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Our goal: give a 1 out of 10 rating to every page on Wikipedia, one random article at a time

Our goal: give a 1 out of 10 rating to every page on Wikipedia, one random article at a time
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Our goal: give a 1 out of 10 rating to every page on Wikipedia, one random article at a time








Three Damn Moths Off the Bat

In this absolute firecracker of an episode, we're joined by local legend Matt Noonan, whose reputation precedes him. In a stunningly improbable turn of events, we start this episode with three moth articles in a row. We take this as a good omen. Additionally, we officially declare that as soon as we land on the article for 9/11, we have to end the show forever, and the only condition under which the show can end is if we hit 9/11. Insta handles: @doublelen @lilly_um_arts @4cucumbers Top...


King of the Hillbilly Piano Players

In this episode, Arta and I are joined by Sahib Singh, our good friend, a fellow standup and reclusive insta celebrity. We go to town on a satisfying and resonant set of articles, including a city from Arta's motherland, Iran, a pissed off Bolivian footballer, and Business Boss Frederick Stark Pearson. Quality content for your aural pleasure. Intro song: Melody for Melonae by Jackie McLean Top Rated Article: 2016 IAAF World Indoor Championships – Women's 60 metres hurdles (rating: 11.54!)...


Expressway to Your Heart

In this episode, we suffer like Christ for our listeners. We heroically transform the pain of twenty-five terrible articles into an hour of spitfire riffs and spontaneous moral insight. We have achieved Enlightenment through trials and deprivation, and we invite you to experience it vicariously through us. Your hosts: @doublelen (Brian Leonard), @4cucumbers (Arta Seyedian), and @lilly_um_arts (Lilly Sparks) Top Rated Article: Wilmer A. Reedholm (rating: 4) Most Viewed Article: Ng Yat Chung...


Capital Punishment in Texas, Who's Your Daddy, Inc.

The three of us (Arta, Lilly, and Brian) power through the beginning of this episode (in which we are beset by technical glitches and overly-stoned co-hosts) in order to reach some of our juiciest articles yet, including energy drink scam Who's Your Daddy, Inc and the general topic of capital punishment in Texas. Instagram handles: @4cucumbers @lilly_um_arts @doublelen Highest Rated Article: Capital Punishment in Texas (rating: 8.66) Most Viewed Article: Capital Punishment in Texas (views:...


Technological Change, The 14th Ward, Hapi (Son of Horus)

In our third episode, we (Lilly, Arta, and Brian) hit the ground running with some extremely athletic banter before diving back into the infoscape. We delve deeper than ever before, gaining valuable insight about Joseph Stalin and whether he was a chill dude, about Hapi (and his dad, Horus), and about what it means for a factor to be "endogenous". You won't wanna miss it. Best article: Technological Change (rating: 7.66) Worst article: Orban (name) (rating: 1.5) Most Viewed Article:...


Carrot Top, Cool C, The 1894 Olive and Blue Tulane Football Team

Riding a high from the explosive success of our first episode, we (i.e. Brian Leonard, Arta Seyedian, and Lilly Sparks) go on our second tear through the annals of western culture. We delight over the bossness of Philly rapper Cool C, we examine the career of prop-comic-turned-scary-buff-grandma Carrot, and we enjoy ourselves some good old fashioned science knowledge. Highest Rated Article: Cool C (rating: 6.83) Lowest Rated Article: 1894 Olive and Blue Tulane Football Team (rating: 1.5)...


Electric Razor, Pension Buyout, Mark Cullen

The journey begins. We(Brian Leonard and Arta Seyedian) set out to see if this vast project is even possible. We prove it to be spectacularly so. In a whirlwind that cuts across culture, country, and counting (i.e. time), we give 1-10 ratings to 10 different articles from across the vast expanse of Wikipedia. Links below to follow along on the journey. Highest Rated Article: Electric Razor and Jane Ngotho (Tied, rating: 6) Lowest Rated Article: Pension Buyout (rating: 1.5) (fuck...