RCX and Angel Siren, So many jokes, and lots of fun stuff!! Updates: Inspired To Greatness - Superman & Pizza Nailed It Caller ‘You got a pitcha phone, I can send ya a...


ADTS Episode 25

​​Fun With WebCams Drink Of The Show Bijan Looks Like A Cat Why Grow Up Bijan Is Stoned Question Of The Week Sexiest Instrument