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Two friends take turns picking an album to listen to for a week straight. Then they sit down to make fun of it, themselves and each other in their attempt to explain why they hate this album.

Two friends take turns picking an album to listen to for a week straight. Then they sit down to make fun of it, themselves and each other in their attempt to explain why they hate this album.
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Two friends take turns picking an album to listen to for a week straight. Then they sit down to make fun of it, themselves and each other in their attempt to explain why they hate this album.




#35 - Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

She said see you later to those skater boys but things are still pretty complicated for Avril Lavigne. Her self titled album released Nov 1, 2013 is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you start dating anyone in Nickelback and refuse to grow up a little. In this episode we discuss Dax Shepard, Tims, Peter Pan, sadness, carpool, friendship, Simon says, roller skating, mustaches, Pretty Woman, third base, sacks and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#34 - Nickelback - Silver Side Up

Despite the worst possible release date in history on Sept. 11, 2001 Nickelback quietly released Silver Side Up and rocketed to fame. Find out how a band considered to be a lesser Creed continues to sell millions of albums to this day. In this episode we discuss lizard people, Spider-Man, soul patches, hugs, Groundhog Day, Harry Nilsson, musicals, funerals, fireworks, fugue states, diamond mines, abstinence, Staph and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#33 - Britney Spears - In the Zone

After Justin, but before the unpleasantness Britney Spears discovered sex. Shortly after that she released In the Zone on Nov. 12, 2003. This week things turn toxic quickly as we dissect this dance album turned sexual awakening known as her third studio album. In this episode we discuss Mickey Mouse Club, 5150 holds, dance battling, The Price is Right, Vincent D'Onofrio, Moby, ghosts, dummies, the devil, the dream world and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#32 - Simple Plan - No Pads No Helmets Just Balls

The early 2000s brought pop-punk to mainstream audiences and wide commercial success. While some were innovators and trendsetters, others simply rode the coattails of their betters. Guess which of those the debut album from Simple Plan; No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls was? In this episode we discuss Canada, Creed, franchises, aliens, snoozing, heaven, nursery rhymes, robots, abduction, safety, musicals, Bowie, cowboys and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...



On the heels of another rocky interview Kanye West released his latest single XTCY. In this BONUS episode we dissect the new single to determine if he’s a tortured genius struggling to elevate music through innovative expression, or a walking tornado of naive narcissism releasing half-baked ideas that rely more on hyperbole than talent to garner attention. In this episode we discuss goofs, in-laws, community outreach, and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#31 - Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet

This week we start out half way there, but don’t worry we’re living on a prayer. We’re gonna get you there dead or alive as we discuss the massive Bon Jovi hit Slippery When Wet released August 18, 1986. In this episode we discuss Star Wars, cliches, immortals, Reaganomics, Camaros, hide and seek, back seats, infections, sexiness, pirates, cowboy posers, prayer plagiarism, bad duets and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod | hatePodMail@gmail.com


#30 - Jack White - Boarding House Reach

Jack White is known for his blistering guitar solos, vintage analog sound and attention to detail...not anymore suckers! Find out what happens when he just decides to wing it, as we attempt to understand his latest album Boarding House Reach released March 23, 2018. This week we discuss rock climbing, catastrophic injury, memes, dog ownership, pranks, multiple personalities, Lyle Caruthers, soup, Christmas pageants and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#29 - Creed - Human Clay

This week we greet you with arms wide open and do our best to take you higher as we talk about Creed and their massive hit album Human Clay released Sept. 28, 1999. In this episode we discuss home repair, mental illness, ghosts, LARPing, leather bracelets, mediums, Jesus, rage, cowboys, lucid dreaming, doors, impressions, child eaters, face waterfalls, Scott Caan and so much more! Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod | hatePodMail@gmail.com


#28 - Toby Keith - Unleashed

Toby Keith loves his country, his lady and vigilante justice! Unleashed, released July 23, 2002 is an album about appreciating the simple things in life and who know more about that than a country music superstar estimated to be worth at least $500 million. In this episode we discuss Con-Air, USFL, Macarthur grants, cowardice, leasing valor, secret rooms, merengue, rodeos, vigilantes, cowboys, drunk horses, lucid dreaming and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#27 - Guns N Roses - Chinese Democracy

After millions of dollars, over a decade in the studio and every member of the band quitting except Axl Rose, Guns N Roses released Chinese Democracy on Nov 23, 2008. Was it worth the wait? In this episode we discuss heroin, hot dog people, Dr. Pepper, turduckens, time management, naked golf, Brian Wilson, time travel, dinosaurs, terrorism, psychics, eaters, Chick-fil-a, Red Dragon, Nic Cage time travel, cannibals and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#26 - The Fray - How to Save a Life

Grab your tissues we’re getting deep this week with the debut album from The Fray, How to Save a Life, released Sept 13, 2005. It’s sort of like emo music for adults that don’t really like emo music or having to be adults. In this episode we discuss platonic relationships, evil, Jesus, Joseph Cambell, sad suckers, Scrubs, Brad, Superman, the Berlin Wall, vehicular manslaughter, rabies, miracles, influenza, scarecrows and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#25 - Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday

This week we look beyond the wigs, pounds of makeup, casual violence, claims of plagiarism, excessive profanity and soaring anthems of empowerment to discover the real Nicki Minaj. We’re talking about her debut album Pink Friday released November 22, 2010. In this week’s episode we discuss illiteracy, sick beats, nemeses, No Fear, dragons, Busta Rhymes, Lil Kim, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Degrassi, low self-esteem and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#24 - Florida Georgia Line - Here's to the Good Times (DELUXE EDITION)

Lift those trucks, throw on your daisy dukes and get blackout drunk this week we head down south to talk about the debut album from Florida Georgia Line, Here’s to the Good Times (Deluxe Edition) released November 25, 2013. In this episode we discuss rage blackouts, bro pop, Jesus, Shoney’s, Prilosec OTC, Applebee’s, product placement, fireball whiskey, gypsies, the bible, Top Gun, Snopple Fun Facts™, Sir Mix A Lot and so much more. Hatepod.com | Twit: @AlbumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod |...


#23 - Lady Gaga - The Fame

Whip out those disco sticks and slap on a poker face, this week we’re getting weird with Lady Gaga as we discuss her debut album The Fame released August 19, 2008. In this episode we discuss loud neighbors, Boiling Point, method acting, disco sticks, underwear innovations, the babadook, BTK, Motley Crue, edible glitter, drama, sick beats, new Christgau review, check fraud, The Ring, Beats by Dre and so much more. Hatepod.com | Twit: @albumHatePod | Inst: @hatePod | hatePodMail@gmail.com


#22 - Die Antwoord - Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid

This week we hop in our matte black scooby, throw in our grills and get totally zef on the mean streets of Johannesburg. What the hell does that mean, we’re not sure either, but we learned it from S. African duo Die Antwoord and this week’s album Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. In the episode we discuss Lilo & Stitch, tsunamis, Judge Dredd, mySpace Awards, eyebrow shaving, Hamilton, Tim raps, pajamas, Zef, MTV Cribs, Soviet Russia, aliases and so much more. Hatepod.com | @AlbumHatePod |...


#21 - Slipknot - Slipknot

After picking out masks, jumpsuit fittings and fighting over their lucky numbers there wasn’t much time for Slipknot to focus on that music part of being a band. Despite that on June 29, 1999 they released their self-titled debut album and against our better judgement we listened to it. In this episode we discuss Saturn cars, Phil Spector, knots, dead birds, chicken fries, Crystal Light, homelessness, Doug, poetry, cowboys, Marlon Brando, grave robbing, Satan, abducting Tim and so much...


#20 - Sugar Ray - 14:59

This week we focus on healing a nation. On Jan 12 1999 Sugar Ray released 14:59 and America bought millions of copies. Hair gel and blonde dye flew off the shelves as soul patches infected countless others. You no longer have to be ashamed, it was all our fault and no one’s, we forgive you. Just don’t do it again. In this episode we discuss rafts, the Packers, social climbers, the art of seduction, halos, condoms, running away, BTK, Jesus, crying, Grease, cults, Ozymandias, JR Oppenheimer...


#19 - Metallica - St Anger

Five years after their last major release Metallica returned to the studio a little older, a little wiser and lot more passive aggressive. Find out what years of resentment, a looming release date and a lot of questionable therapy spawned as we talk about St Anger released June 5, 2003. In this episode we discuss tongue twisters, therapy, haircuts, Goodnight Moon, #MeToo Movement, Frankenstein, poetry, anxiety, glazing, skeletons, Paxil, Suddenly Susan, Groot and so much...


#18 - Blake Shelton - If I'm Honest

As a singer, game show host and 2017’s Sexiest Man Alive Blake Shelton has proven himself to be a jack of all trades and a master of one; Solo cups (allegedly!). This week we’re talking about his album If I’m Honest released May 20, 2016. In this episode we discuss hand to hand combat, Crystal Light, Cyrano de Bergerac, Angry Birds, tiny hands, Gwen Stefani, marionettes, Wyatt Earp, foot phobias, vampires, margaritas, ghosts, infidelity, Nick Nolte, Satan, Tank’s mom and so much more.


#17 - Gwen Stefani - Love Angel Music Baby

Rumor has it she’s just a girl, but not just any girl and certainly no holla back girl. She’s Gwen Stefani and we’re talking about her Nov. 12, 2004 album Love Angel Music Baby. In this episode we discuss espionage, madness, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, tubas, track and field, shaved bears, Harajuku, Blake Shelton, the art of seduction, metaphors, cars, protestant reformation, Bush, adultery, civil rights leaders, Picasso, computer upgrades and so much more. Hatepod.com |...