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Calling all Whispering Huntys, let's have Kiki! Mijon Zulu and Nick Probst are funny. They're gay. They're friends. Sadly, Mijon is obsessed with Drag Race and Nick has never watched. We know. Shocking. Join them as they deep dive into Drag Race, interview other Whispering Huntys, and celebrate one of the best TV shows of the modern era.

Calling all Whispering Huntys, let's have Kiki! Mijon Zulu and Nick Probst are funny. They're gay. They're friends. Sadly, Mijon is obsessed with Drag Race and Nick has never watched. We know. Shocking. Join them as they deep dive into Drag Race, interview other Whispering Huntys, and celebrate one of the best TV shows of the modern era.


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Calling all Whispering Huntys, let's have Kiki! Mijon Zulu and Nick Probst are funny. They're gay. They're friends. Sadly, Mijon is obsessed with Drag Race and Nick has never watched. We know. Shocking. Join them as they deep dive into Drag Race, interview other Whispering Huntys, and celebrate one of the best TV shows of the modern era.






Crabsolutely Fabulous, Clash of the Reality Shows, and Dressing for Success (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Kali Tripodis, & Tony Iniguez)

This week, the huntys are kiki-ing from the Garden State and welcoming two amazing new guests to the pod: fellow podcaster Kali Tripodis and costume designer extraordinaire Tony Iniguez. Kali is a comedy writer, performer, and host of the Chromaticast podcast and the Trashelor aftershow (check out her Insta and YouTube); and Tony has designed outfits for celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Megan Thee Stallion, as well as some of our favorite queens on Rupaul’s Drag Race! We talk about how...


A Year In The Life, Lipsync Bamboozlement, and the One That Got Away...Again (w/ Mijon Zulu and Nick Probst)

Happy birthday, Whispering Huntys! Mijon and Nick are flying solo this week and celebrating the pod’s one-year anniversary. That’s a whole year we’ve been spilling tea, kiki-ing, and chatting it up with some of the most amazing guests we could have asked for. Now Mercury’s not in "Gatorade" quite yet (...is that right?) but it sure feels like it with all the craziness that’s been going on! This week we discuss what it means to be a whispering hunty, the flawlessness of the España finalists,...


One Night in BK, A Half-Time Snub, and Dovima’s Redemption (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, and Cameron Cole))

With the Huntys back in New York and Metropolitan finally open until 4 a.m., we are SO ready to dive back into Brooklyn nightlife; and who better to join us than nightlife expert Cameron Cole, a Brooklyn-based photographer, DJ, and writer who’s been working the scene for around 15 years. This week we discuss our favorite nightlife memories, being the positive person you want in your life, and, of course, all the craziness happening on the latest episodes of All Stars and España. On the...


Caris Susurrantes, Queer In Love, And An Awkward Win (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Diego Amado from Queer In Love)

¡Hola, Caris! This week we’re kiki-ing from the Windy City and welcoming back Queer In Love podcast’s Diego Amado to help us unpack all this Drag Race. Queer in Love is a podcast that explores queer relationships from a queer lens, hosted by Diego Amado. Each episode he talks to queers to learn about how queer life and queer love thrive, but also how queer love and queer life are impacted by popular culture, spirituality, race, family, the state, all those forces that shape our experiences...


All The Balls, New Beginnings, Same Queens (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Joel Correa, & 5=10)

Happy NYC Pride! Post-COVID anxiety is real, but we are living our best lives and getting back into the swing of things! With the premier of All Stars season six and a new episode of España, keeping up with all this Drag Race is like a full-time job! Luckily, we’ve got some incredible guests to help us out. This week, we’re joined by Joel Correa, a fabulous makeup artist, and Doug Morris, director of PR and marketing at 5equals10, an amazing queer-owned business selling underwear and...


A Much-Needed Victory and an Early Exit (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Krystal Kleer, & Bree Vin-Ammyl)

New York nightlife is back in full swing and we are living for it -- Mijon even took a note from Art Simone and finally danced in the club to Chromatica!! With the first season of Drag Race Down Under coming to a close, it was only right to discuss the finale with a couple of fabulous Aussie queens; and the lovely Bree Vin-Ammyl and Krystal Kleer have us covered. We deep-dive into the final episode, the drama on Drag Race España, and even talk about drag at a funeral! On the pod: About our...


One Ballon Trick, Top 4 By Default, and Why España’s Is the Moment (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Pelayo Alvarez)

We are fresh from BK Pride and Mijon has the full tea on the joy that happened at the first Whispering Hunty power brunch and at Good Judy this weekend. The BK Queers had a blast and everyone was happy to hear about Whispering Huntys. Down Under is ending so strangely. And, now that Drag Race España has started it is high time that we had a guest that actually speaks Spanish, so we are excited to have Pelayo Alvarez from the Forbidden Apple Podcast and we discuss the need for radical...


Eurovision, The Bare Minimum Down Under, and The Joy of España! ( W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Marco Dreijer)

Hola Huntys!!! While Down Under has still been blessing us with drama, Drag Race Espana is in the house! Supreme, Ana, The Javiers, and these queens! Who knew that this was the season we’ve all been waiting for!!!!!! To take on the task of all of this Drag Race we could only bring an absolute expert, so we called upon the talents of friend-of-pod Marco Dreijer of Ding-a-Dong podcast and Pruikentijd, the definitive Dutch Language Drag Race Podcast! Since Marco and friend of the pod GJ...


Shady Foundations, Blackface, Ottawan Sunshine, and Berliner Daddies (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Sunshine Glitterchild, & Joe Von Hutch of Daddy Magazine)

Ok Huntys, get ready for an international session of queer church because we get into it with Ottawa’s own Sunshine Glitterchild and Berlin’s Joe Von Hutch co-founder of daddy.berlin. So much has happened this week. New apartment alert! We learn the truth about East Williamsburg and coining the term Williamsburger. A trip to Good Judy. Jersey City's Headroom Lounge dramatically shut down. Our thoughts prayers to Joseph Cameron and Anida Tension. We learn about Ottawa’s drag-tastic queer...


Trash, Shabelle Corgie, and Shade Gone Wrong (Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Adam Unze)

There is a brand new podcast at the Apocalypse Podcast Network and guess who it belongs to? None other than friend of the pod Adam Unze! That’s right! The Spark Parade podcast is now official family! :) We are so happy and even more happy that Adam joined us this week. On the pod: Did someone say trash? Oh, wait. Art is back! Gag-o-tondra!!!! Any reason why though? Karen cannot sew! This tracks! Etcetera helps Drag Race do more for trans and nonbinary people and then pests the...


Alexis Was Too Much? (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Lolo Benzina, and Nutella Versace)

Family is everything, which is why we caught up with friends of the pod and the most fabulous Italians in all of Amsterdam: Lolo Benzina and Nutella Versace. Our friends in Holland gave us the full scoop on what’s going on in Holland, the latest news about Superball, Club Church - an Amsterdam hot spot, and then get in the Drag race. Karen is gagged that Art went home and SO ARE WE! Coco Jumbo is feeling her outs, but is it deserved? Pit crew Down Under: Calling all the bears! This...


A Snatch Game of Bottoms and an Artful Exit (W/Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Kris Keochinda, & Coco Taylor)

A Snatch Game full of bottoms on episode 2, Art Simone doing a Sashay, we knew things would be different on Drag Race Down Under, but, CRIKEY, this is house-down-boots-cray! Thankfully, we have two amazing guests to help process, cope, and keep calm! Kris Keochinda of Awf Magazine and Rockbar’s Coco Taylor join us take everything from drag race to LA and NYC nightlife. On the pod, we learn all about Kris’s meme worth Steaks-Are-Fine proposal, the magic of LA’s Akbar, how Coco was born on...


Down Under on the Down-Low (Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Ultimate Drag)

G’day Huntys! We are finally down under and it feels sooooooooooooo good. Things are fresh and these queens are saucy. Have you ever seen so much personality in one room? Where have they been!!!! But, real talk, were you also confused as to when exactly the episode was coming on and where to watch it? World of Wonder? What’s the tea? Literally, this was Down Under on the down-low. Thankfully, we managed and we were joined by the inspirational guru that is Alexander Sinardo, the founder of...


Resting on Reveals and Finally a Crowning (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Griffin Leeds, & Barbara Busch Light)

Finally. Finally, it is the actual finale! Not the top 4 the first time, not the second time, not the reunion-time, but, like, the actual finale this time! We are so overjoyed to be here and we made sure to only bring the family for this moment. Our beloved Griffin Leeds and Barbara Busch Light are back in the house!!!!! Now to the episode! New Friends Silver Old Friends Gold, why, mama, why???? How many runways did we need to Symone she won? Did Rosé order Jan’s outfit in red? Keith...


Manifesting A House-Down-Golden-Boot Ru-union Kiki (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Neon Calypso)

Do not worry, you are not crazy, almost nothing happened at the Ru-union and yes they did photoshop in a shot of RuPaul asking a question from a completely different season. We still, we there was a lot of talk about. Luckily, our fierce femme friend of the pod Neon Calypso was here to help us break it down. We start with our mutual love of Merrie Cherry, Mother of Brooklyn Drag, and hear about Neon’s start in Dorchester, MA. Then we talk about the need for queer spaces in the Boston area....


Top 4 Deja Vu and A Sip of Philly's Finest Bev (W Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Bev)

Philadelphia is a stone’s throw away from NYC. And yet, Nick and I AND DRAG RACE still haven’t been blessed by the presence of a Philly Queen. Well, that ends today! Philly Icon and our new Whorespondent, Bev dropped in to let us know all about: The Boystown of Philly. Bev’s Live Nation Hocus Pocus show. Why no Drag Race queens seem to come from Philly. Is Oliva Lux really a New York queen? What about Jersey? And, her amazing post - Halloween party: Philly Beauty Ball! Then, we dive deep...


Down Under Party Favors for the Kandy Show W/ (Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & Bree Vin-Ammyl)

Drag Race Down Under is on the horizon, so we took a quick trip down under to get some tongue-and-cheek with friend of the pod Bree Vinn Ammyl. There is so much to learn about Australia: Wollongong, Sydney, and fun night Down Under. Ok, but back to Drag Race. Does anyone else smell production? Henny, this is a softball for Rose and Symone. Is it just me or is Kandy narrating this entire episode? Is Symone too attached to looking good? Also, Scarlett Johansons’ biggest role is not Black...


Drag Race Memories: Dida Ritz, Kim Chi, Manilla Luzon, and Raja (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Phillip Brown, & John McNamara)

This week, we are joined by the hilarious Oh Reinnette chiffonier/ Sister Sister collaborator Phillip Brown and Meme generator John McNamara. There is only one Drag Race show. At least, for now. So, thanks to Remy Germinario we came up with a different bonus episode. Drag Race memories! What is better than dishing about our favorite moments from Drag Race every. Get ready for so many magic moments from Raja, Dida Ritz, Manilla Luzon, and Kim Chi! About our guests Drag Costumier, Fashion...


Kandy Turned the Same Leaf (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Phillip Brown, & John McNamara)

The hands behind Sister Sister’s blue-lipped promo look and 1/2 of the infamous Chips-Gate drama are in the house! Also, could someone explain Utica’s delusions? How is this the first actually entertaining mini-challenge??????? Also, Norvina - stunning! Can someone please explain why this lineup literally helps EVERYONE? Could the judges have made this challenge any easier? Is Symone too green for this season? Does any feel like Utica warned us this would happen? WAIT! We get legs AND...


Commercial Drag Queens and Legs Young Girls (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, Remy Germinario, & Annette Storckman)

New Segment alert: Drag Race Memories! Does any remember the live Season 5 finale? The Pit Crew can speak? Wow! Maybe this is not the talent they should be showcasing? Branding challenge: Tina Burner, ummmmm, Utica is worrying, Gottmik is confused. Kandy got GAY BASHED! Omg! RuPaul on the Runway! Thank you, mama! Let these young queens KNOW! Feel free to bring your legs back next week. We know you still have them. Also, a double save and a double win????????? Did Symone really need this win?...