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WBR #309 - Bringin Home The Bagels!

Baby's It's Offensive out there! Tonight we are tackling the HORRIBLY offensive Christmas songs that are ruining our culture!! LOL - Don't get your panties in a twist, folks... it's all in good fun! We talk about THE Dallas Cowboys, Christmas songs, Getting offended, Torturing those you argue with, People complaining about Trump on Twitter, Political Correctness, and PETA wants you to find your language around the animals! All that, plus NEWS, Comedy, a badass Christmas song from a Texas...


WBR #308 - The Wang Pics

Fun show tonight, friends.... We talked about some stuff, had some laughs, had some drinks, told some jokes, and explored the news. I hope you enjoy! We talk about Stand up comedy, Talent shows, musicals, Christmas lights, Metalachi, Roller Skating, Dallas Cowboys, and Writing Comedy.... we also debuted Angel Siren's new tune Clouds on the show. We hit the high points of this week's news, gave you a life hack, asked 'What tha hell?', and tried out some of my new comedy material. Sponsor...


WBR #307 - Talking about the Gang Bang!

It’s a great show tonight folks... enjoy a little chat and a great interview as you enjoy your post Thanksgiving hangovers! We have jokes, Thanksgiving stories, Netflix talk, Fort Nite dances, Thirsty chicks, Stand up comedy, Fantastic Beasts, Crypto, Gang Bangs, Paco Estrada, life tips, car trouble, Sea Of Thieves, Music from Redefine, and more!! Sponsor Links: It’s Debatable Podcast - www.anchor.fm/itsdebatable Thank you for listening to WhiskeyBoy Radio, I appreciate each and every one of...


ADTS Episode 36

Drink Of The Show, Question Of The Week, What Would Your Tombstone Say, Rest In Peace Stan Lee, Chrys Finds PS2 Star Wars Galaxys Edge, Light Up Night


WBR #306 - Don't Forget the D!

It is always a good time when Steve 'D' Wilson enters the studio! We talk about life, The Black Doves, The D, Thanksgiving, adulthood, and good times in Denton / Dallas Music! We have updates on what Steve and The Black Doves are up to, Jokes, News, cooking, and an emergency piss break, Music from The Black Dove and Flickerstick... plus more fun stuff! Enjoy the show! - Drink up my friends! Music Links: Black Doves - https://theblackdovesmusic.com/ Go visit our website at WhiskeyBoyRadio.com...


ADTS Episode 35

A Talk Show... Another one... Damn! And there may or may not be static in the show... there is no clear consensus from the hosts about the status or source of the static. (Hint: It's all Bijan). Also, Chris May, or May Not, have quit the show... we're not sure. Alcohol in Epcot? Star Wars VR... Thanksgiving plans, Christmas Trees, Snowflakes, Handjobs for the disabled, pantless news, and more. Bijan wants to build things with little boys, then smash. California is looking for a big hammer...


WBR #305 - Cheeto Water!

What a GREAT show with our guests, Ryan and Rylie from The Infamists! We had a good time talking about the band, their history, their STDs, and their music! We play a couple of their tunes, We talk about upcoming shows, We play 'Dice of Destiny', and generally get to know these guys! We have jokes, political talk, Magic tricks, music, news, Sex Education, Chlamydia, Wrestling, More News, Grizzly bears, and more jokes. It is seriously a FUN show, friends! We also introduce a NEW segment where...


ADTS Episode 34



WBR #304 - Pumpkins or Blenders?

We have a great show for you tonight, sans Hammer. We are joined by Cousin Tyler and Whiskey Dee. We start the show with jokes, Have some news, Shoutouts, great music, and an interview! We talk about Halloween, Senior Night, Djing, Halloween Weddings, Rain, Acolytes, Haircuts (Shoutout to Dappa Dan's), and we have an interview with Randy from Big Story (Done at the big South FM, Nixons, Stareview show at the Curtain Club). We also have tons of news and music from Big Story and Adakain! Music...


WBR #303 - 11 Years of Shitting The Bed!

It's the 11 Year Anniversary of WhiskeyBoy Radio!! Check it out as WhiskeyBoy and the Hammer continue the tradition of audio debauchery on the weekly! We kick off the show with a prank call, out of the vaults of WhiskeyBoy Radio, Whiskey makes a call to someone with an ad on Craigslist. We talk about some of the DUMB stuff people post on Facebook, even reading some... about Pedo-teachers and Incest! We have a deep thought with WhiskeyBoy, Crazy News Stories, Celebrity birthdays, Top 15 best...


WBR #302 - Make Sheep Noises, Baby!

Good times as WhiskeyBoy and The Hammer premier the NEW show format... it's concise, it's shorter, it's got a new intro... it gets off the rails pretty quickly! Matt and Josh have a good show, give some shout outs, have some jokes, talk some news, DJ gigs, John Wiley Price, The Weed Bus, and Talk about what makes us nostalgic.... We also talk about some creative ways to threaten folks. And it ALL starts with Sheep Noises, baby! Baaaaaaaa... We have Music from Cold Bloom and Little Big Horn,...


ADTS Episode 33

Another Damn Talk show... With Anita, Bijan, Chrys, and Corinna. Drinks, Jokes, Stories, and More!


WBR #301- The Royal Sons

A Great show with some GREAT people! Whiskey and The Hammer were joined by a friend of the show, Casey and two members of The Royal Sons (Singer Blake and Bassist Marcus). We talk about the band and get ready to celebrate their amazing album release, coming up at a CRAZY cool even on the 26th! Check out our PP of the week - Beef Sticks Podcast! We have Music talk, Jokes, News, Animal Sex Facts, Offensive Crayons, Octoberfest, and Kindy Haunted Houses. We play The Royal Sons new single, "Let...


WBR #300 - I Like Beer!

Voicemails... Voicemails... and more Voicemails. WhiskeyBoy, Hammer, and WhiskeyDee are back for the Big 300 at our home studio! We had a great time recording the 300th episode of our podcast!! We continue the fun that has been rolling on the last few episodes. So much fun with memories, jokes, news, calls, games, and more... I Like Beer! We some interesting calls, with some really bad impressions, and also some Chrys Starr calls, they are something! We also have some updates and we discuss...


ADTS Episode 32

A week late, it's a pre-benefit week show!


WBR #299 - Live From Pittsburgh, with Poopsie and Schmoopsie.

It's a cross-over Another Damn Talk show / WhiskeyBoy Radio show!!! We are in Pittsburgh, all having a blast in the ADTS studios talking about the wonderful weekend we've had together. We cover the benefit show, the time machine, games, news, roller coasters, new friends (Schmoopsie and Poopsie), and lots of ridiculous stuff! Enjoy the show! Link to view the Africa Lip Sync Video - https://youtu.be/aw2olZjAMMo Donate to the Cause -...


WBR 298 - Tan Hands? That's What She Said!

Find out who used tanning lotion on their junk, who humped a teddy bear, and who said "That's What She Said" on this crossover episode of WhiskeyBoy Radio!! It's a GREAT show tonight, folks! We are joined by two outstanding podcast hosts from here in the DFW area... Krista from Dark Divide and Brandon from The Nature of the Beast... and they also host the Big Convo Pod together! We had a riot as they joined WhiskeyBoy, The Hammer, and WhiskeyDee for an episode! We talk about all kinds of...


ADTS Episode 31

Another Damn Talk show, Starring Chrys Star, Anita, and Bijan! Live from Pittsburgh, PA!


WBR #297 - Hot Mess and a Drunk Wife!

It's the second half of the hot mess that started last week on the show. We've got WhiskeyBoy, Hammer, and WhiskeyDee in the studio... WhiskeyBoy's Busted Rib and the Whiskey we were drinking on the last show have taken its hold on us... and Sexy News Girl Dani, as she keeps interrupting the show. We also called someone to see if WhiskeyDee would cut his hair! OH, we also have Chupacabra Sexual Assault and Anaconda Sex (Nothing to do with Sir Mix A Lot) We talk about some updates, News,...


WBR #296 - Substi-Teet After the PodAcalypse!

It's a pretty wild return of the show, friends. We've got WhiskeyBoy, The Hammer, and WhiskeyDee in the studio! We cover some updates and discuss a few things, in more detail than we wanted: Washington DC in full Circus mode. Nike... what are they really thinking? TEXAS PODACALYPSE - AUSTIN... and the Fallout! Then we have news, we play some music, and we have some ridiculous fun! We talk about things that lead to demonic possession, Listeners Dreams, Jokes, Animal Sex Fact, and GIANT RHINO...