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Episode 18: Mascot Mayhem

Have you been face to face with a cereal box lately? If so, you probably saw a brand mascot staring right back at you. In this episode, Ryan and Abe take an in-depth look at brand mascots, including their history, effectiveness, and the many, many controversies that surround some of them. They’ll take a brutal mascot quiz, enjoy living high on the oat lifestyle, and fall under the deadly gaze of Count Chocula. Notable quotes: “If you’re going to read one encyclopedia article, you’re going...


Episode 17: The Prussian Potato Problem

Have you ever seen an ad and thought to yourself, “I would buy this product if only everything about the advertising were totally different?” Then you, Sir or Madam, are the target audience for a rebrand. In this episode, Abe and Ryan discuss rebranding, including both super successes and failtastic failures. They’ll chug a new soda flavor, smell like a towel-clad man, and visit Germany multiple times. Notable quotes: “They’ve got a whole lot of sag.” “They would artificially add an...


Episode 16: Super Bowling You Over

15. Super Bowling You Over: Whether you’re in the middle of football season, or you live in a land where football has nothing to do with large men knocking each other over, you can appreciate the power of the Super Bowl when it comes to advertising. Ryan and Abe tackle (get it?) some of the numbers behind the event and discuss some of the biggest super bowl ads of all time. Notable Quotes: “Scott Joplin wheeled his piano into a muddy field. And his shirt came off and everyone was really...