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Episode 81: Still Rollin', Rollin', Etc.....

It's a quick in and out this week as the boys break down some of the best news from around Florida in a larger than normal "Stupid Stories". We also announce the latest and greatest member of our illustrious Patreon family. Who is it? You'll just have to listen to the episode to find out. John is on vacation next week, so stay turned for an extra special episode of the show with the lads from Shaken Not Nerd. Make sure you check out the other WSTP? spaces on the interwebs. There are all...


Episode 80: Sleepy Hollow Man

Have you ever wondered how.... um.... "handsy" Kevin Bacon would be if he lived his life as an invisible man? This episode answers the question, and the answer is: Very. I would like to talk about how much fun this episode was to both prepare for and record, but I'm distracted by Christina Ricci's dead eyes, soulless acting and pasty white skin. It would seem that Tim Burton really does have a type. Fuzzy and John have a great ol' time in the mashup discussing the ever expanding adventures...


Episode 79: The Thunder Down Under

This week the boys focus on the weirdest array of Stupid Stories and news from the methical land of Florida. Fuzzy takes a long run at John in this weeks Getting To Know Who? with the famous James Lipton 10 questions quiz. It's a magical mess of an episode covering everything from Ed Sheeran's legal woes, to North Korean poop properties, and back around to the best music to bone dance to. The boys will be back next week with the next full sized episode, stick around to find out who, what,...


Episode 78: Rebel Without A Paddle

Pundits, we hope you're prepared, because this weeks episode very much tested the limits of our sanity (until the next episode of course). It's Episode 78: Rebel Without A Paddle. We have the 1954 James Dean vehicle (pun intended) and the worst example of phoning it in on a super obvious level, Rebel Without A Cause. And the 2004.... sigh.... Seth Green/Dax Shepard/Matthew Lillard dog turd fire, Without A Paddle. If there ever was a week to skip over the movies we watch, this would not be...


Episode 77: Live From The Radiola

It's an extra special sized minisode this week as Fuzzy and John run your favorite segments and then turn back the radio dial to try something all together different and unexpected. You are unlikely to hear anything like this anywhere else on the internet. We talk about everything from Ask Jeeves to Breakdancing-Gun totting Coppers and get to know Who? just a little bit better. There's an extra special shout out in this weeks episode for our Patreon Patrons and our good buddy Shampu from...


Episode 76: Natural Born Killer Klowns From Outer Space

It's John's first week picking the show and didn't he just start us off on the right foot. 1994's Natural Born Killers and the hidden gem of the 80's Killer Klowns From Outer Space. In the shadows of the 30 year anniversary for this E-Grade horror master class, we dive head first back into it and revel in it's campiness. It's all about the bad makeup and cigarettes. Lots and lots of cigarettes. You'd think that a movie about Killer Klowns from Outer Space might be the weirdest thing we...


Episode 75: Gin and Snoops!

Welcome everyone to the first minisode with Fuzzy Dan and the newest member of the WSTP? family, John. We take it easy for his first attempt and start off with a couple easy questions in the return of the infamous "Getting To Know Who?" segment. We talk: Flat Earthers, Scientology, Snoop Doggs World Record, Personal Body Parts in Park Benches, The Perfect Burger Ingredients, 65 thousand text messages. It's a super fun way to take on a new era of the WSTP? history. Come join us, the water...


Episode 74: Godzcilla, Queen Of The Desert

It's a big first episode for a new host and Fuzzy's done gone and fudged it up again. Regardless, He gets to share time with new FULL TIME HOST, John and friendo of the show, Santiago from the literally amazing, Weird With You Podcast. The boys (one of them sounding particularly off #DammitFuzzy) tackle an episode of monstrous proportions with the 1954 original Monster movie, Godzcilla and the 1994 Australian, road-trip, drag queen, dramedy, Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I'm telling you...


Episode 73: Purple Rain Man - With Cory from More Gooder Than

Oh boy, are you in for a treat. It's Prince vs. Tom Cruise in Who Wants To Be A Giant Douche bag? If you know of two bigger film jerks, I'd like to see them. This week Fuzzy Dan and Friendo of the Show, Cory from More Gooder Than, investigate the weird world of an extended Prince music video in Purple Rain, and compare it with a movie which you should've watched, but almost certainly haven't, Rain Man. I promise you, it's something all together unexpected and awesome. I, Fuzzy Dan, being...


Episode 72: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Filth

In an episode with more punctuation in the title then you can shake a pointed stick at, comes Fuzzy Dan and his special guest Rob from the Fan Film Boyz podcast. It's the second movie in the Lara Croft franchise, and the death of any credibility that the property might have gained from the first movie, Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. And the follow up from the writer of one of the most culty of cult movies (Trainspotting - God, I wish we were watching that instead) Filth, starring a manic...


Episode 71: A Simple Planet of The Apes - With Jake And Tom Conquer Podcast

It's the episode that answers the question, what would time travelling hillbillies and Ash Williams do to survive in a post-apocalyptic world run by talking Apes? You know, the important questions. This week Fuzzy is joined by Tom from fellow PodFix Network show, Jake and Tom Conquer The World, to talk about the magic of Sam Raimi and the severe averageness of Bridget Fonda in the 1998 "what would you do with a bag of money" flick, A Simple Plan vs. the 1968 Sci-Fi Mind bender which has...


Episode 70: Multiplicity Slickers - With Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd

It's time to rope and ride the broncos (and other related cowboy jargon) in this weeks' 90's movie mashup in Episode 70: Multiplicity Slickers. Fuzzy and full-time friendo, Dudi 'El Duderino' Deutrom dig deep into "someone's" favorite movie and an Oscar winning performance. Riding high on the back of the success of the Batman movies, Michael Keaton inexplicably runs head long into career brick wall with the worlds first introduction to passable green screen and Andie MacDowell vehicle,...


Episode 69 (giggle): White Men Can't Gump - With JayLostTheDay

It's your childhood brought back to life, provided you are a) Over 50 or b) born in the 80s, when Fuzzy kicks it old school with White Men Can't Gump. It's everyone's excuse to have a crack at an over-the-top Alabamian accent with 94s Forrest, Forrest Gump, vs. the 1992 basketball street hustling slow motion extravaganza, White Men Can't Jump. Woody and Wesley vs. Forrest and Bubba, It's the two-on-two tournament you never knew you need to have happened. And to round out the powerhouse...


Episode 68: Moanaconda - With Braato from More Gooder Than

We all love Jon Voight's completely genuine Paraguayan accent in 1997s Anaconda, and Alan Tudyks' stand out performance in 2016s Moana, so what happens when we mash these two films together in a mind blender of musical mayhem? Find out this week in Episode 68: Moanaconda - With special guest, the Big Bad Braato from More Gooder Than, and pretty much every other podcast on the planet. Come find out just how far we'll go, and exactly which sidetracks get us side tracked the most. You all...


Episode 67: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's End - With Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd

Do you like Edgar Wright? I mean, do you doubly like Edgar Wright?? Because this week, Fuzzy has all of the Edgar Wright that you can handle in Episode 67: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World's End. Fuzzy has enlisted the assistance of full-time Friendo, and part-time Edgar Wright fanboy, Dudi from Shaken Not Nerd, to gush over two vastly different movies and stumble their way to the logical conclusion of this comic-book-pub-crawl-music-adventure-coming-of-age mashup. It's all happening this...


Episode 66: Moonwalker, Texas Ranger - With Sudden Double Deep

What happens when you take two cultural icons and then let them do movies that literally no-one asked for? Found out in this weeks episode, Moonwalker, Texas Ranger. Michael Jackson and Chuck Norris are moving, grooving and spin kicking their way through the bad guys and into your hearts. One thing is for damn sure, there is nothing quite like either of these two movies. Fuzzy is joined by two thirds of the excellent Sudden Double Deep - Triple Bill Title Podcast, Darryl and Janette on...


Episode 64: Fuzzy Done Fudged It!

In what was due to be an epic crossover with Caleb from the constantly busy and entertaining, Netflix N' Swill podcast, comes a special edition minisode for your listening pleasure. It's the Fuzzy Done Fudged It! special. A proverbial podcasting phoenix rising from the ashes of a burning fudge fest. A Fudge Phoenix, the rarest of all Phoenixes (or is it Phoenii?). Choc full of mini segments that are almost too unbelievable to mention, Fuzzy tries his best to recover the little scraps of...